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  1. a local demon makes this face as he hears about booze
  2. That was fucked up. This is a game. That player’s S.O has some serious mental issues, and I understand you desiring to leave from that experience.
  3. A red man feels loss. “I never got to know Burbur as much as I should have. I wish we talked more before the blasted dark elves drove me away.” he murmurs in some far away land.
  4. “Are RED SKINS allowed? I must spread the message of Red Skin Rights.” remarks local activist.
  5. ((It takes some serious nads to lead a nation, let alone for so long like you did. Big respect.))
  6. “Kinslayer all the same. Shed the blood of your family, see how it ends.” spoke an old red man.
  7. It’s sad we are a community that needs a reminder, but a reminder it needs nonetheless.
  8. The spooky patron invites Llenn to join them.
  9. “Time is money friend.” says local smith-demon.
  10. im good with it aside from the ftb thing. just dont ftb. you know whatll happen. just like, osmosis them instead.
  11. “They’ll finally pay.” remarks a red man far away from the human realms because icky human rp.
  12. This is a case where you would actually want to ask the PvPers what they would like with raids, as opposed to people who don’t play let alone raid. That being said, folk should probably offer some ideas. Folk like GGT and TrendE would probably be able to hash stuff out with admins and whatnot, and figure something out that at least most people enjoy.
  13. if it’s not broke, why try to fix it


    thanks for trying tho devs

  14. What new ways to mend the divide between playerbases are being planned on? If there isn’t anything yet, do any ideas come to mind?
  15. “are you trying to flex on halflings, how sad must you be” says red man
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