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  1. Aeldrin


    “look guys even though i play lotc im cool haha i promise”
  2. Aeldrin

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    imagine ignoring a census and then complaining about the results while having blatantly not even read the results post lal
  3. Aeldrin

    A Crown Unto Another

    “’Elvenesse’ is a disgusting word and I hate that people keep using it,” decides Aelthir.
  4. Aeldrin

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    I would agree that cultural distinctness is incredibly important for who the elves are, but as you mentioned, there are other ways of unity. Political unity with internal autonomy and separate cities divided along subracial lines would satisfy a large portion of the elven playerbase, reflected by the answers in the open-ended question that largely call for unity but also for maintaining the distinct nature of the subraces.
  5. Aeldrin

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    Interesting stuff. I would hope that it could provoke a mature dialogue on the state of Elven politics and rp.
  6. Aeldrin

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    “We killed half of your pathetic 5-man ‘rebellion’ at no loss of our own, and the other half discovered your obsessive insanity and left you. You are a joke,” notes Aelthir from the comfort of the Talar’ikur tavern, reclining to sip his tea.
  7. Aeldrin

    OOC: What happened?

    how have u been pok
  8. Aeldrin

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    “The Haelun’orians always have made for weak soldiers, and a lethargic people,” notes Aelthir, sharpening his spear. “This should be easy."
  9. Aeldrin

    The Ivae'fenn

    “Accepted, please report to the barracks.”
  10. Aeldrin

    The Ivae'fenn

    “Accepted, please report to the barracks."
  11. Aeldrin

    The Ivae'fenn

    Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  12. Aeldrin

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    snow elves cant have blue hair please stop
  13. Aeldrin

    Revival of the Global Assembly

    “Somebody call the Stolt’aroloths, the globalists are at it again,” says Aelthir.
  14. Aeldrin

    The Ivae'fenn

    Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  15. Aeldrin

    The Crustacean Menace

    Vyrion cracks his knuckles.