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  1. Amicia de Astrea gandered at the missive with a perked brow and a curious tilt of her head. The freckled girl offered a singular nod of affirmation as she overheard her cousins signing up for such an event in the next room over, and thus, she procured a quill to sign up as well! Name - Amicia Eloise de AstreaAge: - 7Association Member? - Non! What's an ah-show-see-ay-shun?Describe your level of ability and experience playing badminton - I dunno what a bad-mitten is, but it sounds fun. I will practice.
  2. [!] The following invitation would be sent to all residents of Elysium, Varhelm, Leumont, and the children of Haense in particular. A Norlandic Children’s Picnic 16th of the Deep Cold, Year 11 SA To the children of Norland and Haense, You are hereby invited to attend a picnic held in Elysium, hosted by Duke Eugeo de Astrea’s niece, Amicia de Astrea of Elysium! Fresh fruits and vegetables harvested from Elysium’s rich fields will be provided, as well as pastries and other delightful refreshments. The afternoon will also consist of a
  3. Ancelie happily embarks on the journey alongside her beloved husband, vowing to return to her duties as Queen when both her and her husband’s vigor to lead is restored anew.
  4. IGN: Ancelia SKIN/S: Soft Spring DISCORD: Ancelia#0808 BID: 90
  5. IGN: Ancelia SKIN/S: Soft Spring DISCORD: Ancelia#0808 BID: 70
  6. Ign: Ancelia skin: green maid bid: 35 mina
  7. Taking Aim A Norlandic Day of Revelry and Sharpshooting ~ Since its Founding, Norland has had many esteemed archers throughout its history. From a young age, Norlandic children train in many forms of combat, one of those being archery, and thus, Queen Ancelie of Norland has decided to host a competition for the archers of Norland and its esteemed allies. The competition will consist of five rounds. Each participant will aim and shoot at a designated target during each round. Whoever has the most accuracy overall will receive a gra
  8. ign: Ancelia skin: green maid bid: 15 mina
  9. Ancelie reminds herself to wear her finest dress for her niece’s tea party!
  10. Ancelie looks upon the missive with a lofted brow as she scanned its contents. From across the palace, she overheard Halvar’s panic and exhaled a long sigh. “I do wonder what happened to Jorvin. I hope our allies are well,” She murmurs affirmatively, moving off into another wing of the palace to converse with her husband on such topics.
  11. The Father’s Flame Medical Guild of Norland ~ Established by Queen Ancelie Edvardsson de Astrea on the 12th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 7 SA It is with a jovial spirit that I announce the founding of the Father’s Flame Medical Guild of Norland, a medic’s guild dedicated to building a stronger and healthier nation. Norland has been in dire need of medics, hence why I ultimately decided to establish such a guild that will teach new recruits the ins and outs of medicine and surgery. If anyone would like to become a member, simply send a bird to me! The
  12. Snail Owner: Amicia de Astrea Snail Name: Pickles Residence: Norland
  13. Ancelie mourned the fellow and former Queen. She reminisced on their memories, especially the ones made during the long, toiling hours on the Norlandic battleships in the midst of the Inferi battles. She particularly remembered the gruesome emergency surgery she had performed on Viktoria to keep her alive at all costs. Nevertheless, she had simply allowed a bittersweet smile to rest upon her expression as she held the memory of the valiant and brave Viktoria close to her heart.
  14. A Tourney For the Mighty ~ [!] The following flyer would be tacked to various notice boards and passed out by many couriers within the coming days. To the mightiest fighters of the realm, You are hereby invited to participate in a tournament hosted courteously by the Lunner Clan of Norland in which you will be able to showcase your skill, wit, and strength. After the tournament concludes, attendees and participants alike will be directed towards the tavern in the capital (Varhelm) for celebratory drinks. A Test of Strength, Skill, an
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