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    Boats in 7.0

    Why can’t you just sail a minecraft boat point to point. You can still build the big ones
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    Tenth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    Michael Edgar Locklear remains calm, not yet throwing his life or expensive trinkets away due to the worthless thrashing of a infirm, deposed man.
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    We Are Watching.. Always Watching

    ((Screens of the RP?
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    give me your fkn money

    if I wanted reddit skins I’d go to r/dunamis!
  5. Racial spawns are a hard fight, but we have at least convinced those responsible for roads to place them in ways more direct with cities. Just setting off from CT should be able to get you right in a city, instead of possibly missing the narrow driveways most of them are forced to be on in this map.
  6. Full Name: I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.I.L.I.S. (Iratius Nicolaus Claudius Renatus Elagabalus Demetrius Iulius Boniface Iovis Longinus Ignatius Sextus) Thersist City of Residency: Belvitz Year of Birth: 1652 Adress: A.D.R. Office
  7. I’d like to talk to you on discord in a few hours. I’ll be able to articulate the aggregate of this entire thread in a much more eloquent manner, and we’ll be able to debate on equal terms.
  8. @SeventhCircle @501warhead @Cpt_Noobman @Elennanore @Hiebe @Hobolympic @Kilgrim @shiftnative @Wrynn @z3m0s Thoughts on putting road design in the hands of nations rather than just adding spokes? I heard some worrying things about the progress made due to this thread – I don’t think it’s going to resolve the issues with OOC highways. While these solutions don’t satisfy me, and haven’t yet borne arguments against racial spawns, 501 and Sky’s proposals of selecting a nation or having a racially bound soulstone like we used to would also eliminate the need for static Monk roads.
  9. I’m fairly certain that the roads as they are can be rolled back, or just painted back over. Hopefully the creators didn’t go as far to start punching ridiculous tunnels through mountains or carving out the world to facilitate this Temple Monk Racetrack, but we aren’t given any detailed screenshots or ability to download the WIP map. All the nation leaders really need is some complete screenshots of their plots, so they can suggest and trace out the roads as they see fit. More broadly organized races such as the Empire would want a simple network connecting their member nations, which then converge at a point to go international or to the CT at some point. Personally, I’d rather not travel be funneled through the semi-OOC Clould Temple, but to real settlements along the way.
  10. I’ve put an addendum on the OP to hopefully draw discussion more on the roads, as it was meant to be. My conclusion uses some imprecise language and bad structure so that anyone skimming would assume the overarching point of this thread is about racial spawns, though I am merely suggesting those as a solution to static, global roads. Addendum
  11. Your suggestion is certainly a possible solution. My primary goal, however, is undoing the current static, global roads presented for the 7.0 map. My racial spawn proposal is a means to the end of terminating reliance on Monk Superhighways and the Cloud Temple as a center of transit. I wish for roads to represent and be conducive to the natural movement between our settlements; not having cities be forced to claw at preciously protected highways that somehow predate us. The Cloud Temple acting as a hub of travel and source of new players forces us to rely on these global roads that serve no one but the lucky few who are privileged enough to be directly on them. The issues with the roads as they currently are in 7.0 are mostly detailed in the Analysis section of the OP. Additionally – and don’t take this as a personal attack – your first reply and almost every other reply against racial spawning has not presented an argument. I am able to respond to arguments levied against the racial spawning solution myself and many others have developed. I have sizable support and have been able to make racial spawning’s opponents thus far concede, besides the people who haven’t yet replied. I’ll get in contact with an admin later this week, but given the size of this thread and the support it’s received, it may do well to hold an official poll or discussion about roads and racial spawns.
  12. You employ the logic that, under a racial spawning system, people will want to roleplay elsewhere (they can, and do) but are burdened because they didn’t spawn in the foreign land they wish to RP in. But not every player lives in Cloud Temple. In fact, no one does. How do they access and return to where they wish to roleplay? They travel, and then bind their soulstone. This process is not changed by racial spawns. The effects of spawning grouped with your own race have been endlessly discussed and developed in this thread, but in no way do they hinder racial foreigners and non/multiracial nations any more than CT does.
  13. I’ve mentioned it quite a few times in this thread, though I’ve usually referred to them as “multiethnic” nations. I don’t know if you’re playing devil’s advocate or just trying to be clever, but I’ll answer you in earnest. The current leader of Sutica helped me understand that it doesn’t need a close or racial spawn. While certainly more volatile than monolithic nations, it manages to get sufficient activity at the edge of the map because it provides a niche environment for RP that relatively experienced players may choose to seek out. These sorts of nations, of which I believe Sutica is the only current example, build community in a different manner than a nation like Adria. Both find similar success in the way of having players who wish to stick around, but Sutica and a human duchy have different needs and offerings. Racial spawns will not negatively affect how a place such as Sutica builds its roleplay community, but they still aid everyone else.
  14. I touched on it in my reply to 501, but I don’t think that the Elven subraces, besides Fenn, have settlements each to their own. Having them all grouped initially (besides Snelves, they would spawn in Fenn lands) would work for today’s Elven polities, but when subraces split off to form their own, as I am sure High Elves will, an individual subrace should be able to select its spawn for its specific settlement. Ultimately, it is up to the nation leader who can clearly represent themselves as being the homeland of a certain (sub)race. And while it does add a bit of broader feeling to the world for any player, racial spawns of course will enrich the experience of new players in particular. But don’t forget that racial spawns are just a solution to get rid of the Temple Monk Superhighway that doesn’t even enter our plots!