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  1. Even though Harold and I have our differences, and while I do continue to think the guy hates me - I really think he would do well as a GM again. Harold did a more than satisfying job when he joined the team originally. He's one of the few GMs that has genuinely trusted me. I may have said some things to him that I now regret, and hopefully he may look past that. I definitely want him to be one of the GMs I work closely with. YUUUUGE +1 from me.
  2. ???

    Dagor signs.
  3. Dagor slaps his belly at Zahrer's ranking.
  4. I'm not on the staff you can look to for guidance list so er... -1
  5. Dagor signs
  6. good stuff
  7. Dagor cheers!
  8. Community Meeting January 22nd at 3 EST on the LotC Teamspeak Hello! We’ll be having our first community meeting of the year! For those who are new and have not participated in one yet: we basically bring everyone onto our teamspeak and answer any questions/concerns posted on this thread. The staff will answer said questions or concerns directly, and allow some small discussions to take place. We’ll be allowing any impromptu questions at the end if there is enough time. Meeting will be recorded, and notes will be taken - so don’t worry if you can not participate. Teamspeak: Ts.lotc.co
  9. savage
  10. 80/100
  11. Denied.
  12. Denied per request of the OP
  13. +1 please don't burn out thanks
  14. -1 for the old memes of me in his signature and using me as a joke ... I've known kipples for around three years now. Kipples is a very intelligent and creative lad. He's helped me multiple times with coming up with ideas and proofreading posts that I made. While that may seem sad, it is the truth - he's just a rather helpful person in general. At times, he can be a bit brash - but with some practice interacting with players outside of his play area, he will greatly improve. Kipples is very organized, and plans his events weeks/months before they are submitted. They are not just done overnight. Another guy to do some events for outside groups like the dwarves should definitely be considered. Overall, I support this application. +1 for good events +1 for good values
  15. -1 you suck Haha, jokes aside - I love the guy and he would do great as a GM-FM.