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  1. Ah... excellent.
  2. You can tell someone's been irreparably Owned Online when this is all they can muster as a reply. @Esterlen
  3. I need a trans gf in roleplay RESPOND NOW

    1. mitto


      im gonna need you to be more specific 

    2. Alterazgohg


      you're going to roleplay as my character's girlfriend (male)

    3. mitto


      @Harrison he's looking for a trans buddy

  4. You don't seem to address any of your own faults here. I've tried to keep my head down and insulated from this kind of drama so I can just enjoy roleplaying, but even that measure couldn't blind me from the ills you caused by your blatant nepotism. But you're not wrong in your criticisms about the staff, though your aforementioned quality certainly didn't help in affairs pertaining to all teams. In your criticisms about the players, you just seem like an *******. Go back to Massivecraft lol
  5. *dabs on @erik0821

    1. mitto


      i wish that were me

  6. PC and xbox minecraft are becoming united, time to appeal to the call of duty crowd

  7. Really missing the hilliness of that map, and how everyone was on the same landmass.
  8. I would really like to study at L'Académie d'Odo en Metz, but I'm definitely lacking the money to be enrolled full time. Is there any way I can apply to His Majesty of Lorraine's treasurer for some educational subsidy?
  9. In response to the ridiculously powerful Undead custom mobs/abilities I want to write a treatise on player enjoyment but it'll probably go to waste on whoever's creating these horribly OP things anyway

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Space


      If I said yes would you suddenly agree with me?


      Regardless, I never even stated my opinion. I just don't see how 'player' enjoyment can be your sole justification for changing this. We can look in the past of LotC and see how people always ***** and moan no matter what- i.e. map size, distribution of land, war rules, raid rules, combat rules, etc. You have to look at things through a buncha different scopes not just something as decieveing as 'enjoyment' to get a better idea. And I think most people fail to do that.


      i also think it's nearly impossible to do that on a minecraft rolepalying server but still we can strive for an ideal

    3. Alterazgohg


      If you said no, you'd have little ground to stand on. It's just a singular matter of how these Undead fights play out.

    4. Space


      then yes i have experienced many of these i watch all them and have experienced both sides


      checkmate i win?

  10. Is this a joke I don't understand

    1. Alterazgohg


      the defendant accepted the demands completely

  11. Dream and Numirya are the premium for art on LotC right now... but Dream I've seen is more to my tastes. Pay her for art and skins.
  12. "You are a treacherous cur, and I will see to the destruction of you and your property." Says a twice crossed commuter. "**** you."
  13. Even though Jace posted after the auction is legally done, the commuter raises to eight-thousand.
  14. The rural commuter ups his bid to seven-thousand and five-hundred minas. (7,500).