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  1. Boomboxdoom23

    The First Summit of Cyrilsburg

    Abdullah Kharadeen plans to attend
  2. Boomboxdoom23

    Mournstone Declaration of Vassalization and Relocation

    Caliph Abdullah Seems to recall capturing and killing, Princess of Sutica, Leader of arberrang, and Chieftain Ulric Grimlee
  3. Boomboxdoom23

    haha norland wi com 4 u xD

    This post is sexy
  4. Boomboxdoom23

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

    Faction of Choice: Mandalorians, Expedition 13 Faction Name: Clan Vizsla Brief Faction History: After the clone wars and the fall of the Death Watch. Clan Vizsla ran from Mandalor. They decided to take self banishment to the planet of Edichi to grow there numbers and become stronger. Setting up a mining operations to gain money to fight their enemies. Hero Name: Clawdite Vizsla Brief Hero backstory: Born on Mandalor into the Death Watch. trained to one day lead Clan Vizsla as he does now. A ferocious fighter whos always thinking one step ahead Hero Point Acquisition: 4 – Combat 3 – Commanding Piloting – 1 Diplomacy – 2 Any specific items/equipment request: Standard Mandalorian weapons. Suggestions?: N/A
  5. Boomboxdoom23

    The Young Lion Rises

    ”After the Ghanyans lost their capital, they were left to roam the desert with no leader or no homes. The Caliphate did nothing as we did not think of it. That will change. I plan to speak to with of you are left and decide the future of your culture” Abdullah Kharadeen would say as he heard that
  6. Boomboxdoom23


    The New Caliph, Abdullah Kharadeen, signs his name. Keeping the Protectorate state strong
  7. Boomboxdoom23

    The Young Lion Rises

    Abdullah would smile proudly as he was named Caliph ”I shall live up to the name that my ancestors had. Long live the Kadarsi!”
  8. Boomboxdoom23

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

    o7 see you on the other side brother
  9. Boomboxdoom23

    Wedding Announcement,1688 (lets try again)

    Hektor Bolivar smiles “House Bolivar shall attend and bring the most wonderful gifts!”
  10. Boomboxdoom23

    An Open Letter, 1688

    The caliphate prepares to hack the voting system and help Rhys win
  11. Boomboxdoom23

    Panda people

    +1 I think we need more furries UwU
  12. Boomboxdoom23

    The Ticking Clock (Character PK)

    Abdullah Kharadeen hears of his death and dips his head down “May Allah treat him well” he’d state, then would join in yelling “HU” with the rest of the Kadarsi
  13. Boomboxdoom23

    County of Cyrilsburg Trade

    Hektor would grab his drug stash “Time to start up the ol’ business”
  14. Boomboxdoom23

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    +1 dab
  15. Boomboxdoom23

    Au Revoir

    We’ve had our differences but good luck on what the future holds