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  1. What would you say drew you to LOTC? What’s the character that you play currently? And a follow up to that, what plans do you have for them?
  2. Hey there Harrison, Thank you for the various reminders of what time it is where you are and the warning that the 19th would soon be reaching us as I am a good few hours behind you. Anyways, appeal accepted
  3. Since I didn’t get a chance to finish what I was saying:

    “I don’t even know what I’ve said that makes it seem like I’m joking... But alright.”


    Did you even read what I said in my status update? It’s evident you just saw me criticising you and brushed it off as another angry player, upset with your rulings and out to get you. This isn’t an attempt to garner reputation for EPIC ROASTING a staff member, this isn’t an attempt to flame you to make you feel bad for what you’ve done, this isn’t me trolling on the forums to upset people. Not once did I tell you that you’re going around, saying you’re joking about all of this. I very clearly indicated that status updates, like the one Punisher put up, and the hilarious in-jokes of your epic meme “””ironic””” usernames are what make it appear like you and the GM team don’t give a ****. Like seriously? You’re confirming what I’m complaining about. You saw that I was criticising you for being biased after you put it in your username and just brushed me off. Say something in reply as to why I’m wrong? Maybe acknowledge that presenting yourself as if you’re above criticism and don’t give a **** isn’t the best way to present yourself? Just say something that isn’t the robotic regurgitated garbage from your handbook or just the biggest cop-out reply ever: “i dont agree.. but alright”. Say something rather than just ‘i submitted the evidence to fireheard :DDD’

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    2. Harrison


      @xxx dont flame it’s not cool


      The way you present yourself and your decision and actions that you take in regards to the server make me think you write stuff off as a joke. The name is literally there so you can dodge criticism in your head. That is how the playerbase sees it. Because you are already seeing people calling you biased as a joke, and doing it with your GM manager group, the notion that it could actually be real and it’s not a joke anymore doesn’t even occur to you. That’s exactly what I see when you have a name like that and think it’s just a joke.

      That’s why I think the staff report is a joke. Because you or even Pun won’t ever think that perhaps, in some way, in some instance what you did was actually wrong. 

      And of all people, the GM manager shouldn’t be saying “i thought it was okay because everyone else was doing it too, so i joined in”. Pretty sure players have been banned for that exact reason, regarding joining fights late or whatever (not referencing my own ban).

      The reason it seems you don’t give a **** about a player on this server other than you or your friends is like what Charoodler said above: you joke about things and do whatever you want, and whenever there’s a little bit of heat you just say ‘i sent it to fireheart’. Really??? You sent it to him? Did you do it through email, since we can’t send anything to him? Or did you have to buy a real life messenger pigeon to get the message to him. We’re sick and ******* tired of this – you guys don’t do anything and don’t make it look like you do anything. You just take over, say some **** without talking to a single player and then tell them their criticism will go to Fireheart. Have an opinion for once in your life, stop reading from your ******* spreadsheet of responses.

    3. xxx


      you still actively suppressed any attempt to have an open dialog about this to spare the feelings of some absolute ******* ghoul banned players and to keep LoTC’s PR clean. you’re still speaking in weasel words; “the player in question,” “discussions were had.” the server has nazis zipzapman 



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    4. ferdaboys69
  4. Hey there Auriel! After seeking permission from Fireheart and the other moderators involved, I have been granted permission to post some logs and give my side of the story. So that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in this post as follows. Clearing up a few things... So first of all, I would like to touch on this here. It’s no lie that Pun is a friend of mine, as are a good number of players and staff on LOTC. Though that’s not to say that I allow that friendship to blind me or skew my choices. I have made rulings in the past that have gone against friends of mine, for example a recent metagaming ban on two friends of mine who are in a small group that RPed in Adria... As well as I have made rulings that Pun has disagreed with me on either for stance or for harshness of punishment. This idea that either one of us is putty in the hand of the other is grasping at straws as that is simply not the case. Now, I wish I could quote something that you said that was hidden so that I could directly respond to it to give everyone context. But instead I’ll just talk about this perceived bias towards Curon and the player GenericUWU. So, it really is no secret that I got kicked out of Curon and most human chats when I reported GenericUWU who was a moderator at the time to Fireheart. Without going into too much detail, at the end of the day Generic was removed from the team and in response I was kicked from the Curon chat and announcements were made about me in the chat. It was quite the event and since then I have never been welcomed back by the community there. While I do not hold any ill feelings towards Curon, nor to Generic himself, the idea that I am apart of Curon or friends with Generic who has not spoken to me since those events and thus bias in their favor is a far, far stretch. If anything, I should be resentful towards them and be rubbing my hands over one another as my fingers slide across the keyboard to type that we’re enforcing pvp and watch them all get popped... But that isn’t the case. As for where I fall in the war? I don’t fall anywhere in the war other than being one of the moderators helping run the show since Pun and Jaeden elected not to be the face of it. I don’t get how I might have a part in the war that would make me bias when much of my roleplay consists of slice of life RP on a wood elf druid I have had for three years now. Where that slice of life rp takes place, literally does not matter to me as I can pick up and go anywhere I want because I’m not tied to any one place. I don’t involve myself in politics, nor do I involve myself in military. My only other persona that I actively play is my human persona that lived in Curon before I was kicked out for the fallout of the incident with Generic. That persona is played about once a week (much to the dismay of Lockezi) and is currently learning dark magic. He isn’t involved in any groups outside of the shades, and definitely isn’t involved in politics. I don’t have a personal stake in any conflict that occurs on the server. Why won’t you VC with me, Kaelan??? Much to Narthok’s dismay, I would not hop into a VC with him to discuss the incident. To be quite honest with you, after delivering the verdict I received quite a lot of backlash. Though there was already considerable amount of backlash just at the mention of me being called in. So I was already facing a lot of hate, and when I delivered a verdict, it was greatly amplified and I was lashed out at. Auriel jumped, calling me and others c*nts, subscriptshark threw my multiple messages, as did Narthok. Dewper even took to my discord and sent me some lovely message. So needless to say, I wasn’t at all in the mood to hop in a VC to discuss the verdict with such an energized group. I do admit, I could have handled communicating this better to Narthok as he sent message after message and modreq after modreq. And for that, I would like to apologize to Narthok. So what happened? So I’m on my way home from work and walk through the door and pull out some left over Domino’s from the night before. And as I’m putting it into the microwave to heat up, I get a direct message that I’ve been added to a group. Now this to me was confusing because all I wanted to do was get home, eat some pepperoni pizza, and relax. I had intended on logging onto LOTC, making it known that I was available if anyone needed me by answering a few modreqs and talking in staff chat. But that wasn’t the case... After some general confusion about why I was added into a group without warning, Pun pings me in the discord saying that she requires help with a situation. She claims that because Curon is involved and GMs are involved, that she needs me to step in and take a situation over as a manager. It’s at this time that I grab my food, eat it, and pour myself a drink from the fridge and make my way upstairs and turn on my computer. When I log in, I take a look around, note the large group, and note that Curon is on cooldown. They tell me it’s a rescue raid which bypasses the CD and they then bring up that auriel is the man to look at. It’s there after that I ask if they would be able to VC, thinking it would be easier to talk over voice rather than flicking between channels to talk in text. After having a quick look at the situation and reading some of the LOOC as well as what Pun and Syko had said above, I ask Potts who took the ticket if he investigated the rescue raid as they have to be validated. Immediately following that, I begin to read through Auriel’s logs because he’s the one I’ve been told that rallied the group. As I’m reading through the logs, I’m asking what their understanding of the situation is and some of the more finer details. Syko wasn’t able to use a mic as his girlfriend was studying at the time This is going on as I read the logs and I come across a bird emote from Auriel. Naturally, birds are used for rallying so I stop to study it. It’s at this point that I notice that Omni is only showing me two emotes from Auriel for his bird emote. This is what Omni showed me, and I tend to trust what the server logs is showing me. After thinking on it, I toss it into the group chat to “run it by” Pun and Syko incase one of them had already heard something about this. At the same time, since it’s been raised I begin to look further into the logs and begin to teleport to them to determine where Auriel was to see if he logged anything in Curon. As I personally believe that it’s a reasonable thing to think that a player would log SOMETHING within Curon. Yet as I teleport to the unfiltered logs, the closest I can place Auriel is banditing someone on the CT road outside of Curon. There is nothing close enough to Curon for me to reasonably assume that Auriel was there to witness any RP. In the first shot, I tell potts that I’m not ready to resume things in response to him asking me if he can start PvP because the crowd has gotten impatient with things. The bottom halt emote happens here, The second, top halt emote happens here, From there, it appears that Auriel gets into a conflict in Haense, He spends some time running around the map messaging Nathan, not once going near Curon, It is then within Renatus that he begins talking about a Curon Metarally while no logs have placed him within Curon and would make him privy to this information at all. Please keep in mind that Auriel had claimed that he saw Aidoro’s persona in Curon and had run back to rally Renatus and Narthok. He shouts, proclaiming that Aidoro has been captured. Starts to rally people in out of character before then ringing a bell to summon people on discord. And then proceeds to send a bird to Narthok, Now, I’m going to take a little break and go off on a tangent here. Omni, the plugin that we use search the server logs, omitted one of the bird emotes. So the proper amount of emotes were done and I was under the wrong impression about what had happened. But this was part of the metagaming accusation as the main part was was that there were no logs of Auriel being in Curon to see it. I will admit fault though for the bird part. This, is a lie. You were already in Renatus in global OOC accusing Curon of metarallying. You were shouting in SOOC telling people to look at discord AND THEN rang the bell. You then after ringing the bell sent a bird to Narthok. All of this occurred in Renatus and not once were you placed in Curon. As established in an above mentioned screenshot, omni appears to have cut off one of the messages so I was under the impression that he had two emoted a bird and wasn’t anywhere near Curon when he rallied Renatus and Narthok in order to rescue raid Curon. It is using the above mentioned information that I teleport back to the situation where people have been complaining about it taking too long and are eager for a verdict. It is with this understanding of the situation from what has been told to me, and from what I have gathered from the logs in terms of reading them and teleporting to them, that I came to the verdict that it was metagaming. I went into /sloom and announced that the rally had been brought in on metagaming and that it was to be sent off. I gave this verdict believing that sending the raiding party away would be the simplest solution to this situation rather than table the idea of bans for metagaming. Just simply send off the raiding party and everyone can move on with their lives. The crowd erupts at this and players begin to punch the Curonites who were asking them to leave. After asking for the rally to leave, and them protesting what i believe to have been a valid, and the right ruling, I begin to warp players who hit Curonites to CT after receiving messages from GenericUwU. After having delivered my verdict, players are throwing insults at the moderation team, but I don’t act out at anyone. It is at some point that Auriel calls us ***** and Pun gives them a tempban of a few minutes for what she thought was abusive behaviour. Some time passes, and I’m receiving multiple messages from players, including Narthok who continues to demand that I join a VC with them. I tell them that it’s not something I’m comfortable with right now given the heat of the situation and the flurry of messages I have been receiving. It’s at this point that I decide to review the logs I had been looking at and continue to search and teleport to them. After some time, I discover that Omni omitted a chat log from the page that had been partially crucial to the verdict I had given, as it was the easiest piece to explain. The obviously becomes the point to undermine my ruling by those that want to contest it, because he did indeed make three emotes. But I uphold my verdict of a void based on the fact that I believe that none of his logged actions place him in Curon with the backing of Pun and Syko. This is later on confirmed by Potts who does his own digging into the logs to determine the location of Auriel. Auriel is placed in the Curon TILE, but never actually placed in the city itself. Nor does he ever emote and knowledge of Aidoro’s persona being captured until he’s in Renatus and talking in OOC channels and rallying. The above mentioned is my train of thought and understanding of the situation. It is the process in which I determined what had occurred and if the raiding party were in any violation of the rules. If anyone is to be at fault in this situation, it is to be myself. As soon as I arrived, Pun and Syko deferred everything to me and allowed me the time to read through the logs. Anything that was brought forward was brought forward by myself without prompt, having already made up my mind on what I was seeing but seeking the validation of another person’s view on the roleplay due to that being how I operate. I look at something, make up my mind, and then proceed to throw it at someone else to validate what I’m saying or contest it with a different view point. If anyone is at fault in this, it is myself. Potts First let me start off by saying that Potts is a fantastic moderator. I do not mention him to cast doubt upon his character or his abilities. Only to bring context and share what I believe, with his permission, an interesting bit of information. For those that don’t know, Potts was the one that picked up the ticket rescue raid ticket and handled it before other moderators jumped in. I applaud Potts on his actions, jumping in right away to handle such stressful situations. Handling raids are never fun because they usually end in screaming matches. So the fact that he picked it up with little hesitation deserves recognition. I would also applaud Potts for quickly jumping on the case and questioning why the verdict was made. For not just accepting what was said and trying to get to the bottom of why his ruling was changed by me. For spending hours afterwards going through log by log to try and find fault with what I was arguing. His dedication is admirable and we are lucky to have him on the team. Potts is of course welcome to speak about his views on this all, but with his permission I would like to share two quotes from him in regards to these events at the end of the night. Final thoughts If at the end of the day that it’s determined that I made the wrong ruling, or if I wronged anyone in this, I apologize. I have laid out my argument, tried to explain my points and uphold my verdict. Even now I still believe that my ruling on this situation was the right one to make. But if at the end of the day Fireheart decides that this was not the right choice, I accept that as fact and will learn from this in life in how I look at situations and process information. Thanks, Kaelan
  5. Don’t let your dreams be memes. Go get that bread bud!
  6. Hey there! There’s a few issues with this ban appeal. My first issue with your ban appeal is that it really lacks any real effort... But not that that really matters as I go down the rabbit hole and look at your ban history and discover that this account was banned as being an alt of a player named Chaw who is currently serving a ban with an appeal date of October 9th, 2019 There are also a few other issues with this, but I won’t be getting into that as this rabbit hole is quite a deep one. Appeal denied.
  7. Hey there. Given that sergisala has replied to this thread detailing who his plus one would be... As per the subforum rules I’ll be locking this thread to prevent unlawful posting from occurring. Expect your CBs to be reviewed and if accepted a moderator to be in contact with all parties within a few days.
  8. Good afternoon everyone! I’ll be the one handling this warclaim, so both sides expect to hear from me after ScreamingDingo reviews the CBs and the validity of this warclaim. To prevent warning points from being handed out due to unlawful posting, as there is a lot of hidden replies here, I’ll be locking this thread. If you’ve any concerns, please feel free to shoot me a forum message detailing your concerns.
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