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    Mio comes from a rough childhood, he was birthed from his beautiful mother Elizabeth and had two siblings: Jack and Lizzy, Mio’s father; Christian, was always active in the field and was busy working 24/7, Because of this their living situations weren’t horrible but they always could have been better. As Mio grew up he became more connected with his father and spent less time in the house and at school and more in the field, He learned valuable life skills which are essential for survival and also leadership, he picked up on these outstandingly fast which came as a surprise to his mother and father, He was already able to analyze which berries were safe and which weren’t by the age of 13, he was able to chop down smaller sized trees and make a fire using rocks he foraged from forested areas. Mio became the second man in his household always in the field, doing jobs for people, and had the same goal as his father, make money. Unfortunately his world came crashing down when his brother Jack became deathly ill, His brother was only 17 and was sick 3 years prior, 1 year later he died, and a part from Mios heart was taken away. Although good did come from his passing, Mio had more determination then ever to achieve his goals, he felt he was lucky it wasn’t him and that life has immense value. When Mio turned 18 he decided he would be leaving his house and try to find lands with better opportunities and bigger fortune. His parents agreed but were saddened by his departure, they paid for his boat, food, and also left him with some money to start a life in his new life. After taking a boat and stopping at an inn and repeating for what felt like weeks Mio finally found a region that was fit for him, Massive fields, more races then you could imagine, plenty of people you could meet, and plenty of opportunities he could fulfill. He got off the dock and ventured through the town, shops everywhere, people talking among themselves, and good community spirit overall. Finally after years and years of wanting this, Mio finally found a town that he would feel welcomed in, and after spending hours wandering he deemed this place was the one. He’s been staying in inns for his entire stay and hasn’t socialized much with the towns people, so far he gotten himself organized and has sent a letter to his parents. His hopes are to meet new friends and to fight head on any challenges that come his way. Currently Mios source of income is a mini flora shop he has set up in some fields, only some know about his shop but word spreads about his variety of flowers he offers, Fire flowers being his most mythical flower he sells, considering how little life the plant has and the distance you must travel to aquire, he only has a couple in every week. Miloptris is his second best seller for the funky fun use of it, usually bought around town events in Millstone and Talons Grotto.
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