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  1. Fireheart_

    [✗] [Server] Americuck Ban Appeal

    Hi there Jared! Just wanted to go over two points with you. Firstly, appeals are a time to reflect over your poor actions and to showcase that you have a desire for your behavior to change. Saying that it was along the lines of fair game and that you were entitled to a warning before being banned is shifting the blame and not looking at the core issue which is you distributed private information that was originally collected with the intent of malicious damage being done in mind. This appeal is placed way before you actual appeal date of July 17th 2019. Please take the next couple of months to think over this and construct a sincere appeal that takes into account the comments I mentioned above. Thank you.
  2. Fireheart_

    [✗] [Server] Wolf's Ban Appeal

    After speaking with Telanir and the other administrators I will be responding on the behalf of them to your appeal. There seems to be a disconnection between the reality of what took place and the narrative you are trying to paint and you do not appear to be fully apologetic due to you trying to shift blame around to other individuals. We have agreed that your appeal will not be accepted at this time. Please post a more sincere appeal on your appeal date of April 6th 2019. This information is also detailed on your ban message if you try to login in-game onto the server.
  3. Fireheart_

    [✗] Unban Org_The_Robo

    Hi Org! You need to use the full format when posting in this sub-forum for it to be reviewed. More information can be found at this link here.
  4. Fireheart_

    Server Rules

    -=Rule Update=-  Type: Rule change §6.6 Lava and water buckets, flint & steel, horse dismount-glitching and boat-glitching is disallowed during combat or for mechanical gain to bypass barriers/defenses. ○ However fishing rods are allowed. AND §3.23 Although killing other player’s livestock is allowed, you must leave two of each animal alive. ○ You are not allowed to circumvent the rules to kill livestock. ○ You must leave a sign stating the RP that played out or file a modreq if you do not have permissions through WorldGuard to place said sign.
  5. Fireheart_

    [✗] [Server] Th3_11th Ban Appeal

    Your appeal date is set to 06/07/2019 and will remain as such. Denied.
  6. Fireheart_

    [✗] [Server] Henry_James Ban Appeal

    Moved to denied due to inactivity.
  7. Fireheart_

    [✓] [Admin] SpaceOfAids Ban Appeal

    Thank you for the extra effort put into your appeal. I will be raising the restriction of your in-game and forum ban, but I will be keeping your forum account on content moderation for the time being. This can be appealed in three months by messaging me on the forums. As a reminder you have a long history of persistency poor behavior and while I am excited that you are looking to change and have a more positive impact on LoTC- I am still skeptical of how that will go. I hope that you can come back and contribute to the server in a positive way, but if you do fall back into your normal tracks the hammer will be brought back down hard. Welcome back SpaceOfAids 2.0! Update: Also going to be banning you from OOC chat until your content moderation is successfully appealed.
  8. Fireheart_

    Redemption for Incompetence

    As has been mentioned on both Blago’s post and the player report posted yesterday the situation is still being looked into and we are continuing to investigate the matter. More details and information will be follow as we continue down this road of resolving the matter.
  9. Fireheart_

    [Denied]Theldryn's Game Moderator Application

  10. Fireheart_

    [Denied]L1L_PLugg13's Game Moderator Application

  11. Fireheart_

    [Denied]J33xt101's Game Moderator Application