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  1. Perhaps another way to term it would be.... Head of Dawn or Mind of Dawn?
  2. Could you perhaps translate "Vessel of Dawn" for me?
  3. I’ve noticed I don’t participate on the forums much and a piece of lore was much needed. If you read the title, you’d note that this lore is for Shadeleaf, which is the namesake of one of the three pure Mali’ker Issinardos which my character, Sathoro, is the Nardo for. Now I guess I’ll write out this lore post... Shadeleaf The origin of Shadeleaf’s name is a confusing matter. The Shadeleaf family believes that the name for their Issinardo was not named after the plant, but they named the plant after their own name after using the plant often. In contrast, most scholars believe Shadeleaves named their family after their plant. However, not enough knowledge is known on the subject for a proper conclusion to the debate. Shadeleaf is a small, short plant. The plant is very similar to a common weed which has quite plain leaves, yellow flowers when reproducing, and which is rather short and small as well. In addition, this weed grows in a large abundance, normally hiding Shadeleaf. In addition, the two greens of the plants are quite similar, Shadeleaf leaves being a tad darker. The only difference is that the veins on the bottom of the leaves of Shadeleaf plants are silver-colored. However, when looking at the plants from above both are practically identical. Because of this, searching for Shadeleaf plants is quite difficult since large amount of time is wasted lifting up leaves and looking at the veins underneath to see if they are silver. And to make it even worse, Shadeleaf plants are quite sparse. However, there is a very easy way to find them. Shadeleaf plants do not do well under large amounts of moisture or water due to weak veins that easily collapse or burst when having too many fluids running through them. Because of this, properly trained searchers will go in search of Shadeleaf after large rainfalls or during storms. As the veins burst, popping noises can be heard, and sometimes the leaves can be teared, clearly indicating a Shadeleaf plant. Although the technique is messy, it is effective and can bring in profits. Yet there is only one part of this plant that has been proven to be useful, the leaves. Shadeleaf leaves have a drug-like effect, hallucinogenic with large enough doses. The leaves can be breathed in, eaten, or directly applied to the bloodstream, yet the effect is the same due to the plant’s sustaining effects. In order to use the drug, most people grind the leaves up or extract the juices from the leaves by boiling the leaves in water. Then the drug can be burned in incense trays or using pipes in order to inhale the substance. Also, the herb can be added to beverages, meals, or injecting with a needle into a person’s skin. The eyes of a person who has been drugged with Shadeleaf will slowly go bloodshot, following up with the “victim” beginning to become much calmer and moodier. The drug is normally prescribed by doctors and healers for the use as a stress reliever. Yet overdoses are possible if too much Shadeleaf is used. Overdoses normally happen with the stopping of the user’s heart and then all other bodily functions coming to a halt due to loss of blood. However, there is controversy if the roots of Shadeleaf plants can be used as a stress reliever without the “high” effects, not enough proof has been provided. Essentially, Shadeleaf is an insanely hard herb to find and most people would not waste their time on it. Clearly, only highly trained herb finders would be able to go and harvest Shadeleaf. In addition, the price for Shadeleaf should be quite high and the substance should only be used rarely due to its rarity. Now I’ll just explain that it’s begun to annoy me when Shadeleaf pops up somewhere and I say in Local Out-Of-Character Chat, “I’m curious of how you got it...” and I don’t get a valid response.
  4. Hallo ^^

    1. Graceful Bucko

      Graceful Bucko

      I am a sliverfish...

      Also a silverfish.

  5. Someone please poke someone on the technical team...por favor?

  6. #StopTheHashtagsPorFavor?

    1. The Victor Blair Project
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      I NEVER USE HASHTAGS! *triumphant music begins to play*

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      I NEVER USE HASHTAGS! *triumphant music begins to play*


  8. *uses force powers, "Minecraft Servers, GO UP! GO UP! I command you to GO UP!"

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      *watches as the server goes downwards*

  9. I thought my power would be on today, I might not even have it for another week...I am sooo mad. I REALLY NEED TO GO ON LOTC!!!

  10. It seems as if a lot of time and effort was put into it. And after reading the lore, it sounds interesting and it would be great if it was implemented, My one complaint is that the bird might be a bit too big. I hope this is implemented.
  11. Matilda, how do you get into the different diamond, gold, or iron vip?

  12. 1/10 No idea who you are, but then again no one knows who I am either...
  13. This is AMAZING and I'm assuming it's like the Olympics. Asulon truly needs something like this.
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