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  1. Cam Buckland would walk by outside the house/castle/manor/whatever because that is what he does, he walks. Upon doing so he would hear the 'laughing' and say " What is it with the women around here. First Ceone smiles with joy while people are being whipped and lashed, and now the women are manicly cackling? Only one sane woman i know left now.." he'd ponder, hand at his 'bearded' chin. "Hmm.. we need an exorcism.".
  2. What Verthaik will never achieve

    Bolgnir would read the letters as he walks trough Jornheim. "Well done lad, ye rise the moraliteh amongst our own. Yer doin' god's work! " The dwarf would remark as he makes his way to a corner and begins his Religious Urguan speech!
  3. -='The Graybeards'=-

    (( This is an rp thread so please refrain from bringing OOC but i'll explain. Urguan religion rp is dying, there is actually a quite big diffference between the two. This is also something i made IRP because i was encouraged to do so Irp. Also.. i believe the reason you dont see it in Omith is because Kaz'Ulrah now owns Omith. I hope that cleared up some confusion. I wasn't talking about dwarf religion, i was talking about Dwarf Urguanian religion. Anyways, have a nice day! ;) ))
  4. Your View: 6.0 Creature Discussions

    I aprove.. PERHAPS i could even help write some Lore if my application is accepted. ;) *WINK* *WINK* *NUDGE* *NUDGE*
  5. -='The Graybeards'=-

    A letter would find it's way back to the Council, some scribbles of ink adroned the parchment. " I am very gratefull of you Arcadians contacting me with such kind words. I would say i am likeminded to you lads up in the air, yes. I would gladly come have a talk with you lads, however i would need to be let in. " the note would read.
  6. -='The Graybeards'=-

    ((Quick question... what grudges? This post is not to **** on kaz'ulrah, its to bring back Urguanian brathmordakin rp. There is actually a quite big difference between the two. I am doing this for the sake of rp, this is what my character does. If you didn't mean Kaz'ulrah and just dwarves in general well.. that's what i am doing and that is why i made this post. IRP i have been encouraged to make this. Hope that was all, thanks for the feedback!))
  7. -='The Graybeards'=-

    ((OOC: Disclaimer, all 'speech' beneath is written in dwarven even though im writing it in english because.. the language is a pain in the ass. Regardless, if you do not know the dwarven language irp you will not be able to understand the post IRP. The language i mind you isn't supposed to be known unless you've practiced it IRP. With that out of the way, have a nice read!)) [!] Bolgnir Irongut would sit within his cave writing scrolls sat his desk. The dwarf would roll up the last scroll before putting it within his backpack as he exited his cave at the peak of the highest mountain top. It was time, time for a new hope within the dwarves, and it would start with that of the Brathmordakin. Scrolls would be pinned to walls, taverns and boards all across Axios, written in a language known only to the most religious of dwarves and the wisest of scholars. " To all dwarves who can read this, you have been summoned. The dwarves of Urguan need you more than ever. The Brathmordakin have granted me visions of the kingdom's return, however without it's people it will fall as fast as it rose. We be few, and those few we be are scattered and broken. Rise i tell you, for the kingdom who birthed you, for the kingdom who your all father Urguan founded, for the GODS that chose uss to keep the ballance of Yemekar! The Graybeards, a new clergy of dwarves devouted to the Brathmordakin. May you serve the Brathmordakin until death parts you from your service, may your beards grow gray in your work! Honour your maker trough the arts of Smithing, Runesmithing, Scholarship, preaching and sermons. Keep the Kingdom allive.. for as long as it's people still breathe, the kingdom is filled with air. Apply today! We are all brothers and sisters of Urguan, all shall be treated the same. This is by no means a replacement of the current Urguanian clergy, but a sollution in the meantime. The clergy went down with Urguan and we are the ones who shall rise it and the people of Urguan back up for the kingdom is no kingdom without it's people. The religion must be preserved during these dark times, and we shall be the ones respondible of such. -Bolgnir Irongut " it would read in the mysterious language. Application process: Name: Clan: Do you swear loyalty to the Brathmordakin?: Do you swear to never harm another brother of the Graybeards?: Do you swear loyalty to the Kingdom of Urguan?: What of the skills listed above are you proficient in (Rp proffesion, such a smithing, runesmithing or Scholarship)?: Discord tag and name: (This group is mainly to preserve and create much much more religion rp regardless of Urguan or Ulrah. The clergy at the moment i have noticed is quite innactive and i have no way of contacting them, therefore this will be a sollution in the meantime. That's also the reason i have posted it in the 'Kingdom of Urguan' because this is not a part of the clergy, but a religious group that act the same. A FRESH START!)
  8. Oh no! They took a chair!

    Bolgnir Irongut would look up at the mass that is Arcadia. " Ah wish ah could be let in there.. Afterall, ah'm a wizard me self." He'd say.
  9. The End of Lethargy

    An old gray haired dwarf would climb the steps to his mountain home. High above many mountain tops he would sit within his cave, decorated with gold and paintings of Urguan's many achievments. . . " An' so tha' great slumber uf Urguan so long foretold by tha' gods begin.. Ah'm just wonderin' when ah should wake 'er up." The dwarf would say.
  10. [Ghost] [CA] Jillana Frage

    Cam will be shattered, he'll cry. . . ;-; (Wich means good rp ;) )
  11. Hûn’Zna

    This is amazin'. I've always wondered why there aren't things like this and that everything has to be scentered around magic. Solid post Jandy, y'did it again!
  12. Leap1Ghosts' Second GM Application

    Leap is a good lad. I believe he would make a great addition! +1
  13. Reform the LT

    *Is a Dwarf player who applied for LT* *Is neglected of being an aplicant by WuHanXianShi* "Notoce me senpai" And with the Aengul blood thingie for instance. Well it's a staple of the clan. It's one of the things that define Ironguts wich is also one of the reasons we dont want to write lore about it incase it gets denied and we loose a big portion of our lore. It's sad really. I might seem a bit Irongut biased when writing this but it's because it annoys me. I just want lore to be canon so there is no confusion LIKE with the Olog blood that we have had a recent problem with when it came to a certain blacklist *COUGH*
  14. Reform the LT

    I completely agree with you on this one. The Ironguts for example have lots of unwritten/Un-canon lore wich they rp but only with one-another as others would neglect it. The rp the lore is based on is canon and happened but lore never got written. The LT should either deny it or accept it by making a post on the issue and many others! Never fear, i'll be taking this advice into the LT if i get accepted ;3
  15. ET Purge & What's to Come

    The reason events were spread around was because some people are horrible when it comes to their rp. I've had members of the Et that im friends with tell me that they would never do an event for (Sorry for the Call out guys) Kaz'Ulrah again because the rp in response was trash. Sorry for calling you out any Kaz'Ulrah-ians Good luck Squirt! (PS. You.. y'know i might.. ... Might apply again sometime)