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  1. Snelfma

    Rooting out the Laurir'ante

    “Vindicative... has strange issues with sexuality... Doesn’t like not-white elves. I think we have the new Kalenz” Zatanaes chatted with some others in a tavern
  2. Snelfma

    On a field of barrows.

    ((This may actually be the only character piece on the forums I actually enjoyed reading
  3. Snelfma

    The Ancient Elves

    Grandma Snelf wonders how she was in Tamriel
  4. Snelfma

    Carrion for the Crows

    Zatanaes sat in her clinic while glaring at a bottle of red fluid, ”These children make me want to drink. All playing so grandiose. They are very grandiose in their own world. . . All of them the greatest philosophers, warriors, and rulers within their own world”
  5. Snelfma

    The Sea Comes to Cloud Temple

    Zatanaes sat down next to the figure then spoke, “I’ll answer your question with a tale of my own. There was a human princess of old that was extremely gifted with magic, if not summoning maelstroms to cripple her foes then she would channel a breeze to cool her friends. As you can imagine she was highly sought after... for marriage, for war, and all manner of other needs. The constant demand wearied, the lack of people who truly loved her and not her magic wearied her, so she took off on a gust of wind to travel about the world. That is the philosphy I subscribe to, the philosophy of air in which you travel without bonds to where ever you please, but such gets so lonely Zatanaes frowned as she pulled off a simple vine like ring with an emerald set into it,“My daughter has taken to much the same along with the rest of ny family. . . That’s how wind it is, it does not wait for you to catch up nor does it have any qualms with leaving. A philosophy of water would say be flexible, but together”
  6. Snelfma

    Demon's End, 1691

    Zatanaes would smile happily and tap her finger against her teacup as she read the proclamation
  7. Snelfma

    Judge of Mercy

    Zatanaes clapped both hands on Elvira’s shoulders after sneaking up from behind, ”You would have a very boring life. You have a good story, Elvira, it’s something I want youth to hear and be inspired by”
  8. Snelfma

    Judge of Mercy

    Judge of Mercy – Zatanaes Avern, circa 1680 Sleeker than a mink and wiser than an owl with a fist as hard as steel our fair lady defends the realm Her heart glimmers with gold and diamonds pour from her eyes Our fair lady has traveled so far Travel long! Travel well! My fairest Elvira may the roads always be kind Once a cleric who lead all the others She brought her Lord’s light throughout all the land But when one treacherous aengul spread ashes o’er the world Our fair lady was not a match, now thrice cursed And our fair lady still traveled on Travel long! Travel well! My fairest Elvira may the roads always be kind Now many years on by our fair lady stumbled But with many good friends she could never fall down They plead for a change and a change she allowed Now she stands as a Judge of Mercy Forever she will travel on Travel long! Travel well! My fairest Elvira may the roads always be kind
  9. Snelfma


    Do you hear the soothing flow, the mighty crash? It possesses two hands and knows which to use along with when. It can wash away entire cities or ensure their continuation. As the ruler it acts without even the mind to do such. Vallei imparts the wisdom of appropriateness. Do you see the solid ice, the winding stream? It has many bodies while only existing as one being. It will carve a path through the earth or flow around any terrain. As the wanderer it moves without even the will to do such. Vallei imparts the wisdom of adaptability. Can you comprehend the great depths that conceal so much? A wealth of resources lay within along with many hidden tragedies. It can and will give equal to what it can take. Vallei imparts the wisdom of impartiality. Can you now comprehend the Grand Wisdom of Vallei? Vallei is the master of it’s own fate. Vallei is the master of it’s body. Vallei is the master of it’s temperament. Vallei maintains itself. - Zatanaes Avern , 14th of Sun’s Smile 1691
  10. Snelfma

    The Act of the Contract, 1691

    Zatanaes sighed as she set the paper down then spoke to others in the high elven tavern, ”Well. . . The experiment has failed. Snow elves no longer live in thill’al nor believe in virture, but in power just like everyone else. I suppose the Tundraks needed to find another way to kill their own and keep power. . . Please, do not gloat. The reason I decided to join the ranks of Aelthir the first was because of high elven society failing, in fact the only reason I am here is because of your young leader pursuing Larihei’s dream of a logical and enlightened society”
  11. Snelfma

    Seeking an apprentice

    Zatanaes grinned as she read the letter then said to herself with a giggle, ”This is the cutest thing I have read all day. I will have to head over soon”
  12. Snelfma

    Seeking an apprentice

    “ I am seeking an apprentice who is both a pure human and a citizen of the Empire of Man. Understand that I will not just be sharing my medical knowledge, but my knowledge as a master alchemist, a former practitioner of magic, and the experience of centuries spent in the world in the hopes that they will one day take my position. Note that I will refuse anyone who simply desires power or knowledge as I seek those with an intense curiosity and a desire to aid the world about them. To parents of young children and those young ones who can read, I especially encourage you to approach me about an apprenticeship as the mind of a child is the most malleable and free. - Zatanaes Avern, Head Doctor of The Shield’s Burden Clinic”
  13. Snelfma


    Zatanaes sighed and leaned back in her chair as she spoke to others around her “Yes, she was indeed executed and the coup was backed by citizens... I made well to rally the citizenry against her. The only way she holds any power now is through the dark creatures and cruel mages she has protected in her city. Truly I had wished things were more peaceful, I did not want the home of my grandchildren to become even more dangerous, but I suppose once darkness has sunk it’s teeth in it will not let go.” Zatanaes would then hum and laugh bemusedly before responding to some other accusations, ”Test?! No, you can only use wit these days, every holy magic seems to be burning everything it touches... Well, I don’t know about the magic of paladins, but truly there is no way Cyrene could have maintained control without the aid of her dark friends”
  14. Snelfma

    Elven Doctor For Sale

    “Why are people selling my niece. That’s just not a good idea” Zatanaes grummbled while checking a potion in the light