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  1. nah
  2. we've done this before it doesn't go well doesn't matter if it's a disease spread through punching or if it's spread through proximity to infected players
  3. I haven't actually really interacted with you, but a +1 just for your use of 'persnickety'.
  4. > Their culture does not approve of the other races > They often are social creatures, making friends with anyone possible, as a good friend is better than a good enemy > You can often make a Vulpinian friend > They respect other cultures, and try to fit in, > Their culture does not approve of the other races > They are sly, and deceitful > they are also reliable friends > They often feel lower to the other races > They are offended by human women who are attracted to them > They are quiet, and rarely ever shout. > They make wonderful merchants > They often admit if they have done something wrong > They are sly, and deceitful, lying > They refuse religion > they find it stupid to have only 1 god. They have 2, Vulpes, and Canus. > Not much is known about them > They are often anti-social > They often are social creatures, making friends with anyone possible > the women are excellent thieves, > The only division of equality is innocent or guilty, with criminals having their tails or ears cut off.
  5. I'm really really sorry I have to do this, but I'd actually recommend against allowing him to learn the magic without a teacher. He ran some sample emotes by me, and while some of them were okay, I simply got the feeling that he'd never learned the magic properly before or only got his information from vague-ish books or forum guides. Even after talking to a MAT and offering up a second round of sample emotes, they were a bit iffy, and I'd really honestly just suggest finding a proper teacher. I was going to use this space to quote specific emotes and why they might have slight issues, but I can't seem to see the messages anymore (despite them being less than four hours old) and I saw you remove at least one of these questionable emotes from the Skype conversation - Not sure what happened to the others. Again, sorry, nothing against you personally, but I don't think you fully understand illusion.
  6. One of the hardest working and most dedicated staff members I've ever known, and a great guy OOC. He doesn't stop until a job's done, and takes the duties of his positions responsibly. He'll never abuse or misuse abilities for personal gain, or for that of his friends, in the hypothetical situation that he would ever be asked. All around, the kind of person that every team needs. A solid, dedicated worker who embodies everything a staff member should be, with little to no personal bias or potential for abuse. So I think I'm gonna have to -1 this, because I'm worried about him pushing himself too far. He doesn't sleep.
  7. yup
  8. Your enthusiasm is refreshing.
  9. i enjoy throwing pearls at people they don't have any other use
  10. One of the most mature players I know. Lovely OOC or IC, knowledgeable and hardworking - definite +1 from me.
  11. MC name: Draxagon Character name: Ayche Base Fur colour: Black Eye Colour: Blue. Cerulean if you wanna get fancy. Any fur patterns, markings, scars? Specify if yes: Scar over left eye because edgy. Want any Text in your artwork? Specify if yes: nah Want any additonal props/objects in your artwork? Specify if yes: nah Armor or clothing?: like a coat, i dunno
  12. I like this idea.
  13. yup