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  1. Appended to the appendix and left in the inn are the former Maheral, Ikur Sullas's, few comments. "Vacation. Not flight. I live on the beach in a tent, because my home has been (understandably, as I have not paid taxes) repossessed. This is fine. Leadership took much out of me." Much love, The Second Malaurir Sullas
  2. Ikur Sullas, former Maheral -- now mimosa aficionado -- lowers his sunglasses to read the missive. He unreads the missive and realigns his shades. He resumes vacationing.
  3. THE BALLOT ((MC name: )) Name: Vote for Sohaer: (xx ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  4. TO SUMMON THE MALAURIRAN NOTE: THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE, DO NOT BE ALARMED Lovely citizens of Haelun’or, These past few Elven days have been a bit hectic, and Galanthil Elibar'acal or Maehr'indor and I have been thoroughly unable to relax with our supply of mint tea and biscuits. It is truly unfortunate. Mr. Maehr'indor is quite old, and unsuited to this sort of very spirited back-and-forth. I am, of course, not old -- more middle aged -- and markedly more suited to these situations. As is our ancient custom, when things get particularly confusing we must
  5. The outgoing Maheral takes this notice down as he departs.
  6. (( energy)) PROGRESS IS THE REPUBLIC IX: MAHERAL Lovely citizens of Haelun’or, as well as anyone else who is particularly invested in our leadership or my personal hijinks, It is the tradition of the Maheral of Haelun’or since time immemorial to appoint their own successor. Unfortunately, instead of disappearing into the aether and leaving you all guessing as to my whereabouts (as I would very much like to do), I actually have to give my two-weeks’ notice. Nothing particularly upsetting has happened recently to cause me to quit, oth
  7. Ikur, who would be standing conveniently next to Maenor, shoots off an affected sigh. "If you are going to take such issue with my methods, just challenge me instead of spewing this passive-aggressive nonsense. It is unproductive and churlish."
  8. Ikur Sullas, Maheral and second on the Ascended's "Do Not Bird" list, receives word of the Empress's death. He sighs a wistful, mourning sigh and laments alongside his wife, the Laurir Aiera Sullas. The two drink grieving tea. It is mint. It is not different from normal tea, only that context makes it grieving tea. A few hours later, the "Fun Times with the Empress" scrapbook is complete, filled with transfigured images of the Imperial Princess -- and later Empress -- purchasing a stuffed Celiasil doll, losing in honorable Snail Racing, drooling in the library and laughing about a
  9. Ikur Sullas, Maheral and First Comedian of Haelun'or, squints at the missive. He nods, following the logic and appreciating the earnestness. "No mention of my pranks! Disappointing!" he ultimately concludes. To the drawing-board he returns.
  10. Progress is the Republic VII: Okarir’hiylun Following the conclusion of the sixth (probably?) democratic election of the Heial’thilln, we as Mali’thill have chosen our newest Okarir. OKARIR’HIYLUN: MAEVE ELIBAR'ACAL Laurir Elibar'acal, like all officials of Haelun’or, must take his oath of office publically in THE EVENING OF THIS NEXT ELVEN DAY (AS MAHERAL IT IS MY RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY TO BE VAGUE ABOUT TIMING). MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  11. Election of the Okarir'hiylun 10th of Grand Harvest, 2E 2 To those blessed citizenry of Haelun’or who intend to cast a vote (who should be all capable of doing so), today marks the election of the Okarir'hiylun The Okarir’hiylun shall be tasked with the insurance of citizen purity, and the protection and housing of the city’s residents and children. As part of these responsibilities, the Okarir’hiylun shall be granted the authority to both house and evict citizens of Haelun’or, the selection of city doctors, the selection of an innkeeper, and the appointment
  12. NO ESCAPE FOR THE DILIGENT: II (SOME EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED) Or, less gravely, NEW MAELUNIR ANNOUNCEMENT The likeable Laurir Maehr'tehral has taken a extended -- possibly permanent, but nobody tells me about these things -- leave of absence from his former position as Maelunir, I must of course appoint a second one. For her diligence in duties as Tilruir'lauriran, LAURIR ANETHRA URADIR has proven herself a marvelous choice. I rescind my previous statement that Nelgauth Maehr’tehral may retire wh
  13. 13th of Malin's Welcome, 1797 (1 SE) To Elmali’thill of elcihi’thilln, As the shifts of time change and we bid farewell to Laurir Dele Seregon, former guardian of health, maehr’sae is ever-lasting and must continue to be upheld. As such, time for an election has once more come upon us, and the Haelunorian rites to self-nominate, and to vote, come to fruition across the Silver City. To be the Okarir’hiylun of the Silver Council, one shall serve as administrator of the state’s citizenry and residences, the executive of the city clinic,
  14. IGN (MC Username): Magicpastry Discord: Pastry#0256 Likes: people. pledge your lives to the Silver State. also links to cool artists on twitter. or large amounts of building materials god help me. Dislikes: impures. food items. IRL money/minas spent on me im a big boy i can buy my own stuff. Donate your minas to the Silver State Treasury instead.
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