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  1. ive been telling the gm team that this moderation will not work for months now, they wont change because they dont care

  2. crazy to think that people are upset about LESSENING the impact of disconnection in this magic, lmao if you are scared your character will lose a magic/creature power oocly then you shouldnt even be roleplaying it in the first place good addition, i always thought instant pk was a little too harsh and bent the no enforced pk rules, hopefully encourages more people to seek out azdrazi rp and persue being a herald and further
  3. Harrison

    Gun Plugin

    finally, the reason why we killed all server performance
  4. the new player discord should be included in the main one for sure will generate activity and maybe make people actually use it/talk to one another for once just means moderators need to actually do work for once (as always) and moderate the discord so it’s not a toxic or poor experience that turns newbies away
  5. my one request is that my video isn’t used as official lotc advertisement or put on the youtube channel if i place high
  6. maybe lore can actually progress on this ******* server, or maybe someone can do an event LMAO


    i really hope that, whoever takes the reigns shows just how productive a team can be with an admin that actually does something and opens the eyes to other stagnant issues


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      This media could not be played

  8. SW-4360-5084-3441 add

  9. Favnir snorts quietly as he reads over the list of individuals, finding his own name and description among them. He ponders over his effect he has on people for a moment, before grumbling something and trudging away from the little show.
  10. if i chose to withdraw my personal opinion from my question, would it really change the point of my complaints? my ‘blogposts’ arent meant to beat down and humiliate the gm team in some great toxic ‘haha harrison got them’ display on the forums for rep, each of these poitns are passionate problems i see on the server and highlight hte main issues i have with the gm team
  11. what is the point in rewriting the rules again, and further? every iteration of the gm team just claims ‘we are writing the rules again’ to feign activity and productivity: not once have i actually seen this ever be sucessful. the general thing that happens is 95% of the rules remain the same, and you reword/change one or two that were specifically under scrutiny due to a recent event. when are you outright scrapping your abyssmal failure of an infraction system? constant outcry from across the community indicates that they think the way you handle player punishments and escalations of them is outright criminal, and does nothing but create further and further hatred for the staff team. people would much rather you actually used your head to try and utilise common sense when punishing players, rather than use mindless and automatic infraction charts. when are you going to actually start moderating the server? the moderation team don’t answer tickets in any reasonable amount of time, they don’t actively reach out to the community and gauge feedback or issues that they have, they have no semblance of communication and actively avoid moderating real issues – not so much a direct fault of yourselves, as telanir encouraged this behaviour and stripped the mod team’s responsibilities repeatedly over a long period of time, but my point still stands. your attitude now is to just follow your finger along your punishment spreadsheet and try to put the puzzle together to give the best explanation for a ban that you can. i, and i’m sure there are others, would like for you to actually try to moderate and compromise between players on the server.
  12. reban narthok please 

  13. i appreciate the effort and passion put into it by those et truly enjoying themselves
    1. Kuila


      who’s that dokkaebi? i can’t imagine someone having such bad aim.... 😳

    2. BardMainHere


      dokkaebi players XD

  14. Shoutout to the person continuously removing my critique of your staff team! 😄

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    2. Youngie5500


      Was it constructive critique?

    3. Harrison


      Yes, but the status update where I just said ‘digusting lol’ was left up! How crazy is that?

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  15. how disgusting i legit have no words rofl

  16. It actually astounds me that, despite my previous complaints and requests, the Mod team never changed the whole ‘infractions never expire’, despite changing Forum infractions to expire. 

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    2. Harrison


      @howard I just got told that me being rude in a raid from ATLAS counted for the initial sentence of a ban I just got today LMAO.


      It’s actually criminal how long this precedent has been sat on and carried out, and just so disgusting. It discourages people to work on their behaviour and work with the GM team, and instead makes me want to block off all contact whatsoever with the Mod team, so they know absolutely nothing about me. It just makes me feel bitter and hateful towards them for holding such trivial and old things to me for 12 months +. Actually astounding that anyone thought this could ever achieve a functional community. Disgusting.

    3. edelos


      thats because criminals like you deserve to be behind bars forever

    4. howard


      lol that’s heinous dude

  17. dragging xarkly in cos hes a nice guy I also agree that this was not a very necessary thing to make – whilst it’s nice to update things like standards every once in a while, what I think a post that would have made all of our days better was one that went something along the lines of ‘GMs will Moderate RP once more’. One of the major reasons that PvP has overtaken RP combat has been because the Moderator team (I know you’re gonna get up in arms about this) do not Moderate role-play, ever. I can not think of the last time I actually saw a Moderator be called over to judge whether someone’s emote is powergaming and suggest to them what a more suitable emote would be (anything along these lines). With people just powergaming like anime characters becoming the norm, and Moderator tickets going up to hours at a time, as well as the lack of actual Moderation that comes to those rare few who answer tickets quickly, mechanical combat with a clear ‘who is better’ way of life became the norm.
  18. no once more, there isnt confusion with the post, the moderator literally didnt understand the passive aggressive form that criticism took place on top of that, as blundermore has said, roleplaying isnt a strict ‘it has to be like this’ activity, and confining it to an exact rule guideline is just gonna make the server even worse, due to your recent ‘exactly by the book no deviations’ approach the gm team has had
  19. there is nothing to get adjusted to, its the exact same as before just reiterated to people who have forgotten they’re saying that y ou guys will be way too strict and just encourage 10000 reports a day and warn / ban people over and over because their roleplay isnt up to your personal standard not flaming, conveying the original point of the post that u missed
  20. Glad you guys actually are focussing on role-play after the longest time, on a role-play server, so it’s a pleasant thing to see on the forums. Few things: Roleplay that takes from a player has to contribute character development/story building – I don’t think this very well written or a fair expectation. Whilst I very, very much agree that role-play that aims to take from another person (whether it be the experience playing or a physical item(s) on them) I think that the requisite of ‘character development and story building’ is very vague and a bit much to be expected every single instance. On top of that, a story can only be built and a character developed with the co-operation of both parties, and people don’t take too kindly to being put into a losing position. Over all: glad you’re focussing on low effort ‘me kill u’ rp, just don’t over police it because it’s still a two way street. Moderators won’t ban for it unless it’s reported – What exactly do you mean? Do you mean it won’t be acted on unless a report of an action is actively disrupting the player reporting it? I’m just forseeing possible worst case abuse of this in the future, so would like a clarification before we dive down the rabbit hole. You’re offering a grace period to avoid bans right now – what exactly are you getting at here? Are the bans for this going to be lengthy, serious offences? Whilst I don’t think you should treat purposefully poor roleplay lightly, I also don’t think you should be banning people any more than a week for it, and that’s for repeat offenders. I hope you utilise things like 1 – 3 day bans. Shorter bans inconvenience people rather than dishearten them, and actually convince them to improve in their lacking field. 72 hour response time – actually stick to a time for once, please, especially with your whole ‘new leaf’ thing. Roleplay reports spiral out of control the longer they are left and become more and more troublesome to solve, especially with how lazy moderators have proven to be when it comes to checking logs. Overall – very happy you are trying to promote better roleplay! Just don’t want it to turn into ‘conflict bad !!’.
  21. u get to decide who gets a statue when u actually win a warclaim lmao

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