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  1. Helios_

    [Community Review] Raids

    I can gaurentee you that there’ll be changes again and again. I will never support a huge overhaul of OOC barriers that protect people because they want to RP in a bubble where there is very limited conflict when in reality its a medieval setting and there’s bound to be conflict all the time.
  2. Bring back fringe pvp raid rules and everything will be great

    1. Wolfdwg


      diff times diff community... much better community 😞

    2. Helios_


      :^* this is true the community has gone to **** and the gm team isn’t helping 

  3. Helios_

    The free Domain of Herz

    “They’re very clearly fake nobles! Si!” screeches Antonious Boyardee Decocco.
  4. Helios_

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    (( its rp dont get mad because of a lil propaganda
  5. Helios_

    [Community Review] Raids

    Im sorry but c rpers still went on about their lives even without all of this, all that really needs to be done to protect themselves is make high walls and a good gate or raise a good guard force. And to make assumptions that the vast majority of raiders are memers and trollers is pretty rough and to make all of these rules you’re just protecting people through OOC methods when things should really be settled through RP with little OOC rule involvement if you want things to go smoothly. Raid cooldowns should be enough as is when it comes to raids and ban reports and modreq’s should be made to stop troll rp, not targeting a whole playerbase and claiming you’re protecting another when in reality you are just harming one.
  6. Helios_

    [Community Review] Raids

    What’s the point in adding all of these confusing rules and regulations and tweaks that are all overall just adding OOC barriers. KEEP THINGS SIMPLE AND THINGS WILL BE SIMPLE FOR BOTH THE PLAYERBASE AND GM TEAM. Back during the fringe and athera times both sides were having fun with huge raids and skirmishes and of course some people were getting mad but many used that anger to raise up a force to attack in return or raise up a stronger guard force to defend their city. Athera times were a whole lot simpler and hell RP was even better than it is now but of course people have to use the guise of “oh its the troll rp grr heavily force rules upon anyone that wants to engage in pvp.” Troll rp is bad and hell i might’ve memed a couple times here and there, but to target raid rules is not the solution to ending memeing in rp and thats what it seems a lot of people are getting at. A modreq, ban report and recognition amongst nation leaders to get their people to cut the **** should be sufficient enough to get people to stop. The gm team needs to recognize that PVP raiding is a very important part to the server and its what makes very many people pretty damn active or at least it did. Not now of course as a pretty large chunk peaced out. You guys are aiming to kill activity by making these OOC barriers to a system that removes a cancerous X vs X RP battle and adds a lot of weight behind military RP. But these rules and restrictions are whats killing it and it makes things difficult for the people that want to participate in combat want to stay on the server. RP is the main reason people come to the server yea but the PVP is what makes people work together to go toe to toe against eachother to make a competitive scene and PVP is the reason the server has at many times gone over 200+ people at a time. I just ask everyone to think back at the good ole times and ‘member yea? And now look at now, this ******* sucks booty.
  7. Helios_

    [Community Review] Raids

    Change the raid minumum number, 2 people is pretty damn low as is and it sorta unrealistically sets an ooc number for rp instances. Less rules and less gm involvement means more rp sense to actions done by players. OOC RULES SHOULD NOT DETERMINE WHAT GOES ON IN RP, IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE FOR A 4 MAN GROUP TO LEAVE BEHIND 2 PEOPLE BECAUSE OF MAGIC RAID NUMBER.
  8. Hey imo the server was a whole lot more fun to me when rules were a whole lot lighter in regards to raiding and warclaims. Nonstop fighting and big pvp near the tree tavern in Athera was tons of fun and it made boat loads of people pretty damn active to hop on and rally at petrus. But now we got raid cooldowns and raid limits and CB as though staff wants to limit the amount of RP sense to combat and add OOC limits. Maybe it made people a little toxic at times but its a game thats your fault if you let it get you that mad over pixels. Damn it was pretty nice to have cities close to eachother too, lots of people all bunched up and doin **** together. Now its just a whole lotta random towns or isolated cities with little rp or even being ghost towns.
  9. Helios_

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

  10. Helios_

    Public Denouncement of the Crown of Malin

    “TO WAR!!!” screeches Antonious. “BLOOD! DESTRUCTION!! LOOT!!”
  11. Helios_

    Mourning a King, 1679

    Antonious lurks amongst the crowd of mourners, soliciting his actors guild loudly and proudly.
  12. Helios_

    [Complete][SOLD] Fe-orc worker for sale!

    Steww would throw his hat to the ground at this, rubbinh his foot right into it. "God damn it, I needed a damned backscratcher."
  13. Helios_

    [Complete][SOLD] Fe-orc worker for sale!

    Steww A. Littul examines the poster, scratching his whiskers that formed above his lips. He'd take out an ink bottle and a feather, getting to work onto the poster itself. "I'll give you a pair of dark elven ears, an olog's pinky toe nail, a dwarf's beard, and lastly but not least, a cucumber. Take it or leave it. You have 12 elven minutes."
  14. Helios_

    [Denied] _Gypsy's FM Application

    Plus wun
  15. Helios_

    [Bug/Very Important] PvP God

    Turn off the hax!!