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  1. Vindicant

    A Public Writ of Disownment

    “Seems like a sad man trying to make himself seem important by ‘disowning’ people who left him years ago.” Karyssmov murmurs as he reads the writ.
  2. Vindicant

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    Anyone is capable of making a Gorundyr character and it is just as possible to have them be accepted as a dogma for a large party. It isn’t for any ‘specific group’, it is for a culture. An Elf, Orc, Halfling can learn it, it would simply have to be taught to them. That’s like saying ‘Druidism is racelocked to wood elves’ or ‘Shamanism is racelocked to orcs’ when it simply isn’t.
  3. Vindicant

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    Out with the old, in with the new. Let’s have some usage for sewers in cities. Ratiki nests all around. Gives roleplay, forcing people to go through and snuff out underhives before they grow big enough to challenge the nation they dwell under!
  4. Vindicant

    The Sun Over Yatl

    Karyssmov glances up at the ever-present blizzard, grimacing as he tightens the furs around his body. He quickly sets to administering the Land’s Nurture potion to the crops around Arberrang, grumbling under his breath as he does. “I was giving them a break, now that’s obviously a mistake...”
  5. Vindicant

    Fjarriagua: The Witches of Winter

    I enjoy the lore, my only concern is (and you have brought it up) is the alarming amount of 'force pks'. That's something that treads some real deep water and can bring up some real issues. I know Frost Witches have had some issues in the past with splintering covens and whatnot, but straight PKing sounds a bit harsh. Not that I've ever played a frost witch or plan to, it just seems a bit extreme. Otherwise, the lore seems pretty solid and I like that you're allowing it to shift into a more freeform standard and even allowing witches to make speciality spells with MArts, being able to step outside of established boundry and experiment is important for allowing ideas and spells to flourish AND with lore approval at that.
  6. Remember to stay hydrated!

  7. I know there's alot of stuff going around with magic rewrites, but how is the Potion Index coming along? Made on May 21st, but there doesn't seem to be anything here. Not griping, just wondering a bit. We still have the one from Jistuma so there's not really a rush, just wanting an update whenever possible.

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    2. Vindicant


      I'm glad, Farryn. New potions haven't seem to be made very recently, considering the locking of Jistuma's post. Would be nice to see some new material!

    3. Farryn


      Mhm, I can state that one regent is tied deeply to the new Ascended lore, and I'm also going to be making a clearer bunch of notes regarding the use of lightstone, ruibirum, a range of other crystals, and other regents in Alchemy. All of which is going to follow the same structure as Jistuma's Alchemy lore - written in character (which is consistent since Elvira's Alchemy teacher was Daniel Nodal, Jistuma's character who wrote said lore).


      It's a neat little project I gave myself. ^_^

    4. LeoGhoul99


      Support my new chimera lore and I won't cry, screee

  8. remember those who fell in the skeleton wars

  9. Vindicant

    Hansetian Candlelight Vigil

    "Come say that to my face, and I'll put your head in the square. Again." says Karyssmov.
  10. Vindicant

    The Festival of Gorundyr

    A local Faroe Patriarch rubs his hands at the thought of all the people who will be too weak for his STRONG POTIONS. They simply were too strong for you, traveler.
  11. Vindicant

    OOC Guide: The Clan War of 1682

    I like that Orcs deal with their issues in their own ways instead of dwelling in admin-approved doohickery. It's independent, and I think it's a good system. You can tell they don't wanna murder each other oocly due to agreeing with this sort of thing.
  12. Vindicant

    Clan Faroe

    ((This is not rply known information.))
  13. Vindicant

    Clan Faroe

    Clan Faroe “We are the Flame.” There are things that go bump in the night. A distant sound of snapping twigs in the forest, a loud sect of cawing crows hanging above in the moonlit trees. The shadows that dart around the edge of your vision-- Such is the domain of the Faroe. Long stated to be allied with the Fae of the world, the Faroe is an outsider amoungst the Gorundyr. Elvish blood runs through the veins of them due to their reigning Patriarch, though perhaps more strange is their acceptance of any race into their bloodlines. Humans, elves, halflings, even the odd Orc has been seen amoungst their company, solace being found with their fellow outsiders. Culture “Toil and Trouble.” ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ To state that the Faroes are druidic would not be entirely far from the truth. In essence, they are, with added worship of ancestral and distant spirits. Spiritually, they are almost entirely similar to that of the Gallic clan, from which they proxy-descended, forming strong lines of fellowship and friendship due to this. More recently, they have dwelled within the palisade walls of Arberrang, standing alongside their more wild brethren. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Commonly known amoungst their Gorundyr kin to be witches and warlocks, it is not entirely far from the truth. The trappings of the dark are whispered to be what they draw their power from, though such a thing is rather chosen by the Faroe themselves. Many stay to the path of the Druid, some to those of the Shamanistic Spirits, and others choose different paths. To be a Faroe is to be an individual, unbound by the will of others. Oftentimes, falling into the same patterns as others is frowned upon, children tend to be expected to do something distant and different from their parentage to prevent falling into a rut. A vast and varied culture, with their bound traits of outsiders being the most prevalent. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Unsurprising due to their affluence with fae creatures, animals are a large part of Faroean culture. The official animal of the clan, the Stag, tends to compete with the unofficial secondary one, the Crow. These two tend to represent the two facets of society, those of the Stag tending to represent leadership and warrior talent. Stags tend to be outgoing and jubilant people, charismatic to a fault even despite their strange and often unnerving company. These are the diplomats, the Lords, the Kings. The Crow, however, represents support and wisdom, the ‘right-hand man’ to the Stag. Those of the Crow tend to serve as advisors and wisemen, and most often fit into the warlock and witch subtypes. Whether they are cryptic woods-dweller or the court mage, they will always be at home with their fellow wise-men. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ The Fae, as priorly stated, make up a large portion of the Faroean faith. Always welcome in their lands are the Satyr and the Cervitaur, the Sprite and the Spriggan. Respect to these ancient spirits of nature is paramount, for they play a large role in the society of the Faroe. The Blooding of a Faroe tends to revolve around a perilous task, one which will not be written down here. By the end, however, they must commune with the Forest and the Fae to be accepted amoungst them. If a Faroe cannot walk the woods with these creatures, then perhaps, they are no Faroe at all. Contrary to most, the Faroe understands that not all the Fae are benevolent creatures. Just as likely, they are known to be tricksters and malicious, and wisdom is due. Reverence is always welcome, but knowing which Fae to respect and revere is oftentimes the difference between the newly-blooded and those of the Old Blood. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ One of the more interesting parts of the culture of the Faroe are their taste for Totems and Effigies. These are commonly set up at openings of Faroe households, over various sacrificial altars, and anywhere else that they deem ‘theirs’. Not always, however, are they beneficial-- They are known to salt the fields and induce disease and pestilence upon their enemy. Pox is common amoungst those who defy nature and the Fae, administered by the Crows whom watch over the woods. They are known as the omens for this pestilence, and are to be respected when gathered. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Festivals are a very common part of the Faroe culture, and are one of the more ‘positive’ outlooks compared to the visually grim standard. Festivals tend to revolve around the sacrifice of an animal, be it a stag or some other to represent the beginning of something great. A feast is served with meat as the mainstay of it, served with vast amounts of wine and oftentimes some carnal display of violence as entertainment. It is not entirely unheard of, however, for sermons by the Seer to be the main ‘event’ of the festival, with their chantings and worship being looked upon as pleasant and fulfilling to the Fae. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Tattoos “By your blood be sworn, by my blood be wrought.” Tattoos are an important aspect of the culture, with the Gorundyr Tree tending to be the mainstay upon the back. Oftentimes, one can find a Faroe tattooing their Alignment onto their body in one way or another, such as a crow spanning the length of their shoulder blades, or a stag upon the chest. These are often taken when accomplishing a vital task, or something that brings great honor. When a Faroe wishes to undertake a quest or change the world in some way, they will oftentimes tattoo their flesh with something involving their ambition as a reminder and a statement of their willingness to accomplish it. As with most things, this is simply a guideline and is tradition, the Faroe is still individual and may take a tattoo of their liking how they wish. Heed must be given to the meaning behind them, however. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Religion “Tred not past dark, for that is when They rule.” ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Eclectic and strange would most easily summarize the faith of the Faroe. They stick to the Gods of the Gorundyr, worshipping their ancestors and whatnot. But the more uncommon, and more befitting their Gallic heritage, is their reverence of the Fae. They are treated akin to demigods, on the same level as the ancestral spirit. It is commonly believed that when a Faroe dies, they become one of the forest-dwellers, walking amoungst their former kin and protecting them as they can. It is for this very reason that the Fae are so worshipped-- they are believed to be departed spirits, watching over and guiding...or playing a mischievous prank for their own amusement. It is sometimes debated amoungst the Crows if they truly become Fae after they die, or if the Fae merely take their souls… ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Faroean marriages are also very individual, with only barest guidings. Seers of the Faroe tend to oversee them, though this is not required. The tradition, however, is to bring them before a long altar, and have them sacrifice an animal representative of themselves to imply the death of the self, to better symbolize the conjoining of spirits that Marriage tends to represent. Death “Long and Cold, but leads the way to warmth.” ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Death is a commonly accepted part of the culture, with it’s acceptance to be up to one’s personal choice. One may either wish to fight to continue to gain glory, to resist the trappings of death-- and others may instead choose to relish it and accept their fate, thinking that their afterlife is but a small pause before they are returned to the world in the guise of the Fae. In the end, it is up to each individual to choose how they die, with the Gorundyr culture serving secondary in this aspect. A valiant death may bring them to Halvengar, or perhaps, grant them second breath as a member of the Fae. Preparing a body involves them being burned to ash, and scattered over the gardens where the Faroe ply their trade. It is believed that the plants take on the essence of the person-- A fiery man, for instance, may cause the plant to induce aggression in others if imbibed. Of course, this is merely a cultural outlook…. Weaponry “Sow the Salt, Curse the Land, Sow the Salt…” ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ In the Triclans of Arberrang, the Faroes are, as priorly stated, different. Compared to their brothers, the Gallics and the Skarpefangers, they stand out just the same. While Skarpefangers may charge into battle with bloodlust and battlerages, Gallics choosing to ply diplomatically and with alternative strategies, the Faroe chooses something to benefit those around them-- Support. The Faroe tends to serve in combat as one who aids others, be it with potions or poisons or magic. Granting powerful boons to their allies and vile degeneracy to their enemies-- the most popular choice of power in the Faroe Clan is that of Alchemy. Alchemy is looked to as a very vital part of the Faroean culture, with vile brews being created in bubbling pots or life-saving remedies made in the warm hearth of a home. It is known that they are the teachers of this, and they ply this either wicked or pleasant trade as they will. Oftentimes, they embody a sort of disparity-- they choose to create both poisons and potions to aid and harm, making sure they are well-rounded warriors. It is rare to come across a Faroe without an oil or poison adorning their weapon, and especially strange if it is not upon their allies… ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Weaponry in it’s basest form of swords and axe and maces tend to be individual choicings, though bladed weapons are preferred due to the aforementioned tendencies. One of the more common of their weaponry tend to be bladed staves, the deep grooves carved into the metal to better retain their poisons and acids. ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ Armour “Not your time yet, stay still…” Oftentimes the armour of the Faroeman depends upon their Alignment. Be it Stag or Crow, as it were. Stags tend to wear heavy paltemail, often adorned with bone and skulls, and of course stag horns are seen commonly upon their helms, a testament to their loyalty and devotion. Crows, however, tend to wear long robes adorned with charms and effigies, to better suit their natural inclinations. As with most things Faroean, this comes to the individual, and these are merely guidelines towards what they wish. Synopsis ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ The Faroe Clan represents an alternative for those wishing to step forward into Gorundyr/Nordic rp, with more of a mystical outlook. Those interested in witchery and warlocky business would find a nice area to rp with those of similar inclination. If you are interested in playing a Faroe, feel free to dm me on Discord. Karebear#5153
  14. Vindicant

    Hansetian Candlelight Vigil

    "They included Wulf. A respectful move." Karyssmov nods to his fellow clansmen, seeming intent upon going.
  15. Vindicant

    Daeland's Warning

    "Fear not my young nephew, you are protected. If these men wish to break themselves on our spears, they are free to try." Karyssmov says to the elder Gwion, strange considering Gwion absolutely looks like twice his own age.