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  1. I seriously got out of my chair and jumped around when he pushed her out of the Moon Door.

  2. On May 15, 2014... Covcath shall return!

    1. Proddy


      uhhh no plz stay wherever you are thanks :/

  3. Da server and website dun gone screwy!!!

  4. Is the server down? I can't tell if it's the server or I'm using a different update.

  5. Never bring a semi-automatic, double barreled, buck shot shotgun to a potato fight. That just doesn't make sense!

  6. We are currently rank "?" on Minestatus. HELL YEA!

  7. Changed meh avatar. AGAMEMNON BATTLE CRY!

  8. Wake me up... before you go, go! OR I'LL FIND YOU AND RIP YOUR HEART OUT!

  9. (IC) Full name, including any titles? Theo'dun Tarus Previous experience in guilds? I have fought within Adunian and Orenian army. Age? 29 Experience in fighting? Since birth I was taught to fight mainly with a sword. I haven't used the bow much. I have fought in numerous battle, mostly against the beast of the North, and have protected against a few raiding parties. Are you exiled from any nations? I am not. Oath; I, Theo'dun Tarus, swear to uphold any contract I am given in the company, no matter the cost. I will obey all company policies and follow the orders of my officers to the letter, never to release company secrets. (OOC) List any VAs; None at the moment, but definitely willing to make one. MCname; covcath Skype name; (PM me if need be) covcath14 Google doc email; andrewwoll@yahoo.com
  10. Covcath


    MC Name: covcath Rank/Class applied for (Be specific): Rover. Timezone: EST Skype: covcath14 Why do you wish to join: A few reasons actually. 1. It seems like awesome roleplay, 2. I've been wanting to join a guild and this one definitely seems very organized and interesting, 3. It's just like like the Night's Watch from GoT, and I absolutely LOVE GoT so I'm really excited to join. Who recruited you: None one really. I just saw the thread and I liked the guild.
  11. Your Name: Eze'Kiel Tarus II Your Age: 30 Your Race: Adunian Are you wishing to join the college as a Mage, or a Pilgrim?: It is my desire to join as a Pilgrim and eventually, with a great amount of time, studying, and traing, become a mage If joining as a mage, clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: I have had little experience with magic, but I wish to learn the magic the my grandfather, Eze'Kiel Tarus I, praticed. I am seeking the knowledge and grace that I have seen within the good mages within Anthos. What affinity of magic are you skilled in? None (( OOC: MC Name: covcath When did you join the server?: July 19, 2011 If applying as a mage, link any currently approved MAs unless grandfathered: None If applying as a mage, list your magic type and tier: None ))
  12. The amount of human kingdoms is just unruly.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JCQuiinn


      The number of human kingdoms is too damn high?

    3. 3andD


      Telemar is a Wilding kindom, not exactly sure why it has a subforum.

    4. Galendar


      AiiM, shhhh, they dont know yet, dont hurt their feelings ;-;

  13. ((Best/Most original guild ever. I love you.))
  14. Guys, this is how we should handle our OOC arguments! With rap battles! http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/96125-druidic-order-vs-all-mages/

    1. Raptorious


      I like ban reports better.

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