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  1. Little Petyr offered no tears in response to his fathers death, unlike the passing of his mother. He never saw this man as a true father figure, he enjoyed the torment he brought upon his children far too much. What kind of man could bring about such a miserable life for their children? He began to wipe down the blade used against his father. The young Duke thought back on an awful memory of his father, one of many. The boy had hidden a cookie from his father, being given it by a friend, though he knew this would test his fathers temper, so he concealed it to the best of his ability. Nevertheless the elder Petyr discovered the boy had eventually eaten the treat behind his back, beckoning him up to the dais after learning such. Little Petyr obeyed and neared his father, only for Big Petyr to then shove his hand down the boys throat, forcing him to vomit out most of the contents of his stomach, including said cookie. He frowned, wiping harder at the blood that stained the dagger he had been gifted by his mother. He thought back once more to yet another incident involving his father. The young Baruch’s sister, Kamila, had been punished wrongly by Big Petyr, and was placed in the wretched “timeout room”. He confronted his father, begging for forgiveness on behalf of his sister. He was suddenly met with a strike to his face, which offered an audible ‘thwack’. Little Petyr stumbled back at the hit, up against the wall, soon after being pinned there by his father. He did his best to remain silent from then on, if he could. He wiped the blade clean.
  2. Godfric watched on with a blank stare as the young Barbanov girl he had grown to view as a daughter was struck down so swiftly by the Scyflings. All he could do was watch as she lifelessly drifted down the coursing river. The Alimar thought back to the girl that clung to his arm at every occasion and had never failed to bring him a smile, such a fate wasn't meant for her. The many memories of his time with Amelya and his help in her upbringing brought tears to his eyes, his deadpan gaze turned to one of sorrow. Throughout the many losses in his lifetime, the death of Amelya struck him the hardest. Despite her young age Amelya had always been an empathetic girl, ever supportive in every way. At the loss of his father, the one there for him most had been Amelya. She was his family, though not quite in name, she was his daughter above all else. He should have been there with her at Boot Bridge, when she had needed help. Godfric turned to the end of the road, his gaze set on Bralt from across the way. He drew his sword and approached, his own death soon following after Amelya's.
  3. Godfric offered a proud smile at Amelya’s work, “Very well spoken... unlike certain other people...” he’d add the last bit towards no one in particular, except maybe a certain Vyronov.
  4. Godfric, always keeping a watchful eye on his brother from above, stood beside Georg as he realized Otto was reaching his final days. He felt nothing but pride for his brother and the man he had become. He smiled at his every accomplishment and wished nothing but the best for him. He'd cheer alongside Georg after every victory, he'd lament after his defeats. Though Godfric watched Otto begin to slip, his mind ever so alert beginning to make way for his old age; his ever vigilant gaze on the other Alimar remained, to the end of his days he watched, waiting for him to make his way back to them. His thoughts drifted back to his final years with his brothers, the stress of the war took their toll on each of them, but no matter the obstacle, they had each other. Godfric knew at the end of every day who would be there for him, his mind eased when he thought of his three brothers. He had traveled so far beyond with Georg and Josef, but it had felt as though they were still beside Otto every step of the way. Godfric reflected on his own final day, his last thoughts were only of his brothers, his life wasn't quite so complete without them. He felt sympathy for his estranged brother, wondering what must have gone through his mind for him to slip, for he had lived a whole other lifetime without them. Regardless of the wait, he stood by with his brother, and upon the arrival of Otto to the divine, he brought him into an embrace along with Georg. He had waited so long to hold his brother again. Tears of sorrow at his departure from the world, tears of joy at their reunion, both filled his eyes. It seemed as though their hold on Otto lasted a decade, it still did not seem enough. "We've got you, brother."
  5. Godfric sobs “Please don’t make me go to court, they’ll make me stand there for like five hours.”
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    Godfric frowned as another Alimar was lost from the world. He never thought the last conversation he’d have with Maya would be over yet another death, he only wished the best for his cousin in life and knew she did not deserve such a fate, but the world was cruel and unfair. Haense suffered a significant loss with the death of their greatest Queen, her many accomplishments would not be forgotten. Tears ran down the Alimar’s face as he sat silently in his manor, he hoped she would be happier in the Seven Skies. ”Rest well, Maya.”
  7. “What a fuckin’ *******.” Godfric would remark in regards to the Kraken as he set up base camp alongside his good friend Alaric Stafyr, “Gonna have a word with those Vanirs when we get back home and tell them to wrangle that sea they claim to own.”
  8. RP Name: Prince Godfric Alimar MC Username: NJBB Discord: NJBB#9539 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: Godfric simply comes along to accompany his brother, Prince Georg, in his academic efforts to ensure he isn’t harmed! Ooc’ly I’d like to come along because I’d like to see Athera again, I joined during it but was only able to experience it for about a month before the map changed. Think it’d be nice to see it again. What Skills Can You Bring?: Some knowledge of the land, and soldiering business for Haense!
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  11. “I think this person hates colored people.” says Godfric
  12. Yuri returns the well wishes to his opponent. ”Vote for a voice for our values, vote for Yuri.”
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