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  1. Dropping by to say hello. Hello. 

    1. Hiebe


      Hey man, hit me up on Skype! hiebe.joe miss ya buddy


    1. Nug


      lmao i miss the slurred words and the like stumbling, it was fun

    2. Crowbill

  4. OOC Minecraft Name: blackhawk77g Timezone: PST Skype: Unused Anything you'd like us to know?: Meh. IC Name: Dun Irongut Age: 325 Race: Dwarf Gender: Male Alignments: Irongut Clan Skills: Writing, Cataloging, Organization, Advice. Anything you'd like us to know?: I'm quite old and tired. I'll keep your hall tidy until you return.
  5. OOC: MC Name: blackhawk77g Skype Name (may be sent via PM’s): blackhawk77g Agreement to Follow Server Rules: Yes Links to VA, both accepted and denied (Va’s are not required for the guild): Links to MA, both accepted and denied (Ma's Are not required for the guild): RP: RP Name: Dun Irongut Race: Dwarf Age: 254 Short Biography: There is not much that is needed to be known about me. I am a Dwarf, I have lived many years with my kin. I have fought and bled for my city and now... I'm not quite sure if I have the heart to do so again. If this organization is truly what I'm looking for, then we
  6. Minecraft Name: blackhawk77g Skype Name (This may alternatively be PMed to be for privacy purposes): blackhawk77g Applicant Name: Dun Irongut Race and Age: Dwarf; 253. What position are you applying for? (Librarian, Maven, Inventor, Analyst, Phrenal): Librarian List any experience you have had with matters regarding that Department: An off chance meeting with a ministry applicant and the Preminant Sevant at the Cloud Temple Library during the Dissolution of Oren Conference. Several bidding wars in pursuit of objects I may have found interesting
  7. [[i debated posting one for about a month since the group's creation. I'm still on the cuff about removing it, as I enjoy a place where it can be public. I'm not worried about meta-gaming or anything of that sort, nor do we need to be too secretive. Then again, I still agree with you. So, in short, I'm really conflicted.]]
  8. Dun enters the dining area of the local tavern and lights up his pipe, sitting by the fire and watching the passerby. As a few bottles are hastily brought to him by his cousin, the owner, he leans back and begins to take a rest. [[OOC: Thanks for the support! I'm not usually up to setting up guilds, but this seems like a worthy cause.]]
  9. The Iron Circle Introduction and Purpose: The creation of the Circle was as casual as it was quick. A rough assortment of clansmen and friends, they simply decided to go into business together through casual conversation. When speaking of "business," it can be inferred as to which. However, they agreed; strong morals will stand. The death of a Blackmont is prioritized over a run of the mill bastard thief. The protection of the truly innocent will always be considered and of course, reputation must remain everything. On the topic of purpose, to each his own. Perhaps it's wealth, perhaps
  10. *Notes are tossed about Anthos with a seemingly cryptic phrasing* Are your bones, indeed, Brittle? A cove is too dark and a tavern too bright. Seek out a Merchant who sells no wares and we may speak more and perhaps, once again.
  11. Cya man. I wish you'd rethink your choice, but good luck with wherever you're headed.

  12. See you guys in 5-10 minutes.

    1. Watyll
    2. Sargeblub


      Sorry, we're not the Elves.

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