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  1. Tidemanno

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Thus we have for more than a couple years. It's quite fun, really fun, but a canonization of it would be interesting in my opinnion. Fun seeing if other races would give the Gods some credibility and reputation
  2. Tidemanno

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Beautifully written. I've rp'ed these Gods as existing for quite some time - and it's greta to see that they finally meet the light of day to the public. I really do hope they get accepted as their own litle pantheon of aengudaemons. Im also not entirely sure what people mean about this only affecting a small group of people. Right now it is only affecting a small group of people, because it is not "canon lore". If this gets through, Im sure more and more people can interract with the deity and culture itself, hoping it will be more widespread after this.
  3. Tidemanno

    [Lore][RP] Airship

    I think this is rather cool. I’d like to see it on the server but as some have mentioned, not in a multitude. I think it’d be cool, and rp’ing out it’s first flight or if it even takes off will be quite nice. Anyways I would love to see it, but not too many or too much.
  4. Provide dank witcher events. Anyways, good lad, would recommend. +1
  5. Tidemanno

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    Yes-yes man thingses will be food for the horde.
  6. Tidemanno

    Arcane Regulators of the Ardennes

    Your full name: Hadvar af Blackwood Race: Highlander Magical knowledge: Good friend o' mine used to be a master at fire evocation. I picked up a thing or two from him. Also known within the art from experience with rogue magi. Other knowledge or experience: Martial, this has pretty much been me job for a while. Huntin' beasts, dark arts users, dark creatures an' rogue magi. Alchemical, even gone as far as to create me own unique potion, with some small help of course. I've the base of Medical knowledge. I also do hold a great amount o' knowledge on beasts an' such, their weaknesses, behaviour an' ways to counter 'em. (Martial, medical, alchemical, etcetera) Discord (for coordination): Tide#2323
  7. Tidemanno

    High Khazadmar Election of 1683

    "Me and Dwarger of the Silverveins will run togetha', fer the two kings system." says Bolgnir Irongut, proposing the rule of two kings. @LionEY_ @LionEY
  8. I am gravely offended. You all should be ashamed, we have new applicants dying to get it. And here most of you stand without a spooky image and profile pic.

    You all should be ashamed, although if you need some spooky pics, I have a skeleton of them that you can borrow.

    I do think these puns are growing dead though.

    Luckily I'm here to resurrect them.

  9. Tidemanno


  10. Tidemanno

    [I] 1_Language_1's Game Moderator Application

    They would make a great asset to the team in my opinnion.
  11. Tidemanno

    Players needed for Event [8]

    IGN: Tide1 Discord: Tide#2323 Time played on LoTC: 2-3 years Reason for applying: I love events Malg. And im planning on applying for the ET, thought this could be a neat litle runner up ^-^. Experience with past events(s) I have run: I've helped you with a lot, on my own i've probably run about 5 events through my history on lotc.
  12. Tidemanno


    "What papers you bring me, servant?" Dainn, the Yfimdar and "leader" of Skarpefanger, and Arberrang said as the papers fell into his hands. He sighed and dipped his quill into the ink at his table and began signing the document after having read it through. "As long as they don't interfere with our culture, and our families," he'd mutter and seal the document. ((Wulfery PK'ed his character and in an ellection I took over. If you need any clarification just PM him.))
  13. Tidemanno

    Grogg's Speech

    "I vote fer Grogg!" Yells a dwarf from the crowd, that just so happens to be his impera.
  14. Tidemanno

    One last saga [PK]

    "Made by ash and born in ice." - Saga of a Wolf's birth. Knee deep in water, there he stood, a man Once boy, now of Skarpefanger His loved one gone, gone forever What would he do? he asked What to do? he asked O father where are you now Entered the other side you have? Then tell me dear father What do i do? For the young man in the water, himself he saw For the young man in the water, his father he saw His beard was well, and hair he lacked. For this man was Wulffrey, and strength he packed. His face bore scars, and eyes were tired. The man this boy for years had admired. And now he'd stepped into his spot the spot of a legend, a spot he could not a spot he could not, fill to the brim -"Treading into the spot of a legend" Gritted teeth, ripped skin and oozing blood. Mere minutes prior, a bloody battle had occured. For it was Dainn whom got elected, and chosen by Wulffrey's chosen to walk in his foot steps. Although not everyone was as pleased with his election as he himself was, and he was soon put up for challenge. The battle lasted for what seemed like hours, the two fought to no end - Dainn Skarpefanger, and Ingvildr af Faroe. Although what was found in the end was affection and admiration, mixed with pain and blood, not spite nor anger. The clan elder, Dainn Skarpefanger af Blackwood made his way up towards the skarpefanger clanhall. His feet were fast despite his heavily bandaged shoulder, still healing from a devastating blow once caused by axe, a lethal strike had nobody helped. Inside he made way, and to a picture of the man himself, Wulffrey Skarpefanger. Hesitantly he went down on his knees before the depiction and let out a quiet sigh. "Upon the day you left, we got separated so long before your death, i couldn't say goodbye - so now will have to do. I.. I've been chosen leader by the clan, by your man of choice, and by God in combat. I was matched with a foe of equal skill, and by fate i nearly lost myself. I tell you this, for i am confused. What do i do, what should i do? What would you do.. I mustn't dwell on the past, but your departure will plague me for the rest of my life. You were the first person i really saw as my fadir, and now you're gone. I hope i get to prove to you what has come of me one day, i want you to be proud. May i die one day, in battle, so i may go to the same place you are at father."
  15. Tidemanno

    chaotikal's Lore Master Application

    I've known this guy for . . . Well to be fair, not long. Although i've read countless of his posts, rp posts and loreposts. The guy is a talking library with 5+ years of experience, i think he'd be a nescesity (butchered the word) to the team. A definite +1 from me.