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  1. NJBB

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Name: Octavien de Sarkozy Race: Human Age: 22 Discord#: u have it
  2. NJBB

    As He Lay Dying

    Deep within Castle Wick, Ranholf would mourn the death of Coltaine; his most loyal friend in both life and death.
  3. Full Name: Octavien de Sarkozy City of Residency: Belvitz Year of Birth: 1670 Address: 3 Harlot’s Crossing
  4. NJBB

    NicktheRed20's Application Team Application

    good guy, ya +1
  5. NJBB

    The Adrian Ducal Retinue

    Enlistment Minecraft Name: NJBB Roleplaying Name: Octavien Character Age: 24 Character Race: Human Discord: already got it “I, Octavien de Sarkozy, pledge my life and soul to the service to His Grace, Duke Ratibor of house Carrion, and to GODANI almighty, until I am discharged or die honourably in the battlefield. For Duke and Duchy, so help me GODANI.”
  6. Noah Cassius SMILES and signs the treaty for the Fishmongers.
  7. NJBB

    [Accepted] put me in coach

    plus one
  8. NJBB

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] HurferDurfer

    dumb idiot ***** ass dumb moron idiot, +1
  9. NJBB

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] calabreeni

    yes, joey is a very responsible man and would b a good ET +1
  10. NJBB

    [✓] [Magic Rewrite] Transfiguration

    good stuff +1
  11. NJBB

    [Accepted] [Actor] Yoppl's ET App

  12. NJBB

    [Denied]Pureimp10's gm app

    yes i love kevin +1
  13. NJBB

    [Denied] please be nice to me

    gets mad at me sometimes but is qualified for the position
  14. NJBB

    Oblivionsbane's GM Application