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  1. RP Name: Prince Godfric Alimar MC Username: NJBB Discord: NJBB#9539 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: Godfric simply comes along to accompany his brother, Prince Georg, in his academic efforts to ensure he isn’t harmed! Ooc’ly I’d like to come along because I’d like to see Athera again, I joined during it but was only able to experience it for about a month before the map changed. Think it’d be nice to see it again. What Skills Can You Bring?: Some knowledge of the land, and soldiering business for Haense!
  2. see you cowboy

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  4. “I think this person hates colored people.” says Godfric
  5. Yuri returns the well wishes to his opponent. ”Vote for a voice for our values, vote for Yuri.”
  6. A VOICE FOR OUR VALUES, FORGING FORWARD FOR HAENSE To the great people of Haense, I am YURI KOVACHEV and I’m running for the Imperial Senate. Before you come to vote in this election, let me take this time to share my views as to why I seek to represent you in the Imperial Senate. Firstly, I know what it is like to build from the ground up. I won’t hide the fact that my family, born within the ancient heritage of this kingdom, had fallen from grace in the War of Two Emperors. Today, I stand in this election to show the benevolence and greatness of Haense, the opportunity that it brings, and the hope that I have. I have returned here in this land to rebuild the foundation of my family. We have moved in and we have worked to increase the defenses and security of this realm during this time of war. I know what it means to have to earn merit from the bottom. I walk up and down the streets of New Reza and see the bounty of what a good, hardworking, and strong society that is Haense. This war has shown the greatness that a united people can do to stand against evil, corruption, and barbarity. We cannot shirk our responsibility as partners with our friends across the Empire. That is why I offer myself to represent and work with ALL people. JOBS Firstly, we need to build from the work already being done so that we may perfect a good and abundant society of opportunities. Here is my three-point plan: – That is why we need to develop and establish a provincial Job Registry so that people can easily find work. – Charter the creation of nobility-led and Haense-led guilds to further our business and increase our production to trade across the Empire as the envy of all entrepreneurship. – Promote trade partnerships to have Haense goods across the Empire. – Increasing more workers and putting Haense labor guilds in the Imperial directory to hire more Haensemen SECURITY Secondly, security and safety are another primary concern of all people in our realm. That is why I will address what I am doing and seek to lay out if elected: – I stand by the need to ensure that the Brotherhood of Saint Karl maintains its distinct place in our ranks as the primary bulwark against all dangers and enemies in Haense. – Support the creation of forts and working with our allies to counter the increasing banditry and barbarism that hurts our children and civilians PROSPERITY Thirdly, we need to do our part to further collaboration and our commitment as a bountiful and ever-prosperous kingdom. That is why, if elected, I plan the following: – Pass a bill to broaden access to food and sustenance. Too many people do not have food on their dinner tables! It is time to right this wrong by designating one day every saint’s week in all major cities in Oren to provide sustenance to those who need it most. – Designate an office in the Imperial Department of Foreign Affairs that builds on the work of keeping up with vassals and ensuring their welfare and prosperity. CANAL The divisiveness of the canal must end and I pledge in my campaign to stop the uncertainty. – If elected, I will work with the Department of Internal Affairs to cease the halting of the canal and have the portions dug up to be filled. Let us return to normalcy and allow for those that live on the land to have peace of mind. We cannot afford to drag out anymore uncertainty and debate the canal’s fate. I am committed to creating new ideals, new plans, and a new start for our people. We cannot continue to play on the divisiveness that has caused ravaged and warfare for too long. I believe that the Haeseni people deserve what is best for their future. A future of peace, cooperation, and stability is a path I wish to bring us on. KOVACHEV FOR IMPERIAL SENATE -1746-
  7. Yuri dons his bullet proof vest while preparing for the event.
  8. KOVACHEV FOR IMPERIAL SENATE -1746- Fellow Haensemen, I am Yuri Kovachev and I am running for the Imperial Senate. My campaign is a campaign for all of our people. My heritage rests with the early history of our kingdom where my ancestors served in unison with Haense for our prosperity and benefit. When it was in Eighteen Years’ War, my ancestor Jan Kovachev was a renowned general for Oren. In the Battle of Riga, House Kovachev stood up in arms to face against enemies of the Empire. In these times of strife and uncertainty, I am offering my service to represent the great, industrious, and honorable families of our kingdom in the Senate. Furthering my commitment to do what is right and just as my family name has always done, I am seeking your support to move forward with me to dedicate a new era of greatness for all to enjoy. Let me explain my beliefs and what I support: – Increasing our security: Defense and security are a major priority to me. In this campaign, I am committed to ensuring that laws and authority are used to help repel all threats, foreign and domestic. Our armies and our cooperation throughout the entire Empire is a vital part in ensuring defense and security for all. – Promoting jobs and employment: Our citizens deserve the best from the rich economy of our land. I am committing my campaign to ensure that Haensemen find work through new initiatives such as building more markets, uplifting our guilds, and policies to promote Haense’s goods. – A bill to feed our families: To encourage growth and wellness in our peoples lives, I believe in proposing a bill to provide food and nourishment every saint’s week in our major cities. From our Haeseni Harvest Initiative, it is important that we promote this virtue to our Empire, bringing work for our farmers and food to each household table in Oren. A voice for our values Vote Yuri Kovachev
  9. SURNAME: Kovachev FIRST NAME: Yuri ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Kingsway II DATE OF BIRTH: 1726 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Haense?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): NJBB
  10. Godfric stares off into space at the mention of the death of Ester, remaining silent on the matter he would make his journey home, hoping for a good place to be alone.
  11. “Real warrior prince hours.” says Sergei to the REAL Baron of Kraken’s Watch, Britannus.
  12. Godfric nods along as he pretended to skim the address, he’d give a thumbs up despite not being able to read a single word.
  13. I appreciate the apology birdnerdy and of course forgive you, I hate how things turned out between us and think we’re better than some minecraft beef, yknow. My behavior was just as bad if not worse at times, which I also apologize for. I’d be happy to be your friend again birdnerdy, and am glad that you’re back.
  14. Injay Beebie sobs after being humiliated in battle.
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