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  1. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Aelthir wonders what a group of militant Elves who value soldiering through traditional combat and who mistrust magic due to its physical deminishings and corruptive mental capacity might look like. "Oh," he comments after a moment. "That's us."
  2. another one

    You linked pando his own ip and threatened to ddos him. Sorry, but I don't trust you with access to the ip of every player on this server. -1
  3. The Ivae'fenn

    Accepted. Please report to the barracks.
  4. [Denied] Chef's AT App

    big +1, chef is a very hard-working man who can get the job done
  5. A response is soon penned. To the self-styled "Treasurer" of the Dominion of Malin, Under typical circumstances, such impertinent material would not warrant a response from the Fennic state. Be that as it may, I happen to be in the mood for some humor. Your ignorance is surpassed only by your irrelevance, and your attempt at making slights towards the Fennic state is amusing for all of the wrong reasons. To accuse the Fennic state of attempting to act important is the peak of irony, considering you, a lowly treasurer of a foreign nation, have decided to write an essay to a distant foreign nation to whine and cry like a child about that state's domestic policy - which has nothing to do with you. It is almost as though states make laws that govern their domestic policies, and that those laws are integral to the protection of their people. Do not presume to comment on our internal affairs, for you have no place in our domestic political dialogue. To respond to several of your presumptuous claims - the Princedom's current state of hostilities with the Dominion comes after the Virarim elected to attack a Warden of the Ivae'fenn, unprovoked, some Elven weeks in the past. If you have a problem with Fenn responding accordingly, it is clear that your mind has assumed the vegetative state of its surroundings. I admire your interest in the internal political mechanisms of Fenn, but I hate to be the one to inform you that the Princedom is not a democracy. Hearing out and protecting the wants and needs of one's people is not exclusive to that ineffective system of governance. Should the Princedom's population be as low as you suggest, that only speaks measures about the fact that you yourself have reportedly died to Fennic blades several times in the past Elven week alone. Perhaps next time, the monks will show the realm mercy from your screeching by leaving you to rot. The Snow Elves' distrust of magic has always existed, but until this moment, it has been the Fennic state's policy to tolerate it. If, as you claim, no Druids would go to Fenn in the first place, I fail to see how this Act is a problem. If you had decided to actually read it, you would note that Druidism is one of many magics and creatures that are not dark in nature, but continue to have no place in Fennic society. While your threats are amusing, we have seen your ability to hold a sword before, and it is certainly not something to keep me up at night, considering you were put onto the ground in a solid five seconds. If the Dominion has legitimate qualms with the domestic policies of Fenn, they should send word from a relevant official, so that we might have the satisfaction of dismissing an individual of some measurable import, rather than an upstart treasurer that carries on in the manner of a degenerate screaming for attention. Signed, Aelthir Tundrak II
  6. The Stolt Standard - Vol 2

    Aelthir reads over his copy of the Stolt Standard, sipping his tea. "As always, a good read."
  7. "It is almost like Fenn has a culture that contradicts with the use of magic, and has approximately zero practitioners of the above types of magic as a result of this," considers Aelthir, to no one in particular. "It is also almost as if the Fennic people have a sovereign right to determine what happens in their lands. This was proposed by the people, and is their will."
  8. The Ivae'fenn

    Accepted. Please report to the barracks.
  9. The Magical and Unnatural Disenfranchisement Act Signed 12th of the First Seed, 1651 ____________________________________________________________________________ Recognizing the long-standing Snow Elven societal stance opposed to the practice of magic; Acknowledging the plague that certain creatures and magics inflict upon the realm; Noting the contradictory nature of certain creatures and magics having a place in Fennic culture; And at the recent and expressed behest of the Fennic people; The Princedom of Fenn does hereby: Ban the use of the following magics within Fennic territory for their dangerous, vile, unnatural, and degenerative nature: Soul Puppetry Necromancy Mental Magic Blood Magic Druidism Mysticism While practitioners of these magics may be allowed within Fennic territory at the discretion of the Ivae’fenn, the use of said magics is strictly prohibited. Violations may result in imprisonment or execution. Ban the presence of the following creatures within Fennic territory for their dangerous, vile, unnatural, and degenerative nature: Ferals Ascended Druids “Tree Lords” Strigae Spriggans Dreadknights Paleknights Bryophites Dryads Wights Wraiths Darkstalkers Liches Violations of this banishment may result in execution or other forms of punishment. Declare all other magics may be practiced in Fennic territory once the user has obtained a license for that specific magic from the Fennic state. The unlicensed practice of magic within Fennic territory is strictly prohibited. Izkuthii and Nephilim must register their forms with the Fennic state. ____________________________________________________________________________ Signed, His Majesty, Aelthir of the Tundrak Bloodline, the second of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and of the Mali’fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Commander of the Ivae’fenn, Commandant of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Talar’ikur, and chosen by Wyrvun Sulien of the Annungilben Bloodline, the first of her name, Matriarch of the Annungilben Bloodline, High Scholar of the Grand Council of Fenn, Warden of the Ivae’fenn, and Annil’sair of the Bilok’thuln Krenanteon of the Stolt’aroloth Bloodline, the first of his name, Representative of the Stolt’aroloth Bloodline, High Emissary of the Grand Council of Fenn, and Warden of the Ivae’fenn
  10. A Banned player goes for GM?

    +1 good mineman with good family values
  11. A Letter to the Descendants

    "A hypocritical letter from a vile 'order'," notes Aelthir, looking over his copy. "It is rare indeed when I find myself agreeing with the Dominion."
  12. Ban Report on Lucahz

    pando wasn't even with us. are you really going after a player who's banned for a year and doesn't have a snow elf as being part of our group? so 20 minutes of us questioning your powergaming gives you an excuse to snap at us, but 20 minutes of your powergaming and insulting us doesn't give lucas an excuse to snap back? lmao cmon man no one knows who you are, no one cared who you were. if you hadn't noticed, we went around attacking almost every person in the square or demanding they hand over their values. a snow elf wasn't satisfied with your answer and tried to kill you. you were fighting a 7v1, surrounded, and dodging nearly every attack. obviously we questioned this in ooc. in one incident you emoted being thrown at me, and i went to slam my shield into you, but you literally dodged that - despite emoting being thrown at me. literally all we did was question some of your emotes, and ask you to respond to emotes you had missed. you responded by insulting us in ooc multiple times. how are you trying to play the victim here
  13. Ban Report on Lucahz

    So this report's on toxicity, despite the fact that Lucas' two relatively tame comments were made after you called us "c u n t s", "mouth-breathers", and "braindead". I don't know who you're trying to fool here. If a GM doubts this, they can check TavBEAN's logs. As for wanting to leave the fight, you were upset because you were powergaming the **** out of an rp fight that was literally a 7v1, where you were surrounded. You ran through the attacks of 5 players (I don't care if you were in armor, many of the attacks were blunt and to the head, and armor doesn't protect well against that) and then got pissed because you ran into two Snow Elves that had just finished killing somebody else, claiming they had gotten there without emotes. You're literally banned as we speak for ignoring rp in this incident, and you're going to post a ban report for toxicity on Lucas for two comments after 20 minutes of powergaming and bombarding us with your own ooc toxicity. Is this report a joke? lmao