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  1. First post in like a year. Hi guys!

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      hey man, if you ever get the chance I'd like to talk 

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      Sure, whats ur skype all add u

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      gatekeeperoflife, I'm pretty sure you would have me blocked

  2. A Blind Boy's Light The Sun broke the horizon in Athera, and the god rays cut through the dense moistened air. Young Yohei Khen'aum was already getting ready for his first day of Monk training at Ramza Mantisuku's Home by the Big Tree Tavern. His adoptive mother Alirya put together his uniform and tightened his blindfold. The tiny blind boy shot out the door, grabbing his wooden branch he used for walking, but only held it at his side as he made for full speed down the grand Athera Highway. After bumping into many close friends, and strangers, with great excitement the young Yohei eventually made it to The Cloud Temple. He cut to the side road, kicking up much dust as he sprinted to the Altar to meet with his beloved teacher, Spike Vondar. Spike to Yohei was already turning out to be a fatherly figure Yohei had yearned for in the past, and a very wise master of the Triumvirate. "Mister Spike! Yohei reporting for my first day of real training!" The young blindfolded boy turned to face a closeby tree, and saluted it with the straightest posture. "Over 'ere Yohei!" Spike shouted at the strange boy from a distance, chuckling to himself behind the altar. "'e have a big day today, Yohei." The young elf rushed to the altar, and faced his teacher with a curious look crossing his face. "It took me all week to meditate through your cold water tricks! Now what..?" Spike walked from behind the altar "You will have a vision..", he took the young boy's wrist. Yohei is slightly surprised, but followed his teacher into the Temple, regardless of not knowing what exactly a vision was. Inside the Temple, the young boy sat between three stones placed on each side of him. Lapis Lazuli, Gold, and Pure Diamond, To both Spike and Yohei this represented the trinity in which they believed, the Triumvirate. Simply Spike instructed; "Meditate." And then left the temple. Leaving Yohei completely alone. This took a moment to register in the young boy's head. He decided to follow the instructions however, and crossed his legs, gripping both his knees slightly, keeping his hands in place there. His breathing slowed down, and that was what he focused on, nothing else. Many hours strained the young creative mind, Yohei in the back of his thoughts wanted to leave, and wanted to go home. But He was scared to, thinking if he did he may not be able to return to the Monks and try again. He figured something would happen if he waited long enough, so he continued. As the morning quickly turned to night, Yohei remained sitting in the temple, unmoving and silent. The night became dark, and Yohei cold. The Robe was light, and provided little protection from such conditions. He understood now the struggle the Monks had in store for him. He understood it was not a fun job, but a mentally challenging job. One that would constantly put him through pain, and struggle. These ideas became understood in his mind completely, and he began to challenge the cold, and the dangers of the night, trusting in the wards of The Cloud Temple for his safety during his mental adventure. The Night was long, and Yohei's struggles only continued. However soon, the sun would break the horizon once again. As this happened, in the depths of his meditation, Yohei heard a soft voice. It was quiet, and speaking like it did not want to be heard. However the more he focused, and wanted to hear, the louder the voice became. And it said with a very humbled, male voice; "Yohei, you will be chosen for a great destiny. The Monks will need your guidance, Keldrith's light is upon you now. Use this wisely, for these words are greater than any magics we can provide you. For the light is your strength now, your faith in me will be all you need." This was strange for the boy, and it took him some time to register. But he noticed something else that only shocked him more. In the deep darkness, he spotted a faint light. As if it was calling to the young boy, blinking to entice him. The light remained after the voice stopped speaking, for only a few moments while Yohei looked with awe. The light soon faded however, and once Yohei understood this is what he had been waiting for, he stood up slowly with broad shoulders. He raised his blindfold to his forehead and opened his eyes wide. He felt a strange hand on his shoulder as he did that, and jumped slightly. "Ye did vereh well. Now, 'e have some more training to do. But we'll save that for tomorrow aye?" The Abbot Spike grinned down at the young apprentice, proud of his student's success. "Aye." Yohei stood there as spike walked off, still soaking in the event that had just occurred for a moment. Eventually, he bolted off to tell his mother. --------- Just a small thing I kinda wanted to do to show I still live. To update the rest, the Monks will be returning soon. Stay tuned.
  3. where go?

  4. Monks need a new wiki guy. Anyone on wiki team down?


  5. Yeah I heard something like this too.. -edit- Oh it's accepted? Nice!
  6. No cloud temple this time?

    1. Cybering


      I thought the whole spawn was cloud temple.

    2. Yohei


      Monks revive people in one place, we call it the Cloud Temple. There is usually always a temple at spawn made of sandstone.

    3. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Mayhaps these ruins predate the CT monks. They may have to build their own CT.

  7. hey did you get your character's name from the movie Seven Samurai?

    1. Yohei


      Nah, I can't remember where I got it. I think I just used google to search up names lol. 

  8. Any support is appreciated, I'm sure this road we are picking is going to be a struggle..
  9. Looks like I missed a little something, I will make a quick edit. -edit- I hope that is better, I honestly think I will always feel uncomfortable with my ideas when it comes to Resurrection. Still open to changing this but so far this is the best I've got.
  10. Yeah we exist, these last few years have been hard for us but I'm attempting to change that now. We have been completely inactive since they removed us and brought us back again a few months ago, we just owe it to all the people who gave us their support to try something different with the guild, something that will actually make the server a little more fun I hope. And again, sorry for that. I thought spike wrote that, but I wasn't ever sure.
  11. The Old Ways Join the New Lore Magic Changes. The Soul Gate Resurrection Soul Blink Grand Healing Soul Blueprint Monk Bread Self Healing What we are removing from the Magic New Student Requirements
  12. I would love to see this on the server, very good work, very creative. Some things need touching up, leave revival to Monks ;) , but other than that +1~
  13. *crossing fingers*