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Benbo (Wretched)

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  1. Glad to see you remember Wrynn and I's xray banning sprees
  2. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Tsuyose

    complete filth if hes accepted to ET i'll pugsy +1
  3. Grand Opening - The Library Of Dragur

    *A notice is pinned to the library entrance* Three spaces remain, applicants are urged to place their names and finish their books soon.
  4. Apprentice of Dragur

  5. Grand Opening - The Library Of Dragur

    (Credit to Pandan for making the vid) *A Golem can be seen planting posters upon walls in every major settlement of Atlas* The Grand Library of Dragur has finally re-opened. We welcome one and all to visit our vast collection, the largest that has or will ever exist, now containing over 1200 books and a variety of unique artifacts. Find us just west of the Whispering Crossroads. ((Co-ordinates: 220, 59, 605)) Scholar Recruiting! The Library is on the hunt for fresh blood, if you could see yourself working at the library, there is a set of criteria you will need to follow: Take part in an interview with the library staff. You will need to create a book and donate it to the library (you will need to have this ready for your interview). ((Leave your username and discord in brackets in the comments of this post. We will get in touch with you to arrange your interview)). We only have 5 positions available, plus more if particular applicants show great promise. -Signed, The Grand Library Of Dragur
  6. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    Unlike Blundermore, that's all pretty much true. Wasn't our intention to put you through that, seems like we did just let you down there but hey, we are all unpaid, amateur volunteers. I don't mean that to be a cop-out answer, but it did happen we weren't perfect and we made mistakes. I can only offer my apologies now.
  7. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    You're welcome to your opinion but I will address some of the facts; that event was pre-arranged to go like that, I didn't just 'hop in', but I can see how it would be easy for you to make that assumption and tell it to the world without actually, knowing what's going on. The 'untouchable base' was a cloud temple for spooks... The Lore Team read it, voted on it and passed it... And, like the CT, anyone could go in? And no, I was given freedom to make events/build, they wouldn't have given me a GM pex just to add people... Oh, and I didn't write the Mordring Lore. And I really don't know how to respond to me wanting a 'personal antag character'. LT lead was a nightmare, it became at times very stressful and on top of uni eventually led for me to leave, there wasn't much enjoyment about it and 'playing a personal antag' just seems so ridiculous to me because I spent twice the time I spent rping - writing and building for events. I put in so much effort into that team it is upsetting to see a response like this but I do remember one thing from your LM days, I guess it's probably because you were never involved with the team.
  8. Beardmancy

    Is there no god
  9. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    Hi lore team, i'd like to edit my application. I've found an LM I don't like.
  10. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    Minecraft Account Name(s): Wretched Discord: Wretched#6173 How long have you played on LotC?: 7 years (jesus christ) Time zone and availability: GMT (england). Available at random points depending on what uni allows. But here most days. What lore are you versed in most?: Aenguls/Daemons/Historical/World lore/Creatures I suppose. An easier question would be what lore aren't I versed in. Hey I've been here for a long time I deserve some bragging rights. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: -ET Actor -ET builder -Game Moderator -Lore Master -Lore Team Lead Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): Yes. I'd give specifics but, think I've got more implemented lore than any other person on the server. Fairly sure I've written so much lore I'd have a chance of claiming intellectual property of LoTC. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: To the despair of some old admins, no. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: Nobody just yet but hey it's early days and I'm ready to pull my hair out again.
  11. Thanhic Alloys

    Not much magical about it. It's anti magic. Besides, it already exists. This is more of a compiling/clarification lore if anything.
  12. Thanhic Alloys

    As long as your character knows enough about metals and thanhium, sure
  13. Thanhic Alloys

    Idea was that completing the process would get the resources taken, and the item given by a staff member. If LMs/Staff dont think that's possible, would be happy to change it to iron instead of diamond. I just want the sword to be blue lmao.
  14. Thanhic Alloys

    Entirely up to you LMs, personally I'd limit it to just this way and have whoever was using the old way figure out that it's easier to do it like this. Otherwise, becomes more of a challenge to moderate it.