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  1. long live king stannis

    1. Dardonas


      rightful heir to the throne and ruler of westeros

  2. any experts on orc lore want to hit me up rq

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    2. Pond


      @_Jandy_ probly knows a lot, I might be able to help you

    3. Inferno_Ougi


      try talking to Catarrh (Catarrh#5549)


      absolute legend

    4. _Jandy_


      This man is an ET, he can not be trusted. 

  3. I'm back in Ireland so you can come bother me about event **** again

    1. Porkour.


      Your discord username is invalid.

  4. don't apply for et or I'll flip my ****

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    2. _Hexe_


      @grubgoth_wud nt we dont have guns in the uk big man B^J

    3. Porkour.


      Self Denied after seeing this status

  5. dont even think about applying for et

    1. DahStalker


      I did because you said no 

    2. devvy


      ok as u wish king

    3. ScreamingDingo


      well i dont want to but now you said that so

      i gotta

  6. zzz advertising a team that's not ET

    1. GloriaPreussens


      et is where people who cant handle losing rp go...

  7. Can my pex be removed now its been like 24 hours

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    2. Guest


      did U step down again ffs

    3. Zacho


      uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. pex remove machine bork, sorry, call back never

    4. Harrison


      careful xarkly ur approaching harrison territory, next u'll get a blacklist that can't ever be removed due to a curse put in place by the admin team

  8. Big thank you to the 90+ players who participated in today's event. If you 

    have any feedback lmk


  9. Hey wait you guys forgot to accept Fawb's GM app!!!

  10. Blue is so last year

  11. the greatest of the dev teams' crimes is that they're not using stock images for the slideshow

  12. wowee I need technical support again.


    So a few days ago, I asked aroud for help with this error:




    I've followed every bit of advice I can find, and I've re-downloaded MC half a dozen times, but I still can't get the game to work.


    Pls 2 help

    1. Rael


      message me on discord or skype with more information on when it started happening and ill try to help 

  13. My Minecraft keeps crashing whenever I log in, anyone able to help me out? Here's the error message:



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    2. Xarkly


      I don't have any mods installed :(

    3. Xerihsob


      Disable soundpacks; if you don't have any of those the best solution is to simply re-install.

    4. Xarkly


      I didn't have any soundpacks and I had already re-installed. For whatever reason, though, it's working now again after switching to default textures, so thanks for the tips fellas

  14. Where am I meant to get my daily salt now

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