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  1. Once more, the list has been updated. Removed the Teutonic Order The Silver State of Haelun'or - Friendly --> Unfriendly The Warhawke Chiefdom - Friendly --> Allied The Grand Kingdom of Urguan - Friendly --> Neutral The Druidic Mother Circle - Friendly --> Neutral
  2. do these adds that forcibly drag you up the ******* page annoy the **** out of anyone else? literally makes these forums unusable

  3. I've been arguing for ages that staff needs to crack down on powergaming. It's really bad. Until such a time as they do, raising defender default from 8 to 10 is a very bad choice.
  4. oy vey
  5. "Fake Kovachevs," comments Dirty Mike!
  6. Accepted. Please report to the Citadel.
  7. Accepted. Please report to the Citadel.
  8. who are you again?
  9. is that really the best you can do? ahahahaha you really are one cringy ******
  10. Accepted. Please report to the Citadel.
  11. if the welfs are chad then why do they keep dodging snelf casus bellis? checkmate atheists the only thing that triggers me is that anyone would think the snelfs hack.......... poor attempt
  12. we shall see.........
  13. this isnt for rep im trynna make money
  14. many people who made many mistakes there is no proof of payment i will have to deny you........