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  1. Vague and “unpresentable” evidence isn’t evidence. We already mentioned that staff saw him type the command to unvanish, but due to a visual glitch, he didn’t unvanish for any of the attackers with the exception of a Story Team member – who ultimately killed him. This is minutes before the push. No drfate: This is from the streamer, showing drfate: This is at the exact same moment, taken from Junar’s perspective i think, showing no drfate – his position empty and no room for him to move off to the side b/c that’s shown behind the log too: This shows the moment of MCPancakes’ death (center username) by drfate, and no drfate to be found: Another screenie from Mickael showing no drfate in the room that the streamer shows him in: Another screenie from Shix showing the moment right before MCPancakes’ death, w/ no drfate to be found: Don’t believe me? Watch Shix’s entire video on 1080p at 0.25 speed and tell me where u see drfate lol: If you watch the end of marimba’s stream, you can see drfate’s username bobbing up and down as he jump-crits us at the back / in the middle of our blob.
  2. it’s literally in the post, right above it???
  3. There were more than this but this is the only screenshot I could find, digging through a million pm’s. This player was reported to staff ahead of time and they did nothing. My chatlogs are buggy and parts are missing with error messages, but I could still pull up enough evidence to show these 5 accounts belonging to the same person were in the warclaim and killing people. We have provided evidence from every attacker who was recording, amounting to Junar, Mickael, and Shix – and taken a screenshot (or multiple) from each to coincide with a screenshot from the streamer’s perspective, showing the streamer sees drfate, but for the others he’s invisible. also u need to calm down
  4. missing: the marnans in the lobby were attacked by the renatians there first and acted in self-defense. they just happened to be the ones who won multiple renatians attended the warclaim on upwards of 5 accounts, killing a number of marnans before all dying maybe next time you're in the middle of a marnan blob jump-critting them and taking no damage, while knowing u have staff pex, u figure gee maybe something’s wrong w/ this
  5. “When your only competent soldier is an Orc and not a High Elf, that kind of undermines your whole purity and supremacy argument, doesn’t it?” ponders the Snow Elf.
  6. Aeldrin

    The King's Ultimatum

    “They flee like rats from a sinking ship,” observes a Snow Elf.
  7. “Is that your entire rally? No wonder none of you were left at the end.”
  8. ((do u want us to start compiling lists of the dozen or so of u we’ve executed who havent pked? u wouldnt like it
  9. “Perhaps fighting the nation that tried to capture Feanor and has been constantly attacking Aegrothond, unprovoked, is in Aegrothond’s interest. Food for thought."
  10. “Big words for a man whose head we just removed from his shoulders, and whose city was just sacked.”
  11. “We had forty, you had sixty – and every single Snow Elf charged. None ran. You’re playing quite the mental gymnastics here.”
  12. “It was very nice of them to build this fort for us to use,” says dirty mike.
  13. “I don’t think he’s ever killed a thing in his life, and he’s already been killed a hundred times.”
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