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  1. “Aye, d’ere at it again, t’eh sorreh bastards.” The old Irongut would rub her brow, pinching the bridge of her nose and follow it’s creasing down her face. “‘Ave seen some o’ teh most backwards speinless cowards in t’at bleedin’ Clan. Nuu they prove et again bah blamin’ teh kingdom ‘fer no’ draggen’ em’ outta t’ere own mess! Keep yer Clan business as CLAN BUSINESS yeh sods ah mountain goats— ah likeleh brought teh most of em’ in ‘dis worl’ ahn ahm nu’fraid teh ‘nact me own part ah sum’ discipline!” The mother of many brandished her wooden spoon, the residual echo of a snapped belt resounding throughout the halls of Urguan.
  2. “Bosh, Air’s no longer? ‘ow am I s’possed t’ breathe now?” The elf frowned
  3. "I JUST want to invite my NEPHEW TO A GODDAMN BARBECUE-" Wailed the elf, who unfortunately witnessed the scene.
  4. "Hilarious. Wish I could read." The round Elf chortled.
  5. Rat Hat

    On Safety

    Unfortunately KP isn’t the only one and this isn’t the first time this exact situation has happened. The publicity of this situation should hopefully remind staff of just how serious an issue this is and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. We as a community care, we as a community have ALWAYS cared. Going foreword i hope that the people of staff realize the gravity of not only their actions but their inactions. This will take a lot of self reflection, pride-swallowing, empathy, personal judgement, and a looooooot of therapy, but to keep a community up running and safe is hard work- even if you don’t get paid for it, you have to be able to make the distance if you do it.
  6. The wide elf frowned, The Harbinger fidgeting with the bloodied locket that dangled over the missive as he scanned it over with squinted eyes that flared an unnaturally red hue. "Kjell Ireheart." He mumbled. "That's a name I don't like t' hear." He paused a bit. "Unless Kjell n' Kjellos 'r two different guys- I'unno. Point stands." He grunted, pushing himself out of his seat. "Ah well, th' blood of Orenians'll be spillt once more. Narvak oz Urguan. Death and Glory."
  7. skin: cultural appropriation bid: 215 mina + handcrafted meme discord: Yens#9638
  8. The lone groundskeeper watched, a shadow in the distant lone tree. he stabbed his shovel in the ground, turning his gaze to a few mysterious patches of dirt, undisturbed for some time but yet to be fully covered by grass, walking away as his home was rustled through without his permission.
  9. Username: rathat The Jar you want: jam! Character's Name: Birch Char's Race: Wood Elf Front & Back images of the skin: , art link may prove useful too
  10. “Ten out of ten, would flay her alive and watch my brother eat her skin again.”
  11. Loud cheering could be heard from within the fields of Dunheim. Within a rocking chair, an elderly Dwarven woman shed a singular tear, a smile forming on her grey face. “ets nay always ‘bout teh mina, Helio…” she spoke, turning to an old Frostbeard. “ets abou’ TEH MINERS, BABY, LOVE TEH MINERS- ALREIGHT BABY LETS GO GET AH SLAM DÜNK BABY LOVE TEH MINERS-“
  12. IGN: Rathat RP NAME: Ameg Irongut AGE: Some absurd number ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Irongut CANDIDATE: Ulfric Stormcloak Frostbeard
  13. Hypothetically would ketoacidosis send you to the monks asking for a friend 😳

  14. The Edict elf happily squinted over the missive next to his personal collection of slaver skulls displayed proudly against the old grudge tree, excitedly turning to an older woman. "Sahar, please tell me I can eat normal again by then- I've missed steamed-buns..."
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