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  1. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    @HazelWazel Please format the links as the main thread states by keeping them in link form, it makes things a lot easier for us when we’re porting it into the discord chat.
  2. FlamboyantNewEra

    [Feat] The Feats of Gazigash

    Noticed there was some arguing going on so I figured I’d comment. While it does add to shamanism, racial specific stuff is something the LT frowns upon and this is racial + a specific clan within that race locked. Bloodsmithing is already there doing that, but it’s not a problem at the moment so it’s not being visited as there are bigger fish to fry (for now). That being said, I don’t intend to let more things like that get passed, so I suggest having this have other requirements rather than needing to be part of a particular clan if you want to see this accepted. As for the piece itself, meta abilities such as being able to notice someone is undead is not something that’d be allowed. I’d also like to see more detail given to everything here. For the second one in particular, you write about how the tree causes taint in land but offer no radius or the range capability and also talk about how the leaves have medicinal capabilities but don’t go into detail on that.
  3. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    I think you’re misunderstanding something, old ET items aren’t being outright denied, if it’s just misc stuff like the stuff you described then they should be fine man. We need to sift through it all to make sure that the older OP items are taken out though. If an item is really old where the ET isn’t around anymore and it has some vague powers or effect that makes little sense, then it’ll probably be denied since we can’t follow up on the item. Some dragon bone or relic from an old orc won’t be denied since there’s nothing making it unbalanced or problematic.
  4. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Why would we ignore potentially unbalanced items just because they have a certain tag or are old? Assuming they’re not pure BS, they can still be converted into proper items, just with balancing or minus the shelved magics or whatever issue the item has. Only if it’s missing the stuff described in the spoiler. If you’re not sure if it is or not, toss it onto the item conversion thread.
  5. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Any posts made before this one will start to be reviewed. It will take us a bit of time to go through everything, so don’t expect it to be instant (should take like a day or two). Once it is finished, the post will be hidden.
  6. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Family belongings just need a player signature or an LT/ET signature depending on what it is. So long as the item itself doesn’t breach any of the blacklisted stuff it should be fine. You say it doesn’t give an unfair benefit but it does boost the amount of items you’re getting from things like gravel collecting, which translates into potentially getting arrows/PvP gear faster via flint. We’ll be removing that if you want to transfer it over, but if you’re looking to keep the “shiny” aspect of it we may replace enchants with something actually useless (e.g. arcane 1 or something) though this has yet to be discussed. I’m not sure if you took the time to read the thread fully, but if you did you’d have noticed there’s an item conversion thread that you can use to convert your GM signed items or bad signed items into good signed items that will be allowed in the vault. And due to the Vault’s coding, stacked items are not allowed at all, so you’d have to use 3 slots for those 3 bokolo feathers. Sure, though I’d reckon that needs an LT signature due to the fact that warforging is so restricted in terms of who has access to it. Correct. Toss it onto the item conversion thread. I’ll update the main thread to make that more clear, thanks for bringing it up. Toss it onto the item conversion thread.
  7. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    You can bring them over, just slap a player signature on it or if you can’t sign it toss it onto the item conversion thread and we’ll give you a player signature on it. Same with your other items. I’ll edit the thread so that it’s clearer regarding items that are RP items but also fall into the blacklist category.
  8. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Apologies, the information I had previously was incorrect. Item stacking will not be supported due to the way vault is coded. I wouldn’t say “indirectly encouraged” since it’s not something we can discourage. We haven’t discouraged the use of alternate accounts from being used for that purpose as there’s no way to properly moderate it at this given time.
  9. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Use the item conversion thread or make an LTreq. PM’ing an LT works I guess but it’ll still have to go through the conversion process so don’t expect them to immediately sign duplicates of GM items. edit: Greater Soulstone won’t be allowed over. Forgot to reply to that bit.
  10. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    They are not, apologies for the inconvenience, but they fall under: “Tools of any variety. This includes the ones from the shop of wonders.” If you have things signed by GMs, you can toss them onto the conversion thread that is talked about at the bottom of the thread and we will turn them into viable items that can be transferred, so long as the item isn’t BS. Hay bales might fall under the “resource material” category, so it’d probably be a good idea to avoid that. Edit: Response to stacked items will be found below in an update. Spawn eggs are a no though, I’ll update the thread with that (I asked the devs about it).
  11. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Shulker boxes aren’t being brought over, even if they are signed to my understanding. Should be fine, I think? I’ll ask the devs. They’re fine according to the devs. At the moment no, though that may change. I’ll have to ask the devs. It’s not going to happen due to the changes being done to everyone’s attributes, so there’d be no point in bringing the redstone over.
  12. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    It was a decision reached by the admins and devs to try and start cutting down on the amount of items that are brought over. The reasoning for this is often times with 27 per person, some bad shit gets overlooked and considering certain items that were discovered this map that made PvP rather unbalanced, having less stuff to sort through is better. The SoW items were agreed to remove after some discussion with the devs as they’ll be a major advantage next map, considering some of the enchants on them. I apologize for the inconvenience though. I don’t see why not. The top two can be converted into items you can carry over if they’re rp items, if you took the time to read the whole thread......... ily2 tho
  13. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Vaults and You We will be having vaults this map transition, which will be available at a later date (another announcement will be made when vaults become available). 18 items will be able to be transferred over through the vault plugin. Details on what is and isn’t allowed will be talked about below. This is very important to read since once we are on 7.0, any blacklisted items in the vault will be rejected and you’ll have wasted your slot for nothing. So make sure to avoid that by seeing what are the items that are fine to port over. Blacklisted Items A goal that we have with 7.0 is to get rid of a lot of the outdated or broken items that are floating around in regards to things with staff and player signatures. Going into 7.0, player signatures will no longer be valid for anything with significant lore value. With this in mind, we will be rejecting any player signed items that are: alchemy related, magic related, or significant in terms of lore (e.g. thanhium or other rare lore materials). In addition, any GM/admin/”moderator” (the really old moderator one) signed items will be rejected from your vault. If it is magical or lore oriented, you need an LT to sign off on it, and if it’s a mundane item (e.g. fancy jewelry), you can get a player signature on that. Event items will also be looked over to make sure the item is balanced/not overpowered. Vague items from dead eventlines will likely be rejected if the ET is no longer around. Same with any overpowered/vague combative items. Unsure if your item is bad or not? Check the spoiler to see the following criteria: The standard item blacklist will also be put into place and will be rejected should you try to bring it over: Resource blocks (examples: diamond, gold, iron, lapis, redstone, emerald, coal, stacks of logs, dyes, et cetera).* Resource materials (examples: diamond, gold, iron, lapis, redstone, emerald, coal).* Ores.* PvP equipment of any kind.* Tools of any variety. This includes the ones from the shop of wonders.* Potions.* TnT. Workstations (e.g. anvils and enchantment tables). Buckets (e.g. lava bucket). Elytra. Shulker boxes of all varieties. Totems. Spawn eggs. *RP Item Clause: If the blacklisted item in question has a proper description and a signature, it can be brought over so long as it doesn’t violate any other parts of the blacklist. If the item has enchants on it, is an eternity item from the Shop of Wonders, or is a potion, you need to put it in the item conversion thread and we’ll fix the item for you. Update #1: According to the devs, vault will not be able to support stacked items of any kind. Update #2: Books will be ported over to 7.0 using the same book storage command. At the moment, you will be able to carry over an infinite amount of books via this command. This is subject to change (it probably won’t be, only thing changing it is if the coding goes haywire with the 1.13 stuff). Update #3: Admin signed items and old moderator signed items have been included in the above, grouped together with GM signed items. Update #4: Went into more depth on the criterias for what your items should have if staff signed. How Will Vaults Be Reviewed? The LT and myself will be handling vaults this time around to ensure that the items we are looking to cull get removed. Due to trying to weed out so many bad items, vault requests will likely be slower than usual once we transition maps. PLEASE READ If you take any information from this post, let it be this section. We will be outright denying items when we transition should they fall under any of the blacklisted items. If you have RP items that fall under the blacklist but you would like to take over, please use this thread → LINK TO ITEM CONVERSION THREAD ← or LTreq in-game to have your items converted (do note that LTreqs will not be responded to right away and we will get to it within a few days depending on how many requests there are, as we anticipate a large number of items). You will need to provide the bad item and we will balance it/fix it for you. If you do not do this and try to take over the item into 7.0, it will be deleted and no refund will be given. If you want to avoid wasting a vault slot, please do the above instead. On the Topic of the Vault Size (Flam’s Thoughts) Bear in mind this is my stance for lowering the vault limit and having the above changes done, other admins and devs might have had a different idea/thought process. I’m aware that it is a big change to go from 27 → 18, but before you get upset, please consider the following. We are going to have at least 300 people making vaults, and that’s being optimistic. In Atlas we had almost 500 vaults. Each person has 18 items to put into that vault. 300 x 18 is 5,400 for a low estimate and 500 x 18 is 9,000 for our Atlas numbers. 5,400 to 9,000. Not some number in the hundreds, but in the thousands. People claim the new map is a fresh start, but in reality there are thousands of items flooding the map the moment we transfer via the vault plugin. If we had 27 items it would be 8,100 (300 people) to 13,500 (500 people). 2,700 to 4,500 more items on the map if we went with 27, surpassing the 10,000 mark. That’s an extreme number of items that are being brought over and these items we have to sift through and make sure they are all good items. There’s no real fresh start when we transfer maps, at least not with the vault plugin. And I get that you might be upset about losing a row in the vault, but please try and understand it’s so we keep thousands of additional items from flooding the map.
  14. FlamboyantNewEra

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Item Conversion Thread As talked about here LINK TO VAULT THREAD, we will not be allowing a number of signed items into 7.0. As such, this is the thread that you can post a screenshot of your item that you want converted if you believe it is flawed or would be rejected in the vault, and we will do it for you if it is a legitimate item. Items that are outdated (e.g. from a shelved magic) will not be converted. You will need to elaborate on where you got the item if it is player signed. Lore Items - Any player/GM signed items that are: alchemy related, magic related, or significant in terms of lore (e.g. thanhium or other rare lore materials). Event Items - Any event item that seems overpowered or vaguely descriptioned should be placed here. There is a chance that we will reject it due to the ET that made it being gone, but it’s worth a shot if you want to keep the item. Make sure any items being submitted here are in your enderchest. Also make sure that the “How you got it” section is detailed for anything player signed. If you do not know the creator of the RP item or it seems like you faked it via /edit, it will be rejected and not converted. Reminder, you don’t need to put books! Those are included in a separate storing option. Format – Please use actual links and not embedded ones. It should look like: http://puu.sh/Cugq2/137ec907c2.png ← test screenshot Username: Screenshot of the item: How you got it: During the conversion period, your items will be temporarily removed from your enderchest so we can replicate them w/ other signatures or fix the wording of things. A slip of paper will be put into your inventory covering things as well, in addition to giving a timeframe for when it’ll be done.
  15. FlamboyantNewEra

    Server Rules

    -=Rule Update=- Type: Rule Change Details: Type: Rule Addition Details: