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  1. We need a new Media Team

    A team wouldn't work for the reasons Vaynth said, but it wouldn't work as someone's 'project' imo. Media is a full time role - we need an admin who is skilled at this stuff constantly pumping out content - videos, graphics, promo etc - as their sole admin role. Servers need this to grow and we've been lacking it for some time. It's not something that someone can pick up to check of the 'did a project' box on their monthly report - it's something the server constantly needs a dedicated, skilled person doing.
  2. Automatic Limited Creative

    Not sure, that's a question for the GM team - I just coded what was asked for :)
  3. Automatic Limited Creative

    In most cases it will be the same or less - it can save you money.
  4. Automatic Limited Creative

    Hey Denizens of Axios! Today the Development Team is happy to announce some changes to the way Limited Creative works. Here are the changes that will affect you: You no longer need to make a mod request to go into creative mode, or add builders to your region. The player who purchases creative mode will be able to add players to the region, and Limited Creative will automatically put players in and out of creative mode when they enter/exit the region. The region will no longer be entry/exit locked. Players who are not on the region will still be able to enter and use the region for roleplay, but will be unable to build and will not get creative mode. Payments can be made easily by typing /lcpay. This will prompt you to enter the name of the region, and the amount you would like to pay off. Once the region is paid off and the time is expired, it will be automatically removed. Note: If payment is not received within 48 hours of the the expiry date, you region will be locked by the plugin until the balance is received. We have added an automated process for our GMs to set it up - this will get your regions made faster! The costing formula has been changed. Regions are no logner expanded vertically from bedrock to sky limit, and instead follow this math: cost = volume/100, being at least 2500 mina (minimum has not changed) With a minimum of 2500, this costs out the region by dividing the volume by 100, so regions with a height of 100 will cost the same as before, while regions from bedrock-sky limit will be 2.5x as expensive, and a region 50 blocks high will be 1/2 as expensive as before, etc. So, here is the new process: Make a mod request requesting the region to be made, along with what the region will be called (ex. Oren Capital). Have two corners marked out ahead of time, taking into account height. A GM will setup your region, and you will be automatically added as owner. You will get a notification when this occurs. Add your builders to the region with /rg addmember <name> and start building! Pay off your region all at once or via installments with /lcpay, anyone can pay your bill, not just the creator. When the region expires, make sure to pay it off within 48 hours! It will be automatically removed. If you want a region removed early, message a GM after you have paid it off, and they will remove it. Feel free to RP in the area while its under construction. Let me know what you think of the changes! Hope you like them! - Kowaman | Game Development Team Director
  5. Thoughts on magic staffs (boomsticks & crystals)?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Quvs


      doesn't work you need to adjust dmg on the explosion, can't even craft regen crystals.

    3. Gladuos


      No one uses them because they're so annoying to get and have work. I've never used them even. Also they're non-lore which is bad imo.

    4. DrakeHaze.


      Just go back to gold staff and emerald charges.

  6. Seventh's Coder App

    This application is pending. The submitted trial project was reviewed and feedback has been given. We are awaiting re-submission of the trial project. This application will be closed on December 31 unless I am contacted otherwise.
  7. Please add me on Discord (Kowaman#5410) for an interview.
  8. Piekiller's Coder Application

    Please add me on Discord (Kowaman#5410) for an interview.
  9. [Accepted] 69Red69's Coder App

    Accepted. Welcome to the Development Team. Please message me on Discord so I can get you set up.
  10. [Trial]Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    -1 removed democracy smh
  11. [✓] [Ban Appeal] - Dewper, Rumpo.

    Appeal accepted. You still have to appeal your combat logging ban to the GM team however, in two weeks.
  12. Pancakes, all you need is a pan. Waffles however require a waffle press. Due to the techlock, this can not be invented. Talk with the lore team.