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  1. [Fixed][Bug] Unbreakable, isn't unbreakable.

    Doesn't it just have the Unbreaking enchant? I was looking at the items a few days ago. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Enchanting#Unbreaking
  2. Hey guys, my new spell thing here. Check it out: I call it Heavy Soul Spear. it comes from my special artefact *picture of Moonlight Greatsword*

  3. hey joey just reporting in to tell you that you wrote 'delivery' instead of devilry on one occasion otherwise really great post keep it up I'll be back for the next map

    1. devvy


      get outta here....

    2. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      just give me a raspberry please

  4. hey what dunamite alt account is this

    1. Creamy
    2. Creamy


      @tavern_roleplay i mean if you wanted my DA i would have given it to you instead of you going around posting sin on my profile 

  5. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  6. Good event. Perfect RDM. Keep me posted. Great job, team.

  7. 6.0 Seasons

    repped and retweeted
  8. The Locklear Contracting Company, Adelburg Branch As with all Locklear enterprises, only the finest of services are allowed to be rendered to the public. Therefore, as part of an expansion of our Human Services and Relations sector, we are offering our very best company servant for autonomous contract. If one wishes to secure this contract and the individual upholding it, read on. Contract Subject Details: Proficient in unskilled and domestic labor, light manual work, service work, and handcrafts. A Heartlander of (possibly?) the female gender. The individual in question is quite cute, so The Locklear Contracting Co. assumes the individual a female (possibly). Upon signing, the contracted individual will travel to the contractee's specified location to receive assignment within one (1) month. This time may be extended should strife or calamity befall local regions. Contractee shall pay one-hundred (100) Minae at signing for a duration of one (1) year, and may extend the initial duration for fifty (50) Minae per year. This duration may be extended by negotiation with the contracted individual at any time during the contract's effect or immediately upon expiry. Sufficient bunking must be allotted to the contracted individual. The Locklear Contracting Co. would not like for any one of its members to rest on cold straw. So, if you wish to hire yourself a premium worker, contact us at once through this very advertisement!
  9. could anyone put my Gold forum pex on please I want that icon (check my ig pex for proof)

  10. before the map change...

    anyone wanna do force fem rp with me

  11. if you like jojo you'll love this


    1. Space


      how much are you getting paid?

      S H A R I A B L U E

    2. seannie


      is this a reference to a popular japanese cartoon?

    3. Matheus
  12. [Ad] Kav's Commissions

    This artist gave me permission to advertise their art commission services here. Kaviar has a style drawing heavily from Hirohiko Araki, which looks great and is quite unlike most artists you'll see around here. Draconic creatures are also 1/4 off for the duration of August @Harrison Her examples and pricing are within: Contact: http://kavsketch.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/kavsketch kavletterbox@gmail.com