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  1. Thorrak grins as he gets his war after all. “I jus’ ‘ope ah can get in on t’e action befur t’ey’re all dead!"
  2. “Yes the empire was disbanded because you killed two peasants. This is clickbait,” says don juan
  3. Vytrek pledges to personally slay the abomination that calls itself a ‘Ruswickian Snow Elf’.
  4. “Woe unto those who preach of ending non-elven interference in Elven politics, after decades and several wars of them being the only Mali to invite precisely that interference,” says Vytrek, local expert on irony.
  5. “Haelun’or? Incapable of apprehending a single individual without devoting their entire army to it? It's more likely than you think,” notes a popcorn-munching Snow Elf.
  6. Rag’Raguk wanders around the battlefield, head-butting to death whatever wounded men remained and collecting his five trophies.
  7. ur a good man and ive had a lot of fun playing this dumb game w/ you @Harold
  8. “They make obvious the fact that they intended on simply returning the cultists to their land. It is lamentable that they went back on their word,” states Vytrek.
  9. “These are not the demands we laid forth,” comments Vytrek as he reads over the missive, awaiting the official Fennic response.
  10. Application [Ooc] Username: Aeldrin Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): varies Discord: have it Timezone: est [RP] Name: Vytrek Tundrak Gender: Male Place of residence: Citadel Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  11. Vytrek Tundrak sharpens his spear.
  12. “Death to the cultists and those who harbor them,” declares Vytrek Tundrak.
  13. “I will roundhouse kick Vira’ker and Sutica if they keep copying the 'Grand Prince' title from Fenn,” says angry snow elf
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