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  1. I'm better than you at least.
  2. I've known Epic for about two years now, and even though i'm his friend - I won't be supporting this application. To put it bluntly, I haven't seen you do anything for the server / other people at all, no attempt to contribute to the server's well-being. All you really do is hang out up in Arcadia. So to me, it seems like you're not doing this for the community, but rather just to get the pex itself. And while your friends may support your application, I won't. However, I can give you the suggestion to join another staff team before taking up a job with the ability to ban people. So, -1 until you prove me otherwise.
  3. I definitely think Z3mos should be given a chance to show what he has to offer. He's motivated, and all you really have to do is watch out for him and show him around the house. Dont expect any problems from him after that. I find him to be very intelligent and understanding of situations. Plus juan
  4. I don't think you could contribute to the server, you've proven in the past to abuse glitches and get around rules using loopholes. -1.
  5. I never +1 or -1 GM apps in public, so feel special. Jokes aside, I think Xarkly is more than capable of handling the position. I actually read through his whole app, and it coincides with what he put on his ET app - therefore being rather honest. I think he'd make a great member of the GM team, and this is coming from the director of a team he is on. I'm only concerned with the fact that he may leave my team to focus on GM. pls stay with me :) +1 P.S. Thomas can you stop stealing my ET?
  6. Sorry I PK'd
  7. Keaton.. the unbeaten? I'm not sure what this meme is. 

    1. Vege


      his name is Keaton 

      he is unbeaten 

  8. hey now, you're arockstar, get the show on, get paid

    1. z3m0s


      All that glitters is gold, only bad events end in sorrow

  9. Absolutely.
  10. Kennedy is a PILF

  11. Community Meeting April 1st at 4 EST on the LotC Teamspeak Hello! We'll be having our second community meeting of the year. The point of the meeting is to address the concerns of the players, and clear some issues up with other teams. Ask questions in the comments, and we'll answer them at the meeting! These questions give us a general idea of what we need to talk about at the meeting, and gives us material to prepare with. I'll be accepting questions until the 31st. We’ll be allowing any impromptu questions at the end if there is enough time. Meeting will be recorded, and notes will be taken - so don’t worry if you can not participate. Teamspeak: Ts.lotc.co
  12. To join the team you are expected to be an active member of the community, be able to work in a team as well as on your own, an honest person and most importantly, someone who can be trusted to have in-game pex. If you believe yourself to meet the above qualities then feel free to read the information below and create an application. The management does not believe in putting a quota system in place, however it is expected that you are actively working on events and/or event-lines, as well as working with your fellow members on their projects. Previously we have had ‘combined’ applications, which are now removed, though despite such if you get accepted as an actor and wish to assist in building, simply contact a manager or the lead, same applies to builders who would like to act. Applications that have the following may result in immediate denial; Not having ‘Actor’ or ‘Builder’ in the title, Plagiarised scenarios or builds, Locked applications, Hidden applications (Feel free to remove what’s in the parenthesis) Actor Format Builder Format If your application is denied, feel free to PM Heathenry (aerial kebab) or arockstar28 for information regarding it. Remember, a denial does not mean you can't reapply!
  13. Denied.
  14. Denied.
  15. Denied.