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  1. Farmer Fred dressed a frog as a snail and begins its training as a racer “she’s as slimy as a snail. She’ll do“
  2. Lavreth looks at the missive quite confused “so who the **** have we been slaughtering over and over again in battles if Helena hasn’t been there. Pathetic attempt of propaganda”
  3. Boomboxdoom23

    A Toe in Need

    IGN: Boomboxdoom23 RP Name: Farmer Fred Race (I don’t discriminate, just curious): Beautiful Farfolk Reason why you want to understand/forge boomsteel: Because thanium was made weak. And not because of other farfolk reasons Is Toeboil the most beautiful goblin in Arcas?: He’s the most beautiful goblin. But Farmer Fred is the most beautiful farfolk
  4. Hamza would smile as he read the missive “Allah in all his greatness shall protect the righteous in there everlasting mission to bring him glory!”
  5. Hamza recalls his readings of the times of past when the church had real power and was actually respected by its fellow Canonists. “How time has treated them poorly”
  6. Farmer Fred smiles before screaming “AHHHHHH. THEY ARE WONKS, THEY ALL ARE. ITS TREASON OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE” After such he would return to eating Farmer Fred’s Frog and Toad Emporium Inc. branded Wonk Caviar
  7. The Pact of Mutual Bandit Defense Signed on the 13th of The First Seed, 1773 _____________________________________ PREAMBLE With the recent rise in tensions in Arcas’ southern reaches, the nations of the realm have come together to discuss what may be done to prevent further influxes of bandits, and reduce current rogue populations. The sovereign states that sign this, henceforth referred to as “Signatories”, shall uphold a pact of mutual defense and aggression against any law-breaking persons or nations who threaten the prosperity of the realm. A “Bandit Nation” Shall be unanimously agreed upon by signatories to be defined as “A Nation or State that actively and knowingly is harbouring a populous that participates in the inter-national illegal activity of banditry.” To preserve the free roads of our lands, we will cleanse this world of such villainous individuals. ___________________________________________________ All Signatories of this pact do hereby agree to adhere to such principles that have been agreed upon in the Conference of Al-Faiz. These shall be signed in Honor and be respected by all Signatories. If one group or nation are to break this pact it shall still live on with the others, unless decided otherwise. SECTION I - DEFENSE Those who sign this pact do swear to strict non-aggression amongst each other. Moreover, they agree to an alliance against any nation deemed to be built upon the illegal ideas of banditry. Signatories also confirm that the establishment of military cooperation will be adhered as to make this pact truly efficient. SECTION II - RECOGNITION OF TERRITORIES All signatories do adhere and conform to the established lands of each signatory. That if such crime is faced in their lands. Such persons will be tried in the laws of the land they are caught in. The map of such lands shall have been confirmed in the Conference of Al-Faiz. SECTION III - AGGRESSION Signatories do agree and adhere that if an aggressive war is to be started, all groups and nations shall swear their allegiance to the cause and fight alongside the other signatories until a peace conference is taken into effect. Failure to contribute shall be seen as breaking the pact and such Signatory to do so will be expelled from the alliance. All signatories do also recognize the established Bandit Nation named The Principality of Vira’ker as a hostile enemy. And do swear to prevent its growth in the realm. Should this mean war, all signatories do adhere to military cooperation. SECTION IV - ADDITION OF NEW SIGNATORIES If any new Signatories are to be added to “The Pact of Mutual Bandit Defense” A new alliance shall be written. Where a new Signatory will make an Alliance with the Pact instead of an individual state. All current Signatories must agree and be aware of a new member and will vote on their acceptance into the Pact if such is required. SECTION V - DURATION This Pact shall stay in effect for a minimum of 5 Qali Weeks. After this time, signatories will determine if more time is required for this pact to stay in effect. If so a new deadline shall be decided by signatories at this meeting. _________________________________________________________________ Issued and Signed By SAYYID AS’SADAAT, Ameen “Al-Mujjadid” Al-Nabeel, Sultan of Korvassa, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Iman Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Defender and Protector of the Farfolk people, Commander of the Sultanate’s Armed Forces, Sovereign of Korvassa THE ARCHON OF RENELIA Ailmar Velulaei’onn Princess-Dowager Sapphira Loretta Napoliza, Regent of Vitenna, Countess-Dowager of Pestilles Lunar Sage of Asimu'lei Valentina Ashwood Asimu'lei His Imperial Excellency, Armande de Falstaff, Vice Chancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire Lord Sovreign of Talons Grotto Castiel Valaker
  8. The Korvassa Decree of 1773 The Sultanate of Korvassa is a peaceful state, accepting of all those in need and troubled. It has been able to maintain its peace and stability for many years. To many of the other Nations of the South it is a pillar of justice, that one may only try to replicate. However, in recent times, His Royal Majesty, Sultan Al-Mujaddid and his domain have been threatened by the Principality of Virabay. Our neighboring ally, The Principality of Vitenna, our dearest ally and friend, sits in our established, and recognized land. It is seen as disgraceful, for High Prince Johnathus to threaten to step foot in our lands with the intention of Invasion, and we cannot allow him to do so. For any hostile incursion attempted on the Desert of Korvassa is a direct assault on the Sultanate itself. We do give you one qali day to pull your troops back and for us to once again continue in these times of peace. For war is never the immediate answer to any situation. If you do however come to the unfortunate decision to continue your campaign, The Sultanate shall respond swiftly and without hesitation, Let ALLAH guide us all to the righteous path in this world. _____________________________________________________ Issued and Signed by SAYYID AS’SADAAT, Ameen “Al-Mujjadid” Al-Nabeel, Sultan of Korvassa, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Iman Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Defender and Protector of the Farfolk people, Commander of the Sultanate’s Armed Forces, Sovereign of Korvassa
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTIIMJ9tUc8 Cleansing of Bandits The mighty soldiers of the Sultanate were in their luxurious lounge, smoking their hookah with their many harems. All of a sudden the Chadlets heard something from outside of their impenetrable walls. Who could that be they wondered? The fearless soldiers went out to see what it was. What they found was the Master Thieves Guild rallied at their full force! With their parents' permission they had come to the city to try and plunder the very wealthy people of Korvassa. Though when they saw the soldiers of Allah come into their presence their pants seemed to have changed in their dryness… When the leader saw this he ran as fast as he could and was chased before he drowned himself in fear. The rest of the Guild were captured. The forgiving men of Korvassa tried to give them the option of ending their evil ways and going as freemen. But one of the men pulled a knife out of nowhere! The knife ricocheted off of the armor of Saeed Ibn Hamzah and flew right back into the man. He pleaded to be killed in mercy of his sins and pain. In his request the Men of Al-Faiz killed him and presented his body for the world to see what happens to the bandits that tried to loot the Sultanate of Korvassa. Join the Al-Jund today!
  10. A very old man fitted in the grimlee uniform smiles “ah, my family is showing great prowess once again” says Bjorn Grimlee, Son of Ulric
  11. (IGN): Boomboxdoom23 Name of contender: Farmer Fred Nicknames of contender or notable features, i.e. nationality, age, occupation, etc. (for nickname purposes): Second Coming of Jesus
  12. Lavreth Ryvienne recalls the days of Charles the Bald waltzing around the Warhawkian capitol in Axios. He’d tear up before full blown crying
  13. Wonk Caviar: The Delicacy We Deserve With the findings of new species, the descendants find new ways to satisfy their need of hunger. With the emergence of the amphibious species of the “Wonk” people, another innovative way to add flavor to bland dishes has been created. The Wonks carry their eggs with them for reproductive purposes. Light and fragile, and with enough salt, they can create the greatest taste that has blessed your tongue. [A wonk on the caviar farm, Circa 1766.] How to prepare The eggs of the Wonks are only able to be extracted after the humane execution of the specimens. This can be done multiple ways. However, the most efficient system of elimination is the use of the club, preferably the club of an Olog, to cause brain trauma and death without destroying the fragile forms of the eggs. A slimy membrane covers the eggs and must be thoroughly washed to be safe to consume and to have the most satisfying texture. After being aged for a minimum of a saints day, the Wonk caviar will finally be ready to consume. Flavors: The flavours of the Caviar depends on the species of wonk it is extracted from. The Toad species wonk usually delivers a more bitter taste then its counterpart, the Frog. The more popular of the two, the Frog variant, is a much more rich and satisfying taste to the consumer. Tastes and Textures: The eloquent dish of Wonk Caviar has a rich salty taste. Its chewy texture adds a fine addition to fish dishes, or other light meats. A very raw and slimy taste will burst through your mouth as the eggs break in your mouth. History The concept of hunting Wonks began at the discovery of their species in the lands of Atlas. The descendants disregarded them as another unimportant species that lived in the lands. After contact was officially made, it was found that they were a small, tribal-like people. Due to the weakness of the Wonk species, the Westerner Farfolks saw an opportunity. They began to hunt small tribes of Wonks and tried to prepare individual parts of its body. They found a very close liking to the taste of the eggs, in addition to its blood when prepared correctly. With the mass shipment of the caviar, it brought the delicacy to the eyes of the greater populace of the lands. The mass hunting of the Wonks began for their delicious produce. ITS FROG EGGS! EAT IT YOU SIMPS! https://gyazo.com/2493e4be1a94293b692b701b9dce2b15
  14. Lavreth smiles the suns smile as he hears about the return of the legend
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