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  1. james2k

    Just some Feedback

    worst part about RP fighting will always be metastalling. niccum you probably remember those kingston town square clusterfucks from anthos. two guys start a fight in town square that'd be realistically over in 12 seconds - but because people RP fight like a game of chess and take forever with emotes, it drags out long enough that others see what's going on and join in, extending it further and further until you have a 2 hour long fight(half of which is people calling GMs). Now I understand when you get to arguing about the realism of X being able to arrive before the fight is over, etc. it gets nigh on impossible to moderate. But before we can bring back RP default we need to do something to stop cases of some jackass taking 20 minutes to respond to a knife in the back so his whole army can show up.
  2. it's the next episode of "blame the new map for problems we've had the last 5" but whatever. all i gotta add is the LT have got to stop ******* retconning. how can we have anything resembling a consistent narrative when the LT keep retconning old lore every 5 minutes whenever they wanna post up a new retarded fanfiction? no one cares about your Urguan X Setherian lemon ERP you ******* hackjobs, none of the creation lore even makes sense now because you've retconned every race to be from a different continent.
  3. james2k

    [I] N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    +1 good man
  4. "Follow these guidelines and you're safe from a ban. @501warhead @Knox @Llir Am I wrong? Also give me a blue tag. "

    heard 501's trading handjobs for positions, soft hands only requirement

  5. james2k

    Leaked Logs and You

    No, the Rules page clearly states the rules extend to LOTC SERVICES. No mention of 'LOTC mediuns' on it at all. The term medium is never used in the TOS either, yet you've been throwing that around as your gospel. You told me it's all on the TOS I "signed up for", yet literally nothing you've said is on there. You're literally just making it up as you go along.
  6. james2k

    Leaked Logs and You

    Except as I've proven, you can't break the TOS on a Discord Server. Your quote literally proves it. Tythus neither has the capability nor the right to shut down a Discord account or server as the quote suggests he'd do, ergo a Discord Server cannot be an LOTC Service. And yet you told me what, a dozen times, that Discord Servers are LOTC 'Mediums' as you referred to them(despite that term being found NOWHERE in the TOS). So basically what you mean to say is you're full of **** and that you never read the TOS until I quoted it to you. All you really had to say. And your argument "hurr durr if im not right y is imattyz banned" doesn't any sense either. That's the equivalent of saying "hurr durr if cops cant shoot whoever they want, why is x dead". Yes bud of course there's no ******* magical fairy stopping anyone from typing /ban, but that doesn't mean the ban was fair. Nor does it mean that the Welven Discord is somehow a ******* "LOTC Medium" as you've repeated time and time again and yet are completely incapable of proving using the TOS.
  7. james2k

    Leaked Logs and You

    You were the one who brought up your GM app, you literally admitted you were making the post for brownie points. I don't care. That wasn't the case in the past and it shouldn't be the case now. Let's look at the actual Terms of Service then. Right up at the tip-top it says: "'LOTC service(s)' is used as shorthand for our online games including all Tythus LTD and lord of the craft related websites used to play those game(s). " See that? It says their online games and websites related to Tythus LTD and LOTC. In what way is a player's private Discord server in any way an LOTC service? LOTC cannot claim a player's Discord server is somehow a service it provides. Do you see FIFA claiming ownership of every soccer forum, subreddit, Discord, etc.? It's nonsense. And also while you can argue pedantically that a Discord server is a website, a Skype chat most certainly is not. But you claimed a Skype chat can be an "LOTC Medium", when the term medium is never used in the Terms of Service nor can a Skype chat be an LOTC related website or online game in any way. To add to this, further down it states "Any use of any LOTC Service not in accordance with the game rules exceeds the scope of the license granted by these Terms & Conditions.". Here the TOS clearly refers to a licence granted to use LOTC services, but of course the LOTC administration has absolutely no right to grant or revoke licences to use Discord servers. Nor does it have the right to grant or revoke licences to discuss LOTC, the only people with any right to limit what I discuss on Discord are Discord's owners. You cannot legally limit what someone discusses on someone else's platform. Ergo, someone's Discord server cannot be an "LOTC Service" or medium as you'd put it. If that's not enough for you, it continues on to say "we may Stop (as defined above) any or all accounts of LOTC services". Well, put it simply, I'd like to see Tythus try to shut down Matt's Discord account or the Wood Elf Discord server. He won't be able to, and I don't think Tythus or his lawyers would be dumb enough to think they could. Further proving that a Discord server CANNOT be an LOTC service. The TOS also mentions reserving the right to suspend LOTC services, so clearly you haven't actually read them if you think Discord can somehow be a LOTC service. Unless you actually think Tythus can shut down Discord. Now that we've established that Discord and any servers on it that discuss LOTC are not LOTC services, let's take a quick look at the Rules page. First paragraph: "These are the rules you must follow when using an LotC service. Player conduct plays a great role in the quality of our server. Please give the rules a quick read and follow them to the best of your ability. Not knowing the rules is not an acceptable excuse." Thus proving that LOTC Rules do not apply outside of the services provided to us by Tythus LTD, and therefore they do not apply to the Wood Elven Discord. The TOS does not in any way support your position if you actually care to read it. And yet as I've proven above, LOTC rules do not apply to Discord servers, Skype chats, etc. You should rethink why you're applying for GM if your big objective is to blatantly lie about the TOS for the sake of powerplays.
  8. Supports leaking and banning people for ever insulting the staff in private chats. big -1 to big brother GM
  9. james2k

    Leaked Logs and You

    I didn't realise deepthroating was part of the community guidelines. The point is, why is it ok to leak private chats between players but not private chats between staff members? None of those times I linked was "classified" information leaked, it was always either just nasty **** said, or ban reasons, etc. So there is no reason why those leakers should've been banned with their evidence discarded when people who leak player chats to the staff get gold stars and it's valid evidence. And yes buddy I did read the fine print when I applied to the server. And this LOTC medium fuckery only came around years later, and it'd be considered absolutely ridiculous on any other server or community. Maybe the staff can **** off changing the terms of service just so they can live out their power fantasies and ban anyone they dislike using their ******* web of spies they seem to be assembling. Don't think spying on people and leaking **** behind their back is within the community guidelines either buddy. But hey thanks for showing us all you'd be an awful GM.
  10. james2k

    Any Aegis Players Around

  11. james2k

    Leaked Logs and You

  12. This whole ordeal with iMattyz reminded me of something, seeing as FlamboyantRage admitted the ban was based off leaked screenshots of chat: That reminded me of something: EVERY SINGLE TIME GM chat logs got leaked, they were always full of nasty things said about certain players or playerbases. And every single time it happened, instead of those GMs being punished, it was the guy who leaked the logs who got banned. The argument of course being "GM chat is private and you can't ban for Skype/Discord". In their pursuits to ban any and all leakers from their own chats, they've even went so far as to ban anyone who wouldn't/couldn't tell them who leaked. Or like that other huge leak scandal when the Staff were caught ****-talking the community with their Druid buddies and suddenly leaking was the most evil thing anyone could do, Mitto was an untrustworthy traitor, nothing could be done using this unsavoury ill-gotten evidence. Bonus point: Matt was one of the first posts in the thread saying he didn't agree with leaking, proving he's consistently anti-leak unlike the flip-flopping slippery snakes that banned him. And then finally there was the time Sky got banned for "leaking" the reason for Moogle's ban to him. Bonus point: As Tehlulu pointed out in that thread, ETs have also been kicked before for leaking chat. So we can see pretty clearly here that whenever something a staff member says is leaked, it's literally anuddah shoah, the leaker gets kicked or banned, anyone who's suspected of refusing to rat out the leaker is banned, and the leaked evidence is unusable. But when someone leaks something a player says, the leaker gets off scot-free and the player gets banned. Fix your ****.
  13. james2k

    Lets discuss NEXUS, INFLATION and WHY LC IS BAD!

    There is no inflation. Inflation is rising price of goods, right now we have 1 mina iron.
  14. james2k

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    You people have the worst memories. For YEARS we were worrying about the fact we were getting barely any new apps(and denying like 50% of the ones we got at that) and then had dogshit player retention rates when they did join. There were "new player retention" reports with horrible statistics every month. Now that we finally have easy apps and we're getting constant influxes of new players(w/ p good retention) suddenly you guys want to go right back to that. There is literally nothing wrong with being "overrun" by hordes of derpy 14 year olds. It'll bring down the average age and make the server less of an oldfag circlejerk for a little while. The average age of the server's gotten a year older every year that's passed, nothing wrong with halting that trend for just a little while. Those new retards will become better RPers and keep the server alive with fresh blood so you can continue to ERP in the grove or whatever it is you guys do for longer before the server shuts down. There's no reason to gatekeep digital lego, that's just nonsense. If anyone has subverted the original purpose and and standard of the server, it's elitists like you. The server started off as 13 years olds who could barely spell having laid back derpy RP, that was 99% of the pop. And yet somehow we got to the point where people like you are telling people like that they shouldn't be allowed here. And if it wasn't for people like that, the "serious RP" you're trying so hard to protect would not exist. And "intricate" novella biographies are the dumbest **** because they're always completely ignored as soon as they're written anyway. A bio should just show they have a simple base of a character that they can expand upon and develop as they RP and learn more about the server. The old story bios were just a waste of time for everyone involved.
  15. james2k

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    I addressed that. You could just be required to PM it to the banned player instead and it'd be their choice to publicise it or not. As it stands, many players have to ask around and wait hours just to find out why they were banned in the first place, with the ban reason often changing as the banning GM realises he fucked up and needs to justify it better.