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  1. Accepted. Please add me on discord: arockstar28#1266 If you already have me added, send me a message.
  2. Accepted. Please add me on discord: arockstar28#1266 If you already have me added, send me a message.
  3. Pending, since there are rumors that these are not your builds. We will be contacting you for a build-test in a day or two. Please add me on discord: arockstar28#1266 If you already have me added, send me a message.
  4. Accepted. Please add me on discord: arockstar28#1266 If you already have me added, send me a message.
  5. All the pictures are broken.
  6. Thanks pal. Honestly, Sid was one of the best GMs I've seen on the server. Definitely deserves another chance.
  7. Wolfkite has proved to me many times before, even after receiving a second chance, that he is unfit for any staff position on LotC. Wolfkite's mouth will run rampant if he is notified of anything confidential. I've witnessed him attempting to abuse glitches on both minecraft & LotC. -1.
  8. I very rarely trust somebody to be able to do the right thing, but it can't hurt to give aerial a chance at this point. On a serious note, Aerial is probably my best manager when it comes to working with the ET & enforcing the rules we've set forth. It would be sad to see him focus on something else other than a management position, but I know he'd be able to handle it. +1
  9. All jokes aside, Ryno is one of the most diligent individuals that has ever played on this server. While he does insult me, it's on a friendly level. If we're looking for a GM that is knowledgable in terms of PvP, he is definitely the right choice. I will support him over any of the candidates at the moment, as I would really like to work with him. Officer Grudgebeard's got a good bowlin' ball on his shoulders. +1
  10. https://www.mediafire.com/?j2c9ty6hustki2g Decided to shut it down. Pull anything you want from here. It's all the worlds, so.. sorry.. It's 2.8 gb or smth
  11. Add me on discord, then we can talk more about it. arockstar28#1266
  12. Well, the ET did move to discord, so perhaps that was a factor in your attempt to find people to help you. As a lead, I could've been about to force them to help you - but you never really came to me about it. You asked for LC for your project, and that was it. LT projects are very important in my opinion, as their events mostly consist of story-driven aspects & implementing new lore pieces. Any other sort of eventline should've really gone through me or my management before it was rolled out.
  13. Well, you really could've come to me if you had any issues instead of posting on this thread. Not once have you messaged me regarding lack of enthusiasm that some members on my team possibly possess. I don't necessarily think that's true. There are plenty of eventlines being driven with lore. We've been given the material, and we're using it. The ET will never satisfy the entire player base - and that's an issue I've come face to face with. We can try to satisfy as many people, however. I do greatly appreciate your feedback & it will be thoroughly read at our next manager meeting.
  14. >Denies my ET apps >-1's my GM apps >absolutely not, do not make him a GM. @Aerial "The Wroth" Kebabu
  15. you know what they say..10th time's a charm.. On a serious note, Hiebe is one of the most dedicated people I've seen in a while. When he says that he's going to finish something, you can bet he'll do it in half the time you ask. It would be a mistake not to take him up as a valid candidate. -100 for trump supporter +200 for good values overall vassal opinion: +100