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  1. hey? what’s your problem dude why would  you post that on budder’s profile. i aint afiiliated with you ****** xD

  2. arockstar28

    sneakybandit's Event Team Builder Application

    Lol this is funny
  3. arockstar28

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    I don't know.
  4. arockstar28

    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    I never said you weren't a good ET. I'm saying that you won't be a good LT. I don't know where these false accusations are coming from - but I'll break it down for you. 1. Concerns about "bias" were dealt with by my superiors. I was defended faithfully, as I truthfully did nothing wrong. I did events for all players, and my runic behemoth eventline actually originally started in the Elves. I was never compelled to write lore for the runic behemoth, but I thought it may as well be fun! I was permitted to play it by Loremasters, and my own ET Lead at the time - Freema (I believe). It was never shut down by the lore team, and I don't know where that lie comes from. 2. I played a Brathmordakin with an admin's approval, through the loophole that the ET Daemon/Aengul, Tael, summoned Brathmordakin avatars and spoke to revive the faith in the Dwarven religion. My joining of the Irongrinders was justified in my opinion. I wanted to be in a clan with friends, and not with people who weren't able to hold the position as Clan Father. Many people abandoned the Starbreakers due to IRL things and just generally be in disinterested in dwarven culture. In fact, I did help the new Starbreakers - but due to business during my junior year (most important yr in highschool) I was not able to actively help them. If you would like, I can provide you with proof to such a claim. The Hammer of Gotrek was lost. I burnt it in Athera by accident, and never got around to remaking it as I simply no longer saw a point. My inactivity on the server does not mean I don't keep up to date on its wellbeing, in fact - check out my forum page! 🙂 Okay! I'll answer them, bud. 1. I'm not inactive on the forums. 2. I wanted to help out the new Starbreakers and possibly return when it was revived - but I was busy at the time (finals, SAT, exams) 3. I've seen you around, and I've followed your posts on the forums. 4. I'm pretty sure you guys are the ones that hated the majority of dwarves. This all still stands. You've proved it with your response to it. And as in your own words.
  5. arockstar28

    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    I'm pulling out all the cards today because I've been there. As a previous ET-Director, ET-Manager, GM, ET, and FM, I must put my input on this application. Inability to come to a middle-ground with staff members he may not like shows just how incompetent he is. Fit for Lore Team is not a way I would describe him. Medvekoma, while somewhat of a good character, has impure intentions at heart. To pout after being rejected and unsupported with runesmithing is just plain immature, and not the way to go about resolving and calming the storm. If I had to say, you'd probably be worse than them. You're a horrible human being as is, and you are in no way able to actually manage lore without being unbiased and fair. I'm gonna have to post a -1 on this application. Take down this fruitless application, thank you.
  6. idk bullies me in discord but im sure he couldn't ruin the team more than it already is. Jokes aside, I've known Burnsy for quite some time now. I can tell you straightup that Burnsy will get the work done, and will go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied with it. He's quite the character, if I do say so myself. His sense of humor is unique - this man is capable of lightening pretty much any mood. He can both take and make jokes, which is a rarity in this forsaken community. I believe this would be an excellent choice for him to start with as a person with a staff position. He's more than qualified to join the Forum Moderation team, and this is coming from an Ex-Director, Ex-GM AND Ex-FM. From experience, the decisions he's made have been both firm and concrete. They've held reasoning, and I see no reason why he wouldn't be a great fit to the tyrannical FM team. Love the guy. +1
  7. how's your life going, ragingraomir? :ɔ




  8. whats your problem

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      Rockstar is the glue of the Mexican people 

    4. ryno2


      my sweet little rocky is the great bowling ball who deftly knocks over the pins of tyranny


  9. idk who u are but i love you

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      arock i was on the gm team the same time u were... . . .. .

      its _hexe_

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      when u were et director too

  10. Lol. Failed your trial! Sad!

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      Aren't you Mexican? Why are you acting like Trump

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      I really ******* hate Scene21 he bought his way into GM. I remember when he threw a tantrum and threatened to staff report because he couldn't handle a neutralized decision.  

    4. Kaldwin


      just because you hate someone doesnt mean you've gotta be vocal about it and be a general *****

  11. arockstar28

    [Denied][W] dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    We've butt heads a few times, but I'll be honest: when he says he wants to get something done, he'll do it. Put him on the team. +1 full support
  12. hey!! congrat ET!

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      Papa Liam

      I'm pleasantly surprised that you were accepted, good work chief

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      111!!!!! @arockstar28

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  13. Adding this person to your team will only result in problems. I can forward you any and all information I have on this person, trust me he is not worth the while. Huge -1 from me. There aren't many people I wouldn't give a chance, but he's one of them.