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  1. arockstar28

    [Pending] McBurnsy's Forum Moderator Application

    idk bullies me in discord but im sure he couldn't ruin the team more than it already is. Jokes aside, I've known Burnsy for quite some time now. I can tell you straightup that Burnsy will get the work done, and will go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied with it. He's quite the character, if I do say so myself. His sense of humor is unique - this man is capable of lightening pretty much any mood. He can both take and make jokes, which is a rarity in this forsaken community. I believe this would be an excellent choice for him to start with as a person with a staff position. He's more than qualified to join the Forum Moderation team, and this is coming from an Ex-Director, Ex-GM AND Ex-FM. From experience, the decisions he's made have been both firm and concrete. They've held reasoning, and I see no reason why he wouldn't be a great fit to the tyrannical FM team. Love the guy. +1
  2. how's your life going, ragingraomir? :ɔ




  3. whats your problem

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    2. McBurnsy



    3. Beamon4


      Rockstar is the glue of the Mexican people 

    4. ryno2


      my sweet little rocky is the great bowling ball who deftly knocks over the pins of tyranny


  4. idk who u are but i love you

    1. tenredux


      arock i was on the gm team the same time u were... . . .. .

      its _hexe_

    2. arockstar28


      *** ga what?

    3. tenredux



      when u were et director too

  5. e17677b08181c3136d5e41481eaba491.png

    1. Ang


      who awoke you from the grave

  6. arockstar28

    Goodbye, for now.

    Thanks for hiding my post. I'll give a watered down version for you 😉 You almost staff reported me on my first day as GM, but I'll let that slide 😛 Here's some things you can take advice from! 😀 Your attitude is an area you need to focus on. 😞 There are some people I know who didn't like your reign 😢 You need to work on your attitude mate, I am sensing some compulsive lies coming from your posts 😯 See ya, old pal!! 😓
  7. arockstar28

    Poor Leadership

  8. Lol. Failed your trial! Sad!

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    2. Heero


      Aren't you Mexican? Why are you acting like Trump

    3. arockstar28


      I really ******* hate Scene21 he bought his way into GM. I remember when he threw a tantrum and threatened to staff report because he couldn't handle a neutralized decision.  

    4. Kaldwin


      just because you hate someone doesnt mean you've gotta be vocal about it and be a general *****

  9. arockstar28

    [Admin] Dtrik Ban Appeal

    I feel like Dtrik has learned his lesson. Bring him back but blacklist him.
  10. arockstar28

    [Denied][W] dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    We've butt heads a few times, but I'll be honest: when he says he wants to get something done, he'll do it. Put him on the team. +1 full support
  11. hey!! congrat ET!

    1. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      I'm pleasantly surprised that you were accepted, good work chief

    2. GrimReaper98





      111!!!!! @arockstar28

    3. Skylez1
  12. Adding this person to your team will only result in problems. I can forward you any and all information I have on this person, trust me he is not worth the while. Huge -1 from me. There aren't many people I wouldn't give a chance, but he's one of them.
  13. good luck my n1gg@!