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Found 11 results

  1. Fox cubs Orphanage I am proud to announce that as of today the orphanage of helios after half a year of construction Is now opening its doors. We are now prepared to take in children from ages 0 to 17 During the orphanage's construction I have already been left with three infants one toddler and one ten year old. They were left at the orphanage over the past couple months. Potential parents are welcome to send me a letter to come visit children. I would like to reiterate that the purpose of this orphanage is to keep these children safe and sound, fed, and educated. In this mission we will now be accepting donations of materials, food and toys for the children. I wish to make their environment and time here as peaceful as possible. We will accept all children big and small so do not hesitate to bring any lost or abandoned children to our doors or send me a letter if you find one. Children are our future and they’re potential is boundless we must protect and guide them. Fox cubs orphanage is a place for them to grow and learn and just BE children. With that said I bid the people of Helious and Aevos a good elven year It is my hope that the fox cub orphanage becomes a safe haven for children all over aevos Signed, Aspin A. Munnel
  2. Orphanage of helious Over the years I have come to the realization that there are many needs in life. Food, water, education, and protection, The need that I come back to most tho is the same one i needed so long ago. A Home, A place to be safe and sound and away from all the dangers that Surrounded me. A place to come back to where there is always food and a bed. A place where I would be educated without having to worry over where I would go to sleep that night. I see a need for a place where Orphans, such as I once was, to be Protected, fed, sheltered and educated till they can be Matched with a set of Guardians or a single guardian who wants to build a family. Or until they have become adults and are then old enough to make their own homes. Therefore I am proud to announce the coming of an orphanage in Helios where all children that are lost, scared, alone, or hungry are welcome. no matter where they came from, who they are, or what they are. The First Orphanage of helious, Fox cubs orphanage, will accept them. the Grand opening of Fox Cubs Orphanage Will be announced as soon as possible. I will be building the orphanage with my own two hands. Once it is finished we will start accepting children Immediately. Signed, Aspin A. Munnel
  3. Hello! I am currently looking for people to play my rp children. I need two people to play a daughter and preferably a son. About Dad: Calderon Elian Ignacio Santos is played by me, MutatedPotato. He is a Hyspanic-Illatian man, standing at 6'3". He has curly black hair and heterochromia, which he shares with his twin sister. His right eye is a dark green while his left is a dark blue. He is music-passionate, and described as a bit of a himbo. Despite his somewhat empty brain, he is very loving and devoted to his family and those who he cares for. He leans very strongly toward death before dishonor, and was trained as the former Viceroy of Hyspia's squire. He bears several scars from his battles against Hyspia's bulls. About You: Currently, we have two children. The firstborn is a daughter named Yesenia Aracely Katalia Xitali Santos. She is a 6 year old girl. Since she's so young, and hasn't really been established much besides short references, her appearance and personality can be determined by whoever plays her. At the moment, she's been mentioned to be a polite and joyful girl. The second child is up to whoever decides to play them. I would prefer it be a boy, as our family is the last one holding the Santos name. The age can be whatever you choose, as long as it is under 6. If you have a friend, you can even be twins! The name can also be up for discussion. Just reach out to me on discord! About Santos: The house was founded by Lmcfc, and is taken over by yours truly. They seem to have a knack for having twins and triplets. La familia de Santos originated from the Isle of Tearion. Prior to the destruction of the Isle, the Santos line was a high-ranking noble family. Thus, those with the Santos name still tend to carry themselves with the poise and dignity befitting a noble. They were evacuated from their home due to an invasion of demons. After months at sea, the family finally landed in Almaris. More info can be found in these two links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dVqfPNo1fUPJ_TYYRqjRw8a90CffMiou6SP-u4zP7zw/edit
  4. [!] A missive is distributed announcing the births of Weiss twins. THE LION’S PRIDE GROWS Issued by the Viscounty of Novkursain Naf zwy hag 12th i Wzuvar ag Byvca i 468 ES [!] A depiction of the twin boys as they lay in their cot. Vikomit Audo Weiss and Princess Verónica Weiss are immensely proud to announce the newest-born members of House Weiss on the 11th i Wzuvar ag Byvca i 468 ES. Their firstborn son and heir Walter León Weiss AND Their second-born son Stanislaw Julian Weiss We know that our children will face the future that awaits them with due diligence. May the heir, Lord Walter León Weiss, be a true leader unto the Weiss. AND May our blessed second-born, Lord Stanislaw Julian Weiss, be guided in all things by GOD. With the birth of a new generation, the family name is assured for yet more years. May it be under the light of GOD that the Weiss’ unshakeable devotion to our nation continue forevermore! Under the care and tutelage of the Weiss family, the two infants will learn to carry their family name with the utmost dignity and pride. As they grow, let it be that they: Take unto themselves the Five Maxims of Pride; Be exemplary in pride for their Hanseti-ruskan and Hyspian heritage; Work untiringly to see our great nation prosper. [!] A depiction of a lion, a lioness, and two cubs. A symbol of the new parents and their twins Krusae zwy kongzem; Va Ve Maan A special double batch of Zvaervauld Lilac Honey™ will be made to mark this most special occasion. Iv Joveo Mann, His Honourable Lordship, Audo Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld, Custodian of Staalgrav, Sergeant and Military Tribune of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl Her Highness, Verónica Isabella Weiss, Princess of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia, Viscountess-Consort of Novkursain, Baroness-Consort of Zvaervauld, and Member of the Weiss Council
  5. A little Godunov’s candle was seen flickering in the crevice of her window late one eve. Her governess had wished her goodnight already, her parents a peck each on the cheek - yet her mind was restless. Tonight was a night of fruitful thought. Tonight was a night for plotting. Alyona’s mind had been rampant for weeks on end, and it was only until now she took the pleasure in letting herself express her wishes. Her wax crayons, black and yellow and brown and red, scribbled on letter-writing parchment she had stolen from her father’s room. Only then would she send it out by sneaking off early morn for Karosgrad, posting her elaborate missive to the notice board… A Y O U N G s p a r r o w s t r i k e s A G A I N ! [!] A depiction of the eldest Godunov doing her own Duma with 'other children', no matter how monstrous they were drawn 2 F E C H I L L Y D R E N O V H A N S , Wee shall not bee SEALENSED! Wen I went 2 fe DUMA, Layday Judgey Loo-dow-far was a NAYSTAY wooman and sayd vat fe aduwlts ov Hans shuld NOT lissen 2 ve voyses ov keeds and vat mya MISSY LETHER was mayd wiv crayons in a BAD way... how MEAYN! Ven, Baroyn Bissssop COYLLED OWT MY AYGE wen I tryd 2 vowte as mya papej's reypreesentaytif! Just beeycuz his fameeliy was beeing showwted at! How dayre HE! Mya vowte was NOT cowunted in fe eynd and vat mayde me fery SAD. I huffed and puffed. HUFF. PUFF. Huw carys if yam 6? Mya vowte matters! Instayd, vey ar mayking me SAD biy not letting me bee a parrrrrrt ov vem. Wee ar fe fewturre! As a chiyuld in Hans, I DEEMAND vat wee riyus 2gever and and stop fe adultees from steeyling ower vowtes. If U carye abowt ower fewture and fe adultees and mamejs and papejs ruwin in it, ven meat me at AETERNITY ANCHORAGE (I copeed vis from fe siyn) in fe capitol in 2 saynt days. Adultees ar so MEAN and vey just SQUAWSH allll fe FUN owt of LYFE. Piyck whiysly. Colmb and joiwn me. Do not bee a stinkee cri babee. S I G N E D, ALYONA GODUNOV The Sparrow
  6. Attention, children of Hanseti-Ruska! For a long time, the Kingdom of Hoonse has been a form of stra stagataion inactiveness and stuff. And now we are going to come back and be a good kingdom for the kingdoms kids like us, and because theres is a lot of us so we can be a good place and have a lots of fun 😊. We have remade the Hoonse place too! The queen (beatriss) is the best queen ever and will help plan a whole bunch of things for us and then the king (arik) will try to be cool and lead us to props Pospter posperlity Prosperity! ALSO! If any kids from Balian or Oren want to come and see how cool hoonse is, they can come too! Unless were at wor, then will hit them with sticks! But if were not then we can have cool parties and we’ll go visit eachother and stuff. ((OOC: Messages from the monarchs)) ALSO! If you wanna come with the group to do some cool stuff… thatd be cool. Itll be in like 2 months or something… SEE YOU THERE! ((OOC: Some Art I hobbled together in celebration of Hoonse)) SYNED Beatrice!! <3, Queen of Hoonse Aurik, Hoonse of Kin King of Hoonse
  7. To Hoonse: As your newly appointed aulic treasurer, it occurs to me that our new kingdom will need some funding to effectively run our business. The first conquest of our journey is Merchant Stall 1, in the Haense square. I have forced my cousins Ariovistan and Thomund to give me this shop or else I will kick them in their sleep, so they gave it to me. And now it is the property of HOONSE! If we can make or collect some cool stuff, I can put it here, and all of the profits will go to the treasury and the True Koeng and Koenas of the north. If any of my fellow hoonseti patrons want to put something in the store, tell me! There is plenty of space and even more opportunity for profits! Just tell me at the next Meeting! Signed, August Bishop II, Aulic Treasurer of Hoonse [!] A depiction of money signs is drawn here:
  8. Hiii! So I have a high elf character who had a child with an Adunian, Thus making the child Adunian. This child is a Male with black hair and Silvery blue eyes. His name is Theriion (Ther-i-on) Davorn Lasfaen, son of Thalia Lasfaen née Hileia and Davorn Lasfaen. when you start out you will be 5-6 years old. If anyone is interested in playing Theriion please reply to this message and/or message me on Discord (Otakuu#5502) Happy Roleplaying!
  9. The Loving Maiden Orphanage Are you a child with no place to call home? Are you a lady of the night with a child that’s making it difficult for you to work? Are you a nobleman with a bastard you fathered with a cousin? If so come over to the Loving Maiden orphanage where all unwanted and unloved children are welcome to play and be free with other terrible mistakes and accidents! Located in Al'Wahkrah, along the path to the right of the stairs in the city square, housed in the old Mages Guild house, we house any and all children, feed them, provide them with a roof over their heads, for now we only take on children and do not accept adoptions for the time being of course. If you wish to be free of your heavy burden of a mistake, or have already been discarded of and wish to stay, simply come by or send a bird to one of the co-owners, Reginald and some unimportant employees. We have an array of caring and loving adults that look after the children and act almost like mothers and fathers to them, we are self sufficient, though donations are welcome. Disclaimer: The Lusty Maiden Orphanage is not responsible for any wrongdoings or laws broken by children currently staying under our roof. OOC: Application, simple enough it's just so we know who you are and maybe why you're interested in staying at the orphanage. IGN: RP Name: Age: Short Bio: Why you're inteterested: Skype (PM if you want): (( P.S, not gonna be a normal orphanage, if you pretty much want to be a normal orphan at a loving orphanage this most likely isn’t for you, but if you like interesting and fun rp feel free to come by, or make a post on this page, anything more and it’ll ruin the surprise. ))
  10. Deep in a forest a hidden book bound in human skin lies under a rock, waiting to be read. The writing is scribbled in blood with a nervous and shaky hand. The cover has "The Forgotten" etched into it. Once the cover is turned over, an awful smell fills the air for miles, the animals flee the area sensing the danger, the plants wilt, and the fog sets in. The book begins to call the readers name, luring them into it. The top of the first page reads "THEI OUGHT NOT BE FORGOTTEN" It continues onto the page saying "He sent us into the forest to play, he told us we did nothing but ruin his work. We were very sad, we decided to wait for him to be done say our apologies. We waited off in the distance, till he finished his work after three hours. We gathered fruit and made our way back to the cottage where we put it at his feet and begged for forgiveness. He banished us from ever returning home, we begged and he returned with 'over his dead body' we moved to the forest. We starved that first night, we grew weak in a short time. On the rise of the second day we returned home to apologize to him again, he grabbed our youngest of kin, and broke his neck. The sound of the shattered little boys neck echoed across our land. He then screeched at us to leave him alone and never come back. We took our brother and returned to the forest. We were forced to eat our fallen kin, tears were shed as we ate the flesh. We fell ill from the meat, not much rest was given that night. We spent the night regurgitating him. Eventually we fainted from the pain and sadness come over us. When I woke my brother had lost his mind, he began pacing and speaking to himself loudly saying 'Brother is gone, Sister is safe. Brother is gone, Sister is safe. Brother is gone, Sister is safe.' I assured him I was indeed safe. He looked at me, his eyes empty, and ran. I tried to chase him, but I had no strength and fell. I was unable to get up and he returned hours later with two small children, one in each hand. He screamed at them repeatedly asking them why they forgot about us. When they stopped answering and just started crying, he tied them to a tree and began eating into their chest. Telling them to feel our pain. I tried to push him away, but he struck me and told me that father sent them for us. It leads on to smudges and crossed out writing until the next page where only some of the title is legible. WE WILL BE SAFE NOW WE ARE TOGETHER I knew brother was right, but the town did not listen to him. He was hanged, how dare they hang a god like him. I will see them all ravaged by feral wolves for their misdeeds against a true king. I shouted at them and attacked the guards told them they would die soon. Their feeble minds said I was a witch, I was tied to the stake and set ablaze. The flames only felt better as my true being was set free. Now we returned home and lure them to us and take them one by one. They will repay us in the blood we lost. The rest of the page has random writings of eternal torment and killings among smudges and illegible writing How it works: Three players, two male skins and one female, roam the forests and when a player either comes close to their 'home' or picks up the book they're a target. The animals flea, plants wilt, fog sets in, and the smell of death rises. How ever they want to rp it is up to them. ((Idk sorry if it sucks, I'm tired and was feeling a little dark :P))
  11. Edit 4 - My brain keeps on going on and on about this idea, so I'm thinking up more things for it! Like perhaps auctions afterwards, for those that missed out! Certain people go out, and gather as many Animals as they can, and then sell them to those that weren't online during it, or to people that weren't lucky enough ( Since they have limits on how many Animals you take out of the area. Auctions wouldn't be able to happen right after it / a few hours after it since people wouldn't be able to breed to a large amount unless they already had Animals at their homes to breed them with. Also there could be shops and such, during and after. Supplies for hunting, fighting, taming, and capturing the Animals, as well as food ( Normal food, and things the Animals eat ) . Little event items ( Toys, really ) for the children / anyone that likes to collect things could also be going on. All children could get an event item or two by bringing something to donate to a region / nation / faction / city in need Edit 3 - Hehe, didn't see this before. Filled out now ~~ Event Planners, MC Names: xXxOneLovexXx Event Type: Plentiful Animals Event Date: Sometime in the Spring of the world Factions/Nations effected by the event: Everyone Event Location: Different locations. Forests for Pets, Deserts for Hostile Mobs, and Plains / Empty areas for Hunters Summary: Down below already Concept Images/Screenshots Nothing Other Information: I don't really know... Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Yes. I can't spawn in anything! If I could, I wouldn't want this. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: I need some people to play as the ones that perhaps discovered this odd thing that occurs? Wilderness people that spend time in the Wilds that noticed the large group of Animals Edit 2 - It could be yearly ( For the world ) as well. During the spring, there's a chance that the Animals breed like crazy, thus creating the Plentiful Animal Event, or could just be yearly normally, since in the Spring / Summer ( Don't know if LotC has all four seasons or not ) Animals normally increase in population due to the vegetation growth and rain Edit - I thought about some more things for this. For the Hunters, you could easily just go about collecting the loot, actual hunting inside of bringing the Animals back to kill later. For everything - If you have a Minimap that has mob settings, you cannot use it to see where the best places to get the most Animals that are away from other players are / the biggest group of them ( I have a Minimap with settings like that, where I can switch which mobs, including players, that I want to show. It would be a little unfair if I and others could use this to our advantage for those that don't have it ) Okay, so I know already that finding Animals out in the wild are pretty rare, and I was already told that if I get five people to do an event with me, then there will be one, but I don't like the rules the mod said... So, here is my idea. - Animal Event - Where Animals will be plentiful, and you might be able to snag a few. What the mod said is that there would be fighting, but here's my version on it, that can apply to both the ones that want them for food and materials, and then the other that just wants a few pets, like Wolves or Cats The Hunting - This is for the people that want them for food and materials like leather, wool, string ( Maybe add the hostile mobs as well? A certain area of the map for each 'group' ( Hunter, Monster, Pet ) ) , meat, things like that. People will have to fight to get the Animals 'homefree' ( Maybe a certain border where the Animals are yours and you're free to take them home easily and no one else can kill you beyond that point ( Unless it's the normal thing ) . Horses could also be in this group, since a lot of people use them for war, and they're more hard to get than the others due to where they spawn. You must bring your own supplies to take them home. Limit of five Animals per person. The Pet Center - Animals like Wolves and Cats, as well as a few friendly mobs run about, for little kids or people that want a friend by their side. No fighting unless it's between two people that are going for the same one. You must bring your own supplies to tame them and take them home. Certain people, like young children or elderly people can't fight, so it's a good way for them to get a friend. Limit of two Animals per person. The Monster Arena ( Optional ) - ( Happens at night so nothing will burn to death ) A place full of Monsters for the hunters that love for a good bloodbath! All kinds of naturally spawning mobs in the Overworld roam about, waiting to be killed for their loot, or just for the hell of it. You must bring your own supplies and gear for killing the mobs. So that's my idea, and I think it would be great ( Mostly at the time when a lot of people are online so no one truly misses out ) . Please tell me how it could be better, I just thought that this was good for everyone, those that want pets, those that want farm Animals ( Hunters ) and meat, those that love killing evil Creatures...
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