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  1. "The Hells blaspheme, the Heavens punish. Ever has it been the way." Serwa hummed a pious hymn.
  2. Yandel immediately signs up. "Malii, can I go?" @HobbitForHire
  3. road to 5000 rep (81 left)

  4. Yandel looked over the missive. The Amadors were family - he would surely be there.
  5. ———«»————————————«»————————————«»——— Lord, The Scrolls teach us not to view the AengulDaenonicks as entities unto themselves, but instead as fragments of the greater whole - of you. Despite what the Scriptures teach, they are at war with themselves; they fight Your designs, they turn your children against each other. They are like men, hemmed in by the darkness of ignorance and sin. Grant them, and us, the ability to burn the darkness; grant us the wisdom to see through the black, and ascend to the light; to act as He wills, not as they believe they will. AMEN. ———«»————————————«»————————————«»——— - Serwa
  6. "They will have the discussion on homophilic matrimony behind closed doors, they will come out and say, 'no, we will not allow man to marry man', and that will be that. They have no intention of seriously considering the topic - that is why they bar outsiders, because they do not want change, and instead want to follow outdated and foolish traditions that are condemned by most normal people, simply for the sake of it.." Yandel angrily rants to Malii, his teacher, before continuing work on his staff.
  7. what happened to the joanofarc status posts

  8. They come, Serwa wrote, because they fear the growing light. They sense it - they can tell their end draws near, that the reign of the Lich-King will soon end. And those who do not know the source of their damnation are given out to wild attacks. Those who know are more subtle, but we will kill them all the same because they are of the shadow. And all that is required to extinguish the shadow is a single candle - a beacon, even. @Fleeperpriest
  9. how are you so good at writing boss. what is the secret sauce
  10. In Defence Of Homosexuality This is, mainly, a written response to the recent work written by Monk Edmund Amadeus. I, myself, am not a Priest, a Monk, not even a Nun - simply an elven woman, a Canonist, who believes that homosexual relationships and marriages deserves legality just as much as the standard relationships do. My key reasoning for this is that it is not disallowed within the Scrolls. Though I am aware that this is touched on in the Epistle writte by the venerable High Pontiff Jude II which is referenced in the works of the monk Edmund Amadeus, I will explain my contention with his argument below. I hesitate to argue with such monumental figures, but I believe that where one views flaws and mistakes within doctrine and essays, one must point them out. Consider this not to be a rude dismissal, but instead a good-natured disagreement. ———«»————————————«»————————————«»——— On 'In Response to The Four Canonist Princes' Although the studies of Prince Enrico Amadeus might have been one of good effort, if there is not written that such is not permitted, does not mean one is able to. If it was not for man to lie with a woman, then we all would not be here since the creation of Exalted Horen and St. Julia of Paradisius. Continuously in the scrolls, there is talk of husband and wife, who are we to say after the lives of the Exalted, that we are to tolerate such a breach into the traditional practices and rites of the Church? It is a mistake to interpret a man lying with a woman as 'what should be' - it simply is what usually is, though is not always true.. Love cannot be defined only as the love between a man and a woman - clearly this is not the case, what with the homosexual people who live the same lives as we do, fight the same wars we do, break bread at the same table as we do, and worship the same GOD we do, with the only true difference being that their love is not directed towards women but instead men (and the reverse, of course). It is also silly to claim that if men are permitted to lie with men and women with women that we would not survive. Those who engage in homosexuality are in the clear minority; there is not even a hint of such becoming the norm. We will not go extinct if we legalise marriage between homosexuals. In the past thousands of years there has only been one form of marriage, and now sovereigns who have been appointed by GOD want to make the unnatural marriage legal? I call it absurd, a sin and a stain upon what the Exalted have meant for us to pursue. This has not been done in the name of the subjects of their interest, but for a secular agenda of overruling the boundaries set by our Church. The Monk Edmund Amadeus is right in that for centuries, there has only been one form of marriage. But I would argue that homosexual marriage need not be viewed as 'other'; instead, a continuation of that holy act, of binding two loving individuals together unto death. Love is love; homosexuality should not be viewed as 'unnatural'. As for your remarks towards it being a 'sin and a stain', I would simply reply that the Scrolls bear no condemning words for homosexuality; that its outlaw is an invention of those who have come since, and that their words and beliefs are not law. As for the claims of this being a secular agenda - this is patently ridiculous. Homosexuals, too, can be Canonist; such a law serves to permit them to engage in their faith and their love. Whilst having the nerve of calling others heretics, this makes the slaughter of heretics done by the hands of the rulers who now wish to legalize an act of infidelity absolutely hypocritical. Such legalization may have an impact on the High Pontiff, the Curia and the laity who still adhere to the traditional values. I do not see how legalizing homosexual marriage makes the slaying of Darkspawn hypocritical. Such defines homosexuals as inherent heritics; this, in itself, is a terrible mistake, for a man who loves a man has more than enough room in his heart to love GOD, as does a woman who loves another woman. ———«»————————————«»————————————«»——— I would not dare to write a critique of the Epistle of the Pontiff Jude II; in truth, the Monk Edmund Amadeus restated many of the points written in the Epistle, and thus refuting them would be nought but repition. I implore you, good Monk, to read what I write with an open mind, as I do with what you pen. - Serwa
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