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  1. Boomboxdoom23

    Curon Freedom Festival

    “Wait are we not suppose to smoke openly in the Empire? Whoops” Says Abdullah
  2. Absolute legend. love you faiz
  3. A Message from a Family, To the Heads of the Community Dear staff of Lord of The Craft, Administration Team, and World Development Team We are the family, the community of the Kadarsi Caliphate. As you may well know the next map is soon upon us, but we have been informed that land will not be granted to us, due to “inactivity.” Though we respectfully understand your concerns, we would like to present a flaw in your way of gathering information on “activity.” As many of the LOTC Community can confirm, the Kadarsi Caliphate is an active nation. Not only this, but we have played and still play major roles within the history of LOTC. You may say that the border region says we are inactive, but we would like to argue against this. Though we may not be within our city at all times, we are always on and we participate within the world of Atlas. We do not wait for ET events to occur within our city, nor wait for random visitors. Instead, WE create RP for the server we love. As many nations of LOTC can confirm, we are always out and about. Here is a list of what we have done for LOTC. We the Kadarsi Caliphate write this information, that the citizens of our nation can confirm, as well as the people of other nations, and their leaders. We have participated largely on world events It was the Kadarsi that started the movement to free the Wonks from their evil spirits. We have supported Haense in the beginning of the map in their explorations of the wastelands and the Vaeyl Order. As a matter of fact, The Kadarsi, which NOW release this information for your OOC information, almost around the beginning of this map, was entrusted to hold onto a item that both Vaeyl’s are searching for, keeping it hidden and protected. It was the Kadarsi Caliphate that called the nations of Atlas together to fight the September Prince, starting the talks to unite under a banner to defeat him, always attending a battle (as Aesopian can confirm). We also united the Farfolk race this map, as it was divided in many tribes. We even went to war to defend and unite ourselves, which made a large increase in RP for the server! Before on Axios, all can confirm the large inactivity of the Farfolk nation, being sad and pathetic. This was changed due to the Caliphate. The nation of Santegia was affected by the Kadarsi. They both had many talks about freeing the Harian people, and to return them to their own government! Several Imam Rashidun (the religion of the Kadarsi Caliphate) prophecies have came to be, including the Farfolk Oppression, the Al-Mahdi, The Return of the Caliphate, and many wars! NOT ONLY THIS, but the Kadarsi Caliphate played major roles in the world of Atlas’s wars! (taking upon raids and rescue missions, capturing MOST of the enemy nation leaders during the Nordengrad rebellion, forcing Holm out of the war, capturing Sutica, Arborrang, and many enemy leaders and commanders, pushing the war to an end.) We also STILL enforce peace throughout Atlas, patrolling and scouting all across the Empire searching for bandits, enforcing the Empire’s laws, and escorting merchants! Instead of a tax system, we implemented the Zakat System, which makes much better rp for the server! Instead of taxes, if a man has a stack and thirty-two pieces of bread, he would give the thirty-two, to the Zakat officials, which is collected and then eventually in about a day IRL, three inventories worth of bread, would be gathered and marched around ATLAS giving the food off in Zakat/Charity! This creates RP not only for ourselves but for Atlas! When the Halflings had a terrorist attack upon their farms, it was the Kadarsi who sent aid, giving them food and supplies to rebuild and protection while doing so! As you can see, we may seem inactive to you, due to your system of activity on a region of our city, but we are active as we are consistently going out of our city to provide RP! We are an active community that provides good rallies, not just wars, but for RP! If you do not believe me, look within the comments below and I ask those who read this, to give you confirmation to these statements and support that the CALIPHATE should get a spot next map. Let the community of LOTC comment. It's supported! Our community is strong and brave! Videos on Youtube provide proof of this as we changed history! The pictures of our family photos shine our hearts! LET THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS AND COMMENTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! (29th on Saturday where our weekly training at 6pm est was halted because the server was having a stroke so we went to Hypixel) (On the 3rd this year, When the Kadarsi Caliphate went to Curon to give them warning of their troops doing something which I can't say because IK SOME OF YOU WILL META! As well as head there on a Zakat run and found said information during the current patrol) (Result of the Meteorite that the Kadarsi prayed for in the September event!) (Warclaim attendance) (Land Captured BY THE KADARSI CALIPHATE, not current land as we gifted some and such) (EVEN THE EMPIRE CONFIRMS US IN THEIR BATTLE POSTS!) (The capture of the Arborrang leader that was taken to the Kadarsi. This is a picture of Kadarsi watching over the cell with the prisoner inside) (Training two weeks ago) (The killing of someone for the highest of treason) (sorry violino ;( ) (Kadarsi making the thanium bomb that was VOIDED WHICH BIG SAD!) (Kadarsi capturing the Sutican Queen when they allied with the rebels of the empire) (Kadarsi Janissaries defending the stairs of the Empire’s palace. Below them, more Kadarsi guards stood by each door to defend the queen and prisoner) (When the Empire arrived to the Kadarsi to interrogate the Arborrang leader) (The training where we jumped through rings of fire while listening to ring of fire in our discord) (Rally for the warclaim) (Mamluk Set off to warn an Ally, of a enemy raiding party to allies city) (Propaganda) NOW HERE IS VIDEOS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BezylIkjyjk&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWJUPHRsMkA (When a tribe) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vI2Ka33i5E (Sending aid as said before) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJebQykJlPU&t (Preparing for a raid and raid defence) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoSxRBRTyjc (When the Kadarsi broke into the vael’s fort!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmUvXLWJY-0 (Another raid we defended) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuBLtZH1NWo (Kadarsi warclaim) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enQQhOfG3tY (Archery training!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0NoT6Y9Mlk&t (Kadarsi at haense, as they host a attempt to make peace again we go to other nations to make rp) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JZo5DxCZqY&t=2s (Post of the war ending and information on it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCxtWoKdfOE (Kadarsi preparing against september one of the many times) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9eOz13YDqI&t (Kadarsi propaganda video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAVA12Pwps4 (Kadarsi helping the wonks bury their dead) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ_yMsrRy0g&t (Kadarsi doing a zikr in Santegia, for the followers of the faith there) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUnatkdbSw0 (Kadarsi propaganda video 2.0) Let it be known, we are not just any community. We are a family. So comment your support! FOR THE CALIPHATE! P.S. didn’t know there was a Orc/Hafling tile post. It was a coincidence on the time of both being posted
  4. Boomboxdoom23

    The September Prince Eventline

    +1 Ive enjoyed all these events
  5. Boomboxdoom23


    “Shall Allah grant him a long and fruitful reign!” Abdullah would yell
  6. Boomboxdoom23

    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    Caliph Abdullah Kharadeen nods in approval “The army of Allah is even stronger then when it was last challenged ALLAHU AKBAR”
  7. Boomboxdoom23

    The Fall of a Bear- Funeral Edward Devereux

    “Let Allah bless his soul in the seven skies, Inshallah” Caliph Abdullah Kharadeen would say
  8. When your Nuke Is voided because Admins don’t like my immersion

  9. Boomboxdoom23

    The False Shall Fall

    Declaration of Jihad [!] The Kadarsi and true Mumineen rally at the Caliphate for Jihad The call was sent, There will be no going back, The Horses were saddled, The Shamshirs were sharpened, The bows were strung, the Forges were lit, the food was gathered. All were called by the Holy Caliph, Jihad was called, Open letters were sent and spread everywhere within the Empire and nations. The letter would read as such “Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, I Abdullah Ibn Al Mahdi Khardeen, Caliph and Head of the Imam Rashidun Faith, Announce this Jihad against those who would use our faith for their own greed. There are those who would use the Imam Rashidun Faith for evil. They would slaughter innocents and justify it with the faith, this is forbidden. They would bandit and kill men of other religions, claiming that these men must die because of their faith, this is forbidden. It is forbidden to force conversion within the faith, or to persecute others because of it, and these men use Imam Rashidun to justify their actions, but these crimes are an insult to Allah. These men are not true followers of the faith, and such, must be purged for their heretical acts. In this, We clear read that ALLAH says we should even if we must crawl a thousand miles on SHARP STONES! For those of you who love Allah, Come to jihad! Allah says in Chapter Fourteen ‘Jihad is one of the Greatest things a creation of Allah can do. We have given you two Jihads, one of the mind, and one of the body. The Jihad of the mind is a struggle of tests from Allah, Allah says that ‘He who is in hardship, and pain and suffering, is one who fights Jihad’ In everyone's life they will fight a Jihad of the mind, many times. We have then Given you the Jihad Of the Body. Jihad is declared upon these things. If you have been driven from your home unjustly, If you have been invaded, If one tries to destroy Your faith, To fight the Tyrants, to fight injustice, and to fight those who worship false gods, If they are of those who harm mankind, to fight those who oppress, and to help the oppressed. In the Jihad The followers of the righteous shall fight against the infidel and tyrants, fighting for Allah and Martyrdom or Victory. We have set to you rules for Jihad, So that you may not go and do wrong. Dont Cut a Tree unless you need to, Do not Kill a Child, Do not Kill Old People, Do not Destroy Places of Worship, Do not destroy a Building, Do not Kill those who have surrendered, Do not Kill those who run away(from battle and in general), Do not Kill a Woman, Do not Kill a Sick Person, Do not Kill those dedicated to worship(Ie. Monks and priests), Do not disfigure the dead, Do not Kill a animal except for eating, Be good to Prisoners and feed them, Do not Enforce The faith. Those are the rules of Jihad, When Fighting In Jihad Allah says ‘When you suffer pain they to suffer pain, But you have hope from Allah that they will never have’ Allah tells us that when you fight Allah, Do not forget to Praise him, Remind your brothers and sisters of the path of Allah, and shout together a warcry of “ALLAH IS GREAT!” When one shouts it all are required to respond. When you have Won your Battle remember to Praise Allah and have One say “TAKBIR!” and have the responding call of “ALLAH IS GREAT!” and say it three times or more, For Allah is the Granter of victories and the best of planners, and the giver of defeats. Indeed Allah Is the most Powerful, So do not forget to Answer upon Jihad for those who fight Jihad and those who died in Jihad are promised the best of homes, the best of wives and husbands, the best of the best, and a spot at dining table with Allah. They will be given the highest of statuses and best of things in the seventh skie and they will be cared for personally by Allah himself. Allah Is indeed the best of helpers and the best of gifting.’ Those who dare challenge our religion and use it as an excuse for violence or their own benefit shall be punished by Allah. We are his servants and fight in his name Justly. Any who claim to follow ALLAH And Imam Rashidun, and fight Alongside these kaffirs, Are kaffir themselves! They fight With false worshippers And when jihad is called against them they still refuse! If you are a Follower of Imam Rashidun, a Follower of ALLAH ALMIGHTY! Leave their sides, and go to the Caliphate, elsewhere, OR Fight in Jihad! For this is a clear Jihad for Allah! Let it be known, That The Holy Caliphate Will fight the infidel until they surrender! The Laws of Jihad are Clear! Until they put down their arms, we will fight, There will be no coercion, We will not force them to Convert, but to end their injustice and war! Remember these two Words… Martyrdom or Victory. Let us make it victory so the religion of Allah Can live on!” Issued and confirmed by Caliph Abdullah Kharadeen, Son Of The Second Caliph Auda Kharadeen, great grandson of the first Sultan Arlen Kharadeen, great great Grandson to the Mighty First Caliph Faiz Kharadeen, Protector of the Farfolks, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths,, The Reclaimer of Honor, Defender and Follower of Al'liman Rashidun, Defender of the Kadarsi Caliphate, Returner of Homelands, Unifier of Tribes, High Commander of the Kadarsi Army, the Returner of Justice, Sultan Of Al-Damashq, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With this letter, Jihad was called, All Mumineen from all around atlas found themselves enlisting in the Caliphate, or sending supplies to help their brothers fight in this jihad. This war will be Bloody, For the Sake of Allah. In short, jihad has been called to fight for Allah, those who claim to be followers of Allah and fight with the enemy will be killed for heresy and fighting for Iblees. -
  10. Boomboxdoom23

    Oh Faiz Kharadeen

    Abdullah nods in approval as the song is sung through out the caliphate, he’d also sing from the top of Bey Hill
  11. Boomboxdoom23

    Advance Kadarsi Fair

    Abdullah Kharadeen nods in approval
  12. Boomboxdoom23

    Welcome, My Caravan of Kadarsi

    Abdullah Kharadeen nods in approval
  13. Boomboxdoom23

    We Want You

    Abdullah Kharadeen nods in approval
  14. Boomboxdoom23

    The Terracotta Council

    The Terracotta Council Since the beginning of the Kharadeen reign, the Caliphs and Sultans have had a council to help them govern the lands of the Farfolks. The Caliphate of Kadarsi is no different. The positions are vital to keep our nation’s stability and peace. The positions go as follows. Caliph Leader of the Kadarsi Caliphate and Imam of the Imam Rashidun. No others authority passes his/hers in the realm Currently held by - Abdullah Kharadeen Mustashar In common known as a Chancellor. The Caliphs most trusted advisor and holds the most power in the Caliphate only second to the Caliph himself Currently held by - Menev Eredil Amir Head of the Military and tasked with the defense of the realm and its people. He/she is expected to rally and defend the nation. Currently Held by - Menev Eredil (until other is found) Munavin In the common language known as the High Steward. Tasked with the up-keeping and housing of the capital. They are also tasked with finding and Anointing new stewards to help make the job easier and more efficient. Currently Held by - Naïma High Safir Known to be the head Ambassador to the Caliphate and to deal with relations and reputation with other nations. They are also to appoint ambassadors Currently Held by - vacant position Janissary Captain In charge of the janissary Corps, This is known to be one of the greatest fighters in the realm and is tasked with the protection of the Caliph and the royal family. The training of men he/she sees fit to train as janissaries is also tasked to them, Only having to take orders directly from the Caliph himself Currently Held by - Ibraheem Aladeen. Scribe The man/women that holds this position is tasked with writing and approving official Caliphate documents. They are to document council meetings Currently Held by - Vacant Position ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Issued and confirmed by Caliph Abdullah Kharadeen, Son Of The Second Caliph Auda Kharadeen, great grandson of the first Sultan Arlen Kharadeen, great great Grandson to the Mighty First Caliph Faiz Kharadeen, Protector of the Farfolks, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths,, The Reclaimer of Honor, Defender and Follower of Al'liman Rashidun, Defender of the Kadarsi Caliphate, Returner of Homelands, Unifier of Tribes, High Commander of the Kadarsi Army, the Returner of Justice, Sultan Of Al-Damashq, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen
  15. Boomboxdoom23

    The First Summit of Cyrilsburg

    Abdullah Kharadeen plans to attend