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  1. [OOC] MCName: TornadoWatch [RP] Name: Fredrik Vasa Age: 27 Nationality: Hansetian; Orenian, Human, etc. Past Group Affiliations: Not much to speak of; I did some military work in the Fringe.
  2. hes really good pls accept +1
  3. so apparently -SOMEONE- edited the wiki to make my old character look like the bad guy, cool. i wonder who would've done such a thing???

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    2. The Sloth Emperor~Galendar

      The Sloth Emperor~Galendar

      tbf ur character was the bad guy for burning down greywynn

    3. Moot


      If possible, I'd like historical writings on the forums be from a neutral perspective. I suggest signing up, and fixing it.

    4. Volker


      Should be less biased against Black and more up to date now

  4. i used multiple smurf forum accounts to give this man more upvotes call cops i do not care he is best +6
  5. your inbox is full, my Skype is TornadoWatch
  6. MC Name: TornadoWatch IC Name: Ainsla Race: Human(?) (Subject to change, character still being made) Past Groups you Participated in: Teutonic Order. Knights. Other stuff. Why you want to join: Looking for employment opportunities to add new skills to my resume. Do you have Teamspeak(Info given in PM): yes Do you have Skype(Info asked in PM): yes
  7. Snitches get stitches.

  8. Mhm. All I'm really getting at.
  9. Whoa, hold on. You're right, Blunder(less). Let me move my entire 40 man military order into the far north with dragons and the antagonist so we can get some snow, abandoning this castle we've worked on for months. God forbid I want to make Hanseti a more rugged place to live in by making it snowy. I'm practically gimping myself but you still seem to want to butt your head in and give your criticically acclaimed .02. You haven't even been in Hanseti, and as Freya said the way the snow is distributed makes utterly no sense at all. It's just "SNOWSNOWNSOW" then "GRASS." ((PS: not flamey. Just really blunt and sarcastic.))
  10. If I want to turn the country into an arctic wasteland I will, dammit
  11. These all seem to be posted by characters/players who have almost no relation to Hanseti, or have fought with us in the past. How odd. Usually, arctic climates have... Y'know. A little bit of snow. As opposed to almost -none-. When we got here there was a lot more but the biome is wrong so it was cleared over time.
  12. Hey, I bought gold-level VIP a couple of days ago and have not received the associated rights on my account, minecraft or the forums. What gives, exactly?
  13. +1. Slightly trolly (which annoys me), but he's not the worst person at all really, would be an OK ET member.