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  1. @Llir im tired of looking at this64ba63504653695e9b958cc8b5aaf5bc.png

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    2. Dreek


      A reminder of your crimes is always needed,


      embrace your shame

    3. _Hexe_


      1 hour ago, TheAlphaMoist said:

      you might be able to hide it yourself


      unfortunately nah

    4. TheAlphaMoist
  2. this is hilarious.. what’s your take @Harold
  3. I’m in discords that are nation-based and always cycling through new people. The case you’re trying to make for this swear filter is invalid, because you still didn’t gauge any sort of community opinion on it (and seemingly taking no feedback on it). I don’t need to be lectured on what I’m “seeing” or “not seeing” because you’re not listening to anyone that actually plays on the server. If the “assessment is unclear,” then refer back to my earlier advice – get some feedback on it. Are you speaking for the 13 year olds or are you listening to what they have to say on the matter?
  4. I don’t need to physically log on to know what’s going on in this community. I still talk to a good chunk of the playerbase and check the forums to stay up to date with ongoing changes. I am making the case for what people talk to me about, in hopes to get to you and alter your vision for the server (since it’s still pretty much under your direction). However, I do think that the “if you’ve logged on in the last few months at all you wouldn’t be parroting the ol’ ‘community’ line” is a pretty unfair assertion to make considering you’re only active during school breaks. Maybe if you were on during the periods in between things would be different.
  5. Telanir why are you implementing a swear filter? I don’t know why you keep making these overbearing decisions when you barely know the community. While your heart is in the right place, you need to start taking some real feedback before you implement these things.
  6. bruh.. minecraft was not made for 30 players.. you know this..
  7. @Telanir @Llir Not sure if you’re gonna read this. I know the custom jar you guys use, and you guys could probably optimize it even more. Make a “LotC” custom jar that is flexible with the plugins you guys use and such. Might be of help. Server zoning is DEF the best strategy tho.
  8. Why do you guys keep making mistakes? Now, some of you may not acknowledge my input and some of you might. This server is in a bad place right now. I stalk LotC from time to time and see what’s going on – and you guys haven’t evolved with Minecraft at all. There are so many factors as to why LotC isn’t growing and hasn’t been. You guys are like Apple. You release the same **** every year with promises of your new map being “better than ever” and “great” for events. Make something for the players to enjoy and last on. Sexual misconduct cases aren’t taken seriously whatsoever. Within a few minutes of talking in discord with people, I’ve heard sexual misconduct stories about current Administrators. You treat this server like a business. It’s not. You’re not Hypixel. Maybe if you put more effort into marketing the server you’d be a step closer, but you haven’t and you won’t. That’s why LotC has no growth. Make the staff team a community. Stop changing the roles and the authority each team has. Here was the perfect staff team ever, and it wasn’t made by any of the current administrators. Admins Global Moderators ETs LTs MTs ATs FTs You had a respectable server back in the day (and I don’t mean to sound nostalgic but it is true). Adapt and move on.
  9. None of this should have happened in the first place.
  10. imagine having a dysfunctional admin team! 

    1. M_I_A


      >flashback to Tales of Alera.



    2. Heero
    3. arockstar28


      wow skylez! didn’t see that one coming!

  11. how does everyone complain about a plugin redo that’s been long overdue?

  12. Lol Ive Anonymously Staff Reported You See You In Hell!

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