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  1. mcMMO default come on guys.
  2. This has my full support.
  3. Given that half of my RP fights have ended into the other party powergaming and then arguing for two hours or more (im not exaggerating), there's no way I can support this. Until the lore team and GM teams crack down on powergaming this will never work.
  4. Please help out our friend if you can. Ps. In case anyone was wondering I have verified all the information in the post.
  5. Shit didn't know my team was locked ;)
  6. Okarir'tir: Carvalon Maeyr'onn [XX] Abstain [ ] Okarir'kaliri: Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh [XX] Abstain [ ] - Vuln'llyt
  7. "I, Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh have found my true calling. I rescind my previous nomination and put myself forward for Okarir'kaliri"
  8. "I - Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh - do put my name forward for Okarir'lliran."
  9. just take some vines and grow them in a cave
  10. Good game though
  11. ~ Greetings Denizens of Axios! ~ The Development Team has been working towards some significant changes to several of our plugins and have some exciting announcements to make. First off, we we want to welcome back Sporadic to the Development Team: With Sporadic back he took some time to dust off his old plugins and fix some bugs, as well as add some features that have been on our to-do list for some time. Get excited! ~ Roleplay Names Returned ~ /mcnames is now functional again and you will now see Roleplay names over people's heads when you log in. As a bonus, use /nameplates to hide nameplates altogether. ~ Global Auction Houses ~ The current local Auctioneers will keep functioning, but will slowly be replaced by a single categorized global auction house. These can be setup by GMs so make sure to have a region owner name a /modreq. ~ Shops ~ The shop interface has changed to be more user-friendly, now a click-based menu, and the ‘you are busy’ message will no longer interfere with your browsing, and specific enchantments will now be displayed. ~ Bookshelves ~ Book reading in locked bookshelves now feature [Previous] and [Back] buttons for easier reading. Disappearing books in bookshelves should (hopefully) be fixed!!! ~ Breeding ~ Breeding staff is now defunct. Instead, pets can be freed and transferred with buttons that show up when you click a tamed pet. Unclaimed pets will have a [claim] button for easy reclaiming. You can now call horses from unloaded chunks. ~ Crafting ~ We’ve altered some XP values on various crafting recipes, particularly woodworking. However, to help you all along with this change, the XP gained from crafting an item is now displayed in the crafting menu. We’re also displaying how much XP is required in order to reach the necessary level. Also, notifications will now be sent to you when a craft is complete. If you are offline, you will get it when you log back in! ~ Notes ~ If it pleases and sparkles, please keep a lookout for the following and report to the tech team if you notice any issues: - The books disappearing from bookshelves is a long-standing glitch that is hard to reproduce. If you still notice it occurring after the update, please submit another bug report with as much information as possible. At the very least, include which commands you used, which actions you took, if the bookcase was locked, and if there were any other players nearby interacting with bookshelves. - The chunk loading and unloading can be somewhat difficult to understand for us. If you start noticing world holes or vanishing horses please report this. - NPC skins will now load successfully much more consistently, and the empty tag above their head is now invisible again. If you see a Steve or Alex NPC let us know. - Messing with player names can be a bit tricky - so if you start seeing invisible players, blank names, or other errors report this to us. Many thanks to Sporadic for most of these changes, with myself and 501 helping with some debugging and polish. Thanks to 501 for the Crafting changes. We hope you enjoy these changes! Expect more soon! xoxo - The Development Team
  12. *An anonymous bidder sends a bid in for 1200 minas.*
  13. whats your modreq high score
  14. happy birthday kowaman you drunk ****

    1. ibraheemc2000


      happy birthday