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  1. Noah Cassius SMILES and signs the treaty for the Fishmongers.
  2. NJBB

    Unaffirmation of Wick Loyalty

    I, Ranholf Wick, of the Line of Wick, of the Lineage of Wick, true heirs to the Embermoore, rightful owners of Vandoria, The Dreadful Keeper of the Closet, Grandest Lord Marshal of the Westerlands, Breaker at the Gates, The Mighty Leg Shatterer, Elector Wick of Closed Doors, agrees with his colleague Qoltaine Wick, unchallenged and undisputed God King of Vandoria, Hermit of the Waste, Lord of the Wick Wood, Grand Overmaster of Liefgaard, King of the Westerlands, approves his message, and also would like to take this time to say the current House Kovachev under Renatus is mega dumb.
  3. "What a great idea... wise beyond your years, wow!" states Sergei.
  4. Come back dad

  5. NJBB

    [Accepted] put me in coach

    plus one
  6. NJBB

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] HurferDurfer

    dumb idiot ***** ass dumb moron idiot, +1
  7. NJBB

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] calabreeni

    yes, joey is a very responsible man and would b a good ET +1
  8. the frog man himself...

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      hello that is me


  9. NJBB

    [✓] [Magic Rewrite] Transfiguration

    good stuff +1
  10. what's the deal with airline food?

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      the horses name was friday