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  1. The soulstone is basically magic that all sentient creatures have, I do believe. So, no you can't truly be forced to use it or drag someone with you since the magic doesn't cover that. Wiki Page: http://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/Soulstones
  2. Someone seems to be unleashing my horse and pushing him to an unprotected area to steal him, they finally succeeded last night.

    1. Lago


      Logblock the gate.

    2. Demotheus


      Don't simply leash your horse. Take it to a stable and stuff him there. Make sure he can't get out.

  3. Why can't I use LWC? I'm Gold.

    1. Nug


      Your PEX might be glitched or you recently donated and haven't gotten your PEX changed, eiither way, talk to a GM. :p

    2. SparehoeCakes
  4. Did all livestock disappear or is it just me?

    1. Neri


      I believe they did - the GM team knows about it though.

    2. Wocket


      Oh, I hope we get everything back, I had finally got pigs :3

  5. Well, I've been away for nearly a year, what'd I miss?

    1. Shadeleaf


      Well Arzota has purple hair now, Aron is dead, and Solace was destroyed and is now ruled by orcs! Oh also we have ice men coming to kill us from the north~

    2. Wocket


      purple hair! I've been gone too long

    3. Maskee


      Ice men are best men

  6. Again, it crashes when I'm trading D:<

    1. aron.


      I'm actually starting to see what you're talking about XD

    2. sir lusty

      sir lusty

      Wocket are you coming online again so we could finish the trade?

  7. Yay, I got a job, might up my donor rank in the future :3

    1. Twiddlepop
    2. aron.


      Now you can fix your sleep schedule. Or lack there of :P

  8. If you'd like an answer to any questions you have for me, send me a PM, do not leave a profile comment.

  9. Well, now I know people I'm going to avoid on these forums

    1. Enyahs V.

      Enyahs V.

      achievement get.

  10. I spit in an orcs face, then died in the desert, but not to the orc, I win :P

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. George of House Glover
    3. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      Warg eat latz corpse, uruk eat warg. Uruk win. Gur hur.

    4. George of House Glover

      George of House Glover

      actually, I ate her corpse

  11. For a small child/baby would I use a dwarf skin or is there a way to make the human one even smaller?

    1. Damen


      Use a Halfling model. :D

    2. Wocket


      How do I make a halfling? D:

  12. I just had a cartoony thing happen, I stepped outside and say a clear sky, it was raining, I looked directly above me and saw one dark cloud

  13. Who else wishes we had the handsaw from the redpower mod?

    1. Neri


      That is pretty cool, I must admit.

    2. aron.


      If there were one thing I could add, it would probably be that, or shields

  14. I figured it out, the DDoS attacks are aimed at me, every time I try to sell an item

    1. Lord of the Craft

      Lord of the Craft

      I will try not to fail you, again

      So sorry to trouble you

    2. aron.


      I disagree. They are aimed at the small periods that I am able to rp in. I get online for not 2 minutes, and it went down.

    3. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      Yeah, they've managed to synchronize with my work schedule.

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