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  1. give it some time brother n u will see what narthok n wofkite did to our beautiful mineman server
  2. “I respect it too but I dont think she has balls” says antonious
  3. Antonious would gather his lasso and horse, riding off in search of warm bodies to introduce to slavery. “The cactus green must flow!” screeches Antonious.
  4. Antonious offers his name forward, scribbling in bold, “ME! ME! PICK ME!”
  5. “We do not negotiate with terrorists!” screeches Antonious at the poster.
  6. Bring back fringe pvp raid rules and everything will be great

    1. Wolfdwg


      diff times diff community... much better community 😞

    2. Helios_


      :^* this is true the community has gone to **** and the gm team isn’t helping 

  7. Steww would throw his hat to the ground at this, rubbinh his foot right into it. "God damn it, I needed a damned backscratcher."
  8. Steww A. Littul examines the poster, scratching his whiskers that formed above his lips. He'd take out an ink bottle and a feather, getting to work onto the poster itself. "I'll give you a pair of dark elven ears, an olog's pinky toe nail, a dwarf's beard, and lastly but not least, a cucumber. Take it or leave it. You have 12 elven minutes."
  9. Kincaid is a good man and a great lover to all of his male clients.

  10. A random uneducated farmer would raise his hand in question. "Will there be any daily dab quotas that a 'knight' will have to fulfill? I am not sure if my poor arms would last such requirements."
  11. "I'll give you two pickles and a potato chip" comments eremollien Salondil.
  12. I'd honestly like for there to be some form of race that can use elytra wings for flying, like a sprite, but at the cost of a number of other things like a multitude of pvp debuffs. Although, I don't think the tech team would be able to balance it seeing as they didn't do so well with 1.9.
  13. P V P S U N D A Y



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