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  1. PtahWithin

    [Academic] [Alras] The Ministry of Contemplation

    To the Human Rusty Shackleford, Your application has been reviewed and you may find a time to meet in private with Headminister William Gage to solidify your admittance ((PMs or Skype)).
  2. PtahWithin

    [Academic] [Alras] The Ministry of Contemplation

    To the Human Ilkazar, Your application has been reviewed and you may find a time to meet in private with Headminister William Gage to solidify your admittance ((PMs or Skype)).
  3. PtahWithin

    [Academic] [Alras] The Ministry of Contemplation

    "I would agree - had the Ministry not been disbanded in Anthos, I could only imagine the great state the Ministry would be in. Alas, let us do our best to make up for lost time." a human would reply. To the Adunian Arnorian Elendil, Your application has been reviewed and you are gladly accepted back as a member of the Ministry of Contemplation.
  4. Originally founded in Anthos by the Alrasian scholar Ptah Remneal, the Ministry of Contemplation sought to do what no other group had successfully done before: to create a lasting group of scholars, academics and researchers who would collect, create and discover knowledge for the intellectual progression of all peoples. After the reemergence of Alras in the Fringe, Ptah Remneal disbanded the organization to assume his duties as the Royal Scholar of Alras. After Ptah's accidental death, the founding charter came into the hands of High King Syrio Forel. By the order of High King Syrio of the City-State of Alras, the Ministry of Contemplation has been reestablished under the leadership of Headminister William Gage just as Alras prepares to unveil itself to the people of Axios. The Ministry was a politically neutral entity in its first incarnation, but now serves as the official academic institution of the City-State of Alras. In this way Alrasian Citizenship is bestowed upon its members, and the Ministry will receive supplies for the construction of the Hedion Institute of Alras, and will receive appropriate funding for projects to come. Backed by the strength and resources of Alras, the Ministry of Contemplation is poised to push the border between our knowledge and our ignorance out to unreachable infinity. All shall be studied. All shall be written. All shall be known. The Hedion Institute of Alras will house the largest concentration of academic and research facilities that has ever been assembled across all ages. Some planned facilities include a library with the capacity to house thousands of books, a greenhouse, an herbarium, an observatory, an arcanum, a museum and more to be determined by the interests and requirements of its members. Indeed, the Ministry accepts those from all walks of academia, and its members shall be loosely assembled into five departments: Departments The Department of Narratives represents what is most familiar to the common people when they think of scholars. Narrativists are responsible for caretaking the library of the Ministry, as well as collecting not only literary but also artistic works from the peoples of Axios to include in the library and the Ministry museum. Cataloger: Upper-tier title Librarian: Lower-tier title The Department of Thaumaturgy focuses on the study and development of arcane magic, as the vast array of magical disciplines makes the arcane an obvious thing worthy of study for the Ministry of Contemplation. This includes documenting the other areas of magic and the study of magical entities and occurances. Thaumaturgists aim to push their study of magic to the cutting edge: to meta-magics, the study of magic itself. Theurgist: Upper-tier title Maven: Lower-tier title The Department of Ingenuity encompasses the members of the Ministry who have devoted themselves to the study of structures and machines. Knowledge of technical works is also greatly of value to the Ministry: engineering, blacksmithing, redstone circuitry, architecture and so forth. Ingenuists spend their time drawing blueprints for ever more grand designs than the last. Artisan: Upper-tier title Inventor: Lower-tier title The Department of Naturalism studies not the magical world, nor the creations of mortals, but the physical world itself. The relevant areas of research include the study of plants and animals, medicine, geology and geography. They oversee the Ministry greenhouse and herbarium, and collaborate with the Narrativists to provide specimens for the Museum. Naturalists often explore the world to collect specimens, organizing expeditions to do so, often in the more exotic places of Axios. Professor: Upper-tier title Analyst: Lower-tier title The Department of Erudition claims domain over a crucial part of academia: the study of knowledge itself, and the transference of it to the next generation. The realm of the Erudists is that of logic, mathematics, philosophy and teaching. Often those who teach in other Departments would begin training as a Rhetor within the Department of Erudition. Rhetor: Upper-tier title Phrenal: Lower-tier title Staff Ministers: The leaders of each department and chief organizers of the guild. -{HM}- William Gage ((PtahWithin)): Headminister of Contemplation -{M}- [X]: Minister of Narratives -{M}- [X]: Minister of Thaumaturgy -{M}- [X]: Minister of Ingenuity -{M}- [X]: Minister of Naturalism -{M}- [X]: Minister of Erudition General Staff: Other titled staff of the Ministry, listed alongside with their subject of interest. - To be fully filled out at a later date Mentors: Ministry Staff who are currently offering themselves as mentors, listed alongside with their subject of interest. - [X] Pupils: - [X] The Common Clauses The Ministry of Contemplation is a guild officially endorsed by the crown of Alras and so must follow all of its laws and accept all of its judgements. Members of the Ministry are also expected to adhere to an additional set of rules, the Common Clauses. The Headminister of Contemplation reserves the right to expand and diminish these rules as he wills. The Ministry of Contemplation and its members shall not engage in entangling alliances with extramural forces, people and nations that are not approved by the High King of Alras and his High Council. The Ministry of Contemplation and its members shall not engage in activities that would provoke a violent response from extramural forces, people and nations, and shall not direct acts of aggression against the aforementioned, unless instructed to by the High King of Alras and his High Council. Members of the Ministry must maintain a collaborative work ethic with other members: expressed hatred, vendettas, and sabotage shall not be tolerated. Members of the Ministry must not steal or attempt to steal the academic works or writings of others, whether the victim is a member of the Ministry or not. There will be no tolerance for plagiarism, and those found guilty will have their names forever stained in the records of the Ministry. Failure to abide to the Common Clauses shall lead the member in question to be Thrown Back and removed of their status. Bulletin With the recent refounding of the Ministry of Contemplation, Headminister William Gage is seeking those qualified to be Librarians, Mavens, Inventors, Analysts and Phrenals (the standard scholarly positions of each department). Noteworthy individuals will be selected to ascend to the second tier titles of their departments, and among those the leading Ministers of each department will be appointed. At this moment the Ministry is not prepared to take on Pupils. At a later date, those who wish to may apply to be the Pupil of a titled member of the Ministry, and they would function to mentor their Pupil, and the Pupil respectively would become an assistant to their Mentor. Pupils who have been given sufficient instruction and approved by the relevant scholarly members may graduate to the standard scholarly position of their department. Application The application is as follows ((all must be in-character except the MCname)):
  5. PtahWithin

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Actor] Gorum's ET Application

    I have known Gorum since Aegis and I can attest to his worthiness for this role. During Asulon we both were high ranking members of the Alrasian Order, and High King Aislin would create temporary villain characters to harass Alrasian citizens and give us both work to do in aprehending him, so I believe that Gorum is intimately familiar with the notion of spontaneous events, and meshes with his comments regarding Kingdom Guards in his application. Should the staff accept this application, I am absolutely certain that Gorum will become an invaluable member of the event team.
  6. PtahWithin

    [ST][Voidal Feat] Aliyard

    As the original author of the lore this is not the case. But I am just wondering if the spelling has been changed.
  7. PtahWithin

    [ST][Voidal Feat] Aliyard

    It's spelled Cognatism now?
  8. PtahWithin

    [Trade] Map of the Week: Johannesburg

    William Gage has reserved a copy of each.
  9. I guess this means I'm back. Got something in the works.

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      I'm happy to see so many mature old folk return

  10. PtahWithin

    [✓] Alras Awakens

    William Gage smirks and signs in impressive cursive. ((PtahWithin))
  11. How have the wood elves been while I've been gone?

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      high school romance rp and "muh trees"


      jk they're alright

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      hey its my bronze elf buddy

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  12. PtahWithin

    [✗] Ish'Urkal Addition: The Rukh

    Any relation to Muyakelgs?
  13. Who are the current leaders of the shamans? I'd like to get in contact with them.

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      I gotchu fam, check your messenger

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      Add Me on Skype: terrence.connors1

      I don't lead but I'm somewhat high up. 

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      I'll contact you both after my day's festivities are over.

  14. Do the Orcs still have Muyakelgs?

    1. Smaw


      No, that would be the Shaman Group.

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      There are two that I know of right now but I don't believe their players are active.