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  1. Iscesi 'Snowbird' Velulaei'onn prepares his various wares in preparation for the new shop.
  2. THE TOUCAN PETITION COA of the Toucan Company - EST. 1885 Mighty , strong , intelligent , is what those call the Toucan - for that, simply, is what they are. Since the beginning of time these birds have flown free, majestically in the skies above, specifically the tropical lands where Elysium settles today. For now I present The Toucan Petition, to the great Dutchy of Elysium , and most formally Eugeo de Astrea. This petition states that the current representative of Elysium, the Bokolo, shall retire for then a new symbolic measure shall arise - The Toucan. This great bird symbolizes the ideas that the people's voices hold great strength , and that the gathering of ideas carries great importance in these communities. Shall it interest Duke Eugeo de Astrea, I, founder and head of the Toucan Company, offer a formal debate to occur in the square of Elysium upon the topic of this petition. The date may be chosen by himself. I then ask you, the people, to sign this petition to help Elysium unify once more and unite it's people. If you wish to sign this petition, leave the following credentials below. Name - Yes folks, that's really it. Just your name. Whether accepted or denied, Iscesi Velulaei'onn shall be granted his unbanishment if Eugeo de Astrea holds said debate to spectate said event. Signed,
  3. pictures look cool, +1. will give a better response once read
  4. Upon returning to the Urguani lands, Iscesi made a stop at the Destiny's Crossroad tavern - a warm smile then growing on his face. "We'll be glad to protect this land, a kind man"
  5. Iscesi 'Snowbird' Velulaei'onn lays in his snake-skin chair, strumming at his Magic Guitar "I've said it a near million times now - when will they learn this is not their fight?!"
  6. Upon reading over the missive, Iscesi chuckled to himself, the bloodshed of two Imperials drawn upon his blade "A battle well fought... by us!"
  7. Name: Iscesi Velulaei'onn Race: DARK ELF Age: 91? Gender: Male [[OOC]] Username: cappa Discord: tampa#2222 Timezone: EASTERN STANDARD TIME
  8. thought this was going a different direction at first
  9. congrats hogerbojer

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      My thanks for the congratulations. :)

  10. Iscesi grinned, the blood of a slaughtered Imperial State Army soldier shed upon his blade "Soon they will realize, this fight has no place for them..."
  11. Origin Only time may tell the progression of the Arcane Art, from the earliest beginnings of merely connecting one with the void to now the conjure of rupturing spells; the urge, the desire of achieving most potent ability with this art has uprised. With this absolute yearn to become the formidable birthed a new Magi, one that allowed for such control, Voidal Seethes. Used most generally in combat, Mages which held this magic gained the ability to repress Voidal Mages of their connection and cast. Magic Explanation Voidal Seethes are a defensive form of Magi, allowing one to construct an invisible blockade between an opposing Voidal Mage’s physical presence and their voidal plane connection. When a Mana Anchor is placed in the veil, the Voidal Seethe may conjure a barricade along the sill of the plane in place of the opposing mage’s hold, tearing the chain of connection the mage has linked. With practice, a mage then may be able to cross over from their own connection to control the other mage’s tie. This obstruction of hold may be administered to the Seethe’s please, allowing for a variety of spells to be sent upon the link. With such voidal grants, a vast amount of teachings and practice of focus must be learned to exercise the art. Voidal Seethes take up [1] voidal slot This magic requires a MA, taught by a valid TA Voidal Seethes require someone to already have mastered at least (1) voidal magic before learnin Spells Counter Connection The most generic of Voidal Seethe spells, the mage can place a simple barrier between the opposing Mage’s link of the physical realm and voidal plane to cancel their connection/cast. The other mage may begin casting once more after it’s been canceled. Alter Connection A relatively simple spell, Alter Connection allows a Voidal Seethe to take control of the opposing mage’s cast, directing it how the Mage pleases. This is done by connecting the Seethe’s connection to theirs, taking partial control of the cast. Weaken Connection This spell allows a Voidal Seethe to weaken their opponent, limiting them in their casting for the rest of the interaction. Varying from Counter Connection, this is done by first placing a barricade between the voidal plane and the physical realm, then reaching your connection to theirs to attack it further than just a cancel. Harness Connection A Voidal Seethe may use their own connection to essentially split into the opposing mage’s link, harnessing the mana from it to use as their own. This may strengthen the Seethe’s own voidal spells to greater means. Tier Progression Tier 1, Novice - A Voidal Seethe has just begun their journey of strengthening their connection and control of the void, and is weak in terms of casting. Novices are typically only furthering their study and connection to the void during this tier Spells - Counter Connection, Weaken Connection Limitations - A novice is limited to a 4 meter range, and can only cast a spell a maximum of once per interaction. (Lasts 2 weeks) Tier 2, Apprentice - Furthering their knowledge and connection to the void, a Voidal Seethe has gained a more stable focus in their spells, but is still fairly weak in terms of casting. Spells - Counter Connection, Weaken Connection, Alter Connection Limitations - An apprentice is limited to a 5 meter range and is available to cast up to two times per interaction (Lasts 3 weeks) Tier 3, Adept - A Seethe has now gotten a solid understanding of the magic and it’s properties, allowing for more powerful casts and focus. Spells - Counter Connection, Weaken Connection, Alter Connection, Harness Connection Limitations - A Seethe is now free to cast up to a 6 meter range, and can cast up to three times per interaction. (Lasts 4 weeks) Tier 4, Expert - Now nearly mastering the art, a Seethe has access to far more powerful casts and abilities, and has a very strong connection with the void. Spells - Counter Connection, Weaken Connection, Alter Connection, Harness Connection Limitations - A mage now can cast up to 8 meters, and can cast up to three times per interaction (Lasts 6 weeks) Tier 5, Master - Now completely mastering the art, Voidal Seethes can control both their connection and others at a high ranking. Spells - Counter Connection, Weaken Connection, Alter Connection, Harness Connection Limitations - A mage now can cast up to 10 meters, and can cast up to four times per interaction Purpose As of now, there is no direct ‘defense’ to voidal magics apart from metals and of course casting of your own. This magic allows for mage’s to have a clear combat against Voidal castings. Referenced
  12. OOC ((MC Name: )) cappor ((Discord: )) tampa#2222 ((Timezone: )) EST IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Iscesi Velulaei'onn Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? With my recent up rise in both interest and pursuing of the Arcane, I wish to further my knowledge and practice on the arts with those who follow it as well. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Water Evocation, Transfiguration What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Adeptus Minor When should you be contacted for an interview? At whenever time is best available for the guild.
  13. Iscesi returns to his abode in the Urguani land, a new collection of Orenien wares resting in his hands. "I do continue to wonder the intentions of the Empire. After claiming loss in such a battle, i'd assume they'd have backed down by now. Hm..."
  14. Iscesi read upon the missive soon after his return to Urguan from the battlefield, "An outnumbered fight more than one-to-two shouldn't be lost by the so, mighty empire. This is only the first" He scoffed, setting his just recent Orenien-gained armor in his Urguani home.
  15. Iscesi scans down the missive, a grin growing wide across his face. "Fools, the Empire - challenging the Kingdom of Urguan will be soon proven their fatal mistake" He'd comment to the last few of the Velulaeionn clan, laying the scroll down atop his White Sun Company crafted table.
  16. Elysium Head coach looks to the group of Elysium Team Players snorting Frost Salt. 80 laps each was coming for them... @Suicidium
  17. A certain Mali'ker skims over the post, hovering his finger over 'Many hours' "Hours for just a few bandits? I could've sworn they had ten's of men..."
  18. Iscesi sat within his summer home; his skygod pondering the downright idiocy gag of a 'mercenary' which he'd met some time ago. "I do hope somebody puts her in her place... her ego has grown far too big after her... vacation" The 'ker scoffed
  19. good luck in the real world
  20. WHITE SUN COMPANY Flyers lay hung, pinned to bulletin boards all throughout the realm The White Sun The White Sun Company is divided into two branches, those being the General Goods side and the Custom Forgings and Weaponry side, each branch specializing in their area of expertise. The General Goods side produces armor, weapons and other means of combat with intent for fighting purposes, and the Custom Forgings and Weaponry section as the name implies, creates custom weaponry or anything else at the customer's request. General Good Ranging from spears to pickaxes, the General Goods branch of the WSC offers the lowest prices on iron goods all throughout the lands. Also offering buyage of wares off sellers, we will give you an offer on anything brought to us, whether it be a mere sack of iron or an alchemical potion. Our prices go as follow, 1 Stack of Unsmelted Iron - 12 Mina 1 Stack of Smelted Iron - 18 Mina Iron Helmet - 6 mina Iron Chestplate - 7 mina Iron Leggings - 7 mina Iron Boots - 4 mina Iron Sword (All sorts) - 4 mina All prices are subject to change Custom Forgings and Weaponry Any request ranging from the most basic ferrum weaponry, all the way to sought-after weapons forged of mystical materials are available at the LUC. As such from above, the Custom Forgings and Weaponry branch offers customers to sell their goods to the branch - any and all offers to be negotiated. As well as Alchemical Potions, enchantments, and various other wares are sold at the White Sun. Prices not listed, contact Elsiimah’Ceru or Durin Hammerforge via bird. Commission prices are subject to change at any time. Contact Us 7 Treegarden, Ando-Alur Head of Union, and director of General Goods branch Iscesi Velualei'onn, (cappor, kio#2222) Director of Custom Forgings and Weaponry branch Elsiimah’Ceru (ACXHAWN, __Clocky#6667)
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