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    I made a mistake. My minecraftname is with a small letter so it's snoopie12 in place of Snoopie12. I don't know if it matters but now i am a wondering soul and i don't know how to acces the roleplay.
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    I changed it
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    9He is born in the Woods of Dominion. His parents died when he was 20 because of the orc attack. He survived because he hide himself under the floor in the secret basement. The rest of the village was burned down and everyone died. After this traumatical event he never trusted anybody ever again. He was verry much on his own. After this he fled to Nordengrad. But they didn't let him in so after a long time surviving in the Woods around that city. His anger needed to go out so he sneeked into the city to kill a guard. After that he needed to run because the city put a bounty on his head.
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