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  1. Themeatrics

    Best Atlas Screenshots Thread

    -=X=- Hello. My name is Zach, I have been about for around 4 years now. As we can see, Atlas is ending soon! For some this map was a gateway into this server and all they have ever known. This thread is for collecting your favorite screenshots or picture of Atlas or something that happened in it! Feel free to post anything really, it can be funny chats to stunning pictures of Atlas! Keep it clean though. -=X=-
  2. Everyone collect screenshots and send them to me! I’ll be putting them into a forum as the map ends!

  3. Themeatrics

    Teaching Mages Wanted

    A man in brown robes puts his finger under one of the posters, a moment later a flame appeared and burned the poster away. “Pssht.”
  4. Themeatrics

    A Haeseni Magick Update - 1704

    A man in a distant cave puts another mark on the wall, seeing as its not the first time ‘Coltaine’ had been banished. The tally rose once more!
  5. Themeatrics

    Conjuration guide with amendments. [Magic Lore]

    The bear itself was because that was a rule and redline previously put in place, that is nothing new and it has always been like that. It offers a frame of reference as to what is too big, and big enough.
  6. Themeatrics

    Conjuration guide with amendments. [Magic Lore]

    Are you talking about the limit being the size of a bear, or are you speaking on the over time scale that i put in?
  7. Conjuration Guide with Clarifications I am making this based on the fact that conjuration itself needs some clarification for what is and isn’t allowed. Recently, when exploring the possibilities of what can be done with the magic, I found a lot of things that were unexplained and need defining. Some of the stuff in here is considered an addition to the lore, and that is why I chose to submit it in a lore submission. Introduction First we must understand conjuration. Conjuration is the art of using a combination of mana, the void, and one's own memory to summon ‘life’ from the void. Life itself can be anything from a simple rose, to a bear, to elementals made of fire. Firstly a mage must learn to connect to the void, as is essential for all voidal magic. This process takes anywhere from a few days to weeks. Once the mage has learned to connect to the void, they must then spend much of their time studying the anatomy of anything they wish to summon. Conjuration is one of the least practiced arts, but also one of the most consuming of all the evocations. Beginning When first starting out, a conjurationist student should follow the guide of their teacher. The most common method of teaching conjuration is a more scientific view of things. This involves searching for a simple animal and dissecting them. Plants at this point are also just as easy, considering their often simple composition and need of less mana to sustain. In the start of conjuring, there is often what are called failed conjures. Failed Conjuration Failed conjuration is when a conjurer attempts to create, summon, or use a creature and the conjuration fails. In the beginning, this happens often, mainly in the first two stages of conjuration. Failed creation is when the mage themself forgets some aspect of the creature, and the mana disassembles in the void before it is even summoned. This is what happens most often, as a result of being understudied. The second thing that can happen is a failure in summoning the creature to the world. This is done by mana, and if the mage was to run out of mana while still summoning the creature or life, then the mana from the creature burns off rapidly and disappears. Lastly is failure of use, and this is when the creator has summoned the creature from the void, and gives it a command that it could not fulfill. An example of this is trying to force a bear to fly, and once done the animal’s mana itself will begin to fight the spell, confusing it much like a ward. Soon after the creature turns on itself due to the impossible order, the creature will disperse. Studying Studying is often approached by taking a scientific look at all life; this however is not for those who are squeamish. To conjure a creature, one must have near absolute knowledge on such creature. This includes finding, capturing, killing, and dissecting the creature or plant. This is one of the hardest points in a conjurationists time, as it is a rather brutal process. Once studied to the fullest extent, knowing each and every part of the animal and how it functions, stingers, organs, et cetera, can one begin to summon organisms. For Hybrid animals, the person must have studied both animals together in exact and absolute detail. For plants, this is mainly about knowing the composition of the internals and the ‘skin’ or surface of the plants structure. Another thing to factor into the summoning of plants is if the plant carries any special qualities. Summoning For the few practitioners of the art, the steps to summoning is a process that each person has their own form of art placed onto. Of course with all voidal magics, the conjurer must start by connecting to the void. Once this is done the mage uses mana to create the life within the void, and often this is the longest part of the whole process. The next part, actually summoning an organism, is where many mages place their own twist on things. Some like to bring the creature to life piece by piece - first the organs, then the bones, followed by muscle, fat, flesh, and fur. Others many go by gathering the wisps of mana that make up the animal, and having said whips fly around the animal to create its whole form. It's even possible to have a one way portal from the void itself open, only to let the creature crawl out of it. Some of the most simple mages simply have the plant or animal appear from nowhere. Redlines: Any aesthetic form of summoning does not give an advantage to the mage, or the animal. It's all purely aesthetic and to add to the roleplay. The mage must, as with all evocation, know every detail of what they are summoning. Control and Dematerialization Once summoned, the animal will follow the direction of the conjurationist to as exact or vague detail of the caster. Having a direct link between the summoner and conjuration means that the conjuration will follow the directions of the conjurer These can be said or assumed details. Once the creature has lived its ‘life’, it shall dissipate once more. This happens often if the creature is to a point where it cannot continue, or if the mage runs out of mana. Any reasons that normally take place, such as loss of mana, concentration, etc will take effect the same way too. Again, much like summoning, the caster often puts their own spin on it. Such as the animal reverse constructing, in the exact opposite manner as they had been summoned. Redlines: Same as summoning, it’s aesthetic. Normal stuff for voidal magic applies, such as loss of concentration, or exhaustion. Types of Conjuration Conjuration has many ways it can be applied, from the use of plants, to the summoning of hybrid oddball creatures. Morphon This is the most common type of summoning, it involves using a single type of animal, and summoning it. This ranges from the smallest ants, to any creature the size of a bear. Redlines: Any creature summoned that has venom, or toxins may use their toxins and venoms as they normally would. For example, a fire ant being able to use their stingers to inject venom. The effects of the venom or toxins will only stay as long as the animal is summoned. Perennial Perennial summoning is when a conjurer summons plant-life, such as vines, moss, specific plants such as tippen’s root, or any other kind of plant. It is rare to see a conjurer use this form of conjuration, however it has many different uses. Redlines: Any plant summoned cannot be refined May only summon one type of plant at a time The summoned plant will have any effects that come with it naturally ex: Tippen’s root if split could be used to slow bleeding, but only as long as the conjurationist kept focus. This does not mean you can go about and have an endless supply of tippens. Hybrid When a mage delves into the most studious part of conjuration, it becomes possible for the conjurer to bring from the void a creature that is a combination of two creatures. This is combining traits of two animals to create a new one. Such as a snake with wings. Redlines: A summoned hybrid may accomplish things that often would defy physics, however only slightly. An example would be a large snake able to fly with large bird wings, which wouldn’t work normally. However, this does not justify making a decaf-pegasus of sorts, as that uses the magic within the creature itself to fly. Primordial For the most experienced mages who have learned to harness more than just the power of life, and have decided to take up an evocation as well. By combining these two a person can summon a pseudo-creature with conjuration and an element. Redlines: Lightning evocation is the only evocation that cannot create a primordial for obvious reasons. Tier Progression Tier One: Tier one is the starting of a conjurer's adventure. They will begin by learning how to study animals and the complex process of summoning. This is most often where artistic imprints on summoning and de-manifestation will be decided. At this stage summoning plant matter is the easiest, but most often will be hard to do anything with, as it is limited. Smallest ants may be able to be summoned near the end of this tier. Tier Two: At this stage a conjurer may be able to summon something the size of a mouse without too much tax, but nothing larger than a small dog, or the size of an average cat. Tier Three: This stage is often where mages will begin experimenting with hybrids of small sizes. They can also summon two creatures at the same time (Not exceeding maximum when combined.), but nothing larger than the size of a wolf in total. Tier Four: At this stage the mage can summon a max of 3 creatures, and when they are combined they can be no larger than the average human male. Medium sized hybrids are allowed and they can begin on summoning primordials. Tier Five: The last tier of a conjurer’s adventure, at this stage they may summon large hybrids, and summon up to 5 creatures. Nothing larger than a bear may be summoned at the time of reaching this tier. Primordials come without as much strain. They can hold summoned creatures for some time, without too much fatigue. Goin forwards they are able to summon organisms about +1% larger per elven week of study and continued use. E.g.after knowing the art for 1 year (52 weeks) they can summon 52 x 1 + 100 which comes out to be 152%. So about one and a half bears size is their maximum. Magic-wide redlines: May not summon any creature bigger than a bear Cannot summon anymore than 5 creature total. For each additional creature you divide the maximum size by how many creatures are summoned. EX: Summoning three animals would be Size of bear / 3 Give me any feedback in the comments below! with the formatting too I’m awful
  8. Themeatrics

    hey guys

    Hi. Seeing as you haven’t applied first, I recommend that! The link is here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/apply/new/ If you need help, you can contact me over the forums by using the message button in the top right, or an easier way to contact me is over discord, which is zach#5794.
  9. Themeatrics

    The Banishment of Clan Raguk

    The Ancient spirit of Gul-san’yar continues to watch the uruks of his kind, his brothers he might have even considered, fight and war against each other. With a shake of his head he leaves the large pond where he was taken to be a muyakelg all those years ago.
  10. I remember when CT respawn lore said people would come back with minor defects to their previous form, do you as a community believe this should be done more?

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    2. Themeatrics


      @Tigergiri The roll chart isn’t a bad idea! Perhaps someone will construct one, who knows.

    3. Tigergiri


      Shrugs whether people will use it like they use the mpm chart is another thing.XD 

      Just now, Themeatrics said:

      @Tigergiri The roll chart isn’t a bad idea! Perhaps someone will construct one, who knows.


    4. Illiran
  11. Knowing a person will never speak again, that you’ll never hear them again, and that you’ll always miss them is something everyone deals with. If only we could’ve truly known each and every person who came and went from LOTC. If we did, we would have a very large library. But at least we have what they left behind, some who left a legacy will still never be forgotten. Day to day I strive to be remember when I grow older, to me being remember after I die is my goal; However I fear often that this will be accomplished incorrectly. To those who have made an impact on this server, I thank you for you inspire me even slightly to continue forward in my dream. Even if i didn’t know him, many people mention Watyll. Who was he? I can only know so much from the posts, but to you who was he? He is not the only one, but all the names labeled at the Cloud Temple have importance do they not? Adam Higgs, Lasacow, Leka, Valon, Maeghan, Watyll. We remember them for they have passed, and they left their mark. But more than this, I fear for myself that one day my end will come, what legacy do I have left to give? But whats more, all these people make up a total of 6. How many more were there that we didn’t know about? It just intrigues me to know they made such an impact, But what I want to know is who they were.

  12. Telanir, can you do an AMA or something like that? I think it’d be really interesting to get to pick your brain.

    1. Telanir


      Sure man! Sorry I saw this late but sounds like a good idea.

  13. would article 13 apply to lotc? I thought since tythus was a European company it might?

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      England left the EU because they could see the future and knew about Article 13.

    4. Vorgraven
  14. Themeatrics

    Been Here Since the Server Opened, AMA

    Its always interesting to see an old player who comes back to the forums, and get a view from where they were before they today. Honestly modern day LOTC is more toxic and restricted than I believe it has ever been before. What do you think of that? Also is there a time where the staff got way too strict on something? When did you stop playing LOTC What race did you apply as, and then once joined what race did you identify with. For the LOTC whitelist, do you think providing situations to people that they must react to as their character is a good thing for the application? Ambros, Blundermore, or Elindor. If not those, who is your favorite well known mage of sorts. Were you on any staff when you played, if so, what were they and how have they changed from modern day (assuming you can answer the latter of the question) When you think LOTC, who do you think of first? Who is someone who changed the whole server and kept it good? Favorite kind of LOTC magic from each arch-type (arcane, deity, and dark, one each.) What is the worst experience you’ve had on LOTC? Where is a point in LOTC history that you felt the community really came together to support someone, or something? How has LOTC positively impacted you? Negatively? How do you think LOTC has hurt other people? How do you think it has helped others? Sorry for all the questions, I just enjoy lots of input : )