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  2. what happened to the tundrak tragedy?

  3. @FlamboyantTyrant If u dont accept the dragaar ur LAME

  4. Nexus plox, it was good

  5. Bring back neXUS

  6. the server is 100% free shut up about the ******* ads.


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      I mean, the ads on the mobile version are SUPER intrusive and make it difficult to tap the menu button and the “show notifications” bell button, and sometimes just fill the whole screen randomly for no discernible reason. 


      But other than that, yeah. Par for the course to have ads to support free services lol 

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    For mods and ops. I was banned back in 2013 for I can’t remember I was a teen then and probably did something OOCly.
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    Ourok Bearflesh hailing from the Raguk Clan born to his father Rokmug and his mother Choka. He had many siblings that he doesn’t affiliate with anymore, doing one dishonorable thing and abandoning his family and clan when he came of age, but we will return to that... Ourok was born in 1705 when the descendants arrived at Arcas, his parents settled on the most southern island in the desert. Building a small outpost where Rokmug and Choka bred warriors. Ourok didn’t get along with his twenty other siblings as when he was little he was much smaller than the rest always being picked on or bullied. About his 7th year of age he sprouted in height and weight gaining an advantage, though this also came with hard work and dedication to putting his body through stress by pulling small rocks and eventually boulders across the sand and into the water. 10th year of age, Ourok was now ten years old and already gaining mass, as he trained with his father learning the skills of swinging an axe and charging enemies (rocks). Ourok went up to his eldest sibling who was Garran and 16 years of age to challenge him to a brawl, they both thrashed and pounded on each other as blood flew. Garran then defeated by Ourok gaining a lot of honor towards his father. “You’ll make a fine warrior for the War Nation of Krugmar.” 16th year of age, Ourok visited the great capital San’Strok and learned a little bit about their religion shamanism. Ourok never paid attention as his goals was on war and fighting. Sneaking away from his mother and siblings to watch the brawls. Sometimes taking part in some himself, even if he got beaten to a pulp. When he returned to his home on the edge of the desert where it met the ocean he would spend a lot of time thinking of what else is out there, he only seen one elf and a few humans. Particularly they interested him. 20th year of age, Past adulthood and Ourok was no longer in the desert but traveling through the jungles on the island on his own. An orc with adventure in his heart as he set off to travel the land of Arcas and meet other inhabitants. He never understood the common language but would do gestures as he slowly learned. Eventually making his way to the Free State of Sutica and discovering a diverse kingdom, in awe he walked around the city and traded animal skins with merchants for other goods he needed, meeting what would be a long time friend a goblin named Mucko. 32nd year of age, Ourok and Mucko traveled all around Arcas, Mucko wanted treasure while Ourok wanted bloodshed, it made a perfect match as they slashed through bandits and soon a new adventure would lead Ourok to discover something even more... Mucko was stabbed and died in Ourok’s arms as the bandits let loose several bears on him and Ourok went into a lust of fury and rage. Pounding and chomping down on different bears and bandits, slamming heads together, even tearing one bandit in half. He would douse his skin with their blood, squirting some into his eyes as his eyes now were bloodshot stained. After he released his inner rage he fell to the ground not mourning for the lose of a close friend but honoring his death with the death of the bandit camp. Ourok ripped apart and skinned the dead bears and wore their hide as a trophy and he named himself Ourok Bearflesh, then set onward to discover more in this world... (To be continued in game.)
  9. “I grew up in a small town with my mum and my dad, and my mum and dad before me came from the city of Caras Elder in Atlas. I was an only child, and as my parents were unable to have any other children due to the curse given to all Elves by Iblees millennia ago. My mum was sweet and good-hearted while my dad was furious and abusive. One day I went to school and someone turned up with a bow and arrow. They started playing with it and shot my parents while they were walking past. I found a coat in my dad’s backpack. It was green and shiny and I loved it soo much. I packed up my things and headed into the woods because of the abuse caused by my dad, and that’s where I am now. Well, until i decide to explore the rest of the world.” -Euan (when he was only 12 years old) At the age of 200, Euan finally leaves his humble home in the woods and begins his wildest dream yet: To explore the whole world! (credit to MAGA on discord for helping me to get a more detailed backstory for my character)
  10. UNKNOWN KILLER LOCATION - Horne Farm THREAT LEVEL - ??? REWARD - 1,500 (Its all we can afford…) Please help! Our beautiful daughter has been murdered and her body desecrated! I don’t know what kind of horrid mad man would have done this to an innocent girl but our daughter, Alana, lays dead. We went to put out a peculiar gaily colored flame that had kicked up within our field during the early hours of the morning when we found her body. Whatever dastardly foe that had done this mutilated the body before leaving it next to the flame.
  11. Blackened and speckled with white, a simple image yet mystifying for all of descendant kind. Something theorised about, studied, tales of mysticisms woven into the collective conscious. But always out of reach, not the highest tower upon the highest peak has ever been truly touched the sky. Something mortal kind may never explore. Pink, intense, stronger than what any noble would dare to wear. Another insignificant speck made interesting by its ***** color. Something capable of striking conversation among all sky watchers as it began to move independent of all the other specks of light. Barely noticeable at first until it started to quicken. Faster and faster, brighter and brighter. Soon a streak of light burning across the sky seeming ever to get ever closer until the sky touched the ground. The streak crossing the horizon in a blinding flash and leaving a glow that slowly faded as a hot pink midnight sunset.
  12. The Son of Wulfran and Ursola, Strobeg La’Vassieur was raised near Brandybrook. Growing around halflings made him accustomed to the halfling way of life. He spent most of his childhood playing with a halfling friend named Grimbald. He lived with his family on their farm, he and his father raised plants to sell to merchants coming by the small town. Occasionally he was taken to see the elves from Aegrothond. He had never been to another city before, he found it exhilarating. After the encounter he was never entirely the same, his duties on the family farm no longer interested him as much, though he stayed so as not to disappoint his father, Wulfran who wanted him to keep the family farm, which had belong to the first La’Vassieur, his grandfather, Ernst. After the turn of his 30th birthday, Wulfran finally broke seeing his son grow more distant from the farmers life. Young Strobeg was told of his family that he hadn’t known. His father had two brothers, one named Fatin, who hated the way of his family, had changed his name to Edward, and went to Revel to live amongst humans. The other Ruediger, Strobeg’s father did not know what had become of him. Released from the confines of the farm at Brandybrook, Strobeg, left for Aegrothond where he got directions to Revel, he eventually learned of the brothers that lived there, the sons of Edward La’Vassieur. Travelling further he learned of the location of them at Morsgrad where he travelled to meet with them, eventually finding them on his thirty-fifth birthday. From then on he lived with them bringing him to the age of 54, frequently disappearing to explore the Arcas continent.
  13. Doran Ruric finally gives a thumbs up to his kin. “All-Father guide you all in the trials to come, you’ve made your ancestors proud at long last.”
  14. @KBR now that we’re not at war can I join the orc discord again

  15. Wargoth and Dominus Korgahk’Gorkil would smile hearing the alliance and would say “A new age has begun... The orcs shall rise once more, Ang Gijak ishi!”
  16. Alani was born in a relatively small farming town to her mother and father, Alex Deverean and Sarah Deverean, both of which were wedded 3 years prior to Alani’s birth. Although the town had few books other than the local library/church, she spent most of her time there to read, despite barely being literate Over the next few years, Alani finally made two friends, Valerie Byrn, and Jade Moon, the three mostly either being in the library, or running around the town. It took just a few more years of work and minor trades to visitors, when Alani finally left the farming town, bidding farewell to both friends and her family to head to the nearest city in hopes of heading out to elsewhere. Unfortunately, by the time Alani reached the city, she discovered that she now had a rather... Lack luster amount of funding, unable to afford a ride on a ship, and thus she went to the nearest guild hall – Ending up joining a small, unnamed Mercenary band until she was 17, finally having enough for a ride on a ship, and even more – And then, she was on her way to a new land...
  17. please I need rp please I'll rp anything I'm desperate

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  19. The Archon, Aroen Velulaei’onn signs the document, his love for Luara intensifying.
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    Welcome to Lord of the Craft! I hope you enjoy your time here. After I set your application to accept, a bot should automatically whitelist you onto the server. If there is an issue with your white-enlistment please contact me on discord at Language#1688 . If you would like any guidance or help in-game, contact me or any Community Staff Member and ask for a Wilven Monk for assistance with LoTC with the following command. Run this command as soon as you get in so that we can acclimate you as soon as possible. /creq Hi, I’m a new player, and I need help. Can I get a Wilven Monk? We encourage new players to join our New Player Discord so that you can meet current players and ask our Community Team any questions you currently have. It’s also very helpful to read the New Player Guide to help you on your travels. This guide contains prevalent and detailed information about roleplay and other mechanics of the game. As an additional bonus, as per your character’s race, check out your race’s nations on Nations and Major Charters, we also encourage you to check out our Settlement Guides for other places you may be interested in. Should you require any further assistance at any time in the future, contact me on discord at Language#1688 . You may issue a /creq [message] on the server to open a Community Staff Ticket.
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