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  1. First post in like a year. Hi guys!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kinslayer


      hey man, if you ever get the chance I'd like to talk 

    3. Yohei


      Sure, whats ur skype all add u

    4. Kinslayer


      gatekeeperoflife, I'm pretty sure you would have me blocked

  2. Monks need a new wiki guy. Anyone on wiki team down?


  3. Yohei

    [Shelved]Dwarven Rune Cannon

    Yeah I heard something like this too.. -edit- Oh it's accepted? Nice!
  4. No cloud temple this time?

    1. Kinslayer


      I thought the whole spawn was cloud temple.

    2. Yohei


      Monks revive people in one place, we call it the Cloud Temple. There is usually always a temple at spawn made of sandstone.

    3. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Mayhaps these ruins predate the CT monks. They may have to build their own CT.

  5. hey did you get your character's name from the movie Seven Samurai?

    1. Yohei


      Nah, I can't remember where I got it. I think I just used google to search up names lol. 

  6. Any support is appreciated, I'm sure this road we are picking is going to be a struggle..
  7. Looks like I missed a little something, I will make a quick edit. -edit- I hope that is better, I honestly think I will always feel uncomfortable with my ideas when it comes to Resurrection. Still open to changing this but so far this is the best I've got.
  8. Yeah we exist, these last few years have been hard for us but I'm attempting to change that now. We have been completely inactive since they removed us and brought us back again a few months ago, we just owe it to all the people who gave us their support to try something different with the guild, something that will actually make the server a little more fun I hope. And again, sorry for that. I thought spike wrote that, but I wasn't ever sure.
  9. The Old Ways Join the New Lore Magic Changes. The Soul Gate Resurrection Soul Blink Grand Healing Soul Blueprint Monk Bread Self Healing What we are removing from the Magic New Student Requirements
  10. Yohei

    [Playable Creature] - Matumdâg

    I would love to see this on the server, very good work, very creative. Some things need touching up, leave revival to Monks ;) , but other than that +1~
  11. Yohei

    The Soul Blueprint on the body.

    Eh, I'm not sure if this is Monk lore or not but this isn't exactly how a soul blueprint works in monk terms.. If an arm was cut off, a monk can observe the blueprint and use it as a guide to replacing limbs for 1 in rp year before the blueprint adjusts itself to the new shape. We already have lore for this, it seems like you are just kinda adding some of your own stuff to the lore that's already there in the Monk lore while changing some stuff. Here is an older example from I don't know who from the old Monk post on the forums. It doesn't get much more complicated than this really.. See the man on the left? This is Bob. Say hi, Bob! On the right is Bob's soul. As you can see, it looks just like Bob. Now, Bob is out adventuring when an Orc comes up and lops off his arm. Oops. Why isn't important, what's more important is what happens when he visits a Monk in desperate need for Healing. This is what the Monk sees. As you can see, Bob is physically hurt, but his soul is fine. Now, the Monk summons forth the Triumvirates power through either Prayer Healing or Silent Healing, and this power rebuilds Bob's body from his spirit 'blueprint', and he's as good as new! But yeah, 1 year not 1 hour.