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  1. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    Aelthir scratches his chin.
  2. Snow Elven Travel Advisory Board

    An update is posted to the noticeboard. Added the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah - Neutral Added the Kingdom of Devirad - Neutral
  3. unblacklist me from staff so i can finally apply for admin :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aeldrin


      damn how did you know

    3. GrimReaper98


      only if i can slaughter your city again with world edit

    4. Aeldrin
  4. -= War Has Changed. =-

    "Try it. I dare you," comments Aelthir.
  5. Put a lock on the elven race

    ah yes perfect let us finally remove the scum known as elves....................
  6. A Calling Beckons

    "What is a 'Xion'?" questions Aelthir II.
  7. Adelburg Chronicle - 1631

    Ser William "Dirty Mike" Staunton scowls!
  8. Kingdom of Norland Anime (Axios Arc 2)

    "refugees go home"
  9. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    no guns
  10. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.
  11. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    +1 quality portuguese mineman clicker with good family values
  12. Looking For GM Applicants!

    yeah hi id like to sign up for bluetagship please (I'm blacklisted so I can't apply. -Malinor)