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  1. Big scratch head, nice formatting Hiebe. 10/10 Edit: Does anyone like how we start on a new map have to learn a whole new crafting system and not only that, you vote to only get 2 minas a day? I don't. Now to learn Vortex that'll take something in getting used to but bruh... I want my mineman minas asap. Personally, I liked the voting system from last map as it was easier/quicker to get minas. Now we gotta grind on a solid 2 minas per vote on a daily basis.
  2. What happened to my typical generic same built CT? D:
  3. Vortex giving me bad Nexus flash backs.

    1. antiopa


      its literally just nexus with some **** changed 

  4. This map change is gonna be huuuuuuuuuuge
  5. Interesting yet risky. I’ll probably use this for my next character.
  6. Gn.. it’s 3:08 am

  7. Don’t think people are homophobic OOCly it’s just RP. From what I’ve seen within some of these comments by those that are gay or whatever, they say that they don’t care and that it’s just RP. In my personal opinion, it’s just the culture of the character they are playing as that leads to it being like that. Should homophobia be a thing on LoTC? No, unless it is primarily based upon the culture they are set in within that character or the religion that’s RPly been set up for generations in roleplay. Which religion IRP can’t really change due to it leading to some sort of wars if said religions ancient holy scrolls were tainted or whatever. It just takes a mutual and mature understanding that they aren’t this way OOCly and that it’s just based upon the setting of the character’s culture or religion. Have no idea if that came out right but hopefully it did, lol. Though just wanna put a final note if they are RPing that way and are like that OOCly then they should probably quit the server, in my opinion.
  8. Very late but, the best Orenian Capital in my opinion.
  9. “This woman keeps putting ‘God’s Faithful Daughter’ yet she spits on our holy scrolls and spits on our religion. They are no Canonist they are a spawn of Iblees and should be hanged for such abomination the same way as Boniface, a man who was hanged for rewriting our holy scrolls into his own way of ideas.” Stefan Vyronov would state being a strong Canonist man.
  10. Any forum moderator wanna get rid of my warning point from 2013? Just asking, lol.

  11. Not it chef. The report on you is justified and your actions were terribly wrong. The blacklisting isn’t primarily towards ex-CT members which I am sure you know what I am talking about. I’m certain that you do have a dedication to the server but you being a community team head or Admin when most of its community have its distaste for you doesn’t suit well to me. Currently the report on you has 166 upvotes, that number is the amount of active players we get on the server. This isn’t me @’ing at anyone just stating my own opinion on this whole debacle.
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