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  1. rly bored pvper for hire. just pay me by giving me fights i dont need anything :) 

  2. “Fake news,” decries the Tundrak child. “I won that fight!”
  3. ((no, so it was intentionally left open-ended))
  4. Another sleepless night. Sitting upon the edge of his bed, Aelthir Tundrak II lofted a shaky hand, wiping the sweat from his brow. The morning’s silence was eerie – not at a comparable to the metallic din of battle that rocked his every dream. He could not close his eyes without seeing them; the dead of a dozen battles strewn before him. One night, it was the Sack of Tar’sil that he had witnessed as a child, his defenseless kin cut down in droves. The next, he rode alongside Grand King Bastion Ireheart and King Tobias Staunton, now naught but ghosts of the Axiosan Coalition War. This night, it had been the War of the Two Emperors. A dozen peace treaties, he had witnessed. None brought him peace. Moving to his feet, the Snow Elf hobbled over to stand before a mirror. Reaching up, he lightly touched the dark circles under his eyes. He was tired. He had never truly slept since Tar’sil, when he was naught but a child. Raised in war, he was not even old enough to be coronated until after the Axiosan Coalition War had come to a close. With furrowed brow, his gaze drifted about. Blinded in one eye. Only half of a right ear, the elongated flesh tattered and torn. Pink scars dotted and streaked across his pale form; the marks of a dozen wars. At not even two hundred years old, he was a broken man. Turning, he paced forth, pulling on his clothes. Upon his bed, he placed his armor, crown, and spear – which at this point, had become as much a part of him as his own skin. To walk without their familiar weight felt odd. Next to them, he placed a few letters, before departing. They read as follows: ___________________________________________________________________________________ An Address to the Snow Elven People: To serve as your Grand Prince has been the honor of my life. You are everything to me. Nearly two centuries ago, when our people were once more scattered to the wind with the Sack of Tar’sil, I was but a child. Before even coming of age, I sacrificed my childhood to regather you, and to fight for you. Since then, I have toiled to build for you the safe haven that you deserve. I have fought our enemies, and I have made peace with our enemies. But, I have no sweat left to expend, and no blood left to bleed. Now that peace is secure, and you are safe, I must seek my own peace. I leave you in the care of Aelthos Tundrak III, my son, who will ascend to the throne in my place. You are in good hands. I ask only that you cherish the peace and prosperity that we have fought for, and hold dear the values of honor, justice, and duty that define our people. Legend tells us that Wyrvun hid a path directly to Aira’fin at the bottom of one of the many icy lakes that dot His realm, so that those bold enough may seek out the afterlife. I depart for where I know it to be, and do not intend on returning. Body and soul, I shall leave this realm. Do not pity me, for at long last, I shall be at rest; an eternal slumber alongside our ancestors. Sincerely, Aelthir Tundrak II _____________________________________________________________________________________ To Aelthos Tundrak III: You have made me a proud father. To you, I leave my life’s work – our people. You have been my appointed heir, and shall inherit my titles. You know the throne to be the burden that it is. Like so many of our blood before us, you understand what it means to be a Tundrak – a life of duty, service, sacrifice, and honor. Take good care of our people. Affectionately, Aelthir Tundrak II _____________________________________________________________________________________ To Aeluin Tundrak II: To you, I leave my shield. You have more martial potential than any other Tundrak. With time, I would hope you will come to understand what it means to be the shield of our people. You may be my nephew, but I love you like a son. I shall be with your father soon. Oft we spoke of the qualities that define a Tundrak. If there is one that you should take away from me, at the end of the day, it is sacrifice – not only to die for your people, but to live for them, as I have done. I wish you happiness, for you deserve it. Affectionately, Aelthir Tundrak II _____________________________________________________________________________________ Treading through the icy waters, the Snow Elf felt no chill. Rather, as he carried on, a warmth gradually filled him. Glancing upwards, he took one last look at Hesin’fin, before diving deep beneath the surface. Darker and darker it grew, until finally, the Snow Elf swore he saw the surface on the other side. And so, with a smile, he swam towards eternal slumber. Thus passed Aelthir Tundrak II.
  5. Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II signs.
  6. Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II signs.
  7. “Accepted, please report to the barracks.”
  8. “Accepted, please report to the barracks.” “Accepted, please report to the barracks.”
  9. “Accepted, please report to the barracks.”
  10. dirty don juan unleashes his fists of fury alongside the dirty unwashed peasant army ((ok i laughed lol
  11. drakon bloodline recruiting, hmu if interested. one of fenn’s oldest and best bloodlines

  12. first fly and now this stop trying to tax everything holy ****
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