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  1. “Long May he reign!” The young Caliphi Emir, Murad Kharadeen would yell
  2. The Caliphate of Kadarsi is missing right here
  3. *Arno prepares to skin a kha and wear it to win the animal costume Contest*
  4. Arno nods and signs the Document “Ave Orenia!”
  5. Arno Grabs some Sticks and rocks as Wedding gifts
  6. Clan Grimlee A fierce and powerful clan, founded in the ages of Vailor by Baldur Grimlee. They have always shown their loyalty to house Ruric and the Norlandic people through their marksmanship and courage to defend the people to their last breath. Truly becoming a great clan in norland when Baldurs three sons came to Norland, Uther “The Bloody” Asmund “The Steadfast” and Hakon “The Honorable” Proving to all descendants that Clan Grimlee was no little petty clan. History When the Norland people established Nordengrad on the lands of Atlas, Ulric Grimlee followed and reaffirmed Clan Grimlee’s loyalty to the Norlandic people. In these times the clan became overly peaceful and saw no interest in recruiting for a guard, but instead to feed the people of Nordengrad. Not seeking the honor of fighters, but taking the more honorable duty for the people. When the Empire of Man came and sieged the city Clan Grimlee dispersed, not being trained in the ways of their ancestors in combat chose to evacuate the city with the common folk. Currently After so long of prosecution and devastation to the Norlandic people, it rises once again. Bjorn Grimlee, Son of Ulric Grimlee returns to Norland, with intent to rebuild his family to its original Glory. Any of his living Relatives are asked to contact Bjorn and return to the true home of Clan Grimlee. For once again our loyalty to the Norlandic people calls us to its gates. (OOC) If you play a Grimlee or have interest in playing a Grimlee please message me on the Forums or on discord: Boom#8868
  7. Yoppl dies in endgame

  8. “Ave Godfrey, Ave Imperium” Arno would yell. Proud to support the true emperor
  9. *abdullah Kharadeen is proud of Bashar for approving of such. Still isnt proud of Abbas
  10. “That’s what I thought you little *****. I’ll be bringing my belt to make sure you stay in line” Abdullah would say. Sadly going to keep his promise
  11. *Abdullah promises to show some affection to Abbas is he makes another really long in-depth post exclusively to invite him*

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      what does that mean?

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  13. Turn 3 Sultanate of Mosul Nation leader: Sultan Abdul-Hazeem Military: (to avoid meta) Population: 800k Trade: open Relation: crusader state-hostile Muslim nations- Allies Christian nation - cautions ------------- [depiction of the city bursting with trade] Sultan Abdul-Hazeem stands up at the musjid in Mosul looking upon the people before speaking, “Oh my brothers in islam! Oh Mumineen! Hear what I have to say! The muslim world is in dire need of heros like Salahuddin! But he is gone now but he has left us a responsibility he hold dear to his heart! Defending the nation of ISLAM! Right now our brothers are facing the Kuffar on the frontline while we sit here! I call on you my fellow muslims to take up arms and join me! Be the heroes we are in need today! Oh my people! Fighting for the sake of Allah is much better for you! Fight with me oh my brothers!” Sultan adil-hazeem would shout before the mass before hearing chants of ‘Allahu Akbar!’ storms through the citys. Caravans of supplies are prepared to go and aid the Ayyubid. [!] scene changes in the courtroom “We must gather more men, with the christians deciding to side with the crusaders, and the truce breakers attack our brothers in shams, we must rally our men. Raise the levies! I want to see fifteen to twenty-five thousand men ready to move out.” Sultan Abdul says looking at his commanders, “Yes Sultan we will immediately begin rallying them up.” Commander kariim says dipping his head before marching off. Sultan Abdul would look at Haruf before speaking, “As soon as possible have the men ready to move out to defend the supply lines, we cannot allow the mobs disrupt it.” he says gesturing him away, “Fariz! Tell our brothers that we agree to the method the caliph suggested regarding the armies and will begin preparation to aid it policy..” Abdul-hazeem says sighing in exhaustion. “There is so much work that is needed to be done…” Fariz would begin to speak, “My Sultan, Remember that Allah will aid us, for surely indeed he will punish the aggressors in this life or the next.” The Sultan would smile “well spoken Akhi, well spoken!” [!] With supplies sent to the Ayyubid the caravan marches off avoiding any mob of Christian that wish to harm the line. They would be supported by guard from Ayyubids main army ---------------------- 15-25k men/levies are to be raised and be prep to march out by next turn Sheiks, imams and dervishes would call on the people to take up arms and join the army to defend the lands of Islam. A Caravan full of supplies are prep to go and aid the Ayyubid supply line. Agreement made with Ayyubid, Azerbaijan, and Abbasid to help aid together in jihad financially and by manpower. Training of the current army is to increase to better prepare them for battle against enemies of Islam. Propaganda is spread throughout the muslim world claiming that the crusaders had made an oath to destroy the muslim world, claiming of heinous act of brutality that has been done by crusaders. Convince the muslims around the islamic world to rise up and fight in jihad.
  14. Sultanate of Mosul Nation leader: Sultan Abdul-Hazeem Military: (to avoid meta) Population: 800k Trade: open Relation: crusader state-hostile Muslim nations- friendly Christian nation - cautions ------------- Sultan Abdul-Hazeem sits in the council looking down upon the Ayyubid envoy “ Assalam waalaikum messenger, by Allah put a salute to your letter. What news did you bring?” Abdul says before looking to his guards with a firm nod. “Wa alaikum salaam, I bring with me an offer of trade, non aggression pact as a gesture of goodwill to fixed relations between our two nation.” the envoy says looking behind himself as he heard footsteps, before hearing Abdul speak “Inshallah this will bring fruit, although -” he stops for a moment before continuing “May Allah help the Ayyubids dynasty.” [!] Scene changes “Ghafiz I want you to send out word… ten thousand is to be conscripted and if any volunteers to join the army are welcome, send word to the Sultan of Rum, Abbasid caliphate, Azerbaijan for trade and non-aggression pact. After this is done follow the Muslims roles in lowering the taxes on the Christians, after that is done begin preparing our nation to march off to war, if rumors of what we heard is true then...” says before marching off to the harems “Of Course my sultan…” Ghafiz says with before rushing off to the courtyard --------------- 10k are to be conscripted into the army while at the same time accepting a volunteer to join the army all the men in the army will be paired up with the more experienced men to help boost their daily training. The nation would prepare to march off to war if needed in short time as well as prepare to hold out in sieges. Envoys are sent to Seljuk Rum, Abbasid Caliphate and Azerbaijan for trade and non-aggression pact. Accepts Ayyubid Sultanate offer. Abdul goes to harems ;3 Taxes on the Christians would be lowered to the same as Muslims taxes if the popular policy that spread in the region. [Sorry I had a late start making this post promise to put more rp in it next time]
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