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  1. Death of a Norlander 1641

    dirty mike frowns
  2. Thirteen Nations

    yeah just arguing with some degenerate on the forums who has such a disconnect with what's actually going on on the server that he thinks sutica should be gassed for lack of activity hahahaha You have a minimum of 12 and max of 22 online at the romstuns at all times? rallying faction server alts a single time for a warclaim doesnt count bud
  3. Thirteen Nations

    Linandria's been inactive excluding the rare event, and many welfs can testify. Here's Snow Elven activity: you dont know **** bud cry harder
  4. Thirteen Nations

    Better idea - let's quit stifling roleplay and just let things run their course. You wanna get rid of nations? Start with your inactive dominion.
  5. Mali'ame Unity: A New Proposal

    Aelthir laughs, "No."
  6. Should Guilds stick primarily with cities?

    Guilds should be within the cities in order to centralize rp. It should be a nation's goal to attract guilds to increase activity and reap the benefits of their services, and if emphasized again, could add a nice new aspect to political rp.
  7. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    If defender default could just be brought back down from 10 auto-causing pvp to 8 auto-causing pvp I'd be thankful at this point like jfc
  8. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    Dirty Mike sharpens his lynching rope(???).
  9. Declaration of Disownment

    "What is a Caminus?" asks Aelthir.
  10. Military/Guild Camps and Emcampments

    I think if, like Raomir suggested, some kind of counterbalance was added to discourage people from just living in these things and hopping around from place to place (ie. no raid timers or raid limit) this could be a very cool concept and I'd support it.
  11. you can run but you cant hide :)

    1. Drop Koala

      Drop Koala

      gg didn't even realise you were there

      Related image

      Edited by Drop Koala
  12. Cold Winds Rising

    "For a non-warlike people they sure love to boast that their culture of Bronze is one focused almost entirely around martial strength, and they sure do love to prey upon their neighboring Mali. It's almost as if these'non-warlike' people literally base their entire culture around being warlike. Ironic, then, that suddenly we are the war-mongerers raiding 'helpless innocent Mali' when all we do is strike in retribution," notes Aelthir!
  13. Cold Winds Rising

    A Snow Elf attacked and severely wounded, unprovoked. Another, beaten within the Princedom itself. Such transgressions could not be tolerated. Decades had passed since the Coalition War, and it had been many years since a Snow Elf had wielded a blade in anger. All of that changed in a matter of days. A small group of Ivae'fenn raiders rallied within the walls of Velaris, donning the signature heavy armor of the Princedom. In sashes and pteruges of billowing blue fabric, the small party marched beneath the gates, led by their white-cloaked Grand Prince. Tracking the Bronze attackers, they set out from the Isle of Ceru, shortly making landfall upon the Tahnic coast. Their arrival at the gates of the city of Bronze, home of the Kairnites, was swift. Upon the horizon there appeared a large host of Bronze Elves, accompanied by their Reiter mercenaries. Catching sight of the Fennic force, the 'soldiers' of Bronze fled to the safety of their walls. Approaching the opened gates, the two sides stood face to face, silent. It was then that the Grand Prince stepped forth, delivering his demands. "You attacked one of my Ivae'fenn, unprovoked, within the confines of the Dominion. Cede the attacker, Damai Torena, so that he might meet justice. Do this, or we will bring justice to him ourselves, and to all that stand in our way. Silence reigned over the two forces, before a presumable commander of the Bronze Elves stepped forth, delivering his response with a simple, "No." It was then that all hell broke loose. Arrowfire erupted from both sides, sharp missiles whizzing and snapping as they flew through the air, bouncing off of stone and steel plate alike. Raising his blade, the famed warrior Vinic Daemyr was the first of the Ivae'fenn to charge through the gates. Half-Snow Elf and half-Dark Elf, he swiftly pushed through the ranks of the Bronze soldiers and cut down their commander, leaving behind a crumpled mess of blood and armor. Behind him, his comrades rushed into the city, carving a bloody path through the soldiers of Bronze and Reiter mercenaries. It was over in minutes. With only one of the 'fenn wounded, they had managed to butcher the entire Wood Elven host, despite being outnumbered three to one. Bodies of the slain defenders littered the settlement, the green blades of grass stained a deep red in the blood of its inhabitants. Wordlessly, the Ivae'fenn gathered what they needed, and left. Within the Princedom, outside of the gates of Velaris, are mounted two heads on pikes, a brief warning left beneath them. As silence fell over the bodies of the slain, any who might wander into the settlement would find a simple message left behind: "Every transgression against Fenn will be met tenfold. Know your place."
  14. ♛ Elfs Raid ♛