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  1. why am i not whitelisted if i joined in 2011. how do i get myself whitelisted again?

  2. hello jorgen reimer the bosnian

  3. I felt like I was having a fkin heart attack watching game of thrones

  4. If yourre salty over a fight where nobody was moving youre a loser and need to sort out your crippling social anxiety instead of playing computer games you fat neckbeard

    1. Salvo


      dude when did u get this wise


  5. APPLICATION: OOC: Skype name: will pm Username: Grouchybadger IC: A roll of paper makes its way to you. A set of seemingly familiar initials had you been born within the tribe. Either way, this parchment calls for your attention. You open the letter that is cold to the touch. The letter reads: "We are looking for our brothers and sisters that when we landed on Vailor were lost. If you believe yourself to have been one of us in another life, or are a lost brother or sister, call for a hawk. They know our people's spirits. They will bring your reply to
  6. how does a kiddo get a bigger profile picture like the cool roleplayers

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    2. idiot


      Well, I was going to say you needed to be a cool roleplayer~


      Just joking. I would have told you, but yeah, the link explains it!



    3. Your Favorite Impure™

      Your Favorite Impure™

      But yea, what everyone else said above me!

    4. Grouchy


      good memes guys thanks for the help 

  7. OOC: Username: Grouchybadger Skype: Grouchybadger IC: Name: Locke Race: Human Age: 25
  8. So much more fun when the server doesn't lag (As much)

  9. Tbh you have to try hard to avoid breaking rules on this server

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    2. Grouchy


      I'm not banned though

    3. ShameJax


      Pretty sure Matt was referencing his recent post.

    4. iMattyz


      Jax is correct

  10. the ban report section kills me

  11. It's just minecraft why so much anger and taunting i just wanna be friends :(

  12. Your Name? Grouchy/Raknol Your profession (minin'/smithin'/enchantin')? Chef farm enchants Place of Inhabitant? My cave ((Skype?)) You have it
  13. Anyone good at making RP custom trees?

  14. How do I give an NPC a skin?

    1. Space


      Don't think you can. You were able to make NPCs and give them the name of a Minecraft account and they would show the skin that Minecraft account had on, but that was removed/doesn't work.

    2. Harrison


      1.8 Broke it for now.

  15. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  16. I presume it's over seems peace has been formed and the casus belli doesn't really apply anymore.
  17. who is top skinner and want to make me a skin for shiny pixels???

    1. shmucko mode

      shmucko mode

      i do not do labor for dwarves nor do i wish to get dwarven pixels.

    2. Grouchy


      you're cancer

  18. is the server down pl0x

  19. over 2 days later and gta is almost finished downloading

  20. I have 28 hours left to download GTA5...

    1. Salvo


      Give it to Aislin, he'll give you his nudes...

    2. Grouchy


      i dont want

  21. where can i find the thread with the race banner things on it

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