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  1. +1 made me good skins
  2. please don't leave
  3. In the alleys and taverns of every major city in Axios, a rumor spreads: An ancient city has been found. An aengul’s fragment, wrapped in amber robes, has been spreading stories. Sometimes it preaches hope, and sometimes it is a doomsayer like no other. Now it speaks of a city, but warns of the expedition it would take to arrive there. The fragment cautions the descendants, asserting: “The ancient city is protected by the sea. Towering waves prevent any from sailing there.” However, the fragment mentions several rifts located in odd places. “The rifts are barred by riddles and puzzles.” The robed fragment continues on, “It is not meant to be accessible by mortals.” “Within the city lies new profound knowledge, telling of ancient tales that fill the gaps in history.” The aengulic fragment left in a hurry, as if it had something to do - or somewhere to go. It would be up to the descendants whether or not to further explore, in an attempt to find the locations to these portals.
  4. Of course everyone would be allowed on (price flash and Charles the Bald will be banned)
  5. yo Thinking of putting my build server back up. Should I???
  6. Moved to Denied Events.
  7. Absolutely. 100% support on this. He should be the top priority for the next LT batch. +1
  8. Luv's been on my team a few times. I can safely say that while she did make some mistakes, the amount of work (when she has time) Luv puts into something is astonishing. She's got a good head on her shoulders. I'll support this. Good luck! +1
  9. I can completely get behind that, perhaps at times (with you) I have been in a rather "joking" mood because it is called the MEMEspeak(tm). However, do know this wolfkite; I do (believe it or not) take some of your feedback and use it to improve the team. Also, I'd like to have strictly ET builders helping actors. PM me sometime so we can talk about issues you see on the team, and perhaps how I can improve - for the benefit of both my team and the server.
  10. Merely stating that I should be fired is not really feedback. I admit, I like to banter and play around at times - however I am very serious when it comes to work that needs to be done. Thank you for your feedback.
  11. Save the worst for last.. Wait I mean BEST for last. Hey all, it’s me again. I’m starting to get back into the monthly posts, which is great because I have the time. I’ve got things to discuss, I’m very happy with the amount of work that I’ve gotten done this month. I’ve got even more to do, but needlessly to say I’m proud of not only myself - but this team. When you're finished the post, please check out this link: I'd like to get some feedback on the Event Team! Now that the introduction is squared away with, here’s our latest ET picks! BathRugMan Elrith_ Yopplwasupxxx Dragonslayerelf Paleo Jaeden Squirtgun I’m quite happy with this round of ET, I’m looking forward to the result of their work in the next month or two! We unfortunately had to say goodbye to: Finalhazard (as a manager, however he is welcome to return to the management at any point. Final is on hiatus for now) TehLulu (staff conduct & inactivity) Dtrik (abuse of permissions) Smawton (inactivity) Balthasar (inactivity) Iblees, Storylines, and Lizardmen..oh no! This was mentioned at the community meeting, and my response to most questions are: “Wait until we start making posts and doing more interactions.” Needless to say, if you’ve seen me roleplaying a few characters - perhaps you’ve spotted something of importance! Keep an eye out! New “Quota” Enforced: The ET management and I have imposed a recommended quota on the ET. Really, it’s a quota that ET can reach to be safe of their position (I’m not a dictator I swear). Essentially, I’ve recommended that ET do 3-4 events monthly, and maybe help out with 1-2 extra. It’s just a trial, if it doesn’t work out I’ll revisit the situation. Updated Roster: We currently have 35 people on the team, including myself - which makes us the largest department on LotC. I’m rather happy with that size. Excluding both myself and the management, it makes us 30 (which is my self-imposed team limit).' Lead / Temporary Actor Manager Arockstar28 General Manager Rudi Luka Ebonsquire Build Manager Josh3738 Actors ArcticPenguinZS DivineJustice Dragonslayerelf TheBulter Ebonsquire Finalhazard Aesopian Jaeden Luka Malgonious MisterGoosey Nolan Oncenoeda Paleo Rudi Salier Ski Skylez1 Squirtgun SpiffyTaylor Xarkly Yopplwasupxxx Builders Angmarzku (amazing builder) Bathrugman (amazing builder) Cpt_Noobman (fantasy, largescale) _DropKoala (medieval, fantasy) Elrith_ (fantasy, medieval) Finalhazard (a great man in general) Gobbo (fantasy, medieval) Ioannis (fantasy, largescale builds) SeventhCircle (fantasy, largescale builds) Shambleau (fantasy, dungeons) Zindran (voxel’r & terraformer) Thinking of applying for the ET? Do so! We’re always looking to have more members who look to improve the quality of the server. If you think you can handle the responsibilities, check out this post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158110-information-formats/
  12. Hi! So I'll be using this feedback thread as a way to be more transparent with the community and allow myself to clear up any confusions. I'll be taking feedback here as well on how I can improve the team. PLEASE don't say: "I don't ever see any events!" or "The ET SUCKS!" because plenty of my ET are doing events. Try saying: "I don't see many events in this x location rather often, perhaps you should focus events in this x location." This is much more helpful feedback than just whining, complaining, and throwing w ild accusations without context. Please provide examples, you're not going to get anyone in trouble! I watch all my ET, I know how they run events. I'm not looking at this thread as a way for you to rat out my ET, in fact - I will not even discuss examples brought up with anyone (besides the management so we can improve as a team).
  13. you're a coward who has no life 

    1. Harrison



    2. James


      fuel your anger, let it make you stronger

  14. i really hope you get unbanned, good luck by the way I'm 16 thank you very much
  15. The LT and Administration are, believe it or not, effectively working with my team in order to produce a quality storyline for the server. I'm not being limited, I'm very happy with the amount of improvement we've made. 501 is merely assisting me in producing fun events for the server. He's given me plenty of advice, and hopefully in the next month or so you'll see the changes that have been made! If you could provide an example of where events are being railroaded, please shoot me a message! I'd be happy to sit down and talk with the ET that are being blamed. "Arockstar and co forgetting to collect every chest from Gorums fun." This is simply not true! Cablam was the one who discovered it for me, and took care of the situation. I didn't have access to the logging plugin, so I could not look for it. However, as soon as I learned of Gorum's abuse - he was immediately banned. ETs and LTs (im speaking for flamboyant here sorry babe) are not, and have not, been moderating situations when GMs aren't around. That's not our job.