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  1. Argyle blinks as his lips curl inward, the well rolled cactus reefer drops its ash at the end of the joint as he moves his mouth, having it fall directly onto the parchment before it rolls onto the ground. He looks up from the paper and continues on with his day, knowing that this has nothing to do with him.
  2. Argyle Lyall reads over the parchment. His eyebrows furrow and he shakes his head "The uruks expected to take folk from us, from Sutica with little to no loss. I don't know who the hell they think they are, but I dont tolerate anyone who puts disrespect on my home, where ever that may be. I hope you cant get enough money, Krugmar. I hope you continue to come back to Sutican gates, to threaten our roads if we dont pay up swiftly.. I hope you do, because I am indeed tired of your petty ****.." The adunian says, before he tosses the parchment into the flame by his side. "What goes around comes around, sooner or later."
  3. Argyle looks over the parchment, he huffs, shaking his head "At least I can see Micah when I go assist the halfling folk." He states, then moving on to rest in the wee'folk tavern.
  4. Argyle folds his arm and nods, then goes back to frog hunting.
  5. Argyle gets his spear, then begins to oil the fine blade. "My dept to this man still remains, he died before I paid it. I blame the marshal of Reza.." he states, lifting the blade up to look at it in the light, letting it gleam from the shine of the sun.
  6. Argyle would let out a sad huff. He shakes his head upon hearing this news. "Kogami.. I'm sorry this happened to you." He states out loud as he sits back in his chair. The bloke wipes his face and shakes his head some more.
  7. Argyle reads over the parchment, he chuckles. "I forgive, but I am one person.."
  8. *Argyle looks over the parchment and nods, he would then continue his charcoal of the Ash Tree in his home.*
  9. [!] As you look on the notice board in what ever city you are in at the time.. You see a letter that might amuse. A name written in large letters is at the top, along with other writing “LYALL FAMILY! Looking for my siblings, all of them in fact. If you are not a Lyall, you shouldn't have to care one bit. However, if you are a Lyall.. I think about where you are in life and would love to see you. I wish for you to come to Irrinor and meet me, because I do not know most of you. -Argyle Lyall.” (OOC INFORMATION) Disc: Xavier#5832 Ok gamers, if you are interested in role playing as an adunian, and a sibling to my persona, hit me up on disc, and ill give you the details!.
  10. *Argyle reads the parchment over, then he signs it with a smile.*
  11. NAME: Alucard RACE: Elf AGE: 813 RESIDENCE (If any): Eldar’Seal – Huntsmen keep north of Curon ((OOC INFO)) MC NAME: Nn_Xavier_nN TIMEZONE: EST DISCORD: Xavier#5832
  12. I love Haense, but hate Renatus
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