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  1. going out for a few beers what time do you wanna capture and pillage Constantinople btw?

    1. Dragoon Crow

      Dragoon Crow

      I was thinking arouns 23.00? They should be nice and chill by then 

  2. bro, shouldn’t you not post a post if you’re not supposed to talk about the legion
  3. Farandil Aldin rests in his study, a cup of steaming hot tea in his hand. He leans back in his reclining chair, lowering the publication his malii’malonn recently published. He frowns ever so slightly, taking another sip of his steaming brew. “Corvac, my ever so dear malii’malonn. It seems the pursuit of logic runs in our kin, I am excited to see where your future work indeed. Perhaps I shall join you on your ventures, there must be much to learn.”
  4. ‘tis I, the Crowiest Crow

    1. Knox


      More like the Crowiest *******.


    1. Dragoon Crow

      Dragoon Crow

      sup bro


  6. hail friends of malinor

  7. Name: Berendan 'Crowley' Thorne II. Age: Race: Allegiance (Current nation of residence): Dunno. Past Military Experience: many. None-Military Experience/Skills: Can bake a pretty good chocolate cake. OOC Information: MC Name: Wetoos Skype Name (Used for updates, news and information): yes Teamspeak is a required tool for battles and major events, it is recommended that you at least download it upon joining the Order. Have you been in the Order before?: yes Do you plan to make this character one of your primary?: yes
  8. Does anyone have the Shields of Salvus Rap? 


  10. Ordenmarchall Crow, one of the last teutons decides to ********* some skellies on his own, being too op.
  11. Will there be a costume contest?

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