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  1. Snelfma

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    For once I am proud of my son
  2. Does anyone else find capturing a twelve year old and then mentioning them marrying an older man or dying to be super freaky?

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    2. NoZaku


      no one:

    3. Snelfma


      Might be related

    4. _Hexe_


      On 3/17/2019 at 2:07 AM, Snelfma said:

      Legit rp that happened. I swear most of the people on this server, including staff, wouldn’t know what child grooming is


      i’d recommend you take a look into some of the staff dealing with pedophilia dramas because i’m sure they know fully well what child grooming is, they just often don’t want to do anything about it.

  3. Snelfma


    “Why must she be so blatant in her meddling of personal affairs with buisness” ,Zatanaes said with a sigh as she read over the writ, ”I suppose I will have to do some digging of my own before she accidentally fucks things up”
  4. Snelfma

    Sutican Watch Recruitment

    Full Name: Zatanaes Avern Age: 641 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Citizen of multiple past cities Residence: Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: WanderingFriend Discord: Sapphireh20#0815 Timezone: est
  5. Snelfma

    Missing Girl

    “ In the last two weeks all contact has been lost with Marcella Al’abass, her family is deeply concerned is putting forth a reward of 1,000 minas for her return. She is a fourteen year old girl with brown eyes of average height and tends to wear brown garb, the picture below is her most recent. Please report any information to Zatanaes Avern or Serenity Al’abass. https://imgur.com/a/P2W35zv “
  6. Zatanaes would give her half-orc wife a kiss on the cheek then take a sip of wine straight from the bottle while her golden earrings twinkle in the light
  7. “Didn’t this man also beat his wife? or am I thinking about somone else” Zata said while chatting with one of her children
  8. Snelfma

    A formal resignation

  9. Snelfma

    A formal resignation

    Meanwhile Zata wonders if people know what symbolic actions are
  10. Snelfma

    A formal resignation

    “Do you think Celaena would be proud of anyone screaming all those awful things at me while I wept over her body, a woman she called haelun and took solace in? You admitted it was someone perhaps close to Celaena, and I have guesses for who, so why would you scream and shriek at me as if I am responsible for her death? There was no reason to harass a woman grieving for her child that way, humans offered more sympathy and for that you should be ashamed. If for some reason you would actually like to speak with me and find reason of your own to despise me then I will be found around the Cloud Temple – Z”
  11. Snelfma

    A formal resignation

    “ I have suffered no greater abuse than I have today at the hands of the snow elven people while trying to grieve for my daughter. I try to say that it was entirely possible her death had more to do with someone’s quarrel against me than some odd conspiracy to ruin a frozen city in a barren land, but am told that I may as well have been the one to slit her throat and torn out her heart for the simple fact that I live in the empire. I heard things like this screamed around me while I wanted nothing more than peace and silence to grieve the brutal murder of my daughter. Unfortunately some of the things they kept screaming at me were true and I must address it. It is true that after years of healing citizens, soldiers, and nobility that I am still questioned, threatened, and spat upon by sheer virtue of my race and I am completely exhausted of it. I will not be withdrawing my services from the Empire as I still believe in making a culture centered around healing, but I will no longer accept being sneered at by the town drunk while I work hard to warm up the limbs of a child thrown into a freezing river. I will no longer offer my service to anyone who threatens to cut off my ears or the ears of any other elf, anyone who questions my integrity or skill because of my race, and I absolutely refuse to serve anyone who cannot even manage the most basic of manners after realizing I am an elf. Even with my treatment by humans and my frustration, they still cannot even match the level of disrespect and vitriol I was shown by the snow elves. No longer will I afford a measure of my mind for a so called race who would rather spew propaganda and harass a grieving a mother rather than find the killer of one of their kin, no longer will I lift a finger for a race who would declare me their enemy when I have done less harm to their kin than the vast majority of their officials, and now I formally resign as a snow elf since apparently being a snow elf means I must lick a Tundrak’s boot or be treated even worse than I have been by the most racist of humans. P.S For those whom it may concern, I want to be alone. You may send a letter to could temple if you want to contact me, but until I find that I am once again in a suitable mind to operate I encourage you to contact Iros Windsor or Nepir Wolfguard isntead. Snow elves wishing to point out how humans have committed genocide against their race in the past, which is obviously quite a ways worse than the racial slurs I experience now, please remember to submit your age, the date of the last snow elven genocide, and the average life span of a human. – Zatanaes Avern, Former Snow Elf “
  12. Snelfma

    An Inspirational Letter to the Guards of Sutica

    “They always stop trying though. I honestly have no idea why they even have a guard force”
  13. Snelfma

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 7

    An elven doctor of reputation looks about Caroulstadt before slipping into their clinic and locking the doors. Once inside the doctor would withdraw a paper from within her coat and began to read. For all the precautions taken the poor doctor did not think to account for the raucous laughter that would ensue upon reading the paper nor the cracked rib.
  14. Snelfma

    Rooting out the Laurir'ante

    “Vindicative... has strange issues with sexuality... Doesn’t like not-white elves. I think we have the new Kalenz” Zatanaes chatted with some others in a tavern