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  1. Aeldrin

    N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    if i made staff this monkey can +1
  2. Aeldrin


    just stop
  3. Aeldrin

    Enough is Enough.

    yeah it's about consistency of arguments and not being a hypocrite lmao jog on pal
  4. Aeldrin

    Enough is Enough.

    >lobbied for my ban for toxicity >lobbies for imattyz and veist to not get banned for toxicity on basis of "grow thicker skin lol" good 1
  5. +1 corbynites beware
  6. Aeldrin

    Remove Raid Ladders

    it's really not hard to make walls that can't be laddered but are still good-looking
  7. Aeldrin

    Courland vs Renatus

    parkinson's pvp
  8. Aeldrin

    [✓] [Server] McThornz Ban Appeal

    please keep this mexican banned he is a menace to the server
  9. Aeldrin

    Alt Deportation [GM/ADMIN]

    dude what are you talking about the issue was courlanders masquerading as reivers, not randos masquerading as courlanders. why are you commenting on an issue that you clearly know nothing about
  10. Aeldrin

    Gms ban an entire 40 people so Renatus can win

    cool we can debate the allies thing another time but staff literally banned a bunch of people who have been reivers and fishmongers for months like NJBB and Hurfer lmfao please justify that
  11. "if you can't beat them, ban them" xd

  12. Aeldrin

    Absolutely Brutal

    lmao is that the music from cod modern warfare 2 when the russians invade
  13. Aeldrin

    Applying Process Feedback

    return to asulon-era essays lmao but yeah i feel like if the app was harder, applicants might be more invested in the server, which could help with our abysmal retention rates
  14. Your methodology is highly flawed. You break the GM team into racial distributions while ignoring the fact that those races are split among a large number of nations that often have no affiliation with eachother.