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  1. IGN: Rathat RP NAME: Ameg Irongut AGE: Some absurd number ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Irongut CANDIDATE: Ulfric Stormcloak Frostbeard
  2. Hypothetically would ketoacidosis send you to the monks asking for a friend 😳

  3. The Edict elf happily squinted over the missive next to his personal collection of slaver skulls displayed proudly against the old grudge tree, excitedly turning to an older woman. "Sahar, please tell me I can eat normal again by then- I've missed steamed-buns..."
  4. Based and guildwars pilled
  5. “Oooh… they’re an actual boutique. Hrm.” The round elf grunted, munching on some cookies that had the name of the boutique signed in the boxes. “These fancy pastries are good though.”
  6. "THAT'S MY DAD!" Cheered the elf upon hearing the name of the Orc Naffog.
  7. The young groundkeeper toyed with the wrapping on the handle of his spade, looking longingly at the still virgin soil behind the abbey wondering when he'd be able to use his expertise. Alas, noble folk love the politics of family, and he jabbed the favored tool into the ground. "May GOD be her judge." he muttered, pivoting before walking off, knowing fully well he could have prevented her outcome.
  8. My forum title was all that remained of my dead husband @mitto and they got rid of it. Society.

  9. And thus promptly, Danilo Sudine Silently cheered internally for his Girlbosses at Saint Catherine.
  10. The Elf's lips curled into a smile amidst a pair of two rosy round cheeks. "Death and Glory."
  11. Remember folks that your time and art is valuable, and so is your labor. Proceed at your own understanding!
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