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  1. pbuh


    Someone removed all the 2012-tier rageface forum emoticons we had. Why? Why? Why?
  2. Hello,

    This is Friedrich von Locklear und Stahl. I believe you knew my great-grandfather, Hermann?

    1. Esterlen




      I believe I can tell you more about him.


      Please write to me.


      Warm regards,


  3. pbuh

    Racial Buffs

    Yeah this one Also remember back when everyone and their other persona was a wood elf when you could 2 shot with bows because of their buff. Tiny buffs that don’t particularly affect combat are nice and cute, like I’ve been asking for azdrazi Fire Res so they can rp in fire (no Fire Aspect on LotC, and lava traps are banned (depending on the GM you ask))
  4. Check out my ET app before the team explodes. Thank you

    1. Slayy


      Oh my, the return of the mad MAN

  5. Evil isn’t bound to dark magics, but all dark magics are inherently evil. Nothing is black and white, but dark magic users have inarguably black intentions. But anyway, a group like the Ascended whose purpose is just anti-“evil” is completely ignorable, because you’ll argue that they’re ethically summoning demons or humanely creating mutated children. This type of purpose/morality is open to abuse, as you can see now with the current Ascended aiding Naztherak. I am personally dead tired of the Ascended being shoehorned in to so many incidents because they’re some kind of powerful protagonist order keepers, separate from the actual roleplay of players and nations. Sentient dragonkin (Dragaar, Azdrazi) are outright smarter and more engaging, as they are integrated with (for the most part) Horens and Humanity – their “group morality” or purpose is simply pro-Human, pro-Horen.
  6. I am wondering if the Ascended are suddenly going to drop their aiding of Naztherak due to these covenant items?
  7. Hey someone had to do it, the thing was just sitting there taking up space and there were no other chads around to fill it with ballista bolts
  8. Username Architecus Discord Alty#9802 Timezone US Central / US Eastern What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Imperial/Adrian Humanity Staff History Top level ET actor+builder two times in the past. I left the first time due to friction during the Duke's War with the abusive lead Tirenas, and the second time on good terms. Ban History My last major ban was issued over 4 years ago by rittsy for trolling. I was banned for 1 month a couple years ago after retiring from the ET the second time, someone forgot to remove my PEX so I used the actor/builder perms to do silly wizard rp. Blacklist History: I wouldn't know. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I desire to create scenarios and roleplay using ET pex where I feel it is currently lacking. I was passively considering applying, but I was asked last night by a few players to do so now. Why should we accept you onto the Team? Years of ET experience combined with 6.5 years on LotC gives me a masterful understanding of how players function in roleplay, what they desire in terms of scenario and storytelling, and how to give it to them. While I still have hosted fun and engaging "event" roleplay recently without being on the ET, the permissions afforded by the staff position allow me much more immersive and powerful tools to entertain the server with. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I like to build scenarios requiring preparation, world knowledge, and competence to overcome. In monster events, for example, it's important to not assault a town directly, but get people interested through flavor and minor incidents leading up to an organized hunt/confrontation. For "dungeon" events, I like to construct open ended plans that allow participants plenty of exploration and flexibility in overcoming the challenge at hand. For both types, I would like to utilize and adapt existing lore in order to enrich its presence and develop player knowledge/immediacy of it. What makes a good event? A scenario richly thought out with every contingency in mind. Players should be able to employ every tool at their disposal and still get an engaging experience. They should neither be railroaded on to a course decided by the presiding ET, nor should they be left to their own devices without any ET interaction/response. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: I’m not sure why doing this dance for the third time leaves me the most at a loss for words, but I’ll spin a fun proposal here. This is a chain of events that integrate completely with the normal RP environment, allowing involvement in all capacities and for all types of characters. The size and importance escalates naturally as players respond and make decisions over time, with a focus on weighing offensive versus defensive action. For <5 people, a small semi-passive mystery to engagement works. Clues and signs of theft/small violence in a settlement. Somewhat guide players in to noticing patterns and let them make conclusions. Adapt based on their following decisions . Trying to directly track the source of trouble would lead to discovery of a small forward ratman warren + small skirmishing (skaven as an example because I like them as a common antag). Ignoring or simply trying to take precautionary measures would lead to an uptick in incidents and presence – thus putting decisions again in the hands of the players. For around 10, the situation can escalate from there, leading to larger battles and adventures. The warren providing base for the troublesome ratmen has been (possibly) discovered – players make appropriate plans to assault or deal with it. An assault would lead to more large scale CRP battles and ambushes with plenty of tricks along the way. Even this small warren would be quite the challenge to get through, so inappropriate preparation would force a retreat or possible failure which could lead to either a defensive switch or another attempt with the ratmen gaining an advantage. I would enlist a few other ET or friends to act as packmasters and rp their corresponding swarms. Destroying or trapping the exit would affect a temporary halt and victory, but leads to heightened aggression afterwards. The actual considerations of those involved modify the immediate effects. For the defensive or precautionary choices in the previous phase, ratman confidence grows with a visible increase in presence and numbers. Players may choose to switch to an offensive path as the dangers palpably increase, which falls back on previous plans. Staying defensive/precautionary would require smart tactics and more stalwart protections of their settlement. The situation naturally escalates. And to finish off the overarching scenario with plenty of people involved, the ratman finale occurs. Assuming a successful eradication of the forward warren, the leaders of the clan which just had its underlings slain are obviously aware and angry. Continuing soon on an aggressive plan would mean catching the ratmen possibly unprepared, allowing a major assault on a main ratman clan warren involving plenty of CRP, trickery, and a final “boss style” battle. The preparations and logistics needed for such an expedition would obviously be higher than the last, which is communicated naturally to the players. The ET-side preparations are also high, requiring several people to manage the large size and playercount. Success here would mean victory and looting of the clan coffers, while defeat may lead to falling back to defensive means while delaying the ratmen somewhat. Falling back to or staying on a defensive policy would mean the clan leaders are able to mount planned retaliation, where the settlement or selected defensive position in question would be naturally alerted to an approaching army by ratman scouts and vanguards. After some time generally planned OOC with the defenders to allow maximum engagement, a large CRP assault by the rats would begin. Several actors would be required to lead appropriate RP force with enough strategic mobility against the defenders, giving them quite a challenging time requiring plenty of considerations and effort. Success here would mean defeating the ratmen invaders, while defeat would incur some consequence of looting or destruction as agreed upon OOCly. I’m also applying for builder/LC/worldedit perms to make these events easier, but I’m not sure how the permissions are divided now. I used to be Actor+Builder but I don’t see that option now.
  9. pbuh

    Aleksei for Prosperity

    Incredibilis Thersist marks Aleksei down for defenestration.
  10. pbuh

    [Denied]Stevie’s Game Moderator Application

    He manages ARMA stuff too and he’s really good at that. Fun and fair
  11. pbuh

    Boats in 7.0

    Why can’t you just sail a minecraft boat point to point. You can still build the big ones