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  1. I mean @GrimReaper98 this app isn't meant to be a defense of me, but a place for people to leave opinions about you. Back in the day I 100% did some questionable things with my staff permissions, but nothing that ever involved attacking or targeting people, mostly things that were just to the benefit of myself and my friends. I won't lie about what I did during my first time as a developer back in 2015. So calling me out for that, go ahead I don't really care. But attacking me for these things is not okay, and not reflective of what the staff should represent. Your statements about me 'enabling a pedophile' are entirely false and slanderous. To the best of my knowledge I have never done anything of that nature, and if I did so I would apologize profusely. I think anybody who preys on children is disgusting and should be locked up for life. This is the first time I have heard anybody suggest I did such a thing, and it makes me sad to know that anybody thinks these untrue things about me. If you'd be kind enough to add me on Discord, I hope I can clarify your misinformation, and maybe you can change my mind about you Joel. I didn't always dislike you, you were pretty decent back in the day.
  2. This player has harassed me nearly every time I have spoken to him. He doesn't respect the rules and is incredibly toxic. I think he's been banned like 6 times.
  3. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    as far as i know there's no flaws with nexus polling, me and teegah both checked through the code and tested it
  4. Anti Soy Crusader Campaigns Against Incompetence

    Do you also watch Rick and Morty?
  5. LT Announcement Pt. 1

    An issue I see with this is that it makes a bit less sense, in general. A student should, as I see it, be able to go on their own and improve once they've become fairly adept with the magic (tier 3), why is 'mastery' required? What is considered mastery? Also, a further issue with this is that it doesn't make sense how someone with 5 magics can teach 15 people, while someone with 1 magic can teach only 3. Should both characters not have the same capacity to teach? Not sure if this change is good, or accomplishing what you want. I'm all for allowing more student per teacher, though this system doesn't seem like a step in the right direction.
  6. bye

    remember to delete urself from the .config files
  7. LC Regions are bloody annoying

    you should be able to place chests, just not interact with them. if not it's a mistake with the blacklist; placing chests should be fine. - kowa, guy who coded the plugin.
  8. [✓] Null Ember Manipulation (Ascended Disconnection)

    good changes, will help my coup plans +1
  9. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    I've read it - and if the LT allows every sub-race to be defined based off minor physical differences than we would have 100s of sub-races. Sub-races need to be very well defined, distinct differences. The LT should be focusing on condensing the current amount of sub-races based on larger variations, not expanding them based on small variants.
  10. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    Cultures are not sub-races. One of my biggest mistakes was allowing player cultures to influence the in-game race selection.
  11. "Ah - the blasphemy of those who raise the dead - how appropriate it would be for a Mali'ata to consent to such actions. Any Mali'thill knows that such manipulation of the body and kae'leh is a crime against elmaher'sae hiylun'ehya" Vuln replies
  12. "Mhmm..." Vuln interjects, "I do wish marlarionn'leh came about every once and a while to knock some sense into these people."
  13. "How does one hold a trial on a Mali'ata that has been executed? Shall his spirit appear in his defense? Perhaps a ghoul? Or does the arcanist wish for us to hold the council to trial based on the perfectly legal proceedings that were undertaken?" Vuln would comment, raising a brow, to the Maheral over tea.