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[✗] [Magic Lore] The Farseer

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The Shamanic Pillars of Spiritual Might

Begins at One Magic slot. May Reach Five Magic Slots. Certain abilities require a Shamanic Spirit Pact 
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Note: This submission follows Spirit Pacting Lore found here: Each Spirit pacted costs one Magic slot.

Following this submission, Farseer and Witchdoctor will both take 1 Magic slot, with the two magics being mutually exclusive of one another. All Farseers currently will be raised to Tier Five if this piece is accepted, though all Farseers TAs will be removed and must be re-submitted. 


To begin their path, the learning Farseer shall be taken into the Spirit Realm. An agreement struck with a Lesser Immortal or Elemental Spirit produces the Soulbrand. A Farseer's soul is the result of a pact with the Spirits. This Soulbrand is represented as Favour, a resource expended to cast shamanic spells

Grants no combative affects whatsoever except in the Spirit Realm, in which, if the Mark bears Pacts of that spirits domain, they will be less likely to stir ire, but can stir it nonetheless. The Soul Brand is only typically visible within the Spirit Realm, a. It is merely a sign of Spiritual Devotion and will act as the medium to the realm of the spirits.
The Soul Brand can be gleaned in the Mortal Realm by magics that can detect soul alterations. Being of the spirits, this mark is an active representation of the Shaman's Soul. A Cruel's Soul Mark will reflect this in the case of the example, thorns, and embers. Whilst a Kind's Soul Mark will be soft, and more pleasant to the eyes. 


To utilise certain spells of Farseer, a shaman must walk to a respective Spirit and establish some kind of contractual obligation. For Farseers, this is generally an obeisance, a means of showing one’s strength and devotion to the Spirits. Elemental Pacts count towards half a magic slot. And will allow a Farseer to self-teach Animism of that elemental subtype. Immortal Spirit Pacts count as 1 Magic Slot. The Farseer may attempt to form pacts with Lessers of Kor. This, if approved, may let the Farseer submit a Self Teach Lutaumancy MA. 


Spirit Pacts will be documented in short form on the Farseers MA, and documented in long form in the Shamanic Pacting subforum

Spiritual Favour

Certain Abilities of Farseer Require Favour of the Spirits to be cast. Through a Farseers Soulbrand, Favour is granted. This a testament to the Spirits shining down praise and Favour to those that willingly serve them. Favour is expended to cast shamanic spells. Spells for Farseer are spent per day.

In the case of ET or LT events, with an ET or LT's permission, spells per day may be altered or ignored.
Each Shamanic Pact with a spirit adds +1 to all spell uses per day. 

T1: Farsight {Once Per Day} Incitement {Unlimited}
T2: Spirit Walk: {2 Per Day}Shamanic Companion: {3 Per Day}
T3: Trinkets of Divinity: {3 Per Day} Shamanic Blessings of Protection{3 Per Day} Inflict Visions {3 Per Day} Vision Draught {3 Per Day}.
T4:Hallow Ground: {Once Per Day}
T5: Shamanic Blessings of a Spirit {3 Per Day}

Regaining Favour

A Farseers Spell usage returns every 24 OOC hours.

Certain actions can be undertaken by the Farseer to regain this Favour faster, OUT OF COMBAT.
In the case of ET or LT events, with an ET or LT's permission, these rituals may take place in combat. 

Prayer: A six-emote ritual that will regain Tier 1 spell uses.  
Offerings upon a shrine: A six emote ritual that will regain Tier 2-3 spell uses.  

Sacrifices: Offerings of blood, destruction of items, animals or mortals for six emotes to regain Tier 4-5 spell uses,


[T1] INCITEMENT (No Pact Required){Unlimited Use Per Day}


At T1 the Farseer can incite favour of the spirits in their body. This appears in a variety of ways, from smoke-like mists erupting from their form to harmless flames which reflect their aura and Spirit Pacts they might have. The ground around the Farseer may turn vibrant colours.  Emblematic faces or other shapes appear.  In some instances, crackling ethereal energy in the colour of their aura rumbles around them like lightning in a storm. This is done in tandem with chanting Old Blah, with initial affects beginning after the second emote, and manifesting themselves fully on the third, even if the caster should stop chanting or move.  


This affect only applies to the Farseers ' body during Tiers 1 and 2. At Tier 3 the Farseer may have these affects spread around them within a three-block range. Ethereal clouds gather and crackle with lightning across the air. Stone shifts and the visage of a spirit appears. Or from their aura, appears a spiritual visage. At Tier 4 these can extend five blocks from the Farseer. At Tier 5 these can extend seven blocks from the Farseer. Incitement may be performed indefinitely only aesthetically 


Abilities require Incite/Incitement to be invoked before they can occur, Incitement serves as a connection to the spiritual realm.

The cosmetic affects from Incitement must be emoted in #rp or greater, clearly visible to all around them, but the extent of them does not have to meet the block range at higher tiers, however, a clear sign of connection and casting must be displayed as the Farseers casting Tell.  The affects of Incitement themselves are never combative nor interact with the world beyond appearance alone. Incitement serves as the Farseer casting ‘tell’ and must be done before spells can be invoked.

[T1] FARSIGHT (No Pact Required){One Use Per Day}
Passive Effects on Farseers

The Farseer in their beginning stages is subject to random visions that last only a few seconds or upwards to a minute at a time. These visions in the early stages of  Tiers One through Three are never that clear. But occur frequently, leaving the Farseer confused or distraught.



At later stages, Tiers Fours through Five, the visions are clear, and occur just as often unless the Farseer takes means to overcome them in the form of trinkets from Trinkets of Divinity, or the use of narcotics, or other methods to calm and dull the mind.

These visions are not true events that will occur. They are the possibilities of the world around them. Constantly, the good, the bad, the mundane, the ethereal. Plaguing the Farseer. Typically these visions are of those closest to the Farseer. Occasionally random strangers. These visions can be of animals or simple objects of the world.

Active Effects

A Farseer can receive visions from the spirit realm and receive messages through other divination methods. The visions and messages can be received through multiple means such as, but not limited to, events, story teams, and prophecy. Messages and visions can be of the past, present, or future and are usually vague, containing symbolism and half-truths.

The ritual of Farsight must be conducted near a spirit shrine and requires at the very least {10} Emotes of incitement in addition to an offering. Be it blood or a religious icon. Alchemical regents that the shaman has gathered represent the nature of the information trying to be gleaned.  

Those around the Farseer can ‘partake’ within a vision of Farsight within a 10x10 radius of the ritual. At the Third Tier of Farseer, within any Spirit Walk, the Farseer may use Farsight to grant them guidance in the realm beyond. To help with the puzzles or tricks of a spirit.  


Shamans may also use this ritual to draft prophecy and conflict between Lesser Spirits within the Spiritual realm, carving up the identity of the LESSER Spirits and the conflict they might face. These prophetic visions may affect shamans, but also within the minds of adherents of a particular Spirit. A vision from Laklul might affect all members of the Lak clan, while a vision from Luara could affect all dark elves who still believe in her words.


{This is done, following the shaman or ST member conducting the Spirit Walk, and serves as a flavour tool in Spirit Walks. Or to help them out of a bind.} 

This spell can be used outside events and prophecy posts to describe the relationships of Lesser Spirits. For interaction with Greater Spirits, prophecy and divine information is not necessarily true or come to pass.

Passive Effects On Farseer is simple flavor the Farseer can never use abilities found in active use for Farsight unless a Prophecy post is made on the forums or they conduct the ritual for Active Use, nor warn the Farseer of any upcoming attacks or events in a moments notice. It is not to be used for metagaming information, but act as flavor for the Farseer to roleplay as they wish. Nor does it have to effect them in combat but they may roleplay such if they wish. As well as other facaets of life.

This spell can never be used to Meta-game information about an event or any player under any circumstance. If the Farseer is attempting interaction with an event, they must contact the ET or LT in question and set this up.
To glean prophecies or visions of events within the realm, the Farseer must contact the LT in charge of the event, or the ET in charge of the event. They will either deny or accept the request and give those involved a vision described by them. ET or LT in charge of a Farsight vision can and likely will alter the cost required to conduct the ritual, but should do so in a fashion that helps the Farseer or Farseers reach this goal.

When Farsight is used within the Spirit Realm, the shaman or ST member conducting the spirit walk must give OOC consent first, and will act as the ruling factor of what a Farseer might see or glean from the insight of a Spirit. 

[T2]SPIRIT WALK (No Pact Required) {Two Uses Per Day}


Farseers have the innate ability to tether their souls so that they may enter the Immortal and Elemental spiritual planes of existence by the use of narcotics, meditation, and old blah chants. First, {2} emotes must be made of meditation and focusing. Then {3} subsequent emotes must be made in old blah, invoking the spirit. Finally, {1

emote must be made of tethering the soul(s) to the spiritual realm in question. As a Farseer progresses through the tiers, they may begin to bring other people with them.


T2: A Farseer may bring themselves.
T3: A Farseer may bring up to 2 people along. T4: A Farseer may bring up to 4 people along. T5: A Farseer may bring up to 6 people along. 

A Spirit Walk is merely a travel of the souls to another plane, and so weapons, items, and other physical objects do not travel to the Spirit Realm while Spirit Walking. Items and objects may not be brought back for the same reason.


The Soul Tether acts as consent to the spiritual walk. It spreads from the shaman to the souls they wish to bring to the Spirit Realm. If the persona fears the Tether. It will not connect to them unless the target is being dragged to the Spirit Realm to purge their affliction or punish them.


Requires RP consent to use when bringing other individuals,  as the shaman is bringing a target’s soul into the Spirit Realm. When in the Spirit Realm, the nature of the soul blueprint is entirely visible. This may result in revealing disguises, the true identity of a tawkin klone, or one’s voidal/undead nature and so the target may choose to flee or refuse the tether through traditional means. 


Shamans are still capable of taking a subdued target’s soul or similar alternatives ( targets capable of being affected by curses/blessings, etc) for execution or punishment should one not consent to a PK. This will be taken from one of the Hexes of Witch Doctor or default to the Curse of Kor within Lutuamancy Redlines.  


The Farseer is capable of ejecting those brought along on their journey at any time through touch or chanting for three emotes asking the Realm to usher them back to the Mortal Realm. This is to prevent trolls or people from abusing the PK clause within the Spirit Realm. 


A Farseer abusing the tenants of a Spirit Walk and killing someone within the Spirit Realm will have The Greater of the Realm intervene, locking the shaman away (PK), and returning the victim.

If used in an ET scenario, this number can be bent with the approval of the presiding ET.             


Cannot be used in Combat. So long as within the spirit realm Combat is approved by a Greater of the Realm and not done to attack a lesser spirit without permission, combat roleplay in a spirit walk is fine.

[T2] SHAMANIC COMPANION (No Pact Required) {Three Uses A Day}

The Farseer can expend their Spiritual Favour to call forth an ethereal companion for a duration of 2 hours at a time. This requires three emotes of incitement, two of which need old blah.

This Etheral companion can only be as large as a horse and as small as a large dog. This creature can be used as a mount for the Farseer or a simple companion. Aesthetically, they can appear in the general form of monsters, animals, or ethereal masses of their Farseers' desire. 

During combat these companions serve for mechanical purposes, the same as a horse does in any combat situation if mounted or follows the same rules as dogs do. These creatures take physical form and can be banished or slain by the same means one would kill any horse or dog.  


Only one Companion can be active at one time for a single Farseer. These companions can not pass through physical objects and can be destroyed as one would a horse or dog. Nor can these companions speak or take objects or perform tasks that would require them to have a thumb like stealing from someone, or making items. Opening doors or windows.  

Special Cosmetics do not grant any combative edge whatsoever. If a horse couldn't do it, or a dog couldn't do it. The Companion can't do it. Re-textured horses and dogs. 

[T3] TRINKETS OF DIVINITY (Pact Required) {Three Uses A Day}

The Farseer is able to create a trinket with simple effects. By embedding Spiritual Favour into these trinkets via incitement, chanting in old blah, and ritual offerings and praise over the course of six emotes, the Farseer is able to bestow minor blessings to those that possess the trinket. These trinkets can grant minor ethereal effects on the body in the form of glows and mists, or markings.

Immortal Trinkets:


These Trinkets counter-act mental effects and non-combative curses {Akin to those found in Naz, Seer, and Mystic Lore} to the bearer in the form of the pact that the creating Farseer has made. An Immortal Trinket of Leyd will overpower depression, nightmares, and procrastination by imbuing the bearer with a strong sense of mental strength that can overcome any obstacle. Where An Immortal Trinket of Ublulhar would imbue hope. Immortal Trinkets can not overwhelm a concept they are bound to, a Trinket of Etna will not overcome depression, but may overwhelm anger.

These trinkets do not negate a curse but suppress it for as long as the bearer possesses the trinket. A single trinket can only suppress one curse, so long as it is not a combative curse. Should the trinket be removed or destroyed, the curse manifests.  


Elemental Trinkets:

These Trinkets gift the bearer with no immunity to the element they are bound to, but comfort with the element. A Trinket of Flame will allow the bearer to be physically comfortable within the heat of a forge or desert but still will be susceptible to the effects of overheating. Magma or other extreme temperatures will still hurt the bearer.  


Do not function against combative curses to any degree, unless in the confines of an ET event. Does not apply to any combative curses akin to Lifedrain or the sort of combative soul afflictions found in MA’s or from CA’s abilities. Nor do they function in combat.


One being can only have One trinket adorned on their person.

Trinkets are player-signed items and must be adorned on the body in some form to function, be it jewellery, fashioned upon clothing or armour. If the trinket becomes badly damaged, the effect ceases. Once every two weeks the Farseer must imbue the trinket with Spiritual Favour with three emotes of Incitement for the effects to carry on.

Elemental Trinkets do not grant protection from the elements. Nor from extreme heat and cold Magma will still kill you, you can still get frostbite. You will simply be more comfortable in these environments. Elemental trinkets have no physical effect on the bearer.


Trinkets can produce minor aesthetic effects such as ethereal glow and ethereal markings on the body. They work in tandem with sigils and glyphs found in Lesser and Greater Spirit and Asceticism.

[T3] INFLICT VISIONS (Pact Required){Three Uses Per Day} (Combative/Non-Combative)

A Farseer eventually, with time and study, can inflict visions upon others. These visions, unlike those in Farsight which appear suddenly, are usually about past experiences or perhaps the futures of those inflicted or the Farseer themselves. A Farseer, temporarily ‘shunts’ a target soul into a pocket domain of their pacted Lesser Spirit, giving them control of what is seen within. Known only to the afflicted and the inflicting Farseer

To inflict visions upon another, one must emote three times, with {1} emote focusing on the target and two of Incitement. Afterwards, the vision is given to the inflicted, preferably by private means. This lasts one {1} emote and stuns the target.  


This vision acts following one of the Farseers' Pacts. This is to say, a vision granted by a lesser of Enrohk will be violent. A vision granted by a lesser of Isuz will be tranquil.



T3:12 blocks

T4:16 blocks

T5:26 blocks. Should a farseer have some reagent of the target’s body, they do not require a line of sight.

Three (3) emotes are required to invoke a vision, two (2) of which must contain an Old Blah. An additional emote is then required to describe the vision the target is receiving to a satisfactory level to both parties involved.

The vision lasts for one (1) emote but can last longer with OOC permission in an agreed amount of emotes if the inflicted is willing. During this 1 emote, the shaman will be standing still and require focus on the target- unable to act or move. If the target is attacked during this one emote of being stunned, they are never to be Coup De Gra, they may be struck, but this should never serve as an easy instant kill without direct OOC consent, attacks on the Inflicted can never be majority crippling, meaning that spines may not be broken, nor jaws, nor legs. If a vision lasts longer(with the victim’s consent), the shaman is required to remain still or the vision fades. Farseers are not capable of reading the target's thoughts in any capacity. Only the affected can see the vision within the domain of the pacted spirit, though the Farseer will be aware of it, as they are the ones inflicting it. 


They are not required to be factual visions, the Farseer can invoke whatever images they desire. Nearly all creatures can not respond to what is in the vision, only mentally.  Demi Djiin is the only exception, able to speak, and minorly interact with the vision, but is unable to fully alter it.   


A Farseer must be looking at his target, to invoke a vision until Tier 5, at which point they may conduct a long-range vision as long as they possess a reagent from the target's body. They must be within {24} blocks of the target if they contain a reagent from the target's body.


The target would feel as if the vision was a thought or a (day)dream. The target has the OOC choice of whether they believe the vision to be real or not.


Reagents gathered must have screenshot proof of collection with the date and time visible. This is to prevent OOC abuse by hoarding incredibly old body parts.


No imagery or acts that go against Terms of Service in Inflict Visions. Do not use old reagents from dead bodies. Visions only affect targets with a Soul. A Farseer must possess a Spirit Pact to Inflict Visions 

[T3] VISION DRAUGHT(Pact Required){Three Uses Per Day}


With the knowledge of Inflict Visions, they can infuse their shamanic visions into liquids, to be consumed, added to foods, or pools of liquids. (Blood, Water, Etc). The shaman will throughout four emotes, drip both their mana and blood into the liquid they wish to turn into Vision Draught.   


Follows all Inflict Vision Redlines.


May be used in tandem with Farsight to bolster the visual effects to non-shamanic witnesses. 

Can not be used in combat. Meaning that pools affected by vision draught do not trigger in CRP, nor can bottled Vision Draught be thrown for combative affects.


Pools and ponds can not be bigger than 8x8x8 when affected by Vision Draught.

Bottles and food affected by Vision Draught last two OOC weeks from their creation date before they expire. Pools and ponds affected by Vision Draught last three OOC weeks from their creation date.

A Farseer can only make Bottled and Food Afflicted Vision Draught three times an OOC week.


[T3] SHAMANIC BLESSINGS OF PROTECTION. (Requires Pact) {Three Use Per Day}


At the Third Tier, the Farseer can invoke Favour with their pacted spirit to bestow a Blessing of Protection upon themselves or another target within range. These blessings require Three Emotes of Incitement before they manifest on Emote #3. 

Requires Three Emotes of Incitement, two of which must contain Old Blah. Affects form on the third emote. 

In the case of ET events, with the ruling ET’s approval, the Farseer may target more than a single target per use of this spell. 

In standard CRP, the Farseer may only target one creature with a soul at a tim

Blessings of Mental Protection.

Pacted Realms: Ixli, Lethrothak, Shezept, Jevex, Ublulhar, Veist, Theruz, Ikuras, Drelthok, Kotrestruu, Xaakt, Enrohk, Ogrol, Leyd, Paxaharu, Kezt, Krathol, Glutros, Isuz, Kesaroth, Betharuz, Etna, Letrothak, Amul,

Active affects: 

Blessings of Mental/Magical Protection shield the target for [x Tier] from Mental affects. Be positive or negative. Magical affects which affect the mind, fear, paranoia, and hallucinations, will no longer have affects, and mind-altering potions will no longer have affects for the duration. This can help with more mundane mental affects such as natural mortal emotions such as rage, and depression. Once the blessing has ended, if these affects would still be active, they take hold of the target. Once activated, protection remains until shattered or {6} emotes have passed.

T3: 2 Emotes

T4: 3 Emotes

T5: 4 Emotes


In the case of magical mental and visual affects like illusions, the physical representation would remain, but the protection would allow the target to identify the illusion is magical.  


Blessings of Mental protection only offers brief protection from these affects. This is to say should the blessings' power weigh and fade, and a mental affliction would persist longer, they are fully affected. Spells caster at a higher tier than the wielder of the casting Farseer overpower its warding affects.

Blessings of Magical Protection


Pacted Domains: Freygoth, Kor, Ankrus, Anyhuluz, Luara, Ramakhet, Kinul, Urin, Scorthuz, Aztran, Eathruz, Akezo, Arwa.

Active affects:

Magical protection does not extend to mind-altering affects from magics. Instead against directly combative magical affects such as necrotic life drain, malflame, and ectoplasm. Xannic Bolts, and some voidal magics. Such as Transfiguration or non-elemental-based Evocations. Once activated, protection remains until shattered or {6} emotes have passed. 

T3: Protects from 1 T3 spell.
T4: Protects from 1 T3 Spells, halves 1 T4 Spells affects.
T5: Protects from 2 T3 Spells, 1 T4 Spell affects. Halfens 1 T5 Spells affects.

Does not grant protection from magical spells such as spells from Fire, Water, Air, Earth Voidal Evocation. 


Does not grant protection from magical spells that bestow fear, or other mental affects. Spells cast at higher tiers than the wielder of the Icon will fully overpower and bypass the magical protection. 


Halfen spell affects mean the offensive spell partly travels through. This is to say, not as affective. Example. Daybreak Spears will still cause kinetic damage but not pierce their target.

Blessings of Physical Protection


Pacted Realms: Ghorza, Vulka, Rolfish, Trokorl, Velkumest, Gentharuz, Votar, Dazkur, Leyd, Kezt, Gazigazh, Kulthark.

Active affects:

Blessings of Physical Protection shield the target for [x Tier] strikes against them. Physical strikes bounce harmlessly off the bubble created around the target. Any strike orc tier or greater would shatter the bubble, regardless of tier within two strikes. In addition, physical affects can not leave the shielded area, meaning you cannot attack inside the bubble. Nothing in, nothing out. These shields press down on the target and render them unable to sprint. Base movement is 4 blocks per emote. These shields extend only to the target. This blessing of protection does not protect against magical spells but will protect against physical strikes and physical alchemical solutions that are not Null Arcana or Auric Oil(ex: a blasting potion). These blessings persit for {6} emotes unless shattered by raw phsyical force.



Two Arrows from a bow or Crossbow.  

One strike from a weapon possessed by a being without Uruk strengt


Three Arrows from a bow or Crossbow. One from an Arbalest. Two Strikes from a weapon possessed by a being without Uruk Strength. One strike from a weapon possessed by a being with Uruk strength. One alchemical solution.



Four Arrows from a bow or Crossbow.Two from an Arbalest. Three Strikes from a weapon possessed by a being without Uruk Strength.  Two strikes from a weapon possessed by a being with Uruk strength.One Strike from a being with Olog Strength.Two alchemical solutions.

Does not bestow protection from magical spells or affects. Example. Bolts blessed with Xannic Fervour or made from Xannic Armament from Paladins of Xan, or Sunlight or Daybreak Spears will still pierce, and shatter the shield.  Druidic vines will be able to enter and shatter the shield. A Necromancer's lifedrain will bypass the shield. Malflame enters, Ectoplasma does as well. Does not protect from fall damage unless accepted by an ET during an ET Event. 

Blasting Potions, Arctic Mists, and Dragons Breath, or Hounds Howl,  from Alchemy, weaken a T5 Shield to the point it can only take one strike from a weapon possessed by a being without Uruk Strength. And one arrow from a bow or Crossbow. In addition, the spell concentration disruption affects of Hounds Howl still travel through the barrier. Strikes would shatter the shield fully, pass through, unhampered by any means. In short, deific connections and ranged abilities will immediately pierce and break the shield, in addition to corrupted soul forces and similarly associated magics like ectoplasm and malflame.

The table above does not display what it can take over all before it shatters but what of each type it can withstand. Further detail. T4 Farseer uses Physical Protection Icon. This shield takes three arrows. It can withstand one more arrow- one more strike in general before it shatters.  

Blessings of Elemental Protection

Pacted Domains: Skathach, Akathro, Bregthar, Fiarza, Neizdark 


Active affects

Grants Elemental Protection for [X Tier] Emotes following the Farseers Elemental Pact.

Fire: Protect against Fire/Heat for the duration.

Water: Protects against Water/Ice for the duration.

Air: Protects against Air for the duration.
Earth: Protects against Earth for the duration.  

Storm: Protects against Storms for the Duration.


T3:Protects against an Element for 1 Emote
T4:Protects Against an Element for 2 Emotes
T5: Protects against an Element for 3 Emotes.


Elemental protection is not protection from extreme conditions such as flame from Wyverns and flame attacks from dragons. Sub-thermal waters would kill any mortal due to the extreme colds in minutes. Or rock falls larger than 8x8, cave-ins, or extreme storms such as tornados, typhoons, and hurricanes.  Things that would normally incapacitate a target will still do so.


Elemental protection only extends for the duration. Harmful elemental spells such as those found in Evocation or Frost Witch, will only allow protection against one spell before the shield shatters fully. This is extended to alchemical solutions as well that deal elemental damage. Such as Will'o'Wisps, Artic Mists, and Dragons Breath. The initial impact is protected, however, area affects that last longer than 1 emote will still affect the protected.


Elemental protection will protect against the element it is bound to for a few moments. This may allow the protected target to withstand extreme gusts of air. A sudden rush of water, magma flares, cold or boiling waters.

Ice summoned and manipulated by a Frost Witch, operates in accordance to its own lore. The elemental protections granted by water only slightly negate such effects. Example. Ice spikes that penetrate armour will dent armour and still apply damage to the flesh beneath in the form of bruises and broken/fractured bone. Such spells cast at a higher tier than the Icon Wielding Farseers tier overpower the shield and fully transfer all affects through.


In the case of Voidal Evocations, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth they can only defend against a single Evocation spell equal to the tier of the Farseer holding the Icon. HOWEVER, NO ELEMENTAL BLESSING OF PROTECTION CAN PROTECT AGAINST ANY T5 EVOCATION SPELL.


Affects at T4 will travel through, and only slightly be dampened. ¾ of the spell will travel through. Against T3 Evocation spells, ½ of the spell travels through. This is to say. If an affect from a water evocation spell would send a target 12 blocks and is a T4 spell, they are pushed 9 blocks. If affects would leave third-degree burns upon contact from a spell of flame, only first-degree burns are applied.

[T5]SHAMANIC BLESSINGS OF MIGHT (Requires A Pact){Three Uses aDay}


When a Farseer reaches Tier 5 and possesses a Spirit Pact, they are capable of casting a keystone blessing signature to their style of  Spirit.


A Farseer is only able to cast a Shamanic Blessing of a Spirit should they possess a pact with a spirit. In addition, the Farseer is only able to invoke the blessing tied to the domain that the spirit is pacted to.  


At Tier Five, the range of these is 28 blocks.  

A Farseer must have a pact with a spirit to cast a blessing, and in addition, to cast certain blessings below, the Farseer must be pacted with a spirit listed at the top of the blessing. A Farseer can not cast Pain Split if they do not hold any pact with the spirits listed above Pain Split.

The Shamanic Blessings of a Spirit can only affect targets with souls. This does however still include most Undead CA’s, in addition to souls bound in metal or stone by a Mehnir, Inferi, Wights, etc. However, this does not affect such CA’s as Animii or Homunculus they have no soul to afflict.


A Farseer must have a line of sight with the target they wish to afflict with the Shamanic Blessings of a Spirit. 


During ET events, the range, affectiveness, and number of souls afflicted by it can be discussed at their discretion


Immortal Blessings

As a Farseer grows in power, their pact and rewards from this pact grow as well. The blessings of Immortal Spirits vary depending upon the collective blessing each pacted domain is tied to. The casting time of these blessings varies from blessing to blessing.

Votar, Enrohk, Leyd, Kesaroth, Anyhuluz, Xaakt, Aztran, Kor.

{Strength Bolster}

A Farseer is capable of sacrificing their physical strength and bolstering it to another- an inversion of the plague so commonly associated with voidal magics, or a boon akin to Blood Magic’s Augmentation.   

A Pacted Farseer may spend 4 emotes, both in and out of combat, Inciting and performing a ritual associated with their respective spirits. This passing of strength may be something seen visually through the weakening of the caster’s muscles and form, or an aura that envelopes the target.

The target is bolstered with four emotes, removing the debilitating physical shackles of magical afflictions brought on by the afflicted, or physical condition. Such as Azhl.  


A target is brought to a tier above its natural strength. This does not work to bolster Ologs beyond Olog Strength. Uruk affected by this blessing are bolstered to their full strength.


The Farseer's strength is sapped for the duration of the spell, and an additional three emotes after. As The Farseer transfers their strength to the target.  


The Shaman can still cast and move freely, though heavy equipment(armour) will cause the shaman to lose two blocks of movement while sapped of strength.  


If multiple Farseer {2+} channel this spell in unison, they may increase the duration of the spell by one additional emote per [T4+] Farseer. The Farseers involved have their strength sapped for the duration of the spell, and two emotes after. This can never go beyond Four additional emotes.  The cost of Favour will be spent by the Leading Farseer of the Ritual 


This ability does not permanently augment strength, nor does it increase the body's natural vitality, or Stamina.  The body's reflexes are not increased. 


The casting Farseer, or any Farseer channelling this spell as a group are unable to target themselves with the affects of this blessing. 


This Ability will not make the afflicted able to bypass lore rulings such as Enscroll: Earth upon armament as found in Blood Magic. This is to say that it will not make such artifacts lighter to carry.

The duration and the cap of Farseers extending these affects may be altered during ET events at the discretion of the ET. 


Strength Bolster does not allow for one-hit kills and can never be used to enforce such a thing upon another player. Players will dictate how damage is applied to their firm within the confines of CRP.

Regardless of use (solo or group), Strength Bolster will always cost 1 blessing out of the three possible Farseer can cast per day. This one blessing will be taken from the Leading Farseer  The cost of Favour will be spent by the Leading Farseer of the Ritual

Ankrus, Freygoth, Ogrol, Krathol, Kinul, Veist, Akezo, Arwa, Luara, Scorthuz, Gazigash,
{ Pain Split }

A Farseer is capable of sacrificing parts of their body, a willing descendant, or a living animal to mend an injury of many kinds- physical, mental- or the soul.  


This can be used to heal things like broken limbs, lacerations, and even grievous wounds- though half the damage is reflected onto the caster or a living alternative.    


A Pacted Farseer may spend 4 emotes, both in and out of combat, Inciting and performing a ritual associated with their respective spirits. This healing and transfer of pain may be something seen visually through a wound magically closing, or an aura that envelopes the target.

Two [T3+] Farseers lower the sacrifice tier of this blessing by one, and Three [T3+] Farseers lower the sacrifice tier by Two, with an additional [T3+] Farseer capable of making the spell “free” on a singular target. Regardless of use (solo or group), Pain Split will always cost 1 blessing out of the three possible shamans can cast per day.  The cost of Favour will be spent by the Leading Farseer of the Ritual

As a Farseer heals these wounds/afflictions throughout their magical career, the formerly afflicted will take on a shamanic nature dependent upon the Farseers Shamanic Pact.  

In this case, gangrene from Kinul or chain-like bruises from Ogrol may be tattooed onto the formerly afflicted. This extends to mental affects and soul afflictions upon the afflicted. Viewable within the spirit realm, as a living testament of the spirits marking upon the target. These soul marks can be visible to any magic MA or CA that bears the ability to view Soul Afflictions. The Soul of a target that has had a Necrotic curse removed from them, is marked fully by the pacted spirit domain that the casting Farseer is tied to. Example: If the Necrotic curse was lifted by Glutroz, the area that would have been afflicted appears to be made of constant shimmering gold.


[Cuts, Lacerations, Common Injury, T3 Mental/SoulAfflictions]

The simplest wounds are capable of being restored through a shaman performing Pain Split upon a small animal like a bird or squirrel, crippling the animal. Upon a larger animal or the shaman, the target and the shaman would be left with matching scars, with lingering faint pain for one emote.  

[Broken Bones,  Deep wounds, Natural Disfigurement, Stabilising Critical Patients, T4 Mental/Soul Afflictions]


Larger and more severe wounds are difficult to heal, and a shaman is required to completely sacrifice a smaller animal. In the case of large animals, or the shaman themselves, they are wounded- a new sprain, a shallow cut to quickly bandage, or a minor disfigurement, in the form of a sprain typically.  


In the case of stabilising patients, the blessing would allow the target to survive for an OOC day should no other treatment come to them- any other proper treatment afterwards capable of keeping them alive.


[Life Threatening Wounds, Severed Body Parts, Severe Impairments, T5 Mental/Soul Afflictions]

The most severe of injuries (dismemberment, impalement, etc) is capable of being stabilised through this ability, This requires the shaman to either mutilate themselves, break a limb, remove a finger, flay flesh or fully sacrifice two smaller animals or one larger animal.

A shaman cannot perform Pain Split if the action would kill themselves. A shaman must perform all emotes of Incitement and casting before the healing begins.



Healing is done fully over the body, removing ailments and the sort, as well as natural disfigurements such as blindness. Pain Split is unable to heal something from nothing. Lost limbs can not be replaced. Severed limbs may be re-attached so long as the limb is mostly intact and has been retrieved within 3 OOC hours of being severed. Needless to say, this spell is unable to bring back the dead or re-attach heads. 


A Farseer is not able to enforce damages from Pain Split onto hostile players in CRP without direct OOC Consent. They are allowed to enforce damages on NPC animals on a whim.

The duration and the cap of Farseers extending these affects may be altered during ET events at the discretion of the ET. 

Ixli, Ikuras, Isuz, Paxahru, Kezt, Thulezia, Kesaroth, Brimztra, Etna, Xaakt, Betharuz, Glutroz, Rolfizh, Ublulhar, Veist, Drelthrok, Letrothak.

{Emotional Shift}

This blessing imbues the afflicted with an aura of emotion. Felt by those around it for better or worse. These affects do not tell between friend and foe. Should the target lack the ability to express these emotions naturally, these blessings overpower the senses, invoking these emotions 

regardless. A Pacted Farseer may spend 4 emotes, both in and out of combat,  Inciting and performing a ritual associated with their respective spirits.

If multiple [T3+] Farseer {2+} channel this spell in unison, they may increase the duration and range of the spell by one additional emote, one additional 1x1x1 per [T3+] Farseer. This can never go beyond Four additional emotes or an additional 4x4x4.  The cost of Favour will be spent by the Leading Farseer of the Ritual


Those within range of the afflicted are imbued with an extreme sense of Courage, able to surpass magical fears and mental fears of the mind. They shall be able to move towards even known death without fear of their foes. This affect lasts for eight emotes.  


Range: 8x8x8 from afflicted



Those around the afflicted of this blessing will be imbued with an extreme sense of Fear, causing those within range of the afflicted to flee in panic and fear, a minimum of four blocks from the afflicted, upwards to 8 blocks from the afflicted. This fear does not spread to the afflicted, only those around the afflicted.  This affect lasts four emotes.

Range: 4x4x4 from afflicted 


The afflicted of this blessing are sent into a frenzy, attacking anything within 3 blocks of themselves. Unable to tell friend from foe, these lines will become blurred, so that all are the afflicted foes.  This affect lasts for three emotes.

Range: Single Target 

Only one Emotion can be enforced by a single Farseer upon an afflicted or around the afflicted at a single time. Other Farseers may not override another Emotional Shift. 


Emotional Shift does not create permanent emotional changes within a target.


Movement from emotional shift is enforced, as it is magical based movement. The emotional affects are decided upon the afflicted if they wish to feel them or roleplay them.


Rage requires OOC consent to be used upon a player target.


Emotional shift works on targets with a soul. Constructs such as Pale Lords, or likewise Undead CA that do not naturally feel these emotions, may find them even more confusing but can feel such things once again through the might of a spirit.


Emotional Shifts do not force those afflicted by the affects to stop spell casting, nor act as means to interrupt spell casting. 


The duration of the cap of Farseers extending these affects may be altered during ET events at the discretion of the ET.

Urin, Ramakhet. 

{Blinding Storm}

This blessing creates a 12x12x12 area in which a small blight of weather creates a blinding cloud. Those within the affected range naturally are only able to peer within a 3-block radius of them unless they are aided by magical or alchemical means. A Pacted Farseer may spend 4 emotes, both in and out of combat, Inciting and performing a ritual associated with their respective spirits. This affect lasts six emotes.  


If multiple [T3+] Farseer {2+} channel this spell in unison, they may increase the duration and range of the spell by one additional emote, one additional 1x1x1 per [T3+] Farseer. This can never go beyond Four additional emotes or an additional 4x4x4. The cost of Favour will be spent by the Leading Farseer of the Ritual.

This affect can be cleared with affects that can create gusts of wind such, Air Evocation. Or Air Purifier Potions, following their lore and rulings. {Expect for Air Purifier, that will clear 6x6x6 of this blessing affects instead of its normal 3x3x3} 


Those within the affects of this ability are fully able to use alchemical lenses to counteract its affects such as Arcana Flow or Heat Sight. A Slotted Seer is fully immune to the blinding affects of this blessing. Those with True Sight are Immune to the effects of this blessing. 


Those within the affects of this ability are not hindered in their ability to move or fight. Only vision is hindered.  


The Storm created by this will adhere to the region it is invoked in. Rain clouds in tropical areas, or areas with more water than land like a marsh. Sand storms in dry areas, dust storms in grassy areas. Snow storms in cold areas. 


If not cast in combat, or for CRP use in general, this blessing may be cast around a target or a group, and travel along with the group as they move for its duration. If CRP starts, this affect fades instantly. ET may bend this ruling at their discretion.

The duration of the cap of Farseers extending these affects may be altered during ET events at the discretion of the ET. 

Vulka, Velkumest, Rolfish, Jevex, Shezept, Ghorza, Gentharuz, Dazkur, Theruz, Amul, Kotrestruu, Trokorl, Eathruz

{Icon of Protection} 

{ST Signed Enchantment}

This blessing, if used during the creation of a Shamanic Icon of Protection, creates a Icon of Protection. The affects of an Icon of Protection radiate in a 5x5x5 from the object or caster, and last an additional three emotes longer, yet wield the same durability as referenced in Shamanic Icons of Protection. 


Icons of Protection can be used by any Farseer, but only if they have a pact with the spirits that the Icons Domain is pacted with. This means that a Farseer will only be able to use an Icon of Physical Protection if they have a pact with one of the domains of Physical Protection.  

Icons of Protection follow all redlines of Shamanic Blessings of Protection, only with their affect range increased and duration extended. The protective Icons' shield durability is NOT increased. Greater Icons require a pact with the domain they are tied to for a Farseer to use them. A Farseer without a spirit pact within the Physical Protection Domain can not use a [Greater Icon of Physical Protection]

Icons of Protection are required to be signed by an ST, stating what they are a Greater Icon of. For example, [Icon of Mental Protection], and will be documented on their MA that such a Greater Icon has been created.


Icons must be visible and held in hand when used. They must atleast be a foot long and three inches wide. These icons will be suspecptable to damages and if severely damaged will no longer function until repairs, which can be done out of combat in the fashion they were made.

Elemental Blessings
Skathach, Akathro, Bregthar, Fiarza, Kulthark, Neizdark 


A Pacted Farseer may spend 4 emotes, both in and out of combat, Inciting and performing a ritual associated with their respective spirits. The Farseer will carve an object, an Elemental Sigil which may be destroyed/sacrificed during the Animists ritual {This is a player-signed item} This Elemental Sigil will be bound to an Elemental Realm. A Farseer with a pact tied to the domain of flame may only create Fire Elemental Sigils. This sigil will allow an Animist to bypass group requirements for spells in addition to avoiding the bodily harm brought on by Fruum.  


A Farseer may only create Elemental Sigils to their pacted domain. Fire to Fire, Water to Water, Earth to Earth.   


If multiple [T3+] Farseer {2+} channel this spell in unison, they may increase the number of Elemental Sigils created upon items by one additional Elemental Sigil. This affect can not be applied beyond five Elemental Sigils in one single casting of this blessing. 


Animist are still required to follow all emotes that must be performed with their rituals, as well as any regents that are required to be met. 


The Farseer must have a respective pact to create an Elemental Sigil. A Farseer without a water pact can not create a Water Sigil. A Farseer with a fire pact may create a Fire Sigil.

This blessing will allow the Farseer to create an object with an Elemental Sigil upon it. An Animist must have this player-signed item in their inventory and destroy it for the beneficial affects of an Elemental Sigil. 


This item acts as means for an Animist to cast the Fruum from Animist Rituals onto the sigil instead of themselves, in addition to bypassing the group requirements of Animist Rituals. Each sigil can only be used once before it is fully destroyed. This Item will expire two OOC weeks after it has been created.



T1: A Farseer spends the first week of the magic learning the Old Blah to communicate with the Spirits. They must spend time meditating and learning to establish their tether from their mortal body to the Spiritual Realm. They may receive Farsight visions. The Farseer is able to use Incitement


T2 (2 weeks after acceptance): The Farseer gains the ability to Spirit Walk. While Spirit walking they may only travel by themselves.


T3 (5 weeks after acceptance): At this stage, a Farseer may invoke Shamanic Blessings of Protection. While Spirit walking they may only travel with two additional people. This Farseer may Inflict Visions if they have a pact. The Farseer is able to use Icons at this tier and is able to create Vision Draught.

T4 (10 weeks after acceptance): At this stage, a Farseer begins to cultivate a better connection to the spirits. While Spirit walking they may only travel with four additional people. The Farseer may Inflict Visions at a greater range.  


T5 (16 weeks after acceptance): At this stage, a Farseer has reached the peak of their ability. While Spirit walking they may only travel with six additional people. They are at the height of their power and may be able to Invoke all Farseer abilities granted they have the Pacts required. The Farseer may cast Shamanic Blessings of Might.



Writing Credits

Panashea, Astrophysical, Evonpire, ColonelSoberFunk, ColonelLCassy.
Review Credits



Art Credit
Paintings on canvas and paper by the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos.


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pretty please put redlines and other stuff like that in Spoilers tho, oh my

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Why yes, farseer and witchdoctor should be mutually exclusive.

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