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  1. could you please provide an rp explanation for the sudden and temporary growth of wings please maybe it makes sense that a small group of monsters would have difficulty building a large base quickly have you ever thought of that
  2. why are you getting so mad lol. just build your own bases you don't need fly. shouldnt take you long if you actually have a playerbase big enough to populate your base.
  3. "why wont you accept literal monsters you ******* racist" the absolute STATE of lotc in the year of our lord 2017 or maybe just get you and your guild members to get off your asses and gather resources for a day(all it takes it isn't nexus), and then build your base together the next day. if your guild cant build your base together in survival mode, then your base is probably way too big for your guild.
  4. yes for a reason - because people couldn't stand playing an existing race so they had to make their own spook races, and then decided no they didn't want to be a dreadknight so let's just rebrand it as paleknight and make a new race because dreadknight aren't unique enough.
  5. god forbid people cant build huge towns just for 2 players in a day.
  6. well yeah nations and lords could still get around it easily by just getting a couple guys to hop on, but the point is to make it harder for one retard from making a hundred mobs in his basement in a day. but tbh the gms should just go around xraying in cities to look for them. would still find most of them w/o needing restrictive rules.
  7. No Freebuild

    athera wasnt freebuild, nexus plots was a shitty system designed to encourage region sniping and decentralisation. not the same as freebuild
  8. No Freebuild

    Yeah man, all those massive beautiful mountains are gonna be so amazing to look at in the server's 2 chunk render distance, and I can't wait to spend half an hour climbing the way over-exaggerated elevations where even the smallest hills have huge massive slopes. The terrain will be entirely unusuable at all, but that's ok, because it's not a living breathing world anyway. It's a dollhouse designed not to be touched, except until someone wants to erect an entire down in 1 day, in which case they'll just world-edit out a chunk. Because that's roleplay. No freebuild is CLEARLY the better option for roleplay.
  9. No Freebuild

    this sand **** meme needs to die. takes about 5 seconds to get permission in a region, there must've been 100 people with perms in jburg at it's peak. yet never any sand dicks.
  10. Talk with the player before staff???

    Because nothing has ever been done about a single target-ban in the history of the server, despite them being proven many times. In every single case, the player has had to either go back and grovel or wait for that GM to leave. Humiliating the banned player... give me a ******* break. I'm sure when SupremacyOPs banned an entire guild for "raiding" for taking items out of a "FREE STUFF" chest, his main concern was avoiding humiliating them. I'm sure when he later changed the ban reason to raid-baiting and made up his own definition in the ban appeal page, despite the real definition being clearly stated in the rule page, that all he was trying to do was avoid "humiliating players". If we can have public ban reports from players, which might "humiliate" the person reported, we can have them from GMs too thank you very much. And yes, you're right, players are not held up to the same code of conduct at all. There is NO code of conduct for a GM. GMs are never kicked for abusing their power, they routinely get away with breaking rules, and no GM has ever been kicked for any reason other than spawning in minas or /nuking crowds of people. Players actually get punished and banned for their actions. GMs just get away with whatever they like, and they're always guaranteed to have the GM leads support and defend them no matter what. There have been numerous leaks from GM chats showing the abuse that goes on, and all that ever happened was the leaker getting banned. So yeah, no reason whatsoever that GMs shouldn't have to file public reports. Every argument you can provide against them goes against player ban reports too. If a GM wants to hide that they were the banner, you can make a "Moderation" forum account for that purpose similar to how nations have accounts like "Kingdom of Haense" for official posts.
  11. Talk with the player before staff???

    no. you have a hidden little format which has allowed the GM team to get away with target-banning and changing ban reasons for years, since GM leads have always refused to hold their GMs accountable for their actions or revert their biased decisions. they can't be trusted to it, and there is no valid argument against making those files public other than the fact it'd hold GMs accountable.
  12. Freebuild tile rules poll

    johannesburg was around for months and months with dozens of region members(all you had to do was say please to get added), and yet a sand cock was never once erected. funny how that works
  13. Military/Guild Camps and Emcampments

    except if you build it in someone's land it's in his right to destroy your camp, and it only makes RP sense too that he'd be able to. and if you get permission to build the camp, well then you can build whatever camp you want without all these qualifications, rules and applications.
  14. Talk with the player before staff???

    private reports shouldn't exist at all. if gm bans someone without a ban report being made on them, the gm should have to fill out the ban report format after to justify and explain the ban. maybe then they'd stop target-banning and changing ban reasons post-fact.
  15. Atlas Launch Guidelines

    The dismantling by the king's men is just as RP as the construction. If you want to build **** on someone's land you get permission or hide it well.