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  1. daily reminder its 2018 and people still think charles the bald isn't braindead

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    2. tenredux


      the worst part is that there's still people who think he's funny for being a feral retard.

    3. Unwillingly


      thats how it  be tho

    4. Harold


      this is shade

  2. GrimReaper98

    On Lotc Villainy and Solutions

    the people supporting villain applications are the epitome of rose-tinted glasses
  3. GrimReaper98

    [ ET ] Nepotism, Repetition, and Timezones

    Got a very nice hot-take Nepotism: Naturally, ET will always be orientated towards their friends and most of the time it is because they are competent roleplayers. You would be quite surprised to find out that a majority of people are absolutely trash to do events for. Most of the times you believe wanting to take part in these big eventlines are good, but most of the time they're utter **** and honestly create more headaches than enjoyable scenarios. This is both based on the incompetency and standards from the ET, unironically being nepotistic saves others from having to experience the dreadful eventlines which I don't believe is a horrific concept. Though, there are genuine eventlines which are not orientated for people and others get mad for not being involved because they catch wind a few weeks after its began. The whiny attitude of "I need an event waa waa" is honestly atrocious and if you need an ET to truly enjoy roleplay, you're a fairly trash roleplayer. Repetition: Yeah look, the ET is pretty bad right now in terms of events. Though, if that is the fault of the players or the ET is a strange thing that we can't really determine. The players want and gobble up PvE events like ******* candy and they require zero to no effort, which also help with 'quota' counts. If players truly disliked these events, they wouldn't give them such attention and have certain ones placed on a pedestal which are clearly orientated in an mmo-esque way. And no, no-one can ever shape the world and that tagline is ridiculous considering the absolute controls on the server through OOC barriers and loopholes that plague the server. Timezones: Australian Timezone does offer definitely some of the weakest roleplayers on the server and it's just not enjoyable to run an event for people if you cannot find anyone competent enough to take part. I am Australian and honestly refused to RP in 'Australian Peak' because of the lack of effort or quality that's exhibited within those hours. The American/European timezones offer more competent roleplayers, that's really why they orientate them during peak times. Also for those who run braindead PvE or MMO events its where you can pull the biggest numbers. the players make the event team **** and you're not getting spoonfed eventlines.
  4. GrimReaper98

    Why I might leave LoTC

    I am a recovering white rose nazi sympathiser, I've been in rehabilitation for the past 4 years trying to stop being racist to people within roleplay. I have posters of the Chivay brothers scattered throughout my room and I praise to the glorious white rose every day. This is a real epidemic, we need to stop being racist in roleplay, my councilor has requested I post in this thread on my process to recovery. I had to burn my memorabilia of the Dreadfort recently, as it evoked emotions of deep racial hatred within me. We are a persecuted minority, I am trying to recover. My councilor has recommended for me to apologise to you publicly on the forums to humiliate me for my crimes of adhering to roleplay. i am sorry for all the mentions of darkies and greeskins, i am sorry for calling dwarves stouts, i am sorry for calling snow elves, snowmen. please forgive me, so my councilor can recommend the next stage of treatment for me.
  5. GrimReaper98

    Lore Suggestion (Sanguinari)

    just lol I could go on a big winded post But essentially this'll never be accepted in its current state for more than just "vampirism". Unironically copies more from witcher than the actual OG striga lore.
  6. GrimReaper98


    Not stopping you from getting involved in Mordskov or ensuring you never got back onto the ET.
  7. GrimReaper98

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    Imagine volunteering to be a scapegoat
  8. was gonna make a big post and do an official leaving thing but everyone's done it and I don't want to look like an attention ***** because everything I want to say has already been pointed out.


    you guys just need to get better at RP genuinely and take a step back from the hatred that lies within RP conflict. Also, all this **** aint 501's fault. He's trying, even if its failing and continues to fail. He is having a good go and its better than most of other people on lotc.


    Just one thing before I go, this predatory protection **** has lasted on LotC for the past 5 years, it needs to ******* stop. A lot more predators need to be put on blast and people who are affected by them shouldn't be dismissed as 'egirls and trolls'. ****'s fucked.


    Thanks people, hope those who did ever take part in my events enjoyed themselves and I apologise for being an *******. The server just constantly made me frustrated seeing its squashed potential constantly and with me not being able to do anything about it. Made me feel useless among a server I genuinely wanted to help.


    goodbye, discord and ****'s on my profile if you ever wanna keep in touch. I'll occasionally lurk on the forums because its ******* hilarious sometimes.

  9. GrimReaper98

    [I] Sky's GM App

    I don't believe you're ever going to be in a mindset where blue-tag syndrome won't change you for the worst. With your recent track record with loopholes and general RP behaviour, I think you're the last person the GM team needs at the moment. -1
  10. GrimReaper98

    [Trial][I] Dizzy771's Game Moderator Application

    an absolute horrid staff member who abused consistently and created a slew of problems on both the ET and GM in his former tenures.
  11. This has annoyed me since, unironically when urasept probably left. Was when the pedophila and sexual harassment claims amongst staff and individuals started sprouting up and where all quickly squashed under the same "slow" process that's happening now. I don't want to attack the admins personally but simply the attitude towards this which is borderline disgusting and has lasted amongst a niche few communities. (High elves and Druids explicitly). Where these claims are commonplace and almost seen as normal by most people, which in itself is an ultra flawed concept. I know predators still linger on lotc to this day and it'll never completely be stopped because we're all children moderating a child's server. Though, it's truly our duty to ensure that minors are never preyed upon on this server and that should be the top priority over everything else. I've been on here for nearly seven years and the amount of grooming and harrassment which has gone untouched is just, sickening. It shouldn't take a community outcry to get people to ban a ******* predator, for fucks sake. I feel sorry for every minor on this server who's had to go under this abuse and disgusting acts that people propogate. One of the worst predators of this server was even an Admin at one point, I can't fathom how horrible that is to anyone that has been affected by any sort of trauma like that on lotc or real life. It needs to ******* stop, stop grooming children you disgusting wastes of spaces
  12. Personally want to kneecap every pedophile

    1. Elrith


      Look at ET Chat

    2. Shady_DaSneak


      I'll throw the chanclas at them grim

  13. Crucify the disgusting animal if there's proof
  14. Daily reminder, magic will fall soon. 


    destroy it all



    1. WuHanXianShi14


      i wouldnt care tbh as long as all magic was equitably culled i just care about the culture

    2. grubgoth_wud


      👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 i kiss

  15. GrimReaper98

    Raphael_Payne's World Developer Application

    Yeah trust me builders will just think you're crap unless you provide default texture pack pictures tbh