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  1. there goes my 80 minute combat monologues
  2. "Based" Echoed Ameg. "Based" Echoed Birch, and the entirety of The Edict. "Based" Echoed I.
  3. Birch punches more drywall in response as the solemn silence of the Eternal Forest rang again.
  4. He had witnessed it, her attunement. He'd witnessed several other moments of the seedling Hyssop as well, albeit typically in passing or in moments of life or death. It was strange. He never thought he'd see the day where the Drui would actually take his advice, the advice of attuning those with a Deathwish to use their imminent sacrifice to restore the balance of the world. And yet here it happened, with someone so close. At least their soul law with the aspects, and their sacrifice unforgotten. A worthwhile death, and to the opinion of he who lives in it, one well earned.
  5. Gonna be real, my reason for afking 90% of the time is I underestimate how long I’ll be in the bathroom tbh
  6. skin: turquoise and rouge bid: 150 discord: Yens#9638
  7. “Aye, d’ere at it again, t’eh sorreh bastards.” The old Irongut would rub her brow, pinching the bridge of her nose and follow it’s creasing down her face. “‘Ave seen some o’ teh most backwards speinless cowards in t’at bleedin’ Clan. Nuu they prove et again bah blamin’ teh kingdom ‘fer no’ draggen’ em’ outta t’ere own mess! Keep yer Clan business as CLAN BUSINESS yeh sods ah mountain goats— ah likeleh brought teh most of em’ in ‘dis worl’ ahn ahm nu’fraid teh ‘nact me own part ah sum’ discipline!” The mother of many brandished her wooden spoon, the residual echo of a snapped belt resounding throughout the halls of Urguan.
  8. “Bosh, Air’s no longer? ‘ow am I s’possed t’ breathe now?” The elf frowned
  9. "I JUST want to invite my NEPHEW TO A GODDAMN BARBECUE-" Wailed the elf, who unfortunately witnessed the scene.
  10. "Hilarious. Wish I could read." The round Elf chortled.
  11. Rat Hat

    On Safety

    Unfortunately KP isn’t the only one and this isn’t the first time this exact situation has happened. The publicity of this situation should hopefully remind staff of just how serious an issue this is and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. We as a community care, we as a community have ALWAYS cared. Going foreword i hope that the people of staff realize the gravity of not only their actions but their inactions. This will take a lot of self reflection, pride-swallowing, empathy, personal judgement, and a looooooot of therapy, but to keep a community up running and safe is hard work- even if you don’t get paid for it, you have to be able to make the distance if you do it.
  12. The wide elf frowned, The Harbinger fidgeting with the bloodied locket that dangled over the missive as he scanned it over with squinted eyes that flared an unnaturally red hue. "Kjell Ireheart." He mumbled. "That's a name I don't like t' hear." He paused a bit. "Unless Kjell n' Kjellos 'r two different guys- I'unno. Point stands." He grunted, pushing himself out of his seat. "Ah well, th' blood of Orenians'll be spillt once more. Narvak oz Urguan. Death and Glory."
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