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  1. En route my oldest friend :) *Julius responds expecting Ti’gobser to be a key part within the fishing sect of the Company* Guild is such an old term, more like an army that doesn’t work for free. Not every man can feed his family with Patriotism and Guard duty. *He would think to himself answering such a predictable response*
  2. Company of The Rose (Depiction of the Rose Company harassing members of other lowly bandit groups) What it is: The Company of The Rose, is a ‘free company’ a band of gentlemen who appreciate the word of minae more than the word of a King. The term ‘free company’ began catching on after the Lothragnian’s stooped to banditry during the Emperor Alexander’s reign. When Lord Protector Adrian began his ever vigilant watch over The Empire; many hedge knights, ex-footmen, and cavalrymen got the good idea of finding a legal way to provide for themselves and their families. So, over a tankard or two, a hardy group of men decided to write up a precursor for what would become the Codex for the men of the Company to follow and abide during their employment under Julius Franz. The Free Company Codex: Orenian Imperium Edition First Law: The murder of innocents for one’s own selfish desire is strictly prohibited. Second Law: Any sort of harassment towards local organizations or in-fracturing armies, without the probable contract, documentation, and a ranking member to oversee is strictly prohibited. Third Law: Petty theft from those can not afford financial loss, is strictly prohibited. Fourth Law: Allowing a Destrier to be lost in battle is strictly prohibited. Fifth Law: Failure to abide by these laws is strictly prohibited. Sixth Law: Failure to adhere to this new standard of ‘Free Comapany’ will result in immediate termination, of position, and life as you know it. Hierarchy: Grandmaster Contractor: Oversees all operations within the Company, ensures no man within the Company falls beneath standard. Lord Contractor: This position is reserved for those that provide payroll and employment in the Company. Cataphract General: Leads the Companies cavalry regiment on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. Field Marshal: Commands the infantry and shock troopers on the battlefield and off of the battlefield. First Hand: Second in command to both Field Marshal and Cataphract General, is in charge of organizing rallies and training. Cataphract: A mounted soldier of the Company, a key component in the Companies battle strategies. Shock Trooper: Heavily armoured soldier, often a veteran of many battles and has the most renown on the battlefield. Initiated: Learning their ways of rapidly swinging a sword into the battlefield still, but have proved themselves trust worthy. Rando: Entry level position meant for those who are still feeling out the Company and undecided if they wish to join. APPLICATION: MC Username: Character Name: Race: Specialty (pvp, cooking, farming, mining, etc.): (Also the Company has build in progress, it’s glorious so, please contain yourself when finished) ( POST IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS: FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON DISCORD @hotboss_monk#8587 to make an inquiry to join)
  3. *Recalls his own time spent absolutely downing and pulverizing the Adrian cravens during the siege of Barrowyk*
  4. (A Depiction of Humble Servants of The Creator gathering amoungst themselves peacefully) Circa, 1725, 9th of Sun’s Smile A man sits in his study, Eyes follow trails far too muddy, Lost is his mind, Forgotten when it is time, Let us look to our predecessors we’ve forgot, For we may continue on to one hundred new Empire’s, Or not, “Do not allow your Monarchs, Bureaucratic Patriarchs, and inept Dukes decide your fate, for they shalt leadeth thee into oblivion, and allow Iblee’s chaos to once again ravage our people’s GOOD hearts.” ”Look unto my eyes for I am a man created by Lord GOD, Lo’ I am the servant to whom is all powerful, I tell thee, and I tell thee.” The man hoists up his White Scepter; made of Lord GOD’s own bounty, “There’s work to be done.”
  5. Dropping character and starting anew for once in my life, I wish good fortune to those involved in the current Orenian stand-off

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  6. Claudius would put a hand to his face with a sigh, hearing of the betrayal of his Lorrainian friends. As he had frequently remembered having fought against many of the Adrian’s ‘alternate bodies’ dressed as servants of IBLEES. ”The TRUE enemy is the one that employs bandits to pillage from the PEOPLE of Oren, so that they may use such stolen resources and finances to fund the construction of their WEAK civilization. When their plan’s origin was derived from IBLEES himself, as his followers fuel crime and hatred within OUR EMPIRE. The INEPT, SUBSTANDARD, and INCOMPETENT LORDS believe they may accuse another house of unlawful acts before the EMPIRE so that they may strip them of their holdings, to assist their TRUE MOTIVE, to sit upon the d’Amaury seat of Lorraine, as THE LORRAINE CASTLE CASTS A SHADOW OVER ADRIA, and therefor prevents sunlight from reaching their SMALL AND WEAK fields. The Adrian’s have always been rebellious traitors whom’s intentions will never be with the EMPIRE... AND WILL NEVER BE FOR THE PEOPLE!” *Claudius’ memory follows up with the fact that the Kaedreni ‘monarchy’ confiscated his lands of his horses and his deeds, for some odd reason, even though Claudius helped the Lorrainian’s just as much as his upper Kaedreni Commandants*
  7. “Down with the Ratmen.” Claudius would say
  8. MC Name: hotboss_monk Discord (Or Forum PM me): 'hotboss' Character Name: Jon Martin Age: 19 Why are you pursuing the route of Monkhood?: I wish to help those who are in need of my assistance. All things living should be given a chance in this world I wish to play a part where I can offer my help to these beings. Which sect do you wish to join?: I wish to be a servant of Keldrith Do you agree to abide by the three laws of the Triumvirate?: I do agree to these laws from now and ever. (Do not Fight, Guide the Lost, and Teach the Confused.)
  9. Given Name: Veredin Years of Age: Something over 250 Race: Dreadknight Any professions, such as mining or smithing that could prove useful to the Legion: I can Enchant things. Reason for interest: I wanted to assist Mordring -OOC- MC name: hotboss_monk Skype ID: Hotboss
  10. (OOC) Information: Skype: You have it. MC Name: hotboss_monk Do you use TS3 (Y/N): Yes Chosen (RP) Information: Name: Godfrey de Aquila Are you Man or Elf or Neither (M/E/N): Man Age: 23 Weapon of Sufficient Ability: Lance and sword. Do you possess a steed (Y/N): YES
  11. MC Name: hotboss_monk Character Name: Arthur Tellar I want my character to be turned into a Dread Knight (Y/N): Yes. I want to become apart of your group because: I have been on here for a bit now and I really want to become a dread knight, I have seen one in role play and it seemed really awesome, I read your lore and it was great. Honestly becoming a dread knight seems like it can offer a lot of good role play and fun experiences. What can I bring to this group? I have had 2 years of role play experience on multiple servers and RPG games. I can offer a fun role playing experience of everyone around me, I can help bring in more dread knights if need be. I am also very good with RP combat and pvp for battles when needed. Can you play nice, and be willing to sit down with someone and explain something politely and cooperatively if something goes wrong, or someone is confused? Yes I am most definitely to do that, I actually enjoy helping others with their questions and problems. Time zone: GMT-2 Skype Name (You can PM it to me privately): hotboss_monk
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