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  1. Hey there, saw myself getting mentioned. If you would like to know why I've been on and off for the past month and a half, please add me on discord: arockstar28#1266 Perhaps we can discuss some ways on how I can better the team and what it needs from a player standpoint.
  2. I tend to stay away from the GM team, and I usually don't give suggestions but I have to make an exception. I think the GM management should give Dreek a trial because he will do a way better job than any other candidate you are considering. He is rather organized and serious about his work. He doesn't burn out, and is always consistent with producing results that effectively benefit the server. Dreek makes more than fair decisions, and has had the experience before. Him and I worked on eventlines together during the first part of Axios, and the events were nothing but success. I can attribute that to him, because it was usually Dreek that would write up all the documents explaining what we needed to do & what the goal was. +1
  3. Denied.
  4. Accepted.
  5. How do I acquire this new knowledge? what kind of corruption can this be used on???
  6. I genuinely like these builds. Mind contacting me on discord? arockstar28#1266
  7. I genuinely like these builds. Mind contacting me on discord? arockstar28#1266
  8. wow grim's making big boy decisions !
  9. i'm 19 years old
  10. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  11. Denied.
  12. Denied.
  13. Denied.