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  1. Snelfma

    Come Sail Away

    “Huh. . . I am pretty proud of my son” Neci says while taking stock on her own ship in Sutica “’Bout time someone broke away”
  2. Snelfma

    Rule Proposal

  3. Snelfma


    “Selfish? I have been tortured in this city and the princess did nothing to stop it since that was too much of an inconvenience for her. Any time someone would try to levy a serious complaint about her she would just get up and walk away. This was done for a reason” ,Zatanaes grummbled as she fiddled with an amulet around her neck
  4. Snelfma


    “Perhaps now the city will not be run by murderers and dark mages” Zatanaes remarked with a frown as she walked about the city
  5. Snelfma

    The problem with the Empire

    Why let things fall to stagnation? Why keep things people in general think are ridiculous or are just there for the sake of having culture.
  6. Snelfma

    The problem with the Empire

    What is so hard about altering the current empire? In general I think the playerbase would like to do something different then the usual stuff.
  7. Snelfma

    The problem with the Empire

  8. Snelfma

    The problem with the Empire

    I don’t think he is arguing that the Empire needs to be taken down, so much as pointing out just how repetitive it is. It would be nice, even with Mog leading, to see different things done instead of a catholic ripoff, imperial cult, or otherwise incredibly exclusive religion that is only sustainable almost by accident.
  9. Snelfma

    The problem with the Empire

    I don’t dislike the Empire, but every bit of this is so true it actually hurts
  10. Snelfma

    Challenge to the Dominion, 1688

    “Of course an elf of the Dominion would decry violence only to offer more violence”, Zatanaes said before taking a sip of her tea then continuing,”I suppose only those around my age remember when elves used to be more calculating with violence, would actually weigh the cost of death against the supposed victory”
  11. Snelfma

    Looking for monster parts, magical items, and jewelry

    “Only dragon ligaments please”
  12. Notices would be placed about the land ” I am currently seeking monster parts that may include organs, claws, or teeth. I am also interested in artifacts of magical or historical nature. Send me an offer and we can meet – Zatanaes Avern”
  13. Snelfma

    -= Reflection =-

    “Murdered someone then tried to create new life with their husk.”
  14. Snelfma

    Villainy Blacklist for Justice RP

    Honestly bs like this needs to be made public rather than doing an anonymous report. Staff apparently tries to cover up too much.
  15. Snelfma

    No Consequence RP

    But not dark magic, right?