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  1. [MArt] Aenguls Defense,

    honestly **** this dark/light powercreep this is nearly as ridiculous as the Xan artefact
  2. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    How about we stop thinking that deities give a **** and make players only have the ability to disconnect. It also means people can go rogue without people screaming OOC'ly at them. No applications, no loopholes. You should get disconnected IC'ly for IC reasons. No orbital god drops, nothing like that.
  3. also daily reminder that the wiki is not a good authority for lore and it should not be FOLLOWED

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    2. Swgrclan


      I think you should sign up yourself, Drfate. You'd be a great lead to the team!

    3. Fid


      Not to belabor the point, but the Wiki Team and Lore Team are currently working on fixing this problem. 

    4. drfate786


      I have a wiki account and can create and edit pages, the issue is that we have too many pages most of which are inaccurate. We need to purge the wiki and start with something fresh. I advise removing any accounts that shouldn't have the PEX for editing/creating wiki pages or implementing a peer review process in which the wiki team must first review the accuracy of a page before it is to be implemented.

  4. this dewlox ban report is a ******* roller coaster. the aftermath is gonna be GOOD

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    2. GrimReaper98


      @Swgrclan is xionism just dewlox becoming prometheus?


    3. Swgrclan


      They say Mortalkind will be one when Dewlow rises as the Provident.

    4. Dewlox™
  5. [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    I'm just expressing the opinion most of the server has towards you and what I've observed man. I mean no personal attack, I do not know you at all. It's just how you've presented yourself and the RP and behavior I have witnessed. As Aerial did say, I bring it up in the hopes you'll fix the things that may be associated with your name. You definitely have potential and I never said you were permanently unfit to be an ET, just need to patch up a few things before taking that mantle. EDIT: Honestly, give him a good go. He cares about what he's doing and he's probably better than half the people on there. +1
  6. [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    Can't separate the line between serious and memey roleplay, there needs to be some quality among the ET. When people advocate bringing roleplay characters who are memes (literally a guy with a lil yacthy skin) to an event, attempt to abuse the CB system to hunt someone ooc'ly and literally called themselves ***** clobberer as a 'cultural' name. There are heaps of ET atm, if you're going to pick anymore they have to be quality picks since the team is over-saturated. - 1
  7. once again i would like to remind everyone that animal companions provide nothing to rp and should be disallowed.


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    2. DPM


      if they dont have a physical representation infront of them just disregard it, i.e minecraft tamed wolf.

    3. GrimReaper98


      if people didn't rp animal companions as a deus ex machina then i'd be all for it but holy ****. convenient animals and wolves popping out of the woodwork to protect their owner. its stupid. Things that don't directly affect other players should be good (though i think these 20 variants of crystal animals is stupid)

    4. WuHanXianShi14


      edward has a wolf doggo but literally cause i was wandering around the woods w/ rebecca and found some wild MC wolves lol

  8. -='The Bladedancers'=-

    "Madmen who dare to dwell towards the blight of Mordskov with simple blades, suicidal I tell yer." Viktor would grumble, pulling out crossbow bolts from the fallen dead around him. All within the walls of the blighted town.
  9. [ET ACTOR] Attempt number 2

    Minecraft Name: ScreamingDingo - stoptheboats Skype ID: savagemasterrace Time-zone: AEST +10 Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I’ve held AT and ET on this server. On other servers I have done moderation positions and also was part of a lore team on a really old RP server that died basically upon launch. Where do you grab inspiration from: (Games, books, etc.) Dnd Monster Manuals, movies, games. Basically anything I think that could be translated into the LOTC medium. What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: I have my darkstalker and my striga, both which I can put aside and make time for events with. What race, or group, do your events best cater to: I’m fairly flexible, I can cater to most RP groups. I am most comfortable in Monster events since they are one of my staple event templates, otherwise I’m fine to do anything. What do you believe are they key factors for a successful even t: Draw your audience in and don’t be stupid. It’s not difficult to run a successful event. What strengths would you bring to the team: (Knowledgeable in lore, great organizer, etc.) I’m really good at improv and I have a decent ability at mentoring other ET actors and teaching them the ropes. Why do you want to be part of the team: I wish to help other actors and mentor them to do events which could be outside their comfort zone. Which in turn would hopefully end up allowing for other players on the server to be exposed to more creative events and for enjoyment to increase for many players. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: (Keep in mind that these pitches are to the managers and the lead, no the community.) Here's an old document a friend and I worked on like 2+ years ago. Has my older thoughts but its a compliation of the stuff I can suggest. This was for an island I had built but was never implemented. Was meant to serve as a colonisation/event island which players could travel to and interact with the outcome. If you want anymore ideas I can contact you. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: Well, I’ll be completely honest. I will not be the most active person, I’ll be able to do an event maybe a few times a week but otherwise I’ll be around in skype. University and real life do have priorities over this server and I’m unable to dedicate too much time, though I’d make my best efforts to put some time aside when I am relaxing to maybe organise events or help others. Tell me a joke: (Like jaeden’s building abilities.) Drfate not being an admin
  10. The remnants of the first prophet Kaer'gi roll violently in whatever hell forsaken plane he is stuck in
  11. zoey ama

    feet pics?
  12. "We're the only true skeletons here." An armored skeleton remarks to his compatriots, preparing to slaughter these infidels. @The Fire Mind @Skylez1 @The World
  13. why haven't you applied for ET yet @drfate786?

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    2. drfate786


      By all means, add me on skype. My skype name is the same as my forum name.

    3. Heathenry


      oh my god grim


    4. Swgrclan
  14. ET September Update

    So does the ET still literally drive nation activity for certain areas because that's a really unhealthy thing to encourage. It was a problem I saw when I was last on the team and I hope this isn't a repeat of it. The ET should be a supplement to people's roleplay and engage in characters in meaningful ways that lead to character development. Not provide nations with activity that they fail to do so themselves. I'd prefer people who know what they're doing, doing events for whatever playerbase they wish instead of the ET being conscripted and messing up events they try to help in. Also make sure the ET are trained, since I've been unbanned I've seen an absolute mess of ET's flying around unvanished and providing some really subpar events.
  15. guess im never gonna be an ET ever again, oops