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  1. Quite a few emotions are going through my mind once seeing this, the first thing was absolute disgust which was soon followed by disappointment, but not a bit of it was shock – Due to no shock coming to mind I got even more disappointed and further disgusted. It is a sad wake up call when a good majority of those who refer to themselves as ‘Veterans’ are so emotionally and morally eroded that the cases of paedophilia have gone from a topic of utmost seriousness that the upper echelon of staff would drop nearly everything to deal with, to what can only be seen as both a backyard joke and a topic that people have built their staff platform on by announcing they will be the ones to actually put an end to this sad state of affairs only to either succumb and fail, or straight up commit the exact same offence they were grandstanding for staff tags. Stop trying to take over the conversation, if you cannot notice it past your nose allow me – Your topic, whilst an interesting one, serves absolutely no purpose in the current thread. Feel free to make your own, stop leeching attention.
  2. Honestly, just turn off all ability to touch the world and have all edits (fort additions included) made by the fabulous world developers.
  3. - Need suggestions for a new character – Genuinely considering Wood Elf Druid once more. Though I would like more suggestions. Please and thank you. - Remember to smile, people.
  4. “Whoever decided to call this new land ‘Arcas’ needs to be whipped,” Godric mutters to himself.
  5. Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head?
  6. My lord, am I absolutely bored of the current state of things and yet I am constantly yanked by the heartstrings to return here. So could someone recommend me something to do? Do you have a character or position filled and would like me to do it then tell me, honestly I am down for almost anything but yeah? Don’t know what else to say – Could also recommend character archetypes I guess, looking for something to do apart from my fuckabout dryad character.
  7. Permanently ban everyone who joined in 2015 onward to the present day.
  8. I am strictly a StarWarsRP player, sorry.
  9. My average hours have been fluctuating between eleven and thirteen hours a day, so – It’s alright.
  10. Yeah f*ck off am I actually doing that. Tired, drunk and unable to actually fall asleep. So ask me anything – I may have some answers to questions.
  11. Take a moment today to give your prayers to those suffering in New Zealand.

  12. The night air of Reza had a bitter edge to its wind that night, breezes causing the silent city to be filled with the eerie cries of unseen entities. Most others around were either under thick covers within their bedding or in front of a warm flickering fire, the Lord of Ruthern was not doing either. Demetrius var Ruthern was instead sat on a discarded crate situated within one of Reza’s alleyways, pale-blue gaze staring towards one brick wall with the other flanking his immediate back. The only movement coming from the alleyway was the fluttering of the man’s cape due to the breeze, and the man’s constant rhythmic clenching of blooded fists.
  13. What is the Application Team?
  14. Mcname: RideTheSky IC Name: Demetrius Tuvya var Ruthern Residency: Ruthern Estate Title: Duke
  15. Seth, if you dress up in feminine clothing and call me daddy, I’ll make you my trap-gf – How does that offer sound?
  16. When are you going to become straight? You know, since being gay is just a phase.
  17. I should note, I am open to them being implemented. I just would rather not have them implemented, however, if they are then I will give them a good go by looking at them as objectively as I can – Goodluck with the lore piece.
  18. Please no. It has absolutely nothing to do with your written lore, I simply just have a personal belief that guns should not be in Lord of the Craft as I believe they do not fit the theme, and before anyone quotes me to try to give me the ‘but what about’ argument, I assure you there are many things that we have been implemented in the past that I disagree with (IE. magical artificial intelligence, magic guns, etc).
  19. it wasnt reserved when i applied zzz
  20. Application House Name: House Greyjoy Holdings: Iron Islands Lord: Balon Greyjoy Religion: The Drowned God Brief History: House Greyjoy believe in earning everything, thus raiding for their goods – Since as long as one could remember, the house was made under castle Pyke under Lord Reaper of Pyke and have been seeking independence, even since the open rebellion during the War of the Five Kings. Discord: RideTheSky#0001
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