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  1. Still missing this lady


  3. Aedan misses ya T.T

  4. Ever plan on returning to Malinor?

  5. Not sure why you got banned. I asked some guys on TS and they say it was something I wont mention in here cuz I'm descent.

    Being sincere, it's hard for me to believe that was the reason...Unless I don't know you that well... *imwatchingyou-face*

  6. Indel, Why are you banned?

  7. Needs a multitude of naps...

    1. Aislin


      Join the club.

    2. Destroyer_Bravo


      I never take naps... unless it's 12:30, driving hme from a Super Bowl party.

    3. Aedan The Bard

      Aedan The Bard

      Uhm... I sleep like 5 hours a day, take some naps which make a total of 3 hours- that would make 8 hours a day. Not so bad eh? consider I work from 6 am to 1 pm at the small company I own, then from 2 to 5 or 6 I play at my friend's pub with other comrades. Then I come home a bit drunk and play Minecraft ( Drunk only on festivities)or play some table RP games with my friends and girlfriend :D ....wow....quite a busy life D:

  8. Stuck at Uni in a blizzard... must..move...south.

    1. blindmind


      I know what that's like.

  9. First thing i'm doing after these mid-terms; Try and design myself a picture of Mirithriel... how to look pretty and scary at the same time?

    1. Twilight Druid
    2. Jexdane


      Severed heads and...magical evil pumpkins~

    3. Repiteo


      *gets reminded of the "good and scary" joke from Spongebob*

      You can never go wrong with high contrasting aesthetics; keep it ornate, but have the themes themselves a tad creepy.

  10. Just so y'all know... I am now the one in posession of Native's clothes XD

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    2. Twilight Druid

      Twilight Druid

      what color do they burn?

    3. Indelwehn


      I've not smelt them yet.. but I plan on making a cute little outfit out of them

    4. CowsGoMoo


      Daw, donate his clothes to the orphan children of Asulon.

  11. ..back to school.. with a tummy ache.. and negative 27 weather..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Indelwehn


      *wants to move south... why am I in Canada?

    3. Praetor


      -27!!! :O Get better soon!

    4. VonEbs


      I feel sorry for you Indel.

  12. Story time in Laurelin with my new bestie Susitsu

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    2. Rilath


      Technically he is mine. >.> I'll kill you...

    3. Haelphon



    4. Kendra


      Sword to the sweetroll.

  13. *creeps on profile*

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