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  1. [Denied]Garronds Second GM Trial Application

    Lied about his age. Can prove it to the GM lead if need be.
  2. Admin Monthly Update

    So, to get this straight, Harold is the only admin doing important things.. again.. What a surprise.
  3. [Denied] Chorale_'s FM Application 3.0

    lol this is a joke
  4. [Denied] iMattyz FM App

    I want big pvp.
  5. dont look at my profile

    1. arockstar28


      shut up moron


    2. The North

      The North

      dont talk to me

  6. [✔]club appl

    Name of the club: National Socialist Worker's Party of Urguan What type of club is it? (Public, Private): private What is the theme of this club? (Politics, group, etc.): anti-frostbeard and dwarven fascism Why should this club be created? What is the purpose of this club? Does it add something not already fulfilled by an existing club?: We must discuss the Frostbeards in secret. We're the cool club. My accurate post about the frost beards was taken down and I am pissed off. So I'm making a club that opposes them. It's for my dwarven friends and myself. It does add something not already fulfilled by an existing club. Who will moderate this club?: me, gandalf Do you understand that failure to moderate your own club to their respective rules can result in FM interventions?: yea Are there any exemptions to the rules that you would like, if so why? (N/A if open club or none needed.): ?? no lol
  7. Hostage has been rescued. Counter-terrorists win.

  8. [Accepted] Pink Looks Good On This Australian Bloke

    then maybe he shouldn't actually try for this
  9. The Legendary Kingsguard of Urguan

    "these dwiggaz be smokin too much ****" - says fimlune irongrinder
  10. Grim's LT Application

    literally hate this n*gga yo but seriously aside from SLIGHTLY LEAKING SOMETHING he'd do a fine job. he just needs to point out PROBLEMS instead of LEAVING in DISAGREEMENT
  11. [Denied] [AT]The honest app

    If you actually accept this moron, this team will go to ****. He has no sense of how the server works, and refuses to cooperate and resolve issues when they're presented. Worst pick at the moment.
  12. [Accepted] Pink Looks Good On This Australian Bloke

    -1 literally a manchild and complains about everything. should never be trusted with a position again. how does a person fail their GM trial twice and get removed from ET director
  13. [Accepted] Farryn's AT Application

    A B S O L U T E L Y one of the best people i've rp'd with very helpful when it comes to handling players has motivation uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stays calm in heated situations looks at **** from both sides think she could be a GM but i guess AT will do
  14. Dev team] [Grapple hooks]

    "they'll destroy my RP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  15. Glowing 1000 Degree Knife Versus Craft Timers

    "wah wah i know what's best for the server and u guys need to leave!!!!!"