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  1. Hey.. I miss you.. Just wanted to know how you are, is all. :/

  2. I need a good Reinhardt. Null Section are harming me.

  3. that's literally you tho :/
  4. at least I can focus on black desert now
  5. Good skinner - industry premium.
  6. Ponce... has been culled.
  7. Roscoe plays board games by himself in his bed. Everything should be fine.
  8. Timothy of Locklear screams! Mylas was husband to the Trade Princess of Sutica!
  9. David Rovin The phone call that saved Axios
  10. The Bailiff clarifies that only white Human refugees will be accepted, with Elves and Halflings undergoing holistic review.
  11. Hey, everyone. Please take some time out of your day to report the two idiots above. ^ That direction. If everyone stopped right now and used the report function for five seconds, the time it takes to order a cup of coffee, this effort would be done in a day.
  12. Yeah, agreed. I agree with you. I'm agreeing with you.
  13. Why do people want to depopulate nations and groups?
  14. Your hair looks like a roadkilled yorkie