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  1. HolyTortoise

    GM's verdict contest.

    Well there was this one time when I spotted undead killing a bishop, I run back to Renatus to get help, find them on the road and emote fighting them. They cried and said it was metagaming despite the fact I saw them eat a bishop. Regardless they called a GM who did not allow us to even say our side of it and straight up told us to leave. Us being confused players we asked what we metagamed and for evidence of this but were met with silence. 501 was called over and told us to leave or get banned, since we metagamed we asked why we would get banned. He gave us 10 seconds to leave and in the middle of typing a response to that we were all banned for 'metagaming'. However that was later changed to 'Not listening to staff'. Sadly I have no screenshot but it was very sad!
  2. HolyTortoise

    Regarding the Elevation of Shepherds

    "Deus Vult!" exclaims Walter, sharpening his sword.
  3. HolyTortoise

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Calling staff **** is being really mean? The truth hurts.
  4. HolyTortoise

    Enough is Enough.

    Right I see, should we expect this rules rewrite to take months like the idiotic war rules that could've taken a day?
  5. HolyTortoise

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    What about veists ban that used evidence more than 2 WEEKS old, it states that evidence is not admissable if it is over 2 weeks, why is this different for admins???? They are afterall players just like us are they not?!
  6. HolyTortoise

    Enough is Enough.

    So Veist was banned for something he said three weeks ago? Excuse me but I thought if 'evidence' is withheld for more than two weeks it becomes invalid, when did that change???? @Telanir
  7. HolyTortoise

    The Siege of White Peak

    "Indeed GOD will, however you are not loyal to him. You align yourself with the paganistic reiver bandits who butcher his clergymen, that is not loyalty." states Walter.
  8. HolyTortoise

    The Sacking of Halsworthy

    Walter grumbles having already sacked their city and executed their pagan leaders with old ordermen comrades. "A shame we did not take ownership and now those who support the reiver bandits now own it."
  9. HolyTortoise

    The Conquest of the Southwest

    "The people of Rivia cannot claim to do this on behalf of Canonists when they ally themselves with the courlandic scourge, who supports the clergy-butchering reiver bandits." states Walter.
  10. HolyTortoise

    Order of the Exalted Throne

    A bird returns a letter to each of the applicants. "Report to the Adamantine Cathedral in Renatus-Marna for induction." A bird returns a letter to the applicant. "We do not accept mages into our ranks, denied."
  11. HolyTortoise

    Order of the Exalted Throne

    ORDO CATHEDRA EXALTATA Order of the Exalted Throne Brief History: The Order of the Exalted Throne was formed as a faith militant loyal to the high pontiff, Jude I, after a failed merger with the Knights of St. Everard. Shortly before its creation, a crusade was called upon Haense and Norland for various crimes against the faithful. Both the Order of St. Lucien and Knights of St. Everard attended many skirmishes and sieges to quash the heretics who had butchered clergymen. However after Norland had been defeated and their capital taken both orders became defunct as there was no longer a threat powerful enough to endanger the faithful, and so they began to lose purpose and fall into inactivity. After some time the Grandmaster of the Order St. Lucien had returned from his pilgrimage at Aeldin to discuss his findings there with the Renatian King. After many meetings between the clergy, Jude and the grandmaster it was decided that Rakim would lead what was left of the Order St. Lucien back to their headquarters in Aeldin where they were much more needed. Plans had been made to ship the ordermen back to Aeldin whilst keeping a small contingent remaining upon Atlas to protect the church and the faithful from harm. Sadly on a fateful day the elderly grandmaster of the order took an arrow in the gut, an injury he would not survive, dying in the line of duty. Some time after Rakims death, a proclamation reached Judeburg, by Grand Commander Cassio of Tyr from the Temple of Ard Kharyll, stating that the Atlasian Chapter was disbanded effective immediately and all ordermen were to be recalled and transported back to Ard Kharyll. However ordermen who wished to stay on Atlas were released of their vows and encouraged to meet with the High Pontiff. Now with the Knights of St. Everard fallen into a state of inactivity and no active faith militant to protect the faithful and church, the Order of the Exalted Throne was created in order to fill that gap until such a time that a great threat would arise and the Order St. Lucien would return to Atlas in force. Purpose: The purpose of the Order of the Exalted Throne is to protect the High Pontiff from any harm from the likes of heretics, assassins and plotters. Brothers in the order will also be educated in the way of the Canon in order to spread GOD’s grace and word. It is also the role of a brother to actively seek out threats to the canonist realm and end it with haste, examples of this would be necromancers and other entities alike. Brothers of the order was expected to be charitable and travel around the realm distributing alms and mina to the poor and misfortunate. Ranks: Grandmaster: The Grandmaster is the leader of the order whom holds absolute authority over its operations and men, only below the High Pontiff himself. The Grandmaster is expected to keep track of all documents and lead the order on behalf of the High Pontiff, Jude I. Knight-Sergeant: The Knight-Sergeants are below the Grandmaster and commanders of the order, they are expected to lead the men, ensure they are trained and and well equipped for every eventuality. Knight-Brother: The Knight-Brothers are men who have been anointed by the High Pontiff for loyalty to the church and courage. They are well versed in the Canon and a good leader of men, these men are expected to have a swift swinging arm. These men are required to take the oath of knighthood. Corporal: The Corporals are soldiers who have proved themselves worthy and loyal to the order and the church, these men are to lead various recruitment parties, hunting trips and the like. Brother: The Brothers are the backbone of the order, they consist of able-bodied men who are experienced in the art of combat and knowledgeable in the Canon. They are responsible for the safety of the the clergy and the destruction of unnatural creatures that threaten the Canonist realm. These men must take an oath when progressing into this rank. Initiate: The Initiates are fresh blood to the order, they are newly inducted into the order and have yet to prove themselves. They must serve for at least two saints weeks and in that time they are to be educated in the Canon and trained vehemently. They take no oath when they join into this position. Tenants: To fear the Creator and maintain his church To keep faith To spread the word of GOD to the faithful To be merciful To be sincere and pure of heart To love justice To weep over thy sins Vertues: Poverty Obedience Chastity Charity Temperance Application: Name: Age: Race: Gender: Nation of origin: Combat Experience (N/A, Semi, Fluent): Canonist Knowledge (N/A, Semi, Fluent): Why are you interested in joining (Can be brief): Minecraft Name: Timezone: How active will you be: Discord Username (Include numbers):