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  1. idk

    Swamp Rules

    They aren’t talking about today; stragglers got killed off by you guys during the huge rally on Sat, which was a pretty different issue with different context. Also 14* orcs and non-orcs, most of who were not PVPers and on trackpads. Not sure why you keep bringing up the numbers anyway, since clearly you “weren’t there to PVP” and wouldn’t care about such trivial things like the number of enemies you clicked. ? The issue with the situation today is that it wasn’t even a fight that should have happened. The ET was not contacted prior that there would be a separate large group in the area, and no IRP effort was made to avoid the conflict, with OOC quickly breaking down into “too scared to PVP? noob orcs lal”. It was pretty clear that the bandit group was here to prey on a group that was vulnerable due to participating in an event, rather than aiming for an interesting RP situation, and that just doesn’t seem right to me because it takes advantage of the ET’s willingness to spare time and effort to provide a story. If you’re making a decision to attack an ET event, you should treat it as if you were joining the event, IMO. You’re butting into an event and cutting what could have been an hour or so long, meaningful RP, into 5 minutes, because you, a third party who was not supposed to be there in the first place, want to be “fast and efficient”. I don’t think it should be any different from if the event-goers started fighting among themselves, or did PVE CRP, which actually can be handled relatively well by overseeing ETs, as seen from the warclaim-style rally on Saturday (where 80+ people charged into a swamp). If people want PvP, sure, but I think it’s totally justifiable, and doable, to do large-scale CRPs when that was what is expected from this kinda thing anyway. I agree there could be better ways to deal with it, but given moderation doesn’t seem to care much about the ET’s preestablished area rules, I think it’s justified for him to try to put in measures to discourage low-effort villainy that messes with his storytelling. Like honestly, having an RP item and emoting putting it on is not hard at all, and was pretty much the bare minimum every event-goer acknowledged even before this post, in order to participate in these events. I don’t see why people outside of the planned event group should be exempt from this, especially when they’re directly interfering to such a degree.
  2. Gobbo Tuwn Guudz is proud to be selling cheaper kelp blocks! Its owner does note down that she may want to visit the lil ones’ village for some trading, though.
  3. idk

    Swamp Rules

    ^^^This. Sure, if you’ve communicated with the ET what your group will be doing, and play by their rules, it’d probably actually bring some pretty dynamic and interesting RP for all parties. Like I’m all for conflict, and some of the coolest interactions I’ve had in eventlines is when there’s two or more groups with different objectives. But when it’s just taking advantage of the fact people are prepared for an ET event instead of defending against a PVP raid, it straight up spoils the whole mood for everyone and ruins all the prep both the ET and the eventgoers have done – all just so that you can gloat in your newfound 5 sets of iron armour. I do also hope moderation ends up taking a better look at these issues instead of brushing things off as they did today, as it really ends up negatively affecting what the Event Team is capable of doing. Some of them have a real genuine enthusiasm in bringing stories to life, and having the whims of a GM deciding if their event mechanics are “relevant” or not to a conflict on their grounds really just does nothing but hurt both their efforts and the motivation of the playerbase to attend these events. Hopefully this’ll be a good precedent for the future, and we can all continue to enjoy all the great work Rancid and co. have put into this event area.
  4. idk

    The Swamp

    On a clandestine mission, a group of masked goblins skirt around the fringes of the swamp, peering into the gloom. Under the cover of a rotting tree, their leader hastily takes out a journal and scribbles a few sketches onto the parchment. She quietly mutters a few words to the group, before they scamper back off into the plains. ”Nub’hozh thingz bi komin, bruddaz. Wi muzt prepare.”
  5. Mcname: Firedragoner Category: Creative Writing Attach Content: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Modh4oEUHc-EhO9F2TjMysRs-qiTx3ohKvkA0azjL10/edit The Four Sons It is said, from the beginning of time, there was nothing. No civilizations, no wars, no politics, no death or sorrow or sickness. No greed, mortality, infertility, or bloodlust. No emperors, pumpkin raids, frantic Discord rallies; no Skygods, pvp goons, erpers, or forum rep farms. Nothing but the clear blue of the seas, and the soft beauty of the sands. The first Man and Woman stepped forth onto this peninsula, and their eyes filled with wonder at the sight of this primordial coast. Here, they gave birth to four sons: Malin, under the shade of a sleeping palm, Krug, on the bright and shining sands of the beach, Horen, across the grass and colourful flowers that lined the shore, and finally, Urguan, in a rocky cove that nested among the gentle waves. And on this peaceful seaside the Four Sons thrived, growing up to be beautiful children, strong in their own ways. Malin would pore over every seashell and insect in the land, giving them each a name befitting his sensitive and creative mind. Urguan would explore the vast coastal caverns, prizing himself on the shimmering jewels he found washed inside. Horen would build great castles of sand, testaments to his talent and architectural genius. Krug searched for ways to test his strength, first picking fights with the occasional crab, then moving on to spars with his parents and the other children. Still, he was unappeased, and turned his sights to the seas, hoping a worthwhile challenge would allow him to truly test his might. And thus would come Iblees the Demon, soon to be known as Destroyer of the Sands. He came under the guise of peace, sailing a great vessel, and quickly befriended Malin, Horen, and Urguan with his exotic wares. To Urguan, he bestowed great shimmering gifts of gold and silver which shone far greater than the shells and rocks he had found in the coves. He produced paintings of huge stone castles, sparking excitement in the young Horen, his eyes filled with these buildings which would never fall prey to the tides. From the depths of the ship’s hull he brought out cages, filled to the brim with magnificent creatures that Malin had never seen, and quickly the youth fell in love with these assorted animals. Krug, though, wanted nothing to do with these material goods, and instead glanced around to see if a worthy opponent had finally come from the waters. Spying the ship’s steering wheel, which he assumed to be a great, spiny, creature, he grinned, and launched himself towards it, turning it into a splintered mess of wood. And with that, Iblees’ illusion vanished, and he howled with fury as his splendid ship turned into a mere rowboat, not even a sail to be seen. The jewels in Urguan’s hands became but pebbles, Horen’s paintings scribbles on bark, and Malin’s new pets a rather slimy assortment of sea animals. Iblees himself transformed into his true visage - that of a corpulent octopus, with great wings carrying him above the waters. Screaming, the kids rallied, to fight this menace to their home. From noon till dusk, the Four Brothers fought valiantly against the horror, grieving as their prized possessions were destroyed by the demon. Horen’s castles were trampled to dust, Malin and Urguan’s collection thrown into the waters. Krug fought so hard that he got a severe sunburn, and gritted his teeth against the pain of UV radiation. It would only be until much later when he would be treated with a soothing salve of seaweed and kelp, tinging his skin green forever. After almost a day of this intense combat, the battle seemed lost for the Four Sons. Malin had passed out quickly from his low stamina, Horen had been crying for hours over his flattened sandcastles. Urguan and Krug kept fighting, but even they were but children, and were easily distracted by glimmering rocks on the beach. Finally, as the sun reached the edge of the horizon, their salvation was in sight. The first Man and Woman, parents of these Four Sons, tread down the coast, their eyes glancing over the prone figure of Malin, the sand-covered face of Horen, the blisters on Krug’s neck, and the sight of Urguan wrestling a salt-covered octopus. Their faces slowly turned red, their mouths frothing with anger, as they dragged their children back home, leaving a deflated cephalopod suffocating on the beach. And thus the great Sons were grounded forever from the beach, forced to take up the family business of farming. Many years later they would grow into four strong men, with their own families, castles, nations, and above all - a great distrust of the ocean. --- “The End. Now go back to bed, little miss.” “But m-o-m, I want to hear more of the Four Brothers! What else did they do on the beach besides fight an overweight squid?” The little girl pleads, sitting on her bed. “An overweight octopus.” The woman corrects. “But it is far past your bedtime. So go to sleep, or we aren’t travelling to Sutica this weekend. No coral, no tropical fish, and no watching elves bicker over CRP.” Knowing that was a threat the girl could not ignore, she kisses her on the forehead and closes the door. Sighing as her mother leaves the room, the girl hugs her Iblees plushie, facing the windowsill and the starry sky outside. As she closes her eyes, she smiles, and is slowly lulled asleep by the sound of faint summer waves.
  6. I don’t mind lol, just throwing ideas to the wind. See, that’s what bugs me. It feels like other than “boredom raids” (I’ve seen them happen so really it isn’t always a “RP reason”), the big incentive is to make your enemy as miserable as you can. It’s not about gaining an advantage in war, it’s not about much besides maybe a few iron sets and “making them lose morale” (which doesn’t really happen, as I said it never actually feels like a big deal if you lose).. it’s just to “win”, and make the other party “lose”. If that’s satisfying to people then more power to them I guess, but I don’t feel like this contributes to a healthy environment at all. Personally, I feel the best interactions are when people are in it to have fun, and less so about who gets the victory, which is plainly too idealistic but what I’m getting at is that imo “making your enemies lose pixels for just that reason” is generally not fun gameplay, and very rarely contributes to RP other than “here’s a forum post about how we entered your city and killed 2 people”. I feel like this kinda stuff is what contributes the most to ooc toxicity, the concept of “factionalism” and seemingly the widespread desire to make your own group “the best” over everyone else. Now there’s nothing wrong with feeling proud over your community, but when it extends to lowering others.. yeah. Obviously this is much more rooted than just raids, and honestly I don’t have any big suggestions on how to change it. Just feel like it’s these small things adding up that really fosters negative attitude towards each other and boils over into all these problems we’re seeing now. Yeah idk if making actual losses would just exasperate things but either way for non-raid related reasons I think a treasury would be nice for stuff like fund raising and taxes, make budget more centralized and official and doesn’t rely on everyone waiting for PRO to log on to dump money into their persona.
  7. wow people really like to take anything as an excuse to complain Anyways, I feel like how raiding is atm isn’t really engaging nor really has any RP depth, and really just feels like an excuse for bored people to go do some clicking most of the time. It’s not really rewarding for either side (iron is dirt cheap) and never more than a minor hassle generally for the defenders so there’s not much motivation to actually prevent/respond to them. I really like some of the suggestions a few people were bringing up – some sort of “captureable objective” would be really cool, provide more dynamic fights and force people to really think about the layouts of the area, both attackers and defenders. Tying actual RP/item consequences to these would increase the stakes for both sides, and provide more concrete motivation to both raid and defend, even if it’s just something as simple as “this farm is on fire for 2 days”. Overall might bring more depth instead of just random pvp that is an annoyance at worse and a waste of time at best. Wild suggestion thrown on top: what if nations/charters had official treasuries (minas or maybe a different system entirely) that can be “stolen” from in the case of a successful, multi-tiered objective raid? Can even do different levels of rewards, depending on what the war band is aiming for, eg capturing a “farm” objective would provide meager minas/loot, but is relatively easy, while going on and capturing several objectives, including the “vault” results in a significant loss from the defending side’s treasury. Sorta adding to risk reward, while still having the complexities of the defending side being able to rally and set up defences, as they now have a large vested interest in preventing a successful raid. These minas, or whatever, in the treasury are the direct budget of the nation – so what they need to do charter upgrades, land purchases, etc, without relying on everyone throwing their money at the PRO or something, and thus also helps make those transactions a bit more official. Just throwing ideas out there tbh, no idea how any of this would actually work in practice and if it would just spawn more ooc drama but I’m lying in bed and bored so have a big wall of text tl;dr risk/reward system for raids and making them more dynamic idk
  8. “Da Kap’n’z uff un ‘iz zwim again?” ”Aye. Been off for ah while. Seems ‘ey be longer ‘n longer, these days.” The orcess is silent, before going to lean on the ship’s railing, her gaze out towards the ocean. It didn’t seem right, that was for sure. Though the waves were calm, something felt off, as if the water’s shine was but a hollow illusion. It wasn’t often that she didn’t feel at home on the sea, but right now, it was as though she was stranded, surrounded by the creeping dread of the unknown. “Zkahin’ ‘ell. Da moh mi t’ink abowt it, da worze ‘till bi.” She mutters angrily, shaking her head. With a holler and a stride she is at the wheel, her glare defiant, her uncovered eye meeting those of the pirate crew. “MAYTEHZ! Tell mi, wub ah wi all un diz zhip foh? Wy did wi join unto diz bloodeh zhip, ahn kazt our ol’ livez azide?” ”Er.. money, I guess?” A zing echoes across board as a cutlass whirls through the air, impaling itself squarely in the planks next to the shivering deckhand. “Whu dah zkah karez ‘bowt dat?! Zure, booteh iz nize, but if mi wanted zhiniez mi wuld go zkahin’ plop mi arze un da throne uf Oren.” Chuckles erupt from the crowd of burly sailors. Uya grins, but slams her hand down on the wheel to quiet them. “Wi bi ‘ere foh freedom.” She growls. “Alwayz ‘av been. Da zeez bi where wi dun ‘av tu pay ‘eed tu politizianz ahn noblez whu t’ink dey bi bettah den uz. Wer wi kan live, ahn bi alive.” Murmurs spread across the deck, the stoic men and women nodding and grunting in agreement. “Ahn now, wi ‘av all dat wi built up, fo’ght foh, bled foh, ‘bowt tu bi tayken awae by ah bloodeh fizh monztah?” She roars, stomping her boot onto the forecastle’s railing, the wood creaking under the impact. “Ah load uf fokin’ dragon zhite, all uv it.” Once the boos and hisses quiet down, the orcess leans forward, her gaze turning to meet each and every crew member’s eyes. When she speaks again, her voice is low, but determined. “Diz bloodeh devourah-wannabeh t’inkz it kan mezz with uz zeedogz? Den wi will meet it wit zalt ahn zpit! Zteel ahn ztrength! Da Eight’z Ball ain’ lettin our zhip, our zeez, our freedom fall tu zome bloodeh marine parazite wit ahn overzized ego. Iz dat right, laddehz?” As the crowd cheers, Uya grabs the wheel in one motion, roaring. “Full mazt ahead, maytehz! Onze wi fyn ol’ Zquidfaze, wi bi takin dah wagh tu diz zkurveh beazt!”
  9. Uya the “Brine-Tusk” straps her flask and her trusty cutlass to her belt, before stepping up to the pirate vessel’s forecastle. She grunts as she raises a spyglass to her uncovered eye. “Zeemz lyk ztormeh weatha ahead, Kap’.. but da krew will bi at yer zide.” ((Joining in, if you don’t mind!))
  10. (Not sure if this is still a thing but.. RP Name: Zukhi Age: 24 Combat Experience: Knowledge in knives and smaller weaponry. Useful Skills: Scavenging, some stealth ability, resourceful. OOC Username: Firedragoner Discord: (On my profile)
  11. Back after a billion years and god my old posts were cringy


    Still, glad to be back, been having a great time these past few days! It’s been a long time, so please bear with me ;;


    (doodle by a friend)


    wymond - Copy.jpg

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    1. 1_Language_1


      If you need help finding your way around after being gone for so long, I’m happy to help! I joined in 2014 : >

    2. Diogen
  12. This captcha isn't letting me start any forum topics at all. Whenever I enter it, I get redirected to the main page and my post is lost.

  13. "We will rain missiles on Oren!" - Krugschev

    1. Helbolt


      Please do! I want more Orc RP, come kill us humans :) Hopefully the new race system in 4.0 will make you guys huge fighting brutes!

  14. With the size of this community and the amount of people that are always on the server you would think a simple question would get answered, and that someone might casually type up a single sentence out of goodwill. It seems that is not the case.

  15. Anyone else having a problem with orc territory? Every time I walk in there now my fps drops to 1, and occasionally 0.

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    2. Austin


      when stupid pink skin come to uruk goi, dey feel a distrubenz in dah force ahg dey uze der xElItExzxMLGx skillz to ddos u to leave

    3. idk


      I'm an orc lol

    4. Ned Lud

      Ned Lud

      You're experience radiation poisoning from the nuke testing.

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