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The New Grand King of Urguan

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Official Announcement of Appointment and Coronation of the New Grand King of Urguan






“A king he was on carven throne

In many-pillared halls of stone

With golden roof and silver floor

And runes of power upon the door

The light of sun and star and moon

In shining lamps of crystal hewn

Undimmed by cloud or shade of night

There shown forever far and bright”


The dwarven populace knows perseverance like they know the swing of a pick in a carven mine or the gleam of ore shining through rubble. In our hands we know what it is to work for honor, for glory, and for the good of our kin. No one understands such work as the mighty Dwarven King. From his throne, the King must carry the weight of his kingdom and people, leading them in battle and peace.


It is time again for a new age. One unburdened by our past sorrows, yet bearing the might and honor of our blessed people, guided by a new leader!


"Let the ale run like water and the bounty of our surface grace the lips of every fellow dwarven brother and sister!"


On Year 8 of the Second Age, The 15th of The Grand Harvest, the Council of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan has struggled through a fierce election against an honorable candidate, Durorn Ireheart, seen not only one of the first electoral ties in dwarven history, but also voted to finalize Norli Starbreaker as the newly elected Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. 


Blessed are we to have now secured a leader to guide us into a brand new era of prosperity and honor for the dwarves once more. The coronation of Grand King Norli Starbreaker will take place in 1 stone’s day time in the official throneroom of Urguan. 


While all are welcome, let us extend special invitations to our friends and allies, the Kingdom of Norland, the Kingdom of Haense, and the Province of Vaelya.


[[Coronation will be at 2 pm est in the Urguan Throneroom on Sunday the 24th (Tomorrow)]]

[Credit to Song of Durin for the opening quote]

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"May Urguan prosper under his guiding hand" Azkel would smile, rejoicing from the appointment of his dear friend

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Ajax Frostbeard. The white Dwarf of Jornheim, had wandered in after over 2 centuries of self exile. Hearing of kin rebuilding and a new high king being claimed has come all this way to seek The king and give his blessing. Being he considered himself a rather awkward and disconnected old sod, he kept clear of the king himself. More or less offering prayers to Anbella on the side..



"Let her warmth embrace our new king.. Let the Allfather's wisdom flow through him like ale... Let him bear the crown with grace and compassion.. Let our brothers serve him as we should the Allfather.. Let there be prosperity in his reign... Hearth mother preserve us all.."


Bojax Frostbeard, Son of Ajax, having only heard of the coronation through letters from his father or hearsay while still away, not being apart of the kingdoms life only gives a grumble and a murmur "Lettem do wha' they do... Dunne care much fer politics.. So long as they dunne be starten shite.." Returning to his quiet life in his own mine

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"Rigged election, not my king" Bernabeu Ireheart would say.

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A great grumbling can be heard coming from the Iron Bank.


"Ow da feck isnder nae voter integrity? Feckin anyun can vote! Dwarves nae seen fer ages, non dwed, dead dwed. Shame!"

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Bjorn would roll around in his grave given opertunity. 

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With a last quick lift on to his horse the Grandprince of Kursoraev, Heinrik Karl, prepared for the departed to the halls of stones. Accompanied by his mother and trusted knights, the heir rode out off Karosgrad gen Urugan. He seemed exuberant. "Ve Borti kiemeronvarev aseretev!"


With a content smile the Lord Envoy of Haense, Jericho ben Tertulian, scanned over the proclaimation. "Our friends from beneath the mountains are on a good way to overcome their stagnation. Today all stones laugh and sing for you Noril, of clan Starbreaker."

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Bryldryn Grandaxe lets out a groan and turns to her side, bedridden with sudden onset of sickness. She attempts to open her eyes but the fever is too much and gives in to fall into a deep slumber. 


(ooc: **** work) 

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Dorimnur Goldhand gives a hearty toast in his Worker's Guild HQ, a frothing red drink spilling over as he sets it upon his lips to take a long draught, saying after a gasp "To ah prosperous reign, ah'n ah more prosperous future!"

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