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Civilization III [RP]

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Civilization III




It’s the year of 982. The species of the world have lived for centuries, growing and advancing ever so slowly, hindered by wars, famine and other catastrophes. Never in the past has a group of people managed to establish a firm rule over the known world, never have there been great Empires, all failed on the ambitions of singular beings, their hubris and their greed. As the many small civilizations grew in size and number, they had approached a treshold, where this “curse” might become a thing of the past. Innovation in agriculture and craftsmanship have brought them forward. Others have found solace in nature. Again others, might have found progress in the arcane arts.


Yet, this story is open to continue, fate is never written. And thus begins the endless tale, the many stories of the many people...







Turn your gazes around you, mighty feudal lords of Hiromi. A wind of change drifts dark clouds of war across the water. Separated by leagues of sea, the rival realms to your West plot their next move against eachother. The Golden Kingdom to the South seeks a true successor to its throne, and in the West, there are lands untamed and riches still buried! The Hiromi are a people that may develop nigh limitless potential in these changing times and can achieve greatness, in the East of the known world, and then under all of the heavens!


Scarlet Order


Ever vigilant, ever steadfast, prepared for a war. To your south, a new realm has risen, refugees from a consumed nation having arrived at your shores. To the North along the border, the knights of Lyonesse roam the lands and might even encroach on your borders. It’s a tenous peace with potential foes all around, but if you ascertain yourself in detail, there might be the chance of striking a good deal with your fellow minor realms. Who knows, a friendship and potential alliance could go a far way in these dangerous times?


Bundesreich Abendland


The colossal federation of feudal holdings under the Emperor strives to become greater than just the sum of itself. However internal strife and corruption, feuds between the lords and ladies of the Realm are still a thing going on, a lot less bloody than in the past, perhaps. In the neighbouring realms peace seems to rule on land, quiet trade and prosperity is coming to the many realms of man here in the West. Only at sea, the tides of war rule, as Roymar continues its pursuit of naval dominance over the minor island realms around. The great contestant are the Shatterlands, who are able to tie them down. For now.


Hith Cities


Hush, be quiet little one, before the shadows of the jungle come and eat you! A children’s tale with a grain of truth, as to the South of the Hith lands, the jungle becomes more dense than ever and beings of unknown terror call it their home. More than one Hith has met his untimely end as he strayed to far from known paths. Across the great span of salted water to the North, islands have been spotted, from where already more than a few sacrifices arrived here at our shores. Their blood is good and the ancestors smile upon us for such worthy sacrifices. But not only there, also to the West and the East we might look, as there are more realms, with many people in number, different from eachother, but worthy to be bled nonetheless.


Oran Khanate


Under your hooves Lianqing was trampled and taken, many homes and hamlets burned and plundered and their former capital integrated into our mighty growing Empire of Grass. But we mustn’t stop here, as there are other realms nearby, rich and fat from years of complacency and unwillingness to learn and be strong. There expansion might be opportune. But as one casts his gaze forward, he shall not forget his back, where far to the East at the outer reaches of our steppes, in hills and mountains sky-high, a race of short men have established a Kingdom, unwilling to deal with us, unwilling to bend to us. What decision may we make or will we seek opportunities elsewhere in this vast world?


Imperium Sanctus


By the Creator, as pure as we are, none is. For such we must pursue a path to enlighten those who are unable to see the truth, who dabble in dark arts of arcane and ignore the grace of light by the creator, our god. Orcs that claim to be civilized and sociable have a Kingdom there, to our West, a nation of peasants has established itself where people are “equal”. To our south, on the sea, our ships are outrun by a race of arrogant Elves, who laugh at us for they know they can never be us, so they must mock us to cover their own inadequacies. Where shall we sail? Where shall we march? What is the path the creator has in mind for our Imperium Sanctus?


Republic of Ithaca


Far away from foreign shores, isolated and now peaceful ever since arms were laid down and quills were taken up to sign the contract that formed our prosperous nation. Trade goes well with the Human Realms to our North, the Shatterlands being a good trade partner, although their ongoing war has taken a toll on them, which has cut into our margins. Roymar is rich and powerful, but shall we seek to be a second fiddle in the affairs of the Westerlands? And not to forget the slumbering colossus of the Bundesreich. Where will they steer their ship, and will we cut their winds or sail in their shadow?


Kingdom of Nûr


Ignorant and inferior are all that are not us. The realms on the coastline are plenty, from overcompensating primitives clad in dirty iron to overzealous treeloving savages that are unwilling to see the truth and progress in this world. Simpletons, all of them, only good for their physical strength. And then there is the Kingdom of Kronk, that has such in abundance. Ogres are numerous and powerful there, perhaps there could be some arrangment? If not, the Orcish Kingdoms to our West may prove to be a strategic target for both politics and warfare. Whatever we do, we know we will prevail, as such has been destined. The Mori-Kal are the chosen of this world, and they are meant to rule it all.




Have you ever tried cooking your own hand? The taste of the outer crust is deliciouuuuus! No? Whatever, then cook your mother’s hand and your pet’s tail. A stew would be great! You see, stew can be made of many parts of the body. But the origin of said body is important. Perhaps, somewhere we could organize some samples? Are there any out there? Or should we focus on ourselves? Hrm, test subjects for our latest inventions and pursuits in the Arcane might be needed too? Or they might have had an idea we did not yet? We ought to know it all. KNOW IT ALL!


Kingdom of Lyonesse


Oh King of mine, in the Lady’s name, by the Knight’s honor, what are we to pursue in this world filled with such potential for chivalry? Many realms surround us, but a vast savage land of Brutes marks our Northern border. Incursions so far have been shattered, leaving none alive, but who knows how long such might last? The small city states along the coast may do better with our protection, or perhaps even as part of our Kingdom? Then there is the looming threat across the bay, where a horseman realm has established itself, already having slain one of those small realms we ought to protect with our life, blood and honor! We should pursue to beat them, show them their place, banish them back to their steppes. Or... strike a deal, so we may focus on other things first?


The Stoneborn


For many years we were unnoticed. Until the first dwarf dug a shaft into our cities. Until the first Ogre stumbled into one of our caves. Two mighty realms are West and East. One savage and destructive, the other filled with greed for ore and gem. There must be a balance. And we must protect what is ours and our heritage from them at all cost! But given their appearance, it means there could be more than them beyond, further away, out of our reach if we stay hidden in our mountains as is. Perhaps now, it is the time for the Stoneborn to make an appearance, to step out and greet the world, to take a rightful place amongst (more or less) equals! What shall we pursue? Shall we be seen? Or forgotten, until we fall to dust?




We are Formorians. But we could be more. What ambitions shall we pursue? To our West, Humans have united their realms to great extents, and have become a power to be reckoned with! To our south, the Yazri have gathered under a common leader, and have been arming up day by day, week by week. They pursue a war. With us? Then they shall have a fight that will be legendary. Perhaps it is not us they seek, and we might strike a deal with them, that will allow us to fight for our gain, benefit, glory and ascertained survival in the future, for the wind of change is all around us.




Map of the known World




It’s the year 982.


You may take action now.

((Discord for questions.))






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Koukyo (capital), Hifumi, Ennochi, Omusa, Ganbaru

37.800, 25.200, 12.350, 11.400, 10.750, total of 97.500




1st Emperor of the Hiromi 



Hatsuki Fujiwara, eldest son of Jimmu

Koizumi Fujiwara, second son of Jimmu

Hiromi Fujiwara, eldest daughter of Jimmu

Mariko Sakashi, Empress



Hirofumi Sakashi of Koukyo

Watabe Katsuyuki of Hifumi

Shinjiro Sugawara of Ennochi

Yoshihide Kono of Omusa

Takemoto Muranishi of Ganbaru 






The island capital of Koukyo was thriving from trade with the other Mura’s; as trade vessels kept coming and going. In the top floor of the Higashi fortress the Mura’s convened in attendance of His Majesty Jimmu Fujiwara.


The topics on the agenda were:

I.- The deforestation of the Watanabe Forest

II.- The expansion of distance defense capabilities

III.- The eastward settling of the Hiromi Island

IV.- The expansion of the Hiromi fleet


For Koukyo, the small port hamlet on the mainland would prove to be a crucial logistic point. The city was prepared for a massive expedition sent eastwards into the northern part of the  island. A couple of ships and a small cavalry convoy would stick to the coast as they wanted to find open fields for a new eastward settlement


The Hiromi Kaigi furthermore issued a new policy to all of its citizens with gardens or land, called the “Seichou Doctrine” , where the government would provide unused seeds from farms for the populace to grow themselves. This was an attempt to make the populace less reliant on the agricultural Mura’s of Omusa and Ganbaru, and facilitate population growth by providing more security to Hiromian families. 





The second biggest city Hifumi was struggling to rival the magnetic attraction of the island Koukyo. Not only was the capital more fortified and economically stronger,but Hifumi was originally a military citadel: its infrastructure was not meant to handle a large population. With slums stretching awkwardly towards a sudden wall: separating the cramped urban landscape with the toxic swamps of the mainland island. 


Mura Watabe Katsuyuki struggled with the recent deforestation of the Watanabe forest, which was the primary source of lumber for the Hiromi. It had caused great concern in the Hiromi Kaigi: as a grand fortification project was anticipated in Ennochi. Therefore, the Mura would lobby in Koukyo for further help on this issue. In there, it was decided that a collective research effort was to be initiated by the best herbalists of the Empire to find a better compost to increase the growth of trees. 





Mura Shinjiro Sugawara had ambitious plans for Ennochi to be more fortified in case of a Golden Kingdom offensive. However, the recent deforestation of Watanabe meant that for the time being, all construction was halted.


Ennochi was the oldest city of the Empire, rumoured to be the birthplace of the famed Nakimoto dynasty who died out during the War of the Mura’s: an era in which the Hiromi were a less enlightened shogunate. If weren’t for the island benefit of Koukyo, Ennochi would be the most fortified city already. But the walls on the back that weren’t facing the coast & water were starting to rot and show signs of imminent collapse: as consistent neglection and economic priorities rendered the barely used defense wing useless. 


Scared by an offensive however, the Mura sent an envoy to the Golden Kingdom to discuss a treaty of trade. Golden Kingdom goods would be sold in the Hiromi Kingdom, in return for a non-aggression pact. The eastward expansion would be kept secret as to not instigate tension.





Omusa was by no means a relevant player in the Empire, but was nevertheless ambitious to stay ahead 

of Ganbaru and overtake Ennochi, who now was facing bad circumstances. While traditionally an agrarian Mura, Yoshihide Kono thought it was time for a diversion. If he was to sell more goods to the Empire: his influence in the Hiromi Kaigi would increase exponentially. Therefore, he commissioned the construction of 25 fishermen boats who would start fishing the coastlines. They would mostly fish in the uninhabited area towards the east, as to avoid Kuokyo fishermen and the political fallout that could happen.


Yoshihide furthermore sent out an excavation team in the region to look for the possibility of a stone quarry to rival that the one in Ganbaru and Koukyo. 





Ganbaru once started as a trade outpost for Omusa, but has now become a village respectively. Being the farthest settlement from the capital, while also the closest to the uncharted continent, Mura Takemoto Muranishi felt it was necessary to prepare his populace for conflict.


During the evening, all able-bodied men would train with the garrisoned soldiers and practice on dummies. They would not be enlisted in the army, but they were hoped to establish a soldier’s physique and basic battle skills. A missive would be sent to Koukyo & Hifumi for more investments in the city’s fortifications. Although a proper response would be unlikely, considering the Watanabe crisis.

Ganbaru also instructed its engineers to review their bows for the possibility of an improved version. Renowned scientist Naofumi Hirama would attempt to combine the mechanics of drawbridges & levers to make the shooting of a bow easier, and thus better to use by lesser trained soldiers. 



A missive is send to the Golden Kingdom, inviting them to converse about the possibility of a trade- and non-aggression agreement. In return for promising to stay on the island, the Hiromi hope to appease the Golden Kingdom sufficiently for them to consider their neighbour a safe ally.



I.- Compost that increases the growth rate of tree saplings.

II.- A first version of a crossbow.



Hirofumi Sakashi of Koukyo, 2.300 manpower

Watabe Katsuyuki of Hifumi, 1.075 manpower

Shinjiro Sugawara of Ennochi, 780 manpower

Yoshihide Kono of Omusa, 450 manpower

Takemoto Muranishi of Ganbaru, 850 manpower

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The Scarlet Order

A somber song of the Lost Kingdom


Kalibas dominated the eye when one was on the island. It was a large Citadel built decades ago, and standing strong. It was the heart of the Order and it’s logistical center. From here power and provisions roll out to the various fiefs. Its walls were a dull grey hewn in large blocks. Scaled to the size of the Roche, everything was larger then what a human would be used to. The gates were broad affairs, the wood not as good as one would like in these grassy lands. The Roche’s attention to metal working was apparent in the portcullis, a double piece of solid craft. The towers were blocky, and bordered the walls regularly. A new innovation had forward ravelins jutting from the walls. Supported by Bastions on the flanks, these craft covered more angles for the human archers.


The Knightly Order that called the Citadel home are a faded one. The Roche had long since fled from their homes and Kingdom. Many had even lived through those days, and carried it with them ever since. Lord Commander Lennert Cornelis is the current leader of the Scarlet Order. Having seen the fall of the Roche himself, he had been a part of the mass migration away from the chaos. Though the centuries Lord Cornelis had earned more and more renown in the many wars. For the past century he has held the Order on a steady course. He knew more the most their precarious postion. Cornelis himself towered above most Roche, eight feet and up. He was a vast Roche, a mountain amongst any other Knight. Even the famed Roche horses could not bear his weight. Older then most as well, his hair was grey going on white. Not many Roche had died of old age, and perhaps Lord Cornelis felt this keenly. Though he had vanquished all foes, to end his history dying in a bed reeked of cowardice. As he slips even further into old age, a cloud swirls on the edges of his mind....




Serving the Lord Commander directly were the Provincial Commanders of the three fortresses. One being Kalibas, and the two mainland castles. These three managed the daily affairs of their administrative regions, and cared for the Knights in their control. Directly under them were Order Captains. These lords took a more direct approach, leading their banners of Knights in battle and peace. Below them were the Lieutenants who ensured orders from the top flowed down to the common rank and file of the Roche elites. The common Knight of the Order was also largely independent, not sticking to their banners all the time. All in all the Roche stuck tight to an officer system that demanded discipline and rewarded those that show initiative. Almost all Roche are great riders on their massive steeds. Though ponderously slow if armored, the Order in war was a fearsome sight to behold. Those to massive to ride like the Lord Commander simply walked. Their armor crafted from the experts in the forges of Kalibas itself.


The more human Men-at-Arms made up the farm more numerous contingent of the Order. They were all drilled on standards akin to what the Roche themselves faced. Life in the Scarlet Order was never easy, or dull. No true nation or state, these men were all in a Military Order, and acted as such. They were also well equipped, and organized. The logistical and light arm of the Order, most Men-at-Arms were expected to merely support any Roche action, not act on their own. One coveted rank in the Human Ordermen was the Squires. These humans were allowed to ride the younger pony Roch steeds. Taking great audacity and skill, this elite Human branch of the Order led the regular Human yeomen cavalry, and sometimes joined the Roche Knights in a charge. Some Roche were forced as punishment, or volunteered to, lead the Men-at-Arms in pitched battles as officers.






*As the Scarlet Order continues to organize, and stabilize, their priorities are simple. The Forge-masters are expected to continue churning out the well made equipment dominant in the Order. The year is spent ensuring the continued smooth flow of supplies. The largest priority being given to the production of arms and armor specifically. It would seem the Lord Commander was readying his Knights, and even the Men-at-Arms, for military operations. More reasonably, it was apparent the Order needed to be ready and strong, to face the myriad of close threats.


**While the Forges have their task cut out, a growing need is that of the Captains leading their various ships. The Roche fleet though modern and capable of artillery, were still mostly slow and ponderous ships. Having to accept this for now, the Shipwrights focus on continuing to build more of these war ships. These newer models can hopefully be fitted to hold more complex forms of artillery then small pieces.




Mod Actions


*Continuing the status quo of Arms and Armor production, alongside general equipment.


**Attempting to build more war ships


Diplomatic Actions


[!] A Knight of the Order is sent to travel the lands of Nao Zhu and Nao Phyn. With not much known of these states besides their falling from grace, the Roche see a similar story to their past. However they also see a potential threat. This Knight, Bram Fremault, shall simply go to learn what he can of the people.


A further retinue is sent to Lyonesee. They are offered to participate against the Roche in a friendly tourney on the border


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Monarch: H.I.M. Otto IV of Veldenburg

Lord Chancellor: H.E. Kurt von Koeberlin


It was a warm, quiet morning in the City of Hochspitze. The Herzog of Veldenburg, Otto von Harlich sat slumped in his study. He was an aged man, with a crooked nose, hair whitening with creases stretched about his features. Tired he was, eyes reddened. He had been kept awake all night, and the Sun had just now cast its auspicious rays over the Elector’s Capital. He could’ve slept - but didn’t. He stood awake, running through his head multiple scenarios. 


Why, might you ask? Well, the results of the Imperial Election were on the verge of being revealed. The tally was accounted for, but would not be officially announced until ten at the morning of the following day. Upon the death of his father, Otto III, the Bundesreich was left without a leader. His father was a non-controversial figure, leading the Empire and safeguarding it. Yet, the status quo remained. And depending on who you asked, was a threat to the country itself. Rivalries between Lords, Guilds, and the People were rampant, with corruption, blackmailing, present at all corners, with one’s true loyalties called into question. It was a fickle thing. Perhaps one Lord Otto was not quite yet prepared to face. Nein, he was not a statesman. Rather, he had made himself known as a career soldier, and that was his crutch on the Imperial Ballot. He had to admit, he didn’t expect himself to win. But, he had to try nonetheless. With all the resources and effort spent on campaigning, it was the least he could do. The Nation deserved it.


A precarious thing, it was - the Nation, if it could even be called that. The Nation - Abendland was more of a collection of semi-autonomous maritime states. Yet, it wasn’t too far-fetched that they would consolidate under political and economic alliance to safeguard their interests upon the seas. Eventually, that alliance would evolve into one of the largest unions humanity has ever known. Sovereignty is not easy to come upon, nor do those who possess it give it up so willingly. Perhaps, that was what was special about Abendland. The idea of it. The world was plagued by sharks at every turn. The only hope they had was to unite as one.


The compact had become sacred over the years. None had considered breaking it. There was no secession to be had. It was not possible. Attempting to break away from the Realm would be an insult to your ancestors who had struggled much to build the Nation that their sons so haphazardly mistreat. Yet, that did not mean there was no cause to worry. If it wasn’t him, well, the Bund, would be stuck with a potentially inept leader for a long time… He sighed, and whether or not he should just sleep. He fidgeted with his service medals and medallions for comfort, which saw lavishly decorated the gold-trimmed blacksteel plate which he wore and rarely took off. In his martial capability he took solace. Perhaps there was nothing to fear after all.


Just as his eyes began to close, he could hear faint commotion out his window. Beyond his keep was the Finkelplatz, the metropolitan heart of Hochspitze. It sounded like quite the amount of people were gathered. He knew this could only mean one thing. The votes had been received.


“Hear ye! Hear ye! The results are in!”



The town crier of Hochspitze addresses the masses.



✠  Imperial Conservative League (ICL) 45% [Imperial Bloc]

✠ Free Trade Party (NPP)  11% [Imperial Bloc]

✠ Abendland Unity Party (AUP) 5% [Imperial Bloc]

✠ Abendlander Labour Party (ALP) 31%

✠Front for National Reform (FNR) 7%

✠Stoutmans’ Prosperity Party (SPP) 1%



✠ Elector of Veldenburg (FOR OTTO)

✠ Elector of Thalbach (FOR ADELBRAS)

✠ Elector of Pfeisenau (FOR OTTO)

✠ Elector of Kappelheim (FOR ADELBRAS)

✠ Elector of Rodenfurt (FOR ADELBRAS)

✠ Elector of Lechlebeck (FOR OTTO)

✠ Elector of Steutzburg (FOR OTTO)

✠ Elector of Vesnabrück (FOR OTTO)

✠ Elector of Howarthusen (FOR OTTO)

✠ Elector of Barowitz (FOR OTTO)

✠ Elector of Marschacht (FOR ADELBRAS)




The Imperial Bloc holds a convincing plurality in the Bundestag. Questions have been raised as to whether or not political blocs are a threat to Abendlander ‘democracy’. Yet ultimately, executive power lies within in the hands of the Emperor, elected through an entirely separate institution: the College of Electors, who represent the Old High Nobility, and select an individual to rule from among them. Though technically not beholden to any party, lobbying efforts and the charisma of the Elector of Veldenburg, Otto IV ascended to the Imperial Throne soundly. While many of the southern provinces had placed their bid for Otto’s rival, Adelbras of Thalburg, Adelbras has taken the defeat well, and is content to allow Otto to rule over Abendland. Even going so far to step before the Bundestag and publicly declare his utmost faith in Otto’s capability. Yet, was this to save face or was the support genuine?



Schürrleshafen, Capital of the Province of Thalbach


With the succession secure, attention could be turned outwards on matters that had been plaguing the Realm for years. Corruption and scandal was rife. It is said that the Bundestag is merely a facade for the real politicking that occurs behind the curtains. Better yet, compounding all the problems Abendland faces on the homefront, a war for naval dominance rages just beyond the Bund’s shores, with Abendland seemingly caught in the middle. Action had to be taken swiftly to ensure the peace and stability of the region.


The Emperor laid out several plans for the year, to be introduced before the Bundestag next month.


Customs Act: Tariffs placed on incoming good. Staff appointed by the Emperor to inspect goods traveling the roads or the waves, namely in search of large shipments of money and to intercept shady, underhanded dealings.


National Census Act: Taking account of the population, distribution, and availability of Abendland’s settlements, land, resources and people.


Landwehr Reform Act: The act calls for the Provinces to maintain their own Armed Forces to maintain readiness in the face of external threat and meet a minimum of spending towards it in accordance to their prosperity. Joint exercises conducted every year. Minimum enlistment of 5 years. Submission before a centralized command structure, headed by the Emperor.



Soldier of the New Model Landwehr, sporting the provincial colors of Vesnabrück


Lumber and Sail Act: With the Roymar and the Shatterlands contesting the high seas for naval dominance, it is essential that the Bundesreich keeps pace with these seafaring powers. The Act calls for a modernized navy and has several keels lain, with contracts offered to many Abendic shipwrights. Tax breaks are promised to those who aid.


Related image

The SKMS Brennerburg, Pride of the Abendlander Fleet



With the appointment of a new Emperor, it was deemed vital to maintain an open dialogue with the neighboring powers and make clear the Bundesreich’s intentions. They had no intention for war and conflict, felt on all stratas of society. The populace was content sitting peacefully on western coast, collecting money from trade and letting the wealth flow unprohibited. War would do no one any favors. The increasingly influential Merchant’s Guild may have quite the word to say if their shipping lanes were interrupted. For now, there remained no need to upset them.



✠ Modernization of the Landwehr. Producing Crossbows, Armor, and Weapons in mass.


✠ Fighting corruption. Customs Act to intercept shady dealing and generate revenue. A proper logistical division is created for the Army to ensure appropriate supply gets where it needs to.


✠ Laying down warship keels so that the Bundesreich may protect its interests abroad. Two fleets comprise the Abendland Navy, the Nordseeflotte and the Sudseeflotte. These two together are comprised of two Great Carracks, 10 Carracks, 30 Cogs, and 8 Galleys.


✠ A census of Abendland, detailing population, industry, resources, etc.


✠ Research into more lethal ranged weapons!


✠ Rumors of mythical creatures within the Griefswald, and larger, winged ones to the mountain-tops. Of course, this arouses the interests of knight and noble alike. Emperor Otto IV sets out with a small retinue into the wilderness some time after his coronation. They bring with them all the provisions necessary and furs to keep warm. What better way to demonstrate will then through the taming of a Gryphon?



✠ Establishing formal relations with each neighbor, proposing trade to all.


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The Rulership of Nùr




Lady Ziin

“Men never speak more truly than when their balls are resting upon a dagger’s edge.”

Age: 120





“Entry 45:

-Training of the Gamalgan proceeding. Tested Program 31b, live subjects with greatsword. Achieved 91% success rate on first-strike lethal through heavy armor. Will continued to use. 

-Continued interrogation of Ex-Lord Falimra. Arrogant Kal, great pleasure to see him squirm.

-Sent letter to daughter. May have left house of Ziin, still daughter. May be at risk while exploring past Bundesreich. Concerned.

-Heard rumor. Maybe have new subjects to interrogate. Learn weaknesses of nearby nations. Routine. Maybe use experimental interrogation once important information has been extracted. Interrogation Program 8bb = potential.”



Lord Skinsail

“Flay him till I can see his spine, then keep going.”

Age: 59





“As expected, the seas were quiet and exquisite with the moonlight reflecting upon them. I look forward to the glory that this shall bring to my house. They all thought I was too young for this, that my inexperience would cost me, yet who sits here, and who sinks to the bottom of the splintered sea? I will show them all just how high Skinsail will rise.


I am excited for the coming days. They will be bloody and full of plunder and when I return, perhaps I shall be named permanent Admiral of the Fleet of Dreams, not some replacement because the actual admiral had an unfortunate accident. 


This is my hour, and when I have reached the top, I will flay those who scoffed at me until their spine is nothing but dust.”




Lady Ecthelos

“The dream is but a spark, turning the souls of the worthy into the stars that they always were.”

Age: 253





“I do not believe that the wars to come will be my last, yet all Battle-Dreamers must approach every battle as if it is the one in which they shall finally be sent to meet Edema in his gilded halls within the heavens. Truly, to think in any other way is to invite his wrath upon oneself. Edema sees us all as we are, vulnerable flesh, trembling with the ecstasy of bloodshed. If one does not throw themselves into this true form of living, if one does not forgo the very thought of survival, then one has not truly surrendered themselves to Edema’s will.


Note: Yes. An apt passage for the recruits to read. I am sure that my scribes will agree.”


Lord Druzii

“That one has nice ****, have her waiting in my chamber when the auction is over.”

Age: 187





“I made a lot of money today. Good shipment from down south. Some filthy slaver tried to shill me and I had his cock cut off and stuffed into his mouth. Said I’d kill him if he didn’t walk back to his ship with it there all the way. Crazy savage managed to make it. I still took his slaves though, sold them for a pretty penny to Oziiris in Malväs. 


In other news, I’m looking forward to the fresh shipments from Gwelln in the coming months. Fresh meat for the breederies is always welcome. A little bit of foreign fire always makes for strong stock. 


Had a minor uprising within some of the newly arrived cattle, but it was quickly put down. I think the captain had two of the ring-leaders tied down, then cut them open just enough to let spiders crawl into them for hours on end. Excellent! I have had him promoted.”




A brief look at the great warriors of Nùr


The Executioners of Gamalgan “The Depraved”



Home Base: Sûr, The Citadel of Nightmares


Lady Ziin’s personal legion, they are a terrible force on the battlefield. Almost immune to pain through rigorous training, when they do fill it, it is said that they take an almost masochistic pleasure in it. This depravity is only increased by their own cruel pleasure at inflicting great pain on their adversaries.


Clad in heavy armor and favoring great broadswords, they cleave through their enemies and relish every drop of blood that their deadly blades reap.


The Knights of Mälvas “The Cold Ones”


Home Base: Mälvas, The City of Chains


The Greatest noble knights of both Mori and Kal descent, they ride great lizards, whose hunger is as terrible as their claws. Agile and mighty, these lizards are larger than the common horse, and are capable of horrifying shrieks and hisses. The downside is of course, their feral nature, which may lead to a loss of control in the harshest of situations, when the rider can no longer maintain them under their thrall.


Clad in heavy armor and equipped with spears and their personal weapon of choice, along with a shield, they are a sight to behold upon the battlefield.


The Battle-Dreamers of Ecthelos “The Godwoken”


Home Base: Ithil-Dagor


The Battle-Dreamers, legend of legends, the greatest warriors that the Kingdom of Nùr has ever produced. Touched by Edema, these Kal are capable of unbelieve feats of bravery and skill. Indeed, their skill often surpasses the natural limits of their body both in speed, strength, reflexes and prescience. It is said that when in their battle trance, they are capable of dodging arrows before they even leave their foes bow, to parry blows even as their adversary is preparing to strike. Gods on the battlefield, they are a sight to behold, clad in heavy armor, with fiery highlights and great halberds of whatever weapon they might chose.


Often, the Battle-Dreamers do not operate as a unit, instead leading their own section of the battlefield, or their own army, with a hoste of attendants at their side.



The Attendants of Edema 


Home Base: Ithil-Dagor


Priests of Edema, they are selected from the very best of Kal veterans, and chosen for their piety. They train relentlessly and glory in battle. Acting as both aids to the Battle-Dreamers and as standard-bearers in battle, none would wish to face them on the field, to be sure!


Mod & Player Actions


[Mod] The Fleet of Dreams sets sail for the first Great Slaving of the decade. At it’s head, Lord Skinsail stands upon the prow of the Chained Reaper, his massive black homeship, it’s mast laden with the bloodied chains of fallen slaves that clink in the wind like dreary bells. They will sail far out at sea, attacking and slaving any ship they see on their way, until they reach the coasts of Illuwe. There, they will fracture into groups to raid vulnerable villages and small towns, filling their holds before sailing south to Vano’Sa, then Baderberg. Once their holds are full, they will return with plunder and slaves to Gwelln.

Dedicated fleet = 1 Mothership, 4 Carracks, 40 Raiding ships, 12 Slaving Ships





A Mori envoy is sent to the people of Lyonesse. (Discord)




A Kal envoy is sent to the Imperium Sanctum, fair-skinned and scarred from battle, with golden eyes and clad in simple but well-used armor. He brings a scroll from the King of Chain, Ech-Dagor, the Mist Reaver, Admiral of the Fleet of Dreams. Within, the King demands a tribute of slaves and gold every year, lest the Imperium Sanctum feel the wrath of the Fleet of Dreams.


[Mod] Ithil-Dagor, citadel and home of the Kal, is to be fortified this year and the following ones. As one of the few land based territories of Nùr, it is particularly vulnerable. The expert masons and architects of the Kingdom are to build it into a great citadel-temple to Edema, lord of war. Within, the Battle-Dreamers of Lady Ecthelos shall train their talents, and find new recruits for the wars to come.




[Mod] The ship-yards in the frozen seas around Mälvas and in the Gwelln bay are to pump out as many raiding ships as they can, and hopefully begin building a large Cityship, a sort of base for long-range slaving operations.




[Mod] More Mori and Kal are sent to the barracks for training. The Kal go for the glory of war itself, the Mori for power and prestige. The aim is to recruit much infantry and crossbowmen. Along with this, nobles are told to saddle their Cold-One lizards and prepare for war. (Recruiting infantry, crossbowmen and Lizard-Knights.)




[Mod] Two raiding ships, captained by Captain Liiza Aukerlion and Captain Rava Mirkiz sail south, to go along the coast and explore the southern, warm reaches of the world. Aukerlion sails with the blessing of Lloth’s priestesses, seeking religious similitudes in the world, while Mirkiz sails with the chains of slavery clinking upon his masts, seeking the tithe of flesh and blood that his King demands.


An envoy is sent to the Khan.


[Mod] An envoy is sent to the people of Ort Har. (Discord)


[Mod] The shipwrights of Gwelln study the blade their ships further, hoping to increase their speed, resilience, endurance to long trips and every other aspect, to turn them into the sleekest, deadliest vessels upon the seas.


[Mod] Intense training of certain specific units, with much time poured into them. Namely, the Mori Executioners of Gamalgar, personal legion of Lady Ziin, the Mistress of the Nightmare Keep of Sûr. As well, the Godwoken, the chosen battle-dreamers of Lady Ecthelos of Ithil-Dagor. They number 500 and 20 (+250 elite attendants) respectively.


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The Orani Khanate

Spring, Year 982


Within one of the countless pavilions scattered throughout the Palace of the Sun, the aging Bataar Khan sat. Before him, the greatest achievement of the Orani people stood, a titanic monument to the divine right of the Great Khan and his people. The old man breathed in deeply, inhaling the cool spring air of the Nergui steppe. As he sipped his agrai, the sun had begun to crest the horizon, casting golden beams of light across the city of Or’Khotyn. Below the Khan, the city had only just started to wake. Citizens rose and attended to their various jobs, chores, and whatnots. Merchants entered the city in the great number, preparing their stalls within the vast markets, and many of the Khan’s soldiers began their patrols, replacing their comrades who had stood on watch throughout the night. His realm prospered, and the Khan sat. No Khan before him ever dwelling in a single place for so long, Bataar felt shameful in this respect, dishonor. Surely, he had conquered more than any before him, but at what cost? The Eternal Sun & Sky no longer smiled upon him as it had before, no longer the wind blew across his face, he longed to feel the saddle beneath him, and the stirrups around his feet. Instead, he dined and grew fat, akin to the insolent lords of the Joqin who he had so easily toppled those many years before. Was the Mandate of Tsi’bri even his to bear anymore? He wondered, torturing himself as what he had become. His image, his face fermented and twisted in his mind, resembling a foul, disgusting and repulsive demon as his ancestors spit upon him, and cast him from heaven.


The Great Khan rose, far quicker than his aging body should have allowed, infuriated by his own thoughts. He threw his cup to the stone floor, emitting an echo across the empty, silent, pavillion. He drew his blade, hacking it into the ornate table infront of him, sending shards of wood, china, and food flying in all directions in a fit of blind rage as he screamed out, insulting the spirits with their mad games and trickery. His mind seething at the very thought of becoming what he hated so, of disrespecting the ancestors so. Around him shadows converged, and though the sun was shining, it was dark as night. He swiped at the astral figures, whatever they were, hiding at the end of his vision. Voices of the Khan’s surged within his mind, akin to a typhoon. Berating him, him! The khan who had conquered more than any! How dare they question his right, his nature, his mandate!? Then it vanished, and he was alone once more. Clarity

As the Khan’s mind calmed, he sheathed the simple blade once more, breathing heavily and bathed in sweat, he turned about the room. Two servants had entered silently, awaiting the Khan’s more and more frequently occurring fits of madness to subside before attending to his mess. Still recovering from so much physical exhilaration for an old man, he beckoned one of the servants forward. The young man approached, eyes cast to the floor, looking a figure of such greater stature in the eyes was considered rude.

In his anger, only brief words escaped the Khan’s lips. “Call for Oktai, bring my horse, summon my banner..”



Across the Khanate, a thunder of hooves could be heard. Once more, after years of peace, the Great Khan had summoned the banners. No longer would he govern from the Palaces of Or’Khoytn, his empire would be ruled from horseback, as it was conquered. Bataar would not die as Joqin scum, on a bed, weak and surrounded by doctors. He would die as the Khan’s before him, on the back of a horse, with Tsi’bri smiling upon him


From across the realm, his summon was answered. Horsemen, seeking glory, gold, and the admiration of god and ancestors flocked to the capital in great numbers. Khan’s brought their entire forces to bear. All for the Kurultai. The time for inaction is over, Bataar would discuss his next moves before the Burg Khan, with all his vassals as witness.




-The Great Khan calls for a Kurultai to be held in early Autumn of 982. All vassals, as well as the Khan’s warparty are summoned to Or’Khotyn to stand witness. (Assembling the army, and recruiting more horsemen, essentially.)


-Under the advice of the Shur’lat, an expansive census of the empire is ordered. The wealth of individual estates, and more importantly the number of people  and which wealth category they fit in is to be tallied. More accurate information in these fields is hoped to increase tax efficiency. 


-Lastly, The Holymen and Rune Workers of Or’Khoytn are diligently put to work developing a rune which would increase the strength of the standard Orani bow. Such a breakthrough would allow the firing of heavier arrows suited to armor piercing, or increased range when firing a regular arrow.

Stats + Info → here

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Image result for ancient celtic flag

In days long passed, in times long gone,
In Fomoire was a great man born,

Skilled with blade and quick with spear,
Bold and fierce and without fear,
Blessed with a golden mane,
And wife so fair she was his bane.

For beauty is a fickle thing,

And envy oft upon the wing,

For Goddess saw this lovely maid,

Her shining hair bound in braid,

And so struck Morgá in her pride

To claim noble Daithí’s bride.

Earnest rage did fill his heart,

And he strove to do a husband’s part,

Axe he hefted and spear he raised,

His loyal soul to e’er be praised,

When came Morgá for his wife,
He met the demon with his life.

With burnished mail and polished helm,
He boldly strode into her realm.

Her minions him came forth to kill,

His swinging blade sang his will,

Before his rage they did flee,

Fearful of that cruel melee.


Through Her cur he did cut,

His vengeance wreaked upon Her mutts,

Weeks did pass and months did turn,

While the realm of Morgá burned.

Finally in fear She cried,

‘Take her now, your wretched bride!’


But treachery was afoot,

His wife returned but rendered mute,

She could not warn him of the fate,

That bade even Morgá wait.

Sprung upon by demon’s cruel,

Cooked into a giant’s gruel.


With Daithí slain his love did weep,

She swore vengeance ‘pon his foes to reap.

Laughing at this feeble maid,

The demons shaved her stunning braid,

But in the haste of their act,

They thought not of an ancient pact.


For Fomor saw and Fomor heard,

His fist clenched tight upon his beard.

His cry echoed across the sky,

Faster than even birds do fly.

‘Morgá in you wretchedness,

Dare you touch what I have blessed!?


And as She cowered in her terror, 

Did Fomor deign to right her error.

Their souls were blessed with His grace,

Forever through His stars to race.

And even now through His night sky,

The guiding light of Daithí will meet your eye.”


The Fomorians are a proud and warlike race, but they are also a people of song and poem, of dance and drink. Ancient Fomorian legend tells tales of Daithí, a mighty warrior whose wife is stolen by the jealous and petty Morgá, a Goddess famed for her fickle cruelty. The Ballad of Daithí is particularly relevant in Fomorian society as it partly explains two key tenants of Fomorian beliefs and faith – the reverence in which the North Star – or Daithí’s Star – is held and the great importance placed upon hair as a symbol of status in Fomoire. Among men, beards and manes are covetously maintained, and braided through with rings made from enemy spear heads, gems and coins given as wedding gifts and with the wedding-lock of their wife’s hair. For Widowers, it is exceptionally common to cut jagged shapes into a beard, and to braid it in such a fashion as to emphasize grief and heartache, often with a wedding-lock and a grief-lock taking the center stage of such an arrangement. For women, the length of her hair is the most important factor.  Among the common folk, women grow their hair down to just below their shoulders, carefully braided and set. Among the nobility, however, a woman’s hair can cascade down her back to just above her knees, presenting an incredible display of braids and shining locks. In Fomoire, only the shamed shave their heads.


-From the shared port of Muineachán sails the longboats of the Fomorians, tightly packed with their bands of raiding warbands. Their goal; to burn and pillage along the coast of Eibental, Linz and Orgenz, taking wealth and slaves. After some weeks of raiding, the three nations will be offered respite – in return for paying hefty tribute to the Chieftains and Warlords of Fomoire, and accepting their ‘protection’ as vassals. [MOD – 30 Longboats deployed]


-Through the Cíuin Sea prowl a force of longboats, making their way to the shores of both the Catmen and the Insimbi, hunting for exotic slaves to sell to the markets of Ithaca and the Bundesreich. [MOD – 20 Longboats deployed]


-Trade is established with the Republic of Ithaca, the Hith Cities and the Bundesreich.


-The Fomorians begin large scale slave exports, raiding many places specifically for slaves to sell. [MOD]


-Fomorian troops carefully gather near the capital, ready to respond to troop movements from either its northern or southern neighbor.


-An emissary is sent to the Shatterlands, offering Fomorian services in the battle against Roymar – for a very hefty price, of course! [MOD]

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The Hith



On the edge of the jungle there sits a coldblooded and arrogant people, a nation with ancient roots and alien culture. The northerners, those who fear and despise them, call them the Hith Cities. Some instead call them the Hith Empire, and their tones range everywhere from disgust to hatred.


To the Hith themselves, the nation is merely called the Sarthke-Thalnok, for kingdoms and empires mean nothing to them. Sarl Thalnok has been anointed by the ancestors themselves, and under his leadership the other sarthkes are gone, reduced to wandering bands or absorbed into the new single state. Not since the days of Sarl Kithar have the Hith been so unified. From the city of the gods he rules, and for the first time in centuries the Hith look outward from their lands as one.


Hundreds of slaves attend him in the Ruby Palace; thousands of guards protect him. Red-tattooed priestesses advise him, and his four silver-scaled vassals carry out his will. Thalnok, Sarl of all Hith! Hear his name and know that our people are rising.


The mighty Sla’alk legions are on the march. The common Klaslan settle deeper in the jungle. Great ships set out from jungle ports. Outside the forest, the world is changing, and the Hith have no intention of being left behind.


The Ritual of Plenty


Ancestors, hear our pleas! A thousand elven slaves are brought to Sthlakna-Klolot, City of the Gods. To the beat of drums, their beating hearts are carved from their chests and their blood burned on great bonfires. Their skin is tanned and turned to leather, their ears pickled and eaten, their life force sacrificed to the gods. As is tradition, the high priestess herself performs the first sacrifice, and turns her reptilian eyes to the heavens. May the ancestors bless our harvest! May our people grow strong and plentiful, that the world might learn its place at our feet.


The First Voyage



It has been ten years since Thalnok united the disparate Hith people, and as if to mark the occasion, the great slave ships set sail for the first time in decades. Five massive fortress-carracks, dwarfing anything else on the seas, take to the waves each bearing (however many they can take with some cargo space left) Sla’alk warriors. Their destination is the Shatterlands, where the weaker races wait, ready to be subjugated and brought home in chains.


Should the island enemy appear weak, the Sla’alk hope to stay where they land for some time, and subsequent trips will transport more warriors to the islands and bring back more slaves. This land could be quite a useful conquest…


The New Frontier



No longer are there other Hith sarthkes to fight, and so many in the new empire begin to look to their borders. Great Sarl Thalnok finally endorses the decision, and dispatches 5,000 Sla’alk and 5,000 rangers to the southwest, under his favored thilsassi Kthlati. They will destroy any threats in the lake country, and aid the Klaslan as they establish new settlements.


The Wisdom of the Priestesses


A sect of priestess healers turns their attention to war, for their knowledge of toxins is equally great as medicine. Taking inspiration from the deadly thorns of a jungle flower, they set about trying to isolate and purify a legendary poison, one which tranquilizes a victim, slowing their metabolism and breathing down to a crawl without killing them. After all, dragging a captive through the water is hardly useful if they drown on the way!

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Republic of Ithaca 


The kingdom laid at rest, it had to recover from recent misfortunes with trade routes being disrupted and slavers running about the bay. The Grand Marshall laid awake, looking out at the ocean. His worries growning worse and worse as the days go by.


Election Year:

It was all but a typical weather day in Dricaster, the tense air filled with humidity and the skies filled with dark clouds that spelled a downpour. It came on one of the busiest times of the year for the Republic, the start of the elections. 8 different candidates were approved to be potentially be elected, and each one varied mighty for the next. Would fate decide? Or would the corruption deep in the political ranks wrangle the last free thing of Ithaca down with it. 


With the council being elected, the senators could only do so much in terms of approving government spending and pushing forward an agenda. It was a tricky time for those placed in this position. 


A New Era: 


Under the direction of Grand Marshall Desmond Aulus, the military would start to devout more focus towards its land forces. Modernization, expanding the variety of forces, and establishing border forts. Desmond had a plan, and a large marjortiy of the funding was granted to him to complete it. As the navy was important, the land was equally as important. The mountains wouldn’t protect them forever. 



Modernizing the military, with production of crossbows, armor and weaponry. (MOD) 


A construction of two border forts on the eastern most border, one guarding the mountain pass of Kar’Draken and the other near the southernmost border of the unknown. (MOD) 


A small naval expedition and land expedition is sent west to explore the islands and lands resource value and if it was a worthy business venture. (MOD) 


Training a select group of soldiers at the art of bordering and naval warfare. (MOD)


An emissary is dispatched to Roymer, and the supposed “Empire of Man” that is making waves in Ithaca to discuss trade.  (MOD and TANK) 


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Kingdom of Lyonesse 






As the year passes it grants a bounty to those who live within the expansive realm of the Lady and her Knights. The harvests throughout the Kingdom feed the many mouths around the world through its grain exports, Lyonesse vintages are sought after by many of the Kingdoms smaller neighbours with their respective local elite. However there was a darkness on the horizon, the Horse Lords to the East, the Brute Warbands in the North and now Mori Pirates threatening to raid the coast unless tribute is given to placate them. The Knights, Dukes and the King of Lyonesse knew this could not stand and they had to put the Kingdom ready for war, lest they be caught off guard. 


Military Preparations


The Dagger-Ear Pirates had the courtesy of giving warning to the Kingdom that they had their eyes set on enslaving the common folk and defenceless. Fortunately for the Knights of Lyonesse much of the Kingdom was inland, with only small stretches of coastline to realistically require defending. An army of ten thousand would be sent to the Northern Coastlines, with the local Nobility being instructed to set up watchtowers and prepare an early warning system through the use of beacon towers. Many villages would have been cleared of all inhabitants during the year and dummy villages with suspect loot would be set up. The Yeomanry would act as scouts to see in the following months or years if the bait is taken. (Mod)


Another Force would encamp itself on the Western Borders of the Kingdom, closer to the City States, though not acting too outwardly aggressive, merely keeping watch for the time being. (Mod)


Domestic Policies


The Kingdom would see fit to encourage the Nobility and Freeholders of the realm to attempt to increase the crop yields throughout the realm, in order to begin stockpiling properly due to the threats looming closer to the Kingdom. (Mod)


The King and his Court on the other hand would begin preparations to host a Grand Tourney in the City of Lyon in the following year. With Jousting, a Melee and an Archery Competition being the main attractions. (Mod)


Diplomatic Actions


The Human City States on the Border of Lyon would be offered protection by the Knights of Lyonesse and would be invited to send envoys to Lyon to discuss what this might entail. (Mod)

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The Stoneborn


((Quick post, will edit later! I’m nothing if not predictable.))


Stoneborn scouts dispatched from their mountain homes to explore the world. They head off in four directions. Two head toward the nations of Rut’furn to the west and the Empire of Broggr to the north. A third heads north-west into the land between the two. The fourth walks south-east into unknown lands.


Their task is simply to learn what they can in the space of a year and return home to share their experiences. Diplomacy of any kind may be difficult, as the Stoneborn communicate amongst themselves with vibrations... and lack mouths.



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Year 982 passes.




The lands to the East are hilly, windy and show a lack of forestation. This allows winds from the North to dominate the landscape, bringing in cold weather from the sea. Still, with renewed tree and plant life this issue might be fought against, the winds held back and allowing for a more comfortable climate to settle in some of the valleys between the hills there. The land is wide, open and ripe for expansion, no sentient being and no living soul to be seen.


The Golden Kingdom’s Regency Council is happy to oblige, permitting trade and travel into their lands. Given the political situation, they do not seem keen to pursue any military confrontations, following the death of their last King, with the unrest broiling in the vast realm everywhere, as no true successor has made himself apparent yet.


Compost is compost. But the fine balance between various essences of life flowing into it might be the key. And that is what the wise men of Hiromi will pursue and try to find out, but time will be needed. A lot of time, to find the right combination for the right plant. This is a venture into the vast realms of nature.


The “crank bow” begins its early stages, where the craftsmen and master archers work eagerly to develop such an item of convenience. The latter though fear that they might be completely replaced by such a potentially powerful weapon.


The Scarlet Order


The massive armory of the Scarlet Order just continues to grow this year, although already, the shortage of earthen coal becomes noticeable, as homesteads out run low on fuel to fire their stoves, whilst not to warm themselves (given the generally warm climate throughout the year), but to cook. They switch to firewood, but that proves to be even more scarce, as lumber is a luxury commodity in the Orderlands. And as such, they only build one single carrack, before the shipwrights note that they lack lumber. There are barely any trees left in the lands, and they suggest importing it if must be.


By no means backwaters, the two city states prove to be fertile, wealthy and quite strong from what can be seen. Their culture and customs are very strange, and not a word can be understood of what they speak. Even in writing they use very odd symbols to what is common in the Orderlands. Notable is the increase in soldiers patrolling their lands and keeping watch. Strong fortifications and many archers dot their lands.




None of the arms in the Bundesreach are standardized. As they are produced en masse by many small smithies throughout the realm, with soldiers sometimes buying their own equipment, or being provided by local lords or authorities, things just don’t match. Whilst the forces are mighty, they are a patchwork, with many colors. Crossbow bolts that don’t fit in grooves of other crossbows, swords that are too long or short, or too wide for sheaths of another. The list is long.


Perhaps it’s too much bureaucracy, or a lack thereof, as the intended census kind of runs into the ground. The results that return are sparse, claiming there are many fertile lands here, or little arable ground there, rich forests, poor hills, hostile wildlife or deer that voluntarily donates itself to the butcher. Population counting is another issue, just that there might be about a million and a half inhabitants in the entire Bundesreich.


This inadequacy of proper control and registration is widespread and one of the reasons corruption is so rampant in the Bundesreich. This is not something that can be fixed in a year and with some coin. In fact, the coin invested just sinks into the swamp of the system and vanishes without a trace.


Whilst the engineers in the various cities and holdings have begun to independently work on little projects for weapons, little comes up in terms of ideas. Upsizing a crossbow? That’s a ballista, and we already have that.


The gryphons do live good lifes in the hills and mountains to the East. It’s not an unknown beast, but taming one, has been a very difficult task, merely two dwarves are known to have managed that. One being the previous king of Rut’durum had one, and currently a dwarven warmaster of the very same Kingdom commands one.


The Rulership of Nùr


The raids proceed as follows... Illuwe shows little to have in terms of a bounty, the coastlines empty of people when the raiders appear, the inhabitants withdrawn into cities fled inland. Yano’sa is taken more by surprise as the dark ships show up and begin plundering coastal settlements. Whilst some valiant defenders slay a few of the attackers (fifty), a few hundred are taken hostage by the quite substantial raid. Baderberg would have been taken as much by surprise as Yano’sa, if it weren’t for the fact that an unknown warfleet was encountered there. And they weren’t human.


Little of note is happening with the fortification of the coastal city on the mainland, or with the construction start of the big city vessel. The army recruitment goes slow, not many new soldiers are drafted this year around. The raiding ships sail past Baderberg, further south. To never return again.


The envoy sent to Ort Mar arrives at the capital port of the Orc Realm.


So many aspects to improve upon. No results.


The Orani Khanate


As the men are rallied, they are tallied. Numbering well over 20,000 on horse, they follow their old leader’s call.


The census goes very differently in different places. In the West, where there was another highly advanced realm previously, the taken over bureaucratic apparatus allows for a quick and quite accurate census, with well over 300,000 people living in that region alone. The East, with the people being tribal and freeroaming, garner no interest nor knowledge for a census.


For the runes, the old and wise begin their work, but they can not say how favored they are in their pursuits, or when the blessing will be given by the higher powers.




As the Formorians return successfully from their raids on the Human coasts, riches and wealth, as well as eight-hundred Human prisoners in tow, the raids to the South return as well. Empty handed and with battered ships. In the weeks after, the message with their demands were sent to the previously raided realms of Eibental, Bregenz and Linz. The reply all bears a single word. No.


Following these events, news trickle into the capital where the Formorians have begun assembling their army. A host of the Kingdom of Osterland has marched across the border, a day later a messenger arrives with a note. The note is a formal declaration of war by Osterland, Eibental, Linz and Bregenz against the Formorians. In the South, without any notes following, another army under the banner of F’ya’mol have crossed the border. Both armies have begun tearing their path through Formorian territory.


Slave exports would have been nice, if it weren’t for the lack of customers, and the now assemblied warfleets of the Humans beginning to intercept any merchant ships en route to or from Formoria. As such, the envoy to the Shatterlands appears to be stuck there, unable to return. Probably.


The Hith


The blood appeases wind and weather, and the ships sail North unhindered. Soon they find the Easternmost island of the so-called Shatterlands, a forested, but cliffwalled and barely accessible island. With the massive Hith vessels already spotted, smaller vessels around the coast can be seen dispersing to the West, their speed unmatched it appears. Approaching the Hith motherships, is a fleet of a dozen ships now, clearly on an intercept course to hold them off.


To the south into the sea of endless green, the warriors slither and sneak, climbing carefully, striking down beast after beast with numerically superiority and surprise. However, some of these monstrosities are still to be feared and dangerous, with many warriors falling to take them down. (2,000 dead, region secured).


The poisin brewing continues in the Hith cities, samples being tested on living slaves, with varying success, but the utmost poison that does exactly what is needed without killing them, still eludes.


Republic of Ithaca 


Man craft the bow crossbow. Dwarf crafts armor, sword and axe. Elves fletch the bolts and arrows. Tactful and in a timely manner, to have enough stocked for coming wars against outlying foes. The three of Ithaca share more than they thought, and so they craft ahead.


To the East far stretches of jungle dominate the landscape, hills and mountains beyond. Terrors lurk in that jungle, and must be guarded against. The South seems to be hilly and empty, with hosts of wild cattle roaming the lands, free of predators as no jungle has set foot here.


Heading West along the coast, they encounter old familiar settlements of independent people. Dwarves, humans and elves alike, less feuding than the founders of Ithaca, quietly having a life.


The realm of Roymar is far. And the envoy won’t return until next year.


Kingdom of Lyonesse


As the coastlines in the North are being fortified, reports trickle in, that the Dark Elves of the Sea have raided the neighbouring lands of Yano’sa and Illuwe, the former with great, the latter with no success. Whilst not being attacked the proximity of the Kingdom’s forces gathering do instill questions, as the small human city states send missives, pleading and fearful, or warning. Illuwe remains quiet, Yano’sa does inquire for buying vast stockpiles of lumber.


In a rich and fertile region, the crop yield can only grow, by tilling more fields, planting more seeds each year. The cold North is held off by the rugged Brute warlands and in general the Southern winds dominate here. The only thing that comes from the North are rare visits of brute warbands that want to club something, but after years of experience, they are driven off either peacefully by throwing them some food, or by outright riding them down with the local knight force.


After a full year, everything is prepared, and invitations can be sent out for the great tournament of Lyonesse!


That might be something suitable for the small human realms that do send their envoys over.


The Stoneborn


The Empire of Broggr is savage. Hordes of warriors that fight eachother for the sake of dominance and strength. The enslave their own to work for them, the strong eat, the weak work and die. It appears they also pursue hostilities with anything that can be killed. The scouts withdraw from their exploration rather quickly, to report.


In the West, the dwarves catch wind of the scouts, but mind their own business, going about their lives, mining, farming hard crops and fungi in the mountaineous climate. They appear to have a very good grasp on handling ores and crystals, even capable of making music devices with resonating crystals, that seem to speak words to the Stoneborn.


Northwest only mountains and hills with some valleys filled with trees and wildlife are found.


To the Southeast, the moutnains become only more lifeless and rugged, impassable in some regions, climbing high into the skies.




The wind of change blows, but no events reach your ears.


It is the Year 983.



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The Scarlet Order


A strange year for the Order, one of simmering anger. Across the island Forges were growing cold. Once vast plumes of black smoke had suffused the air. Now Forge-masters angrily sulk while their apprentices try to blend into shadows. For the serfs of the Order little changes. The large tracts of fertile farmland still needed constant attention. On the mainland near the Castles, the Order quietly waits. Rumors fly of the Lord Commander meaning to call the banners. Couriers are flying back and forth across the border with lyon. It would seem something was up, but where it would lead none knew. 


Assembled in front of Lord Commander Lennert Cornelis was the might of the Order. In a council chamber deep within the Citadel of Kalias, they have all been summoned here. Cornelis sat in the towering Lord Commander’s chair, looking over a few rows of stone benches. His three Lord Captains sat front and center, directly under his eye. These three; Lord Dervaux, Lord Walravens, and Lord Damiens held the three principle Castles in the Order. Dervaux commanded the defenses and Knights of the island of Kalibas. Lords Walraven and Damiens held the two Castles on the mainland. They split rulership in two, with a western and eastern contingent. Between them all they managed the day to day affairs of the Realm, and it’s Knights. Other such members were the Master of the Navy, Admiral Colin Bonte. Lord Bonte had long ago given up a steed for ships. His Knights and Men-at-Arms were warriors of the sea, and tended to the large Order fleet. Besides him was the Master of Horse, Maxime Van Roy. He cared little for the Order politics, and simply tended to his vast herds. He was also responsible for the Quartermasters of the Order, and keeping it supplied.


Given some form of honor were the human representatives of the Order. The Squire’s daring commander Paul Martens. He led the fearsome contingent of Human Cavalry considered worthy enough to ride with the Roche to war. They were the elites, and relied on for their speed over pure power. Master of Arms Hendrick De Sorten sits by the Squire. This man alongside Roche Battle Captains led the more numerous Human Men-at-Arms. A few other humans and Roche of less repute filled the benches behind all this assembled Power.




“You know why I called you all here” The Lord Commander barked out. Instantly the low murmur of voices ceases. “The Forges have stopped, as Lord Van Roy has been pointing out for some time” Cornelis gives Van Roy a sympathetic nod. Who for his part sits there brooding as always. Across the bench, Lord Walravens is quick to stand up. “It has been coming for some time and we all know it! Yet again I propose we take what we need. Allow me the Banners, and we will carve out all the resources we need” At this a few cheers are heard, mainly from the lower Roche officers in the rear. Lennert Cornelis simply stared at Walravens with fury in his eyes. The age difference here was palpable amongst the Roche. Where Cornelis and the Officer caste had mostly seen the fall of their Kingdom, and the long centuries of war, some did not. Walravens was of the newest generation of Roche. Battle tested; but young and brash. As more of the Old Guard died out, these firebrands were filling their boots. 


Again the Lord Commanders voice fills the hall. “Sit down Lord Walravens. As I have told you before, your men will not fight the Lyonesse. You will find that words and vows of honor go farther then sticking your neighbors with a sword.” The Knight sullenly sits down, only for another to pop up. It was the Master of Horse Maxime Van Roy, and Admiral Bonte. Together they waited for the clamor to died down. Bonte started. “Lord Cornelis, allow us to interject. The navy has also felt the pains of this lack of any true resource. Maxime agrees that we must put it to use before it rots.” Looking to Van Roy, who nods in support, Admiral Bonte continues. “Allow my men, and the Quartermasters, to sail out far and wide. We shall peruse other nations, and find any we can work with.” Cornelis eys them, them simply ask. “What will we pay them with?”. At this Lord Van Roy speaks up. “My Lord, though we may lack in coal and wood, we have plenty of fodder and grain. Surely the large harvest of the Order, and it’s skill in crafting, will pay for the raw resources we need. Leave it to me.” Standing up, the Lord Commander simply nods and walks off. As he leaves, the various factions all eye each-other. Some with venom, some with ambition.




*And so the Order navy will split off into various groups. Mostly pairs of Cogs and Galleys, they will sail to the known nations of the Order. Once there, they will drop of Order Quartermasters, and scribes. If no mutual language can be found, they will simply try to express and visualize the trading of goods. Where they can speak, the orders are simply made. The Scarlet Order will sell it’s excess harvest, and Crafted goods, in return for raw resources such as Lumber, Coal, and Iron. Lyon is looked on particularly, since they share a border. Tariffs are reduced to encourage the flow of trade into the Order. The Carracks will patrol the waters, to try and ensure open trade routes.


**In other news a brave and perhaps foolhardy Knight convinces others of his Banner to join him. What will perhaps become a legendary quest in his eyes has drawn others in. Sir Damon De Valck and nine other Knights abandon their job of Border duty in Lyon. Leaving behind a note promising to return heroes, they ride eagerly through Lyon. Their ultimate destination, the grand North-East border of Lyon. There, they will seek to help in any fights that erupt from raiding Brutes, and earn renown in the battles.




*Sending the navy to go and find trade deals with any willing Neighbors/Increasing military patrols to secure trade lanes.


**Ser Damon’s Quest


[!] With talks increasing between Lyon and the Scarlet Order, a sore issue has been rectified. Lyon’s southernmost town to the east of the Order lay directly in their path of expansion. In return for pledged military support in case of war, the land is ceded to the Order. The Lyonesse population is given the option [and encouragement of the Lyon Lords] to leave. Those who wish to stay will be incorporated into the Order, or deported back to Lyon if they lack the skills the Order demands of it’s people.


[!] Continued work on the newest Carrack of the Order. Though complete, the Roche seek to mount catapults on the deck of the ship itself.



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The Rulership of Nùr


Lady Ziin

“I witness grief everyday. Yet I have never born its weight until now.”

Age: 121


“Daughter lost at sea. Had 100 prisoners executed. The pain cannot be drowned in blood. Taking my Executioners to seek retribution.”


In a rare display, Lady Ziin orders her 500 Executioners of Gamalgan to sail to Ithil-Dagor and await further instructions. She leads them personally, leaving the Citadel of Nightmares, Sûr, in the hands of her SiC, Lord Krast.




Lord Skinsail

“I’ll have every one of their captains hung from the mast in chains.” -Spoken after ordering the retreat near Badeburg.

Age: 60


No journal entry is written on the particularly hectic night after his near encounter with the foreign fleet.


Lady Ecthelos

“You have been inducted into the Temple of Edema for your gift, but it is your will that will keep you here.”

Age: 254


“It is a year of preparation. A great year of training and acclimation to the winds of war that murmur their violent whispers into all of our ears. Soon, Edema shall break the dam and unleash upon us war such as we have never seen it. I can smell it in the air. Blood red clouds hang heavy in the sky, waiting to burst. The seas echo with the cries of the dying, pulled down into their watery guts. I pray for the wars to come, that the Godwoken face foes worthy of the title and are welcomed into Edema’s hallowed halls as heroes, their bloody weapon laid at his feet, their final wounds laid bare, so that he may judge them all worthy to sit beside him, along Al’Palas, Mikthrilios and Tarwa, our legendary forefathers.”


Lord Druzii

“Only a couple hundred slaves? What is this, the Mediocre Slaving of 982?”

Age: 188


“A bad year. What on earth where they thinking, putting a mongrel like Skinsail in command?”


The God-Woken


The Elders


Lady Ecthelos, The Everwarrior

Age: 253

Weapons of Choice: Shield and her falchion, Narcrest

Largely considered to be the greatest Godwoken in recorded history, she is also instrumental in writing down the teachings of the Godwoken, both for the military and those who will follow in her footsteps.


Lord Belisor, The Bloodsinger

Age: 280

Weapon of Choice: Halberd, Varangil

Blind in both eyes from a battle-axe slash across his face many dozens of years ago. Chief advisor to Lady Ecthelos, held in reverence for being one of the youngest Kal to ever enter a battle-trance.


Lord Mithros, The Terrible

Age: 222

Weapon of Choice: Two-Handed Sword, Mirmora

Known for being as cold as his steel. Mithros is famous for showing no trace of kalinity while in battle. A cold, calculating robotic creature, taken by the trance, in battle he is a brutally efficient killing machine.


Lady Shiva, The Merciful

Age: 235

Weapon of Choice: Shield & Mace, Astrak

Particularly famous for ordering the execution of 2.000 slaves after a slave revolt in a northern mine when she was a mere teenager of 50. It was at the time considered as an act of mercy, as the Mori slavemasters would have given them far crueler fates than a swift execution. She has maintained this strange vein of mercy throughout her life as a warrior.





Lord Rachmanil, The Thoughtful

Age: 212

Weapon of Choice: Shield & Sword, Quill

An avid follower of Ecthelos’ writings and one of her closest academic advisors, he is the author of various treatises on philosophy, morality and war. He is also missing three fingers on his left hand and is the only one of the five to have fallen into his battle-trance as an average soldier in his 100th year.

Lord Persos


Lord Fulmiros


Lord Kuuza


Lady Thrall


Lord Dagorlad


Lord Festus


Lady Dradim


Lady Voral


Lord Krixus


Lady Lliadrin


Lord Kalant


Lord Zuave


Lord Testal


Lady Sylva


Lord Mormegil


Lord Valar

The Initiates:


Lord Morgol


Lord Süza




-The construction of a Mothership (Illhar) and as many raiding ships as possible continues in Gwelln. [Mod]


-The fortification of Ithil-Dagor and its War-Temple continues. [Mod]


-The training and recruitment of what Kal generals hope might be 150 Lizard Knights, 1000 infantrymen and 500 crossbowmen continues.


-Too ambitious, a common failing of the Mori. Still, they learn from their mistakes and this year, the shipwrights focus solely on the smaller raiding ships. They will do all in their power and use their great well of accumulated ship-building knowledge to make them ever more maneuverable and fast without sacrificing anymore carrying capacity. [Mod]


-Envoys are sent to the Kingdom of ogres. Offering slaves and trade in return for mighty ogre warriors to aid in their wars, in return for a slice of the loot. [Mod]


-An attempt to tame some ice wolves using methods similar to those used to break slaves is made. It cannot be said that the Mori are kind masters to any of those below them. They hope to turn them into effective hunting and scouting brethren for their slaving raids. [Mod]


-Spiders move in the shadows. [Mod]


-The fleet musters to a force of 80 Raiding ships, 8 Carracks and 1 Illhar. The remaining 18 Raiding ships, 2 Carracks and 1 Illhar patrol or remain in safe waters. This newly mustered fleet reaves south, capturing any foreign merchant ship, slavings its people and plundering its goods. It uses a solid screen of raiding ships and launches occasional raids on the small neighboring nations, striking at night in small numbers and pulling back just as quickly. It’s goal is to sweep through the sea, hunting smaller fleets and military ships or trade vessels, using scouts and attacking at night when they can. [Mod]




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Monarch: H.I.M. Otto IV of Veldenburg

Lord Chancellor: H.E. Kurt von Koeberlin

Population: 1,530,000 Humans, 50,750 Dwarves, 154,500 Halflings, 25,250 Ogres




✠  Imperial Conservative League (ICL) 45% [Imperial Bloc]

✠ Free Trade Party (NPP)  11% [Imperial Bloc]

✠ Abendland Unity Party (AUP) 5% [Imperial Bloc]

✠ Abendlander Labour Party (ALP) 31%

✠ Front for National Reform (FNR) 7%

✠ Stoutmans’ Prosperity Party (SPP) 1%




It had been nearly a year since Otto’s appointment to the Imperial Throne. However, it was not as glamorous, nor splendid as he had thought - not that he wanted those things. No, he cared little for luxuries and superfluous display of wealth and grandeur. He still operated in the palace which he had called home for all his life, though, had been made slave to the pen. Indeed, he had spent the last few months, and a good portion of today signing off Imperial Bureaucratic appointments.


Bureaucracy. A necessary evil.


Otto groaned, though as old as he had become, had little patience for such mundane tasks. He did not want to be sedentary - cooped up in his own office like a caged animal. He thrust down his pen, and rose from his seat. Perhaps other matters needed to be attended to.




Elsewhere, the Bundestag convened. Though the discourse was perhaps to no avail. Indeed, a troubling debate took hold of the Bundestag floor. The chamber was a circular amphitheater, with seats circumnavigating the length of the room around the floor and upwards. It would be an elegant chamber, were it not for the factions of old men bickering and slinging insults and snide remarks from across the hall. 


Image result for congress debate art


Two men took to the ground level. One was the Bundestag Majority Leader and Chancellor, Kurt von Koeberlin. Opposing him was Minority Leader Helmut Gnadingerr. They had been exchanging rebuttals for some time…


“...Where the money has gone is our utmost concern! Now if only, my colleague here would release business transactions.”


Koeberlin’s side of the room erupted with bangs of the table, and verbal approval. Meanwhile those upon the other let known their distance, shaking their heads and dismissing Koeberlin’s words.


“This is no judiciary, Koeberlin. Need I remind you this a legislative body. I am entitled to my privacy.”


“That you are, miste-”


“Good friend, Koeberlin.  If you want to talk about the disappearance of money - look no further than your rampant, wanton military expenditure!”


The minority roared in unison, stamping their feet, and gesturing their reproach towards Koeberlin. Koeberlin rose a brow.


Gnadingerr’s boldness increased as he took to the center of the floor, casting his gaze from end to end, “...My friends, and countrymen, Koeberlin would have us sink myriad resources into an entity which has arguably served us no purpose over the last century! When the last time the Union has known war? For generations, we have known and peace and prosperity. No thanks to the Koeberlin and his War hawks!” 


The upheaval was immense.


Gnadingerr continued, “I say no longer. I say we put an end to his warmongering ways! For what other purpose does he seek to re-arm and conscript our youth - to die in a fruitless war abroad.”


The scribes furiously scribbled down Gnadingerr’s dialogue, struggling to keep up.


“I say we stop this madness before he leads Abendland to ruin!”


The jeering and the shouting had grown near-deafening. Koeberlin glanced back, toward his faction, and for the first time could notice discomfort from the representatives of the Free Trade Party, and whispered among themselves. He thought they would break rank with the Bloc. Fortunately, his instinct did not hold true as they remained where they were. Though, once it inevitably subsided, Koeberlin shot back,


“The only threat to the state is you, Gnadingerr.” Koeberlin snorted. “You would rather us kept vulnerable, left undefended in the face of wolves. Those eager to tear apart of sacred nation as we turn our backs to them! I don’t expect you to understand. For you have no mind for anything military - merely ascended to your position through the coin that runs through your family’s veins. And thus, I would not put it against you take advantage of your position to strengthen your own standing…”


“Are you accusing me of something, Chancellor?”




And like that, the politicking continued. Perhaps one day, some resolution would be had.


✠ Realizing the error of the Imperial Decree, the order for mass-produced weaponry is soon rescinded. A special contract is given to the Blacksmith’s Guild to ensure standardization of weapons and equipment, each adhering to strict specifications detailed by the Lord Commander. A slow, but necessary process begins to phase out the Army’s un-uniform equipment.


✠ Otto IV sacks the previous finance minister in favor of one of his own allies. Oskar Stegemann - a self-made military man, who could readily be relied upon. Though perhaps, not one with a keen eye for coin, Otto knows he is persistent and can be trusted. Under him, with the aid of Koeberlin, the Imperial Tax Office is reformed, to ensure money gets where it needs to. Documentation is now mandated for every business transaction and donation.


✠ Training of the Abendland’s Landwehr. Disciplining them, teaching them how to obey commands, weapons proficiency, and how to fight in formations. 5,000 are chosen to undergo special training as Imperial Foot.


✠ At the Thalburg Naval Yard, work continues on an additional Greatship.


✠ In an effort to maintain some semblance of control, the Emperor decrees the establishment of the Imperial Constabulary.  He packs the vital offices with men he knows he can trust. They begin investigative and law enforcement training immediately.


✠ To prop up local-industry, several new mines are founded in the mountains. Though, they search not for iron or coal. They hack away at stone with the intent of finding rare minerals.


✠  Discreetly, envoys are sent to the western nations of Altorn, Yano’ell, Menidel, and Olstin to establish formal relations. The main goal is to arrange their defense should the war of naval dominance boil over onto their shores and vessels.

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