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  1. imissyou, the birdGOD hawkeye only speaks truth on forums. 

  2. In Character Name: Tyrex Age: 38 Race: Human Short Biography (1-2 Paragraphs): Tyrex used to be a hunter. He came back and sold his goods at the shop. Tyrex and his family went out on their boat to fish one time but got carried out too far. They ended up on an island in the middle of nowhere. Now Tyrex has returned but not the same as he was before. Previous line of work: Hunter. What are your professions and talents?: Fighting, Hunting, Archery. Why do you want to join House Blackmont? Bored in life, looking for something fun and adventurous. Would you be willing to swear loyalty to House B
  3. -=OOC=- MC Name: MrBamPow Relevent Skill Levels: 100 Swords, 100 Blacksmithing, 75 Mining. Link to Va if you have one: NO SUCH THING -=RP=- Name: Darain Grandaxe What positions have you held in the past?: Former Thunderbearer, Lord Marshall, Longbeard, etc. What is your trade?: I blacksmith en 'unt down munsters. Why do you wish to join the Order?: Bazian made me. Do you swear, on your family's honor, that you will uphold this position, be loyal to the people of Kal'Anart and it's Lord? Do you swear that you will fight for the Grandaxe Clan, wearing the banner
  4. Hallo aus Preußen!

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