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  1. I'm still interested in what you have to say.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kowaman


      Wow nice out of context screenshot from two months ago.

    3. cablam


      Thanks, I try my best. Its a shame your attitude still hasn't changed though. 

    4. MysticalStranger


      We are all waiting to hear what the Dev team excuses are this time. Or will it just be pushed under the rug again? Probably the latter.

  2. Please respond.


  3. Updated.
  4. The server is now back up. There may be a minor rollback from last night. Thank you for your patience!

  5. The server is now back up.
  6. well shit looks like i'm gonna have to get Canadacraft to go to war with yall
  7. Check out the updated news thread. Also, the FM team is looking for members! Put your app up!

  8. Update: The server is being rolled back and will be online in 4-5 hours. We have confirmed the GM did indeed go rogue and was not hacked. This is very sad and not how we should be dealing with disagreements.
  9. This isn't full disclosure. I'll be responding to this on behalf of my team later as I'm at work. There's a lot left out, exaggerate, and outright false. Edit: I will not be responding directly to this post. There's a lot to do, a lot to think over, and a lot to talk about. I will make an announcement post when myself and my fellow staff members are ready to do so.
  10. Man that dude has mad salt. Although his comments on the non-java version are kinda true, the PC version is the best imo and I disagree with a lot of his points about it. And it would not be easy to have the java and non-java players able to play together, not at all.
  11. Hello Denizens of Axios, I am very happy to announce that next week we will be upgrading our server to Minecraft 1.12 - The World of Color Update (LotC v5.2)! The Dev Team has been working hard to make this update possible so the new content is available for everyone to use (many thanks to Tofuus). You can read the full change-log for Minecraft 1.12 on the Minecraft Wiki. Unfortunately in order for us to continue delivering this premium content to you, the server has to be down for some time. We will be beginning the maintenance on Tuesday, June 27th at 1:00 AM UTC. For NA players this is Monday at 9:00 EST/6:00 PST. UK: 2:00 AM. Melbourne: 11 AM. Expected downtime is 2-4 hours. You can look forward to things like: parrots, concrete, and many technical and aesthetic improvements (I'm really excited for the parrots). A full change-log will be posted once the update is complete. Thanks, The Development Team p.s. We have checked the logs and believe the vanishing crafts was an isolated incident that occurred on the 14th of May. p.p.s. We have got a lot of reports about inventories getting wiped when opening ender chests. We are looking into this. Shoot me a PM if it happens to you.
  12. this man has no life accept him
  13. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.
  14. Please contact me on Discord for an interview.