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  1. let the bomb go boom

    1. SuperDuckyGamer
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      Only let the bomb go boom if we can have LT-approved nuke lore 

  2. Vindicant

    Ulhart's Oddities Now Selling a Bunch of Crap!

    A Karyssmov faintly grumbles that someone is reselling his potion, but the reaffirms his capitalistic tendencies and simply hopes the man sells the potion so that he can gain more notoriety! Everyone wins.
  3. Vindicant

    A feast for victory

    “Strong words from one who’s halls were wholly empty. I wonder how long it will be until they are empty once more.” Karyssmov murmurs from a distance, his new homeland already rising.
  4. Vindicant


    “Fighter he may be, but King I know not. Those within Sutica have the right to choose their leader. If they do not enjoy the rule of the Trade Princess Cyrene, then they may raise their voices and post notices amoungst the lands near Sutica, calling for a new Trade Princess. Fighting to coup her-- to unjustly take the throne that I abdicated, stands against everything I stood for.” Karyssmov murmurs from far away with the Hold of Greyguard, dipping his quill once more in ink to continue writing his letter. “Jan, we fought together old friend, but do not fight to take something that should be left well enough alone. Earn the hearts of the people should you wish to rule, not fight and bleed Cyrene’s people. Democracy. Progress. Such is how the Sutican works, and their way you should follow if you wish to rule them. Standing as you are, a man of the Empire, gives people much thought and reason to question your allegiance-- whether it be to the Empire, or to the people you wish to lead.” “Cyrene, all in all, has brought Sutica back from the muck that occured when I left the throne. I have not been there to see how it is in person, but I hear the sound of children playing and coins clinking. As they should, within a Trade Federation. Listen to reason. If not for your old friend, then at least for the memories we shared upon the palisades overlooking Sutica in Axios.” With that, he sends the letter on his way, stamped with the ink-seal of the Faroean Crow.
  5. Vindicant

    Demons Death Knell, the Fall of Arberrang

    karyssmov instantly surrenders out of fear of Coltaine ‘Madlad’ Wick
  6. imagine removing a post because FMs don’t like it lol

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      you do realize the wc was rescheduled right...

  7. Vindicant

    i need help?

    the true power of naztherak power from hell
  8. just push thru the lag bro

  9. Vindicant

    A Strange Character Request

    the wife of your dreams
  10. Vindicant

    Buff Saturation

    Power to the farmers, give us our saturation.
  11. hey did you win

  12. Vindicant

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Ah yes, here we see the proud and just allies of Haense. Truly, these people touch the hearts and minds of our people, tearing them away from the ‘tyrannical’ rule over these poor people.” Karyssmov murmurs in response to the valiant and zealous individual known as Ilya Ivanovich. ”Just kidding, you’re a ****. I’ll gut you if I see you, impertinent *****.” Unfortunately, the skygods deem him ‘too vulgar’.
  13. Vindicant

    A Call for Sensibility

    “They used to have honor. Used, nephew.” Karyssmov grunts at his fellow pagan.
  14. Vindicant

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Foolish as it is, you appeal to those of Canonist leanings within the walls-- but such a thing is the very reason we fight today. Haense breathed down our necks, raised laws that rallied for pagans to be burnt at the stake. Our people have long desired to be free of the yoke of those who would lash them to crosses and burn them alive. Or did you forget that law? The people did not.” “I thought you would know better, my nephew. To appeal to the people like this, when the people are the one who brought this on...is foolish. I remember defending you and your friends when you were young, standing against all odds...and this is how my graciousness is repaid? With a calling for a denouncement of our leadership? Of me? Shame, young Shark. Shame.” Karyssmov murmurs as he reads over the paper, his eyes full of sorrow.