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  1. Zatanaes stares at a wall as repetitive existence closes in
  2. “Truth in his eyes and heart... I see it too, he’ll do whatever her can to atleast feel like he has power” Zata said as she would leave her copy of the paper in the Sutican tavern “He will always be the same man till he gives himself up for justice. Might it kill him? He did murder and torture several people among other things. Actions have consequences”
  3. Has anyone though to change “no appeal necessary” to “do not appeal”?

    1. JasperJohn


      It would be clearer, but one makes you have a mini heart attack when you’re banned and the other one doesn’t so it’s not as fun

  4. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames WanderingFriend Reason for punishment Logging while in crp Players Involved Keening Areon By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? At around 1:30 in the morning my time I had decided to log during a crp with Graia and said some rude words while doing so Why should you be pardoned? I was very tired at the time seeing as to how I had been up since about 6 that morning and already frustrated by dealing with a raid prior. I realize this does not excuse the rude behavior I showed Graia since I chose to stay on while in a poor state of mind and that my decision alone is the reason this occurred. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? I was in a poor mood after dealing with that raid and was aware of that, but did nothing about it. Next time after a tense situation is resolved I will just log off and go to bed, so someone who is just trying to enjoy a game does not have to suffer from me being in a bad mood. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Community guidelines ensure that everyone has the chance to experience fair and quality rp as well as to maintain a friendly community in ooc. I think the circumstances of my ban show just how necessary these guidelines are otherwise rude behavior similar to what I showed would create a very toxic culture on the server in which people can log from whatever rp situation they dislike and say whatever rude words they please.
  5. Snelfma


  6. “Not entirely wrong, however I would say the Empire more akin to a dragon. A dragon cares not for the good of others, but the good of others may come about when unwise decide to provoke the dragon” Zata commented before taking a sip of her coffee and continuing to tell to her partner “At any moment this dragon could demolish everyone, but is kept busy by the internal strife they allowed to fester. I think if the empire survives this period of significant difficulty then we might see the benevolent creature this author writes about or at the very least a faction that has the humility to realize how precarious an empire truly is”
  7. Does anyone else find capturing a twelve year old and then mentioning them marrying an older man or dying to be super freaky?

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    2. NoZaku


      no one:

    3. Snelfma


      Might be related

    4. _Hexe_


      On 3/17/2019 at 2:07 AM, Snelfma said:

      Legit rp that happened. I swear most of the people on this server, including staff, wouldn’t know what child grooming is


      i’d recommend you take a look into some of the staff dealing with pedophilia dramas because i’m sure they know fully well what child grooming is, they just often don’t want to do anything about it.

  8. “Why must she be so blatant in her meddling of personal affairs with buisness” ,Zatanaes said with a sigh as she read over the writ, ”I suppose I will have to do some digging of my own before she accidentally fucks things up”
  9. Full Name: Zatanaes Avern Age: 641 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Citizen of multiple past cities Residence: Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: WanderingFriend Discord: Sapphireh20#0815 Timezone: est
  10. Zatanaes would give her half-orc wife a kiss on the cheek then take a sip of wine straight from the bottle while her golden earrings twinkle in the light
  11. “Didn’t this man also beat his wife? or am I thinking about somone else” Zata said while chatting with one of her children
  12. “They always stop trying though. I honestly have no idea why they even have a guard force”
  13. An elven doctor of reputation looks about Caroulstadt before slipping into their clinic and locking the doors. Once inside the doctor would withdraw a paper from within her coat and began to read. For all the precautions taken the poor doctor did not think to account for the raucous laughter that would ensue upon reading the paper nor the cracked rib.
  14. “Vindicative... has strange issues with sexuality... Doesn’t like not-white elves. I think we have the new Kalenz” Zatanaes chatted with some others in a tavern
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